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  1. Dinner meat at age 41

      Hey, do not be so quick with dismissing this nutritious ingredient.    
  2. Dinner meat at age 41

      Wrote it badly.  I realise suffocating slowly is  torture.  They try and make it less cruel by exposing pigs to CO2 starting at lower concentrations, and  increasing it, which seems to stop the paniic and gasping.  They then unconscious and have to be cut quickly before they regain consciousness.   Stunning them this way has advantage over stunning, which requires manhandling and separation of the animals which they find distressing.
  3.   Surely Tyrol was returned to Austria much earler, in 1814?.  And from Austria  to Italy after WW1.
  4. Dinner meat at age 41

      Sure, but the whole business is yuck.  Gassing groups of pigs who have grown up together, in familiar situations, must be better than separating abd transporting them somewhere to be stunned and killed. You can see stuff on youtube.  It is a big factory, but the pigs run quite happiiy into the container where they get gassed.  The biggest problem is the gassing, CO2 is a bit slow.  It is difficult to know what a good death is.  The farm here has a pig (at a time).  When they have found buyers for all the cuts she can give, and sausages, etc she is slaughtered and butchered by a local expert.  Whether her death is more humane tihan the being gassed I am not sure.  Nice sausages though.  
  5. Dinner meat at age 41

    Sure.  What I meant was that for animals as long as they are treated well, being killed to eat them whether they are a pet or not, is the same for them.   The big pig factories here, where they are raised in groups and gassed together in family groups on site is in some ways quite humane.
  6. Dinner meat at age 41

      Sure.  But I still do not really get how "animals raised for slaughter" differ really.  Do they know the difference?  And surely iit is what the animal feels that makes the difference.  What does that actually mean?  If anything?  
  7. Dinner meat at age 41

      I agree.  But, as a meat eater, the whole killing pets v killing millions of pigs is strange.  Having known many cute intellige cute piglets, lambs and calves.  Rabbits.  Guinea pigs.  Dogs. Cats.
  8. Dinner meat at age 41

      In the UK you can kill your pet as long as you do it humanely.
  9. Dinner meat at age 41

  10. BSR container location for my house and neighbours.

    This really all seems a fantastic way to get to know your neighbours and make new friends.  
  11. I've just posted a silly photo

    Poor pussy cat
  12. Aok dental cleaning

      You misunderstand.  My reluctance to go to dentist is not  related to fear of catching Covid 19.  Last visit was years ago.  Which I realise is stupid, but stupid for a different reason!  
  13. Pleeeze help me - I have some question for the clever forum people

      That would be nice.  Especially the windows.
  14. Aok dental cleaning

      though could be swings roundabouts thing especially with the bonus program if you go regularly to dentist.  I speak as someone who has always gone to the dentist but now have become phobic.  Which is really stupid.  Have not been for years and that makes me even more reluctant to go.  Am obviously going mad.
  15. Aok dental cleaning

      Not all AOK.   Different AOKs offer different things.   The OP seems to be in Hamburg, so I posted the details for AOK Rheinland/Hamburg and the very limited conditions under which they cover some cleaning.  I would guess you are with AOK Nordwest, who are more generous and cover basic cleaning twice a year.
  16. Aok dental cleaning

    Health insurers are not obliged to cover for tooth cleaning.  Some do, some do not or at least restrict it.  It is probably worth asking about the bonus program which gives you extras if you go to the dentist regularly and look after your teeth.   AOK Rheinland/Hamburg  Professional tooth cleaning for all insured?: No, but full coverage for a certain group of people (insured between 16 and 25 years. If the benefit was used at least once at this age, the entitlement is permanent. Even after the age of 25. ), in the entire supply area, max. Once per calendar year, but subsidy for a certain group of people in the amount of max. 35.00 EUR (insured between 16 and 25 years. If the benefit was used at least once at this age, the entitlement is permanent. Even after the age of 25), in the entire coverage area, max. Once per calendar year, at all dentists; Subsidies possible as part of a bonus program.
  17. What are you cooking today?

      Weirdly though, Aldi do occasionally have jars of anchovies in olive oil that are pretty good.  But you are right, most taste sour or near rancid.
  18. Transfer money from UK

    There is a thread " Capital gains tax on gains from sale of property in UK "   I transferred 20,000 daily as my bank charges for amounts larger than that.  Used World First but Transferwise would have been marginally better value.   Edit:  If you pay off your mortgage here, what penalty, if any, is the lender going to charge?
  19. What are you cooking today?

      I like anchovies but have problems here finding good ones.  Any suggestions would be welcome.  Some in the jars taste rancid, and are not cheap. In London could get good ones, also France.  Aldi do some assorted anchovies, plain or wrapped round capers, and others that taste good.  Edeka and Rewe ones where I am are nasty.
  20. Coronavirus

      He resigned because he broke his own rules and took his family to the beach right at the beginning of the lockdown  And not apparently to check his eyesight.
  21. Neighbours musicians

    To be clear @azula these tenants are in the same apartment buildiing as you?  Carpets and plastic feet on a piano can cut down noise quite a bit.   Not sure why your headphones hurt your ears, they sound like they fit badly.   Court decisions over how long people can play piano for vary widely. 
  22.   So if TK cover some treatment, the dentist has to submit a plan of treatment to them, and they then say how much they will cover.    
  23. peloton: Anyone bought the bike?

      The classes are opening up again.  With Abstand.  I am however not that keen on the indoor thing, and can understand with you health history that you might want to wait a bit.   
  24. Living in Munich but paid in USD - is it allowed?

    I guess as a native speaker he is doing something many Germans cannot do, plus he has German clients, both are plus points when it comes to applying for self employed or freelance visa.  Nice paintings btw.  
  25. What made you laugh today?