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  1. 3G in Restaurants?

    We need to move to 1G fast. "Recovered" is bullshit, as many are just getting infected on purpose and many don't develop antibodies.   TBH, I would go further on and not even allow people by simply being vaccinated. I would transform the vaccination pass into something independent of vaccination. Whoever wants it should have an antibody test and have a value above a certain threshold. And that pass would be valid for 3 months. I think this will come eventually, if we can't achieve herd immunity.
  2. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Another record quarter for Tesla, huge profit, huge margins. They also kept their expectations of growing an average of 50% per year for many years. In terms of revenue (2020 as reference), this would mean: 2021 - Bigger than Suzuki, almost as big as Audi 2022 - Bigger than Nissan 2023 - bigger than Hyundai, Stellantis and BMW 2024 - bigger than Honda, GM, Ford 2025 - bigger than Daimler, Toyota and VW 2026 - bigger than Apple  Of course the analysis is very simplistic, but the message is very clear: Tesla is justifying its valuation. I think the current valuation corresponds to real value within 2 years.
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

    Today I was at Ratskeller and it was less than 50%, and there is a lot of space between tables, perfectly fine. We didn't have anyone within 3 meters. They were very thorough on checking the vaccination pass.   A few weeks ago I was at Augustiner biergarten and it was jam-packed. But we were outside.
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

    Just arrived from another well know bierhalle in Munich. In all the big ones they are quite thorough. In the small restaurants it's a fucking joke. So right now I prefer to hang around the bierhalles than the small joints.
  5. Depends. It is even possible that your first AZ shot was manufactured in India, therefore it is not recognized in EU. Not kidding, this happened to 6 million brits!
  6. Tax returns for photo voltaic feed in

    any link to such rebates?
  7. I wish I could put an auto reminder for 5 years in the future.   Mark this words: Tesla will be the biggest company in the world, and possibily before 2025.
  8. Traveling to UK from Germany - quarantine rules

    I think this was answered before, but I can't find it. A friend is asking if he can do quarantine in some friend's house. I think he can, provided he gets an isolated bedroom and toilet. Right?
  9. It's still going up 3x until 2025. I have a gut feeling we will be having this exact conversation in a few years. Let's put it this way: if you could go back in time and invest on a company 5 years before it would become the largest in the world, what would you do?
  10. Many variables... for example this Chinese crisis might lead to less investment in realestate and move that money to energy and tech stocks. One big problem is that Corona should have been over by now, but Delta will delay it by at least 6 months in Europe and US, and more than 1 year in other parts of the world. This can cool down inflation. But also cools down consumption. In any case, inflation rise is transitory, it's not permanent.   In the meantme I'm ejoying seeing Tesla reach all time highs and much more to come.
  11. Applying for a "Schwerbehindertenausweis"

    Besides what @Metall said, it would be harder for a landlord to kick you out, as your disability would require you to look for longer times to find a new place.
  12. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Tesla enters the German electricity market today. https://www.n-tv.de/wirtschaft/Tesla-greift-auf-deutschem-Strommarkt-an-article22870817.html   Unsure if this is good. If they have those crazy schemes like in Texas (purchase cost plus fee), it's a no-go, as energy prices can oscillate like crazy. I was also shocked that their website says 41% of Germany's electricity production comes from gas! We. Are. Fucked!  
  13. Many. A friend wanted to sell a car to an Iraqi guy. He came with a couple of bouncers and "forced" the deal on lower value. Another problem is that most people want cash-only transactions, which I am firmly against. Also I don't know German specifics, but in Portugal it's very easy to make a mistake in the transaction and you end up paying fines from the new owner and so on. My father had a huge issue 2 years ago, as he sold a car to another person, who had it stolen before registering on her name. Long story, my father had to handle the police, he had to go to court and so on, for a fucking old 500€ car.   I gave my old Merc B as a trade-in when I bough the Tesla. They actually made a decent offer. I gave them many details by email, they made the offer, then on delivery day they did a 10 minute inspection and it was done! Bon voyage!    I HATE selling second hand stuff. Took me 2 years to sell some tires. 90% of the people who called were assholes, either would not show up, or would haggle to ridiculous low values and when I would say no, some would even tell me "fuck you for wasting my time".
  14. Also avoid selling it to a private person. Can also lead to a lot of problems. I traded in my last car, even if that meant losing 20% of its value, just to simplify a potential mess.
  15. Bundestagswahl 26th of September 2021

    It's already very cheap and with good quality. The main criminal element is that Portugal is one of the entry doors to the European market, and that would not change.