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  1. English people in Bitburg?

    Hello everyone, We are thinking to move to the area near Bitburg. The village is approx. 15 km away from Spangdahlem USA Air Base.  My question is to the people  living in this area: - Is it noisy because of the planes? - Pollution? - are there any groups, activities for English speaking people and children in Bitburg? - anyone's children go to the local St. Willibrord gymnasium?Any feedback? Any information about this area will be appreciated. We are residing in Hamburg at the moment, so we do not have an opportunity to check the area extensively. e have been to Bitburg with a short visit. 
  2. Hello, everyone, We are currently residing in the Northern  Germany but planning to move to the Hof district (a small town Bad Steben), Upper-Franconia. We have visited the area and nature-wise it looks very nice  but I am concerned about the attitude of the locals to the foreigners in this part of the country. (One thing, when you are a tourist, another is when you are a resident). Our German is still very intermediate (where we live now, almost everyone speaks English and they only want to speak English to me, so it does not help). Children though speak good German and go to the local german school.  So my questions are to those who live or have lived in the region: 1. How friendly are the locals to foreigners? 2. What about Nazi movements and atmosphere in this region? It seats right on the border with the former Eastern Germany (Thuringia, for example) and read a lot of scary and worrying things on internet about underground nazi movements there). This makes me of course very concern, especially for children sake? 3.The real estate seems to be much cheaper there and we are looking for a house with a big block of land. But how comfortable and safe is it to live there as  foreigners? Any information and advice will be appreciated.