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  1. People are already calling on SEC to investigate. Lots of details, but I think the stock will rise slowly, because the market potential is huge. By most metrics this will go above $5 and easily $3, so I am relaxed and waiting for it, been waiting for 2 years.   Remember: although advertised for women, it also works on men, without the side effects of Viagra, like heart issues.   The underlying value is much higher, of course with low volume stocks you take high risk, but the gains can also be very high. The market cap is around 200M€ right now. the expected revenue is at least 100M€ per year, in the US alone. They just got $60M from AMAG for having it FDA approved.   I´m still making a good profit (average price was .58€), I´ve waited 2 years, I can wait 2 more.
  2. Climate change discussion

    Exactly! The damage of the ozone layer is a great example on how mankind can fuck up the Earth, but also a great example that with proper steps we can revert it!
  3. Palatin up 62% aftermarket. Short still need to cover on Monday and news is spreading out in CNN, Fox, Guardian, etc. Possibility of AMAG buyout by a bigger company. I think it will go up 50% more on Monday just by valuation. Perhaps 50% more by short covering. Overall I think 3€ in short term is realistic. Bear in mind that my average purchase cost was 0.58€, so I am almost quadrupling my investment.   I will use my 25-75% rule on this one. I will sell either 25% or 75% to secure some and then keep the rest for long.
  5. Do you believe in telepathy

    Wheels are more efficient that feet on smooth ground, but no animal has them because it is not biologically possible.
  6. Palatin might get FDA approval today. In the early morning there was a clear short sellers attack, dropping the stock by 20%. I bought more and it has been rising slowy, meaning it was an unfounded attack. Now it is only 5% below Wednesday.   I think there is a high probability of having it approved. In that case, shorts will cover quickly and the stock will double easily.   Either I lose or I win bigtime with this one!!
  7. Do you believe in telepathy

    Does Morse Code eye blinking count?
  8. Do you believe in telepathy

    Actually, the brain works by electric impulses between neurons and these can be measured with electrodes on the head. Now comes the complicated part for telepathy to work: You need to be able to decode the signals, which will be impossible without a computer, as the receiver´s brain structure is incompatible with the emitter You need to be able to resolve those signals remotely, which is impossible because you lose spatial resolution with distance You need enough signal vs noise to receive the signals, which is impossible as your own brain signals would be much stronger than the remote ones. The last point is common with another type of particle or wave. All of this makes it nearly impossible from a scientific point of view.   But it could (almost certain) be possible to build a brain scanner that would interpret it with a computer and remotely send data.
  9. Do you believe in telepathy

    This is getting into dangerous heal by faith territory...
  10. Do you believe in telepathy

    Weird as these "dreams" never include the lottery numbers.  
  11. Jules Verne Campus bilingual school in Munich

    It´s half the price of BIS/MIS, very interesting for parents who can´t afford the more expensive alternative.
  12. Decent hand car wash in/around MUC.

    Damn, sounds like the start of a new hobbie... last year was learning how to take care of a lawn, this year is learning how to wash a car... :d
  13. Jules Verne Campus bilingual school in Munich

    Anyone knows the fees range? I´m quite happy with BIS, but interested in knowing anyway.
  14. Decent hand car wash in/around MUC.

    @Malt-Teaser thanks, that´s a very good tip.   In the meantime I will start washing it at home. Maybe go first to one of those self-service water pressure washers, like in your ling (SB-Waschplatz ?), then go back home and clean it up.
  15. Decent hand car wash in/around MUC.

    Even if you don´t use soap? I mean, just a pressure hose.