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  1. Stopping paper statements from Sparkasse

    I think banks here must keep statements for 10 years, but they can charge for them of course.  Ask your bank!
  2. Brexit: The fallout

      Well I guess with the new Kent border, the trucks will be just outside Kent.  
  3. Brexit: The fallout

      Dolores Umbridge lol. 
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      Oh fuck off.  
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    Ha.  New border in Kent now.  Even though they have a Deal (sorry stolen from Twitter).  PS loving the new sweary murphaph.  
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      Gosh, what insight.  
  7. Let’s play : find Yasmin A’s insta

      That is right guys.  Dirty women have STDs and spread them to men.   Which is presumably why men in South Africa sought out virgins to have sex with to avoid AIDS.  Weirdly though, the virgins then got infected.  Go figure.  
  8. Local company looking for employees

      Pretty sure Tor is not a recruitment consultant.  If you are looking for a job in the foil wrapped fruit juice department you really need a bit more get up and go.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

      The British still have military base in Cyprus.  It is a British Overseas Territory like Gibraltar.
  10. Brexit: The fallout   Pre-settled status: this will apply to those with less than 5 years continuous residence in the UK and permits residing in the UK for a further 5 years, during which time an application can be made for settled status once 5 years continuous residence is reached. Pre-settled status grants the same rights as at the moment, such as the right to work in the UK, use NHS services, enrol in education, access benefits and travel in and out of the UK.   This suggests that thousands of EU nationals are already facing difficulty or being denied employment, housing and other rights if they cannot prove settled status, despite this not actually being a requirement at the moment. Refusing EU nationals employment or access to other services without settled status is not currently lawful (as is indicated in the government guidance), therefore it is possible that such treatment may amount to discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 on grounds of race, ethnic origin or nationality.   Employers are muddled about this.  And there are big fines out there for those that employ people who are not entitled to be in the UK.  20,000 GBP.  
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    Looking at legal advice online, refusing to employ someone because they are from the EU without settled status does seem to be discrimination and not allowed yet.
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      Have they actually put this in writing?  That would be handy.  But I guess they have not.
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    All sorts of organisations are routinely asking for evidence of settled status.
  14. Mailing medicine within EU countries.

      How about a nice beard?  Luxuriant moustache?
  15. Mailing medicine within EU countries.

    Baldy guys are cute.  The side effects of erectile dysfunction and breast enlargement less so.