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  1. Hairfall clinic.

      I like quirky.  And we all know what they mean.
  2. Hair fall treatment doctor in Munster

    Yes.  Starting out with regular Hausarzt is often a good idea. 
  3. Coronavirus

      "The death toll rose by 221 on Sunday — but 165 of these were fatalities that date back several days. This is because Quebec reported a sharp rise in deaths — 202 in total — on Sunday due to a technical glitch. Only 37 of these deaths were from the last 24 hours, while the rest of the fatalities date back several days and weren’t taken into account earlier due to technical issues "
  4.   Not just the bbc.  Wikipedia was updated.  Sloppy research done fast.  Anyway, both were great!
  5.   though I think 68.  Think his brother Paul Angelis (d 2009) would be 76 now.    
  6. How loud is too loud on a Sunday evening?

      Die Stillen Feiertage in Bayern Aschermittwoch - 26.2.2020 Karfreitag, Karsamstag - 10/11.4.2020 (0.00 - 24.00 Uhr) Gründonnerstag - 9.4.2020  Reformationstag 31.10.2020 Allerheiligen - 1.11.2020 Volkstrauertag - 15.11.2020 Buß- und Bettag - 18.11.2020 (Kinder haben an diesem Tag schulfrei) Totensonntag 22.11.2020 Heiligabend 24.12.2020   Here in BW Pfingsten Montag is a silent day.  However, Sundays are Sundays of course, and they are all kind of quiet days.  And always good to apologise about noise to neighbours.  We live next to a modern Catholic church.  They have terrible electronic faux church bell stuff not melodic, more pots and pans being bashed around.  Have grown fond of it anyway.  3 times a day for the Angelus.
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    Has the Express has been hacked?  
  8. What made you laugh today?

    also it is true, you can tell by the beak colour.
  9. Activities for toddlers

    How old is your toddler?  Though at the moment with the Covid 19 stuff all this must be difficult.
  10.   Not understanding.  I call everyone "guys". The rest of what you just said does not seem to make sense.  I can understand a female bodied person to be a transman.  And I can understand a male bodied person to be a transwomen. 
  11. Oh god I just a green from Balticus. Ha.  But spreading this around in her memory.  
  12.   The problem with self ID is you are not allowed to not consider the Danish guy as not geniune transwomen. (Transmen are different altogether in my own personal view).  There are many examples of men with beards and dressed like men claiming to be trans.  Like this Stonewall spokesman transwoman Alex Drummond.        
  13.   I know a couple of NBs.  Thing about pronouns is, when you are directly dealing with someone, you use you, your, yours.  They are both female bodied and I have no problem undressing, showering, being naked in a sauna with them.  
  14. Well I guess they label themselves. Going to a sauna on woman's day here and someone obviously male woud be weird.  But it is of course fine for me in the mixed sex sauna.  Why would they do that?                                    
  15.   I have no problem sharing a changing room with a transman.  Which obviously makes me a bigot.
  16.   Controversial I know, but born female xx etc.  With ovaries and such.  Transmen seem to be much more easier to understand.   They seem to be into women.  I will get loads of abuse for saying this, but I think most are really lovely masculine women, who are into loving women.    
  17.   Sure no way a psychologist could be sure.  But 2 years of appointments is something.  As opposed to just saying you are something.  There seems to me to be a huge variation in transgender people.  Men who suffer genuine gender dysphoria and suffer hugely, men who like having breasts and a penis, men who like wearing dresses.  Men who like having a penis and a neo vagina.  I find transmen much more straight forward and easy to understand, and who also seem to be similar to lesbians I know. Perhaps because they are women like me.     All are welcome to come round for a cup of tea though.  
  18. Many countries do not insist on surgery, or hormones, but still require people to apply to change sex, and show that they have gender dysphoria and have lived as the opposite sex for a couple of years.  This is different from self ID.
  19. Intimidation/corruption from police/mafia/Nazis

    Why would they be interested unless they had their drugs or money still hidden there....  Though I guess if they did have they would have been round to visit more aggressively.  Sorry, too much Tatort.
  20. Climate change

      From what I have read from NASA the cooling effect is going to be tiny.
  21. He is an artist of sorts.  He was demonstrating how the self ID laws in Denmark allow this.
  22. Declaring fatherhood

    What OP needs to find out is how he gets his name as father on the Brazilian birth certificate.  This seems to require him going himself in Brazil, as they are not married.  
  23. Declaring fatherhood

      Well I guess this is the sort of service the Indian consulate is used to doing.  What it normally offers to Indian nationals who give birth abroad.    
  24. Car rentals in Ingolstadt

      There are some threads on the site from Indians who have either converted their licence or started from scratch.  The ones who have converted say they had problems with car rental, insurance, etc.  Some said they got round this by asking to keep their Indian licence, and were successful and got it back (stamped that it had been converted to a German one).  The one's who had gone the expensive route of just doing the whole German licence thing got to keep their Indian licence, and the car hire people seemed happy with that.  
  25. Declaring fatherhood

    The Portuguese Embassy site says it is only dealing with urgent cases and birth registrations not considered so.  They direct people to their Facebook page.  Consulado Geral de Portugal no Rio de Janeiro   This states " The registration of infants (babies up to two years old) was greatly facilitated through the creation of a specific direct channel" for people having difficulty using electronic systerm.   So it might be worth sending an email to this address if you have not already done so.