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  1. Don‘t mess about- Private Haftpflicht insurance

    There is a trend among young people that insurances are stupid. I've had a few conversations with 20's and 30's who think insurances are some kind of corporate trick. Not surprisingly, they are usually caviar left, meaning they expect daddy to pay for it.   Question: I have a friend in Portugal with a 22 year old kid working in Germany. The idiot refuses to make an insurance. Are the parents liable?
  2. Coronavirus

    Ok, here comes the final nail in Sweden´s strategy: https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/documents/2995521/10545332/2-14082020-AP-EN.pdf/7f30c3cf-b2c9-98ad-3451-17fed0230b57   GDP growth Q2 YOY: Sweden: -8.3% Denmark: -8.5% Finland: - 5.2% Norway: still no data   Fatalities per million: Sweden: 56 Denmark: 11 Finland: 6 Norway: 5   Conclusion: comparing directly with similar economies and social structures, Sweden had no economical advantage on the soft lockdown. On the other hand, fatality rate was 5-10x higher than surrounding countries.  
  3. Coronavirus

    Interesting, several media are giving the opposite conclusion, that "Sweden had it right all along". Eurostat will release more GDP numbers today, including other nordic countries Q2 GDP fall. Let´s do the math after that, becuase my suspicion is that there was no significant economical advantage in avoiding a hard lockdown.
  4. Coronavirus

    @jeba, I´m not personally ignoring, I know it is a big problem. But political deciders will ignore it while the only meaningful statistic is dead count. And this is my argument: as soon as politicians find the fatality rate bearable, they will end lockdown measures, even if they have to increase hospital capacity for covid-related patients. At first the fatality rate was much higher, around 4%. Then with improved treatments and ventilators availability, it seems to be between 0.5% and 1%. When it drops below 0.2% (new vaccines and new treatments), it will be comparable to the flu, so politicians will resume life as normal. This is the brutality of numbers: if fatality drops by a factor of 5x to 10x, containment is no longer the best option considering economical factors.
  5. President Donald J. Trump

    They already have a bad system in most states. For them I don't bother stating a solution. In mail voting won't change their crippled system for the worst, neither it will improve. It's just a temporary solution for the corona situation.   Technically, the most reliable and fraud-proof system is the simple old ballot, with a person from each party to count them. Due to pandemic restrictions, this has its issues, mainly due to indoor cohabitation for casting the vote and counting votes. In mail voting is tempting, but opens door for full remote electronic voting, which for me is a big no.
  6. Coronavirus

    BTW, forgot to mention, but at least part of the Keiretsu are related with Yakuza. The Fukushima disaster was caused by the Yakuza mobbing the nuclear inspectors, ordered by  TEPCO, which itself is controlled by the Mizuho keiretsu. The same keiretsu that was caught providing a direct loan of $2B to Yakuza! Basically the whole country is a cartel, maintaining power through money, politicians and the yakuza. In the past this worked well, but with modern day fast paced economy this does not work. So they keep falling, and their banks keep printing money. This has been going for 30 years now.
  7. President Donald J. Trump

    No, but it's strange they don't use the argument.
  8. Coronavirus

    New crisis in 3-4 years. But in the meantime, companies have loads of loaned money. My asian customers are investing heavily in new production lines.
  9. Is this How Health Treatment Works in Germany?

    But German doctors do love to charge the insurance for useless appointments...
  10. President Donald J. Trump

    I find this mail in voting drama very funny. Trump says there will be massive fraud, to justify losing the elections. Democrats say fraud is minimal. Not a single person has said the obvious: although the process might be quite resistant to fraud, it misses one very important point that makes it a BAD system: the house person of power can control the votes of the people co inhabiting. Example: a father might demand to see and control who are the adult children and wife voting for. Why don't the republicans pick on that very obvious point?
  11. Coronavirus

    Japanese deflation is a very peculiar problem with Japan due to many factors and combination of factors that don´t exist anywhere else. They grew very strong in the 1960-1990 and then their economy became obsolete. Everybody copied the Toyota management tricks, electronics gave way to software and they lost their technology advance. Together with their interlocked supply chain and their super weird and unique banking system, they are simply stuck in a hole where they can´t escape. Google for Keiretsu and you can understand the unique Japanese economy system that is not repeatable in anywhere on earth.
  12. Why get Married?

    Not only Germany, in Portugal wills have very little legal stand. I actually thought this "will" thing was an english/American thing only.
  13. Coronavirus

    Very interesting direction: https://us.cnn.com/2020/08/11/health/us-coronavirus-tuesday/index.html   This points in the same direction as the BCG study I mentioned before: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/07/10/health/tb-bcg-vaccine-coronavirus-study/index.html   So maybe it is a combination of multiple vaccines that make most people asymptomatic to Covid.   The weird part of the article is that the amount of virus you get initially can define how hard you get hit...the only possible explanation is that with a small virus amount, our body has time to learn how to defeat it before it gains strength. This is very encouraging for long term immunity, but does nothing for the ones who get hit hard now.
  14. Jokes

    A nun had to get to a mission in a village somewhere in the Sahara desert.  A sleazy driver took her in a jeep for the drive through the desert. The driver: "Sister, you look quite HOT under that mantle, wouldn't you like to take it off, cool down and have a go?" The nun replied: "My son, what you desire is dead to the world". Eventually the nun got really hot and had to open up the top a bit. The driver immediately said: "Sister, you have great breasts, why don't we have a go?". The nun replied: "My son, what you desire is dead to the world". After a few hours, the jeep broke down and they had to find a way by foot. The nun had to tear apart the lower end of the dress to be able to walk. The driver immediately said: "Sister, you have great legs, why don't we have a go?". The nun replied: "My son, what you desire is dead to the world". After an hour, they found a camel and grabbed him. The driver helped the nun climb on top and saw her behind. "Sister, you have a great ass, why don't we have a go?". The nun replied: "My son, what you desire is dead to the world". After a few hours, the camel got tired of carrying a fat nun and a sleazy bastard and just dropped dead. When the nun fell from the camel, she spread her legs and exposed her "butterfly". The driver, incredibly aroused, shouted: "Sister, you have a great "butterfly"!!!! , why don't we have a go?". The nun replied: "My son, what you desire is dead to the world". The driver shouted even louder: "Sister, I have something with me that can wake up the dead!!!!!" The nun: "Oh yeah? Put it on the camel's ass to see if it wakes up!"
  15. Best card for international transfers?

    Revolut is/was using Wirecard...