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  1. Bees crawling all over the sweets in bakeries

    You just need to chill with wasps.  No flailing your arms about.  Very gentle wafting.  I have seen a German friend bite into a broechen with 5 wasps  on the other side. Have a photo somewhere.
  2. Bees crawling all over the sweets in bakeries

      If you google, it does seem to be dried coffee grounds lit and left to smoulder.  However I have always found that smoke makes wasps really pissed off, angry and aggressive.. Bee keepers use smoke to calm them, so are perhaps they are different.  I have seen bees in bakeries, but think in your garden it is the wasps that are bothering you.  Wasps are not attracted by chocolate spread so go for that rather than jam, etc.   So treat yourself!
  3. vodafone issues

    Absolutely.  The way she has been treated is unbelievable.  
  4. What made you laugh today?

  5. Don't panic! Test of national catastrophe alarm

    It was really quiet here.  Had to concentrate to hear it.
  6. Entering my flat without my permission

    This whole thread seems to be about a probable miscommunication blown way out of proportion.  Really.  It is just silly.  Just be an adult.
  7. Landlady not replying to termination

    Send a registered letter.  Per einschreiben.  
  8. Here is a link toVerbraucherzentralle about slow internent.  It google translates well if you need that.
  9. It is not your citizenship that is important, rather where are travelling from.   "Exemption rules You may not have to self-isolate when you arrive in England, if you are travelling from one of the countries or territories listed below. That is because these countries or territories are: covered by the travel corridor exemption within the common travel area (Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man) British overseas territories You will need to self-isolate if you visited or made a transit stop in a country or territory that is not on the list in the 14 days before you arrive in England."   You do have to fill out a passenger locator form less that 48 hours before you arrive.      
  10. double health insurance

    oh ffs sake help @john g.   So much unhelpful and shallow advice being given here.      
  11. Unusual health insurance situation

      NI contributions not connected to NHS cover.  But you do have to be ordinarily resident there to be eligible.  So if you were living in another country, working, etc (ie not a gap year, or extended cruise).  So paying NI would make no difference in terms of being covered by the NHS,  Did you tell the UK tax and your doctor you were leaving the country?
  12. What made you laugh today?

    I hope it is not because the doctor could smell his breath despite the mask... Hopefully  doctor asked when he was last at dentist.  Gum disease is implicated in lots of nasty stuff.
  13. Photography law while not photographing

      I googled something and found cases where courts had ruled they were problematic.  As an example  
  14. What made you laugh today?

    Putting this here as Rory Bremner    
  15. Photography law while not photographing

    Think you need to chill a bit and work out if this really important.  It seems like it would have been so easy just to move the camera on its tripod a foot away from the window or so,  if it was annoying people and making them feel they were being watched.
  16. Photography law while not photographing

      This is also well weird, and nothing to do with what is going on.  Beginning to think you have a thing about screaming women.
  17. Photography law while not photographing

      This seems to be true.  For example dummy security cameras are not allowed to be point outside your property.
  18. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      My father went to Sherborne in the 1930s.  Everyone had to attend to chapel (attend, not join in).  There was always a non pork meal available.  Giraffe was unlikely to have been on the menu.  
  19. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      My daughter (educated here) met up with a bunch of UK public school people.  She was genuinely astonished because one guy (well done Sherborne) had never heard of Hiroshima.  He thought she was being nasty and offered excuse that he had not done history A level.  Another friend (St Paul's Girls) did not know that pork was not Kosher. 
  20. ADAC - The German motoring club

      ADAC change their terms and conditions from time to time, and offer various plans.  What is relevant to you is the contract you signed.  Asking random people here is pointless.   Ask ADAC. 
  21. Driving minidigger on private land with no license

    The rental people do offer delivery, pick up though.
  22. Brexit: The fallout

        Please can you link stuff.  EU do not need to pay for visas, nor health care, nor have minimum wage restrictions.  You seem to be suggesting that non EU will no longer be subjected to these extra limitations.   With the word "lowered".      
  23. Ha, you being funny?  It was a roasting hot summer day.  Had 6 month with me.  They also said she had smeared chalk on the shirt of the difficult guy who sat next to her.  They had sat him there because she was kind.  Noone else would sit next to him.  And they had to bring me into the school to complain about her poor behaviour.  
  24. @Asaba is there not a school book that goes with this?   Children should not have to rely on google for their homework. If the school has not suggested sources for information for goodness sake send it back uncompleted and explain why.  I got called to a special meeting with my daughter's teachers.  One of their issues was that she did not know what Maultaschen were.