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  1. BTW, forgot to mention those are Q4 2022 numbers. They are severally down on Q1 due to Tesla's price war. Final numbers are not known yet, but my understanding is they are at least 100.000 cars below Q4. They are probably 15% down compared to Q4, so yeah, they were hit hard by Tesla price war. So, bullshit article.
  2. Correct. That's why German, Japanese and US automotive are doomed.
  3. Your ICE car will devalue quickly when fuel pumps and repair shops start closing, cities start forbidding it. Nobody will give you a good value for your ICE in a few years. Queue for charging station? Where?
  4. I'm paying around 1400€ for Vollkasko with Allianz. The Mercedes costed about the same when I had Vollkasko.
  5. Very misleading title.   First, those numbers include mostly hybrids.  Second, their EV margins are very low after prices, around $1500 per car, 10x less than Tesla! Third, they reduced a shift on EV production, they actually plan to sell less EVs in nearby future: https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/byd-reduces-shifts-two-ev-assembly-plants-china-sources-2023-03-21/ Fourth, they barely overlap! BYD sells mostly cheap cars. As soon as Tesla introduces the refreshed Model 3 and later the small car, then that's when the competition with BYD starts.   TBH, I was very surprised that the top competitor for Tesla was actually so behind in margins.
  6. fired

    I thought 2 years...   Oh, and get legal insurance! won't help you here, but will in the future!
  7. Too bad 99% of the people can't understand that Electrotechnic Engineering analogy  
  8. No, the reason for the crisis is high rates from central banks. The high rates come from a stupid effort to bring inflation down at all costs! TBH I would prefer lowering rates vs QE.   QE created inflation, but it's not the only cause. Part comes from savings during Covid (plus spending afterwards), part comes from supply chain disruption, part comes from dismissing employees and then re-hire them at higher salaries. QE itself is probably only responsible for 30-50% of the inflation.
  9. All things Tesla

    Be aware that Tesla usually gives you a Performance model for testing. This comes with large rims which are very uncomfortable. E.g. the Model 3 P comes with 20" rims, while the non-performance comes with 18" and is much smoother.
  10. All things Tesla

    Drove one last summer and was a passenger several times. It doesn't have the same sporty behavior as the Model 3, especially on curves. But it's a more practical car.   Regarding purchasing a Tesla, there might be coming a new price drop in a few months, lithium prices are dropping. But if they can't match the demand, prices won't drop.
  11. Some news are saying governments and central banks might shift strategy to handle this potential bank crisis. The idea is to either lower interest rates or to reintroduce QE. Both would tremendously benefit growth stocks, so this might be an excellent opportunity. Right now I'm looking at Global Foundries or TSM. Unsure if I should wait for a dip first, or anticipate a FED decision.   On a side note, I've been monitoring a company called Amprius. They announced a solid state battery. This usually means nothing, but in this case it seems they are moving forward with production. I don't see this viable for EVs in the mid term, but there is a huge market for aviation and smartphones, which are OK in paying premium per kWh. I think I'll buy some stock tomorrow, as a minor investment.  
  12. All things Tesla

    WTF are you talking about? Automation and part reduction always increase quality after ramp-up phase. Fremont is simply using older production lines which haven't been upgraded yet. China was leading in quality, but Berlin and Texas might get ahead. It's nothing to do with countries. It's about production line generation and maturity.
  13. All things Tesla

    No, each factory is very different and each production line is in a different state of maturity.  As examples, Berlin has the most modern paintshop. Shanghai has mosf of the gigacasting. And Texas has the most recent 4680 batteries. Shanghai is about to update the Model 3 production line to include gigacasting, while in Fremont they will still be using the old process for months. Also Shanghai uses different battery suppliers. That's why the Performance Model 3 only comes from Fremont.   This is before we talk about people's training, suppliers, etc. A gigacast Model Y will have on average better quality than one without. Another point is for how many months has that production line been active.
  14. All things Tesla

    They will in principle replace just the AP computer, not the infotainement computer, but they will only confirm when they repair it. Under warranty.   In US replacement cost for the AP computer is around $1500. Which IMO is a fair price, anything similar with a Mercedes would cost 2-3x more.
  15. All things Tesla

    Regarding those TuV report, would be great to have detailed numbers. As @CincyInDE said, simply by having rust in brakes would make it fail, while simply pressing hard a few times before TuV would make it pass. If that is the main reason they are "failing", then it's all statistical bullshit, due to the very strong regenerative braking, which means you don't use the brake pads at all. One issue I saw is that at least one SW update reset my TuV-calibrated headlights... but I guess that wouldn't make it fail in the next inspection. One thing I noticed is that TuV employees don't like to test the Tesla. Unsure if it is due to extra time taken to configure some things, or some general hate towards EVs.   Regarding suspension and control arm, it is known that Tesla have a tendency for problems with control arm (although improving), due to weight and being a performance car. What I do to minimize the issue is I change my tires at Tesla and ask the mechanic to have a look on the control arm 2x a year.   Regarding repair costs, unless it's an accident, in general Tesla prices are quite good. I'm going to ask how much would replacing the computer would cost, if I had to pay for it. Definitely well below Mercedes costs!!   Regarding quality difference between factories, there is a lot. Not only production lines differ substantially, some are in ramp-up, leading to more problems. In general US-made cars (Fremont) are worst than Chinese and German. Having said that, my Fremont-built Model 3 came with zero problems.