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  1. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    Apple already does a lot of production in Vietnam, China is becoming too expensive.
  2. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    Look, this whole thing started because US intelligence agencies cannot spy over Huawei´s 5G network. So we know one thing for sure: without Huawei, you cannot really trust US. With Huawei, maybe, maybe you cannot trust them, but at least you are certain that US intelligence agencies don´t have a free pass at spying us.
  3. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    No, a company as large as Huawei can bring this to their products in a way to make a lot of users not even to notice the issue. Worst for Google is that eventually Huawei could become so sucessful in this that it would rob them with play store revenue.
  4. Now imagine an Edeka with premium products and nice employees and you have Simmel (from EDEKA group).
  5. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    There are several key areas, especially on smartphone manufacturing, where Chinese have very limited knowledge.   EU will not be fool to follow US, as we are in the best position to profit from this stupid trade war.
  6. The only decent supermarket chain I´ve seen in Germany is Simmel. And although the one in Pullach is great, the one in Einsteinstraße is already crammed (as all German supermarkets) and too small, meaing not diverse enough.
  7. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    This can backfire big time for Google. EU could rule that the app store and android is a monopoly, therefore (worst case) forcing Google to be broken apart.   This will also create opportunities for EU companies to enter the chinese market. If the Americans elected that criminal and can´t make enough pressure for congress and senate to impeach him, they get what they deserved.
  8. Only in America...

    I read the Portuguese law and, as usual, leaves some room for interpretation, but in principle it only forbids in case of bloodline. But Portugual is one of the few countries where sexual relationship between any adults is not a crime.
  9. Only in America...

    Adopted daughter and incest don't mix together. Incest is forbidden for genetic reasons, not for morality reasons.
  10. Only in America...

    They use Indian numerals, but the guy that came up with this cheap trick called them arabic.
  11. E-car tips

    That´s also a service center, so they are probably waiting for service.   There is a Tesla forum where every day you have dozens of posts from people waiting for their cars. So yes, there is clearly a demand.
  12. E-car tips

    More than 1 month waiting for the Tesla... and they say demand is poor... The latest ship arrived 10 days ago in the Netherlands but no phone call from Tesla, perhaps my car is on the next one, which arrives next week...
  13. That is interesting, because it could be considered a datenschutz issue.
  14. You really have no clue on what China is...  
  15. Of course there is! It will protect you for the next shit to come!