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  1. Random pointless comments

    Apologies.  Should I edit or not?  Glad your eyes are up to spotting my fat fingered typing.    Hey, you missed "capsure".
  2. Siezen or Duzen?

    You can be very polite and charming using "du".  And very rude and nasty with "Sie".   Humour helps.    
  3. Random pointless comments

    Some of the press was very excited (edited after expert advice)  that they managed to find the small, radioactive capsule that went astray in Australia.  "Needle in a Haystack!!!"  The truck carrying it had a very accurate record of its exact (if long) journey) involving GPS.   The capsule was small, sure, but very radioactive.  Like finding a very radioactive needle in a haystack with similar equipment, not really so tricky.
  4. Christmas tree disposal and recycling

    I had snowdrops here.  But they got overgrown when I got lazy in the garden.   I read that is is pre Christian thing too?  
  5. I read that at first thinking you had some wild story about the Church of the Ascencion targetting empty houses for shenanigans and worse.  There again that might be right. 
  6. Christmas tree disposal and recycling

    Just a reminder that as it is Candlemas tomorrow, you should get your tree down.   As a reward you can have some pancakes.  Possibly cooked while holding a coin, and glancing outside at the weather so you can predict how long winter will last.    Tree disposal will mean chopping it up and getting rid of it bit by bit in the Bio bin.   But the birds are enjoying sitting on it in the garden, so no hurry for me.
  7. Siezen or Duzen?

      Hardly the rest of the world.  
  8. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Car drivers complaining about the traffic.
  9. Rent office space as employee

    Noise cancelling headphones?         When 2 year olds disasgree they can be very, very loud about it, for an astonishingly long time.  My first 2 were ok, but wow the third.  Neighbours (even strangers in the street) seemed to think I was beating him up or something.    Or even that I needed to give him a wallop, as some children need that.   Ha.  I can imagine being in a locked room with a boisterous 2 year old body slamming against the door, screeching would make boring conference calls more interesting.  Sure, he will grow out of this phase soon.
  10. A steam-hauled climb through the Harz

    Yes.  And when it was snowy AND sunny.   Wonderful.  
  11. Nebenkosten report, when is it due?

    OK, I thought you said end date was written 24 January 2022.   Because it does not have to be an exact calendar year.   
  12. Nebenkosten report, when is it due?

        In your letter, what is the date of the beginning of the period being billed?
  13. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    Dual citzen can lose German if they join a foreign army (lots of exceptions) and also if you join a banned terrorist organisation.   But again, hardly out of the blue.  The second is a recent change in law, and not restrospective.    Unlike in the UK.
  14. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Although, tbh know if the thread was that interesting.  Or even how old it was. Must have pissed someone off.  Perhaps they need a therapist.  TT have tidied up the traces now too.  Quick for them.  Cannot even remember what, if anything, was controversial.