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  1. Krankenkasse cancelling support for immunotherapy

    It makes no sense to me. Without the immunotherapy, recovering patients will be subject to all sorts of infections and allergic reactions which the Krankenkassen will have to pay out for.
  2. Krankenkasse cancelling support for immunotherapy

    Yes I found that article. It seems like the Krankenkassen tried this a few years ago on a case by case basis, and some patients were able to appeal using the argument offered by this lawyer. Now they want to make the change wholesale.   This is what the Senior Oncologist told us, he says there will be an appeal: from clinicians and also probably from the drug companies - but it could take many years. In the meantime: no treatment.   This has happened recently and quickly. I expect as more and more patients get turned away from their appointments, word will get around.
  3. The Krankenkasse have collectively decided to remove financial support for the immunoglobulin therapy offered to thousands of cancer survivors, which enables them to live normal lives while in remission. This in the middle of a pandemic.   There will be an appeal, but it can take 5 - 6 years, in the meantime thousands will be immunocompromised and vulnerable.   I want to protest about this, but where to start? Who governs the Krankenkasse? There's an election coming up, where can I add this issue to the debate (I've found nothing in the News, yet) ? In the absence of cancer charities like Macmillan, what support groups exist for survivors?   Any advice welcome.