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  1. Asking for a USA friend who got a Geldstrafe

        And make things much worse for him too. I am sure they are completely aware of people trying this, and would require photo ID.  I know people who have tried to trick system re not having a ticket, but most have ended up in a much worse position, court case, fine, community service.  Except one  English woman years ago, who genuinely lost her ticket and was so outraged at being frogmarched off the tram and to their offices, that she picked up the phone from the table and threw it against the wall.  They let her go, saying "she is obviously mad".  Would not recommend this!
  2.   What is the process of doing due diligence on healthcare?  Does checking back with your Irish private health insurer count?  I am also confused about what you can actually get away with here.  Surely someone without German approved health insurance could simply go to a doctor as a self payer, and claim back from their overseas insurance?  If you are EU you do not need a permit to be here, so do not need to provide evidence of German health insurance.   That is, anyone is this position just has to pretend they are on holiday over here if they get injured or sick.  Is it that simple?  Can you get caught out, and if so, are there even any repercussions? 
  3.   Absotutely.  Would be very helpful to others in similar situations.  
  4.   No.  But was worried about the 3 month cut off for public insurance  Joined TT in August.
  5.     So do you have any advice on what @RosieF and her husband should make their health insurance valid.  Or can they just fly by the seat of their pants and get away with it?  Especially regarding the fact she is seeking medical help for a pre existing condition.  What happens`?  
  6.   Are you sure this is accepted here as valid insurance?  It sounds like you have Irish private insurance like VHI and have taken out their international policy, so as to be able to return to your original insurance on your return to Irland without the penalties of being treated like a new customer regarding waiting periods, etc.  If you have not already done so, you need to find out if the policy you have is actually accepted by the Germans as adequate.  
  7. Digitisation and the death of the service culture

      Not sure how they work in Germany, but if it is like the UK, the queue is people keen to key in their avocados as potatoes, etc.
  8. UK rental income on German tax returns

      What is new after Brexit is the income will need to be declared here and though you will not be taxed again it will raise your tax rate here on your other income.   Details on multiple threads including "UK rental income on German tax returns"
  9. Strafbefehl (leaving the scene of an accident)

      The very text you quoted mentioned withdrawal of driving license, Führenscheineinentzug, not Fahrverbot  Whether this is relevant to your case is another matter but you seemed to think it was.  
  10. Does the Widerrufsrecht apply even though I've used an item?

    How bad is it?  Is it not working as described? 
  11. I got refused for freezing gym membership

    Have you checked the terms and conditions for the gymn?  Which one is it?     Edit:  If you want to end the contract make sure you do so within the time limit they give (and in writing, sent registered post) as these contracts are often otherwise automatically renewed.
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      For sure.  I feel so lucky to have seen so many places before all this happened.   I am fortunate that I have found places with few cars, no cheap flights nor airbnb.   It means long times on trains, but I like them.  And of course not perfect weather,  And when lucky, camping in wild places.  And absolutely camping where cars are not allowed except in a separate carpark, and hopefully be charged for that. 
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    Amsterdam has been trying to cut its visitor numbers as is overcrowded.  Recent survey of British visitors, over 40 percent said they would visit less often once the ban once coffee shops are fully banned from selling hash and dope to tourists.
  14. Digitisation and the death of the service culture

      Ha!  I never quite understood why counterfeiters would go to the trouble of making fake notes in a denomination that does not exist.  But many shops seem to be fooled, so it must be for the laughs.  Our local petrol station checks assiduously.  They also get robbed a lot, which is a lot nastier.  
  15. Serial yearning for attached work collegues is silly, as is asking for advice like a teenie here.   However, as seasoned Agony Aunt, I suggest you entice them into a convenient unoccupied (but whatever) conference room for a dalliance, perhaps not at the same time (but whatever).  And then see how things progress.