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  1. Coronavirus

    I already explained this several times that my trip, together with the whole family, was unavoidable. Take the memory pills, I won't be answering your provocations on this topic any further. EDIT: easier to add you to the ignore list for a while.
  2. Coronavirus

    I woudlnt' dismiss it. This is an industrial operation and ramp-up leads to exponential throughput improvement. And people do have problems understanding exponential growth.
  3. Coronavirus

    I guess moderators. But what type? The type that does a corona test before and after the trip? The type that self isolates at home to keep relatives protected? The type that bought two HEPA air filtration system for the relatives? The type that wears mask indoors all the time with the relatives? The type that goes around with a CO2 portable measurement unit to keep opening the window when it goes above 800ppm? The type that does not allow his son to play with friends and relatives? The type that did not have a single dinner in a restaurant? The type who hasn't huged or hand shaked any relative? The type that uses FFP2 masks well before it was mandated? Believe me, if people did half of what I did the virus would be gone already. You have some personal problem against me, I don't really care, but I hope you realize that sometimes you just sound like a grumpy old man with a grudge.
  4. Coronavirus

    The main TV channel always align with the party in power. Because it is state owned and gets 500M€ (!) per year from government. The other two got a lot of money over the year to account for loss of advertisement...really... https://observador.pt/2020/05/19/donos-da-sic-e-da-tvi-levam-quase-7-dos-112-milhoes-de-euros-de-apoio-aos-media-nacionais/   I'm not saying that only lower class is responsible, but I see people who don't understand how it works (nose uncovered, etc), I see a lot of cheap cafe (tasca) filled with lowlife drunks wearing no mask. Even yesterday, I passed through a village cafe, which should be closed, and it was opened, with all the lowlifes inside. In the big cities, in troublesome neighborhoods, the police is attacked when trying to close cafes or private parties.   Here is an example where a big party in a small village 2 weeks ago got most people infected. It's really bad. Immigrants in France, came home for Xmas, infected half the village, then ran away by car back to France to avoid quarantine, so they could return to work! 97% of Portuguese immigrants are very low qualified people with no culture that mainly work in construction and cleaning. We basically export the worst. https://www.cmjornal.pt/sociedade/detalhe/aldeia-covid-em-mondim-de-basto-como-aconteceu-o-contagio-e-por-que-a-gnr-nada-pode-fazer  
  5. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

    Where are you getting those numbers??? Really! You just shot yourself in the foot with that one!
  6. Coronavirus

    Stuck. Schools closed in DE, so makes more sense for the moment to stay here, since I have help from family to take care of kid. But I will be flying very soon, to quarantine before of the potential February school opening. We are basically staying home, groceries and restaurant food delivered at home. Then a daily walk by the sunny beach and that's it.
  7. Coronavirus

    It's becoming a massacre in Portugal. Although the first lockdown went very well, the current government decided that politics now take priority over health officials. Numbers started rising in October. Soft lockdown came in November. But it was an idiotic lockdown, not made to control the disease, but just to make it look so. Restaurants, stores, schools and gyms kept running as usual until yesterday. At the same time, there were public curfews from 13:00 on weekends! Result? People would flood shopping centers and stores during the morning! Then came Christmas and with no further meaningful measures, hell broke loose. We are now having >150 deaths per day. Total daily deaths is almost TWICE normal for this time, meaning many are unnacounted. Finally the government enforced a harder lockdown yesterday, but looking closely, it's still bullshit. Schools are operating normally and it is very easy to have an exception for your business. They simply gave up on controlling it. They are waiting for the vaccine miracle. At the same time, the ruling party is planting outdoor advertisements where they somehow take credit for things going well... as the press is mostly supportive of his party, and as the opposition has no technical expertise to counterargument, this farce continues.
  8. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

    I've found many crackpot doctors with great reviews in Germany. Not being afraid of "corona insanity" should raise red flags. What is more important? A proper evaluation of your wife condition with 30 minutes of untethered emotional support? Or risking the technical part just to be close by? Remember you are taking care of TWO lifes, not just one. Just do a video call and get it done PROPERLY and FAST!
  9. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

    Normal these days. Just accept it.
  10. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Geeez... how many tons of carbon were consumed for NOTHING!
  11. We need 600.000 shots per day. Right now we have 70.000. Not good.
  12. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Grey area. Tesla disables a lot of features during driving, like Netflix, Youtube and even some car configurations. But you should ask all auto manufacturers that have infotainement and maps with touchscreen. They have been around for more than 10 years, even before Tesla. Regarding the fart feature (external speaker), I havent tried it yet, but AFAIK, it is only configurable while parked.
  13. He is progressive! Women first! Like in Afghanistan.  Before, women walked behind men. Since late 1970, women now walk in front of men, especially near minefields!
  14. Sorry, that's bullshit, a simple 5 minute query on the database filters by priority. Otherwise they would not even allowed you to proceed with the registration. Whoever wrote that is clueless on how databases work.
  15. Where is that??? I can't see it anywhere on the website!