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  1. Climate change discussion

    Just block him, did it months ago, just see his posts when other people quote him.
  2. Problem with Romani beggars

    Some years ago some Romanian gypsies started showing up in Portugal. Funny thing was that the Portuguese gypsies, who have been there for 500 years, started beating them, as they said that romanian gypsies gave them "a bad name" Unsure if that is the only reason, but you really don't see many romanian gypsies in Portugal, at least compared with Spain.
  3. About the employment situation in the city

    C++11 is not a new standard!!! And yes, a good C++ developer MUST know C++11, otherwise he is out of touch with reality. Although only approved in 2011, the actual discussion started well more than 10 years ago.  
  4. About the employment situation in the city

    Again C++11 was the big thing. And there is much more to it than VS on Windows. We are using C++17 in windows, for example, because our compiler supports it and we found some usage for the new features.
  5. About the employment situation in the city

    I hope you are being sarcastic, because SW developers are probably the most autistic professional group. I could spend hours telling crazy stories.
  6. About the employment situation in the city

    Usually they overstate their skills or simply have no experience with it. We use several tricks during the interview to find it out. First we give them a chance to self identify their level on a certain subject, for example C++. Then we go into detailed questions to see if they really know what they are saying.   Example of a C++ developer question: "Have you used C++11/14/17? Could you tell me what new things are you using from these standards?". One guy answered: "Templates"!  <--- completely wrong!   Another type of lie is overstating their previous roles in a project. The trick to get them lying is asking them to design a system concept of their previous project. If they were actually so important for a project, they will know how it works.  
  7. About the employment situation in the city

    Most of the CVs we get come from recruiting agencies, so they already filter a lot for us. The CVs come mostly in a standard format, written by the agency, together with the candidate. Typos is of course not an issue.   We usually reject them by CV review because: skill/experience mismatch being a jumper avoid automotive embedded contractors <-- usually very bad candidates Then we call a few for interviews. Surprisingly, most candidates lie on the CVs. We catch most of the lies during these interviews. As soon as we catch a significant lie, interview is stopped. But the main reason for not accepting them after an interview is related with teamwork. As it is well known, SW developers are socially awkward and prefer to work alone. They also have problems with conversational context and they have only a technical mindset, no customer mindset. Worst, most of them are no real engineers, despite what their degree says.
  8. About the employment situation in the city

    They are picky, even in IT. This is Germany, after all. I reject probably 4 out of 5 applicants even after 1 or 2 interviews. Including CV review, we reject probably 95-98% of applicants.
  9. Salary Expectation

    @quattro, I know a lot of people making more than 70k€. I even know developers making 90k€. And we've paid close to 65k€ for a guy out of uni. Of course it depends on experience and skill set. Perhaps web development pays less, but I don't have experience in that field.
  10. I have an offer on the tires, would prefer someone from the forum, otherwise they are gone soon.
  11. Thanks! Does that apply to the fence facing the street? Or are there special regulations regarding it? I am asking because some of the bushes on my yard are already at 3m high, facing the street.
  12. Is there a similar regulation for Munich?
  13. Is it a good moment to buy an apartment ?

    As I said... https://www.ubs.com/global/en/wealth-management/chief-investment-office/life-goals/real-estate/2019/global-real-estate-bubble-index-2019.html   Munich is 3rd in the world in a real estate bubble risk!
  14. Is it a good moment to buy an apartment ?

    On a recession, it would also probably go down at a faster pace.