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  1. Language acquisition for 5/6 year old

    Or a bit of "fuck you" to Carsten and send the kids to an international school.
  2. Munich is big and crossing the city can take a lot of time. Where is your job located within Munich?
  3. Only in America...

    Yeah, go out once a month but can't remember the last time I saw a dog inside. Beergartens have them, but normal restaurants? Maybe typical German restaurants, but I don't go there. Now more seriously, air conditioned in airplanes is much worst for allergies, you can't compare it with a restaurant.
  4. Only in America...

    For me, no dogs, no cats, no goldfishes, nothing. I am allergic to dog and cat hair. Where are my rights when I fly?
  5. Climate change discussion

    If you knew anything about Brazil, you wold know that only the extremely rich brazilians profit from deforestation. This is not for the "people", it´s for a very reduce number of extremely rich elite.  
  6. Vegan coming for dinner

    Depends what you call horrible conditions, but my perspective was it was always horrible conditions for their pigs, being kept in a dark barn all day, feet stuck in their own shit. They saw the light of day to be killed. The donkeys, although not eaten, had to work everyday carrying water and other heavy stuff and were whipped frequently, sometimes with no reason, just because life was shitty.   People think all small farms are idyllic, and that only large producers are evil, but it is not always like that.
  7. Vegan coming for dinner

    Sorry, don´t give a fuck on how they are treated, must be missing some empathy blob on my brain. Or perhaps because my grandparents had a farm with animals, and slaughter was part of normal life, I find it perfectly acceptable.
  8. Vegan coming for dinner

    No we don´t. That is just bullshit propagated by the vegan-fueled media. There are way more effective ways to tackle climate change than cutting on beef, as the overall agricultural contribution is small. If we go that way, then let´s cut down rice too, it emits almost as much climate change contributing gases as beef.   https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/rice-farming-climate-change-global-warming-india-nitrous-oxide-methane-a8531401.html   So let´s stop talking bullshit, because nobody will cut down on rice consumption.
  9. Vegan coming for dinner

    Can this aberration be called a burger at all in Europe? Shouldn´t it follow the same path as Soya "milk"?
  10. Vegan coming for dinner

    Then you swap it for real meat while they don't see, right?
  11. Krav Maga, self defense sport etc. on odd hours

    This is what I think about self-defense training.  
  12. A British guest in Portugal. Picked him up from the airport, I was probably one of the first Portuguese that he got to know. Drove him to a fancy restaurant. After half an hour inside, he asked me "Why are the waiters whiter than you?".
  13. Decent hand car wash in/around MUC.

    Look, the car is by no means perfect. And this is by far the worst defect I´ve found. But it is immensely fun to drive, autopilot is super relaxing and I save a lot in gas and maintenance.   Also I´ve read that they switched from black to pearl white as standard color as that color gives much less paint issues. Alternatively, you can buy it and immediately do a ceramic coating or a vinyl wrap, which takes care of the issue.   Regarding germanization, it´s the opposite, I was always like this and that is one of the things I like about Germany, because I can relate :)
  14. Decent hand car wash in/around MUC.

    Good point. I was actually waiting for the school to start, so I can ask other parents there where they wash their Tesla. But maybe asking Tesla will also provide good results.   I was also considering a radical solution like vinyl wrap or ceramic coating. Any one has experience with those?