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  1. Humm, no sympathy for her, but the link says nothing about throat slitting...
  2. Christian foster parents. Or better, Jewish.
  3. Sure, but then your monthly payment rises considerably, as with the final costs, due to higher bank loan. ...e isso parece uma ideia do Berardo  ...
  4. If you bought 10 years ago, good. Now it makes no sense. you would be better off investing in stocks or something else.
  5. It is nowhere near the same amount. For a 850k€ house you probably need to put upfront 300k€ and then pay 2000€ for 30 years.
  6. Germany's economy is not in a good shape as it was 2 years ago. Plus the German auto industry will have a big shock in the next 5 years (except perhaps VW). House prices are already completely out of sync with the economy. This can't last forever.    
  7. Do yourself a favor and loose that 20th century mentality of ownership. It is a really BAD deal to buy in Munich. Can't find the article, but there was a German-wide ranking stating that clearly.   I am in a similar situation, made the math and it does not pay off. And remember that 850k€ for 110sqm is on the low end...   Remember: as soon as you buy it, it devalues immediately some 8% due to the acquisition costs. So buying to sell in 5 years is a probable loss.   My advice: if you move in, first get to learn the city, rent for 1-2 years while you get to learn where your "dream" neighborhood would be. If it is near BMW, most places are shitty, except if you try Schwabing, which is really expensive.
  8. Bees dying is not a "Mystery".

    Unsure how local farmers would be able to compete with foreign goods which don't have to do the same.
  9. Nah, she will become a celebrity (hate preacher) among those animals, that is the danger.
  10. Amen! Although there is spielezeit in several places...
  11.   And as an European, I will gladly have a Brexit celebration!
  12. Are cafeterias obliged to follow their menu plans?

    I find it strange that in a country with way too much petty regulations, foreigns still ask for MORE petty regulations!
  13. Problems with owner

    When you do something wrong, your good "deeds" will not matter, in terms of image. You broke the rules once, why should they trust you?
  14. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Don´t need to. Nikola switched from Hydrogen to EV this month: https://electrek.co/2019/02/08/nikola-motors-electric-trucks-tesla-semi/   And the best of all: Toyota admits ‘Elon Musk is right’ about fuel cell, but moves forward with hydrogen anyway As the article mention,the refueling speed is virtually the only advantage of a hydrogen car. Thing is, that advantage is shrinking every year. For a normal EV user, that is no disadvantage at all, as overnight charging means ZERO minutes at the gas station.   Now you may wonder, are they stupid? No, they are not stupid. But they are managers focused on mid term company performance, because their bonus are paid yearly or even every trimester. Switching to EV makes no sense for them on the short-mid term. But this will hurt them badly on the long run.