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  1. 24 minutes ago, jeba said:

    Actually, the EU Parliament as well as the Commission decided to do away with daylight saving time as of next year. It´s the member states which are dragging their feet.

    Exactly this.  The EU commission wanted to get rid of DST, and then each country was asked to choose whether to stay in their summer time or winter time, originally in 2019.  They had been asked to decide for themselves.  But procrastination has caused process to be delayed by two years. 


  2. 23 minutes ago, Feierabend said:

    However, in some states, the buyer and seller split the cost 50-50.

     From mid December this will be all states for non-commercial propert  Or to be more precise the seller must contribute at least 50 percent.  Has been law for sometime, but it has a transition period too!


  3. 5 hours ago, lunaCH said:

    I would have thought that cross-border workers can be let through. The border doesn't close. But travel is restricted. At least this is how it was here. You need a reason to cross. In most cases shopping as a reason just didn't fly.


    DeepLyannoying at your service:


    "I am wildly ignorant about the border area but am confident about its nature.   It is definitely something  where people need to be "let through".  If you try to visit the nearest shop to you, this will not fly.  Because, well I think that this a fact and really that is all that is important"


  4. 3 hours ago, lunaCH said:


    No visible charges. They're hidden in the awful exchange rate which PayPal give you. ;)


    I am now an official translator of LunaCHsmuglish.  


    "You might like to look into using an alternative way of transferring money other than Paypal.  Transferwise for example offer a fast and secure service with much lower fees and exchange rates."


  5. It is worth through-ticketing with DB for this reason.   If you have a DB bocking including, for example, a ferry, if it is getting late they are really keen to not have to pay for you to stay in a hotel if you miss the last ferry.  Have known DB to put a family of 4 with bicycles and anhanger in a truck to the North Sea from Hamburg, to make sure they get the connection.  


  6. 54 minutes ago, BobbyDigital said:

    Jesus! How the hell, or why the hell, did they find that you used that code?!

    I have also bought codes from kinguin.

    Perhaps real codes, but bought with a stolen credit card.  Then resold on kinguin.  Details from credit card bill?


  7. 2 hours ago, ramrod said:

    actually under EU law a UK company is still legally obliged to pay an employees health contributions  if the employee lives in one member state but works and is employed in another -this is a fact until 31/12/20 - in my case it has been determined that I am a German residence the social security liability lies here not in the UK. 


    I found a thread on someone doing what you are trying to do.  She got her company to pay both her and the company NI contributions to her, and she then paid TK. Still ended up some 600 euro extra per month. Found TK very helpful.    It took 2 years to sort the tax out though.  Beckahstar.



    She has a Toytown profile though has not been on here for a while.  



  8. 17 minutes ago, MikeMelga said:

    Ok, can you point me to some official statement on this? I want to protest at my school. More and more kids and staff are coming with the headband plastic shield.


    Ist es erlaubt, eine Visier Schutzmaske als Mund Nasen Bedeckung zu verwenden?


    Visiere sind nicht zur Verhinderung der Virenausbreitung geeignet und erfüllen nicht die Anforderungen des Infektionsschutzes. Sie dürfen zwar genutzt werden, sollten aber lediglich ergänzend zur Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung verwendet werden.



  9. 11 minutes ago, fraufruit said:

    I think that in almost every state, people can vote by mail or remotely. There is no need to go stand in line in those places.

    Sure.  But it is a choice.  And voting here is really quick.  No queues.  Not sure it is fair that people have to wait so long to vote in this manner.


  10. 7 minutes ago, HH_Sailor said:

    UK pensio

    ns paid to recipients living in non EU states have always been frozen at the level where they started.

    Not all.    USA it is index linked, and quite a few others.  Full list in



    And the WA seems to guarantee this also for UK residents living in EU and EEA  before end 2020.


  11. 8 hours ago, bramble said:

    Of course, when travelling you should have the original with you

    On a very hot day at campsite on a German island, a very tired German family with many small, hot, tired children could not book in because they had forgotten their IDs.  Terrible.  I was next, and started giving them my Reisepass, but she said loudly "Oh no, Frau Snowimg!  That is not needed!"  I mean it was my 10th visit but if looks could kill from departing family.  So, hotels and such can ask for ID.


  12. 2 hours ago, HEM said:

    Mine (DKV Privatversicherung) does not have a photo & has been accepted (twice) in hospitals without problem.


    Hospitals do ask.  One hospital got defrauded by patient using someone else's card.   Court ruled in favour of KK, saying hospital had opportunity to check Ausweiss, whereas the health insurance company had no control.



  13. Luna seems confused about menstruation.  Post menopausal bleeding is not menstruation, and similarly when a newborn female baby has a bloody discharge from the vagina, it is also not.  Menstruation in late 50s is not uncommon as Optimista has confirmed with her doctor, if I recall right.  But at 70 or 80 it is not menstruation.


  14. Also try Fundgrube where you think you might have lost it.  And if it was somewhere small, it can be worth checking local Facebook pages, even putting a request out.  This may sound lame, but has worked for us on several occasions.  It can take time though, so if you can wait a week or so. 


  15. Jesus if you can smell fluoride in the tap water something is seriously off.  This is really not a thing is it?  But surely she is being ripped off because high fluoride toothpaste is available OTC in Germany, so surely elsewhere,


  16. 45 minutes ago, Space Cowboy said:

    My favorite daily-use Caribbean sauce (Matouk's Trinidad Scorpion Sauce) cannot be found in the EU.


    This one?  Dutch site.  They ship to Germany.  In stock 2.75 euro for 150 ml.  10 euro minimum order, plus 11.50 euro shipping, but up to 23 kg that would be quite a few bottles, but hey if you miss it that much.






  17. 17 minutes ago, kiplette said:

    What happened? We missed him for ages and it was great to have him back for a while now - what has she done to him? 


    He said she should not comment inappropriately on someones unhappy post.  All gone now.  And unhappy thread now closed. Though doubt it will deter him from posting.  




  18. To be fair, there is some new surgery which is far less destructive than earlier stuff.  Of course there will still be dressings and drains, but if people can have help at home could be beneficial.  But what about physio? And people who do not have relatives to look after them?