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  1. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Still do not get this.  Techsmex.  The guy who posts too seldom mostly in the wee hours when I am sleepless.  Okay sometimes I get glitchy notifications that he likes what I am listening to but like to imagine he can hear my early Bob Dylan and Mahler stuff.  
  2. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Jesus.  LunaCH dumping on Techmex of all people.   And now the unhappy thread has been closed. Well done TT mods.
  3. Only in America...

      Sorry was not meaning to be nasty.  I know in the UK of elderly patients being sent home with drains in they cannot cope with.
  4. Only in America...

      Is this a boast?  Or something negative?
  5. health

    Do German people who decide to move to UK but still work for a German company get TK to pay their NI contributions?  Is this really a thing?  NHS is funded 80 percent by general taxation.  I know this not helpful, but can you really, really see TK doing that?  Happy to surprised if they do.  If you were a posted worker it would be easy.  Or even if you could get a job at their German office.  But I think the idea of just moving somewhere and expecting your company and the country you move to, to pick up the costs is, well, optimistic. Maybe try it with the US`?  
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    Carcass balance.   Not so much of a need, than a question of choice.  
  7. flying from Manchester to Berlin, What do I need to know

    You have lost me.  What difference would being in London for 2 weeks before going to Manchester make?
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    My comment about Rostbif was of course a reference to concerns recently voiced by the British Meat Processors Association regarding the Brexit negotiations.  “Unless a number of key issues are urgently addressed, £1.2 billion of annual meat exports will be at risk along with thousands of jobs in the meat and livestock sector.”  
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    Or indeed rostbif
  10. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

      "Most people" did not vote for him.     Edit "snap" jeba
  11. Legality of gas bottle in apartment

    And here in Germany too.  I have a gas hob. Gas heating is very common here and I chose to have gas for cooking too.  It was before induction was readily available, but would probably switch if this cooker has problems.  Re safety, quite a few deaths from cooker CO in the UK every year but most are  ovens/grills rather than hobs.  I use an overhead fan, and open window when using cooker.  I grew up with cooking on gas and in between found cooking on electric frustrating.  
  12. Gym/Clever Fit wants to collect nonexistent debt

    Verbraucherzentrale seem to have covered this.  Details of how to complain about this.  Translates well.  I have not read it all though, just scanned it.
  13. Translation for "m, w, d"

    Yet another fatuous post.
  14. Translation for "m, w, d"

    Hence "could".  Expressing a possibility.   Or if you really did not think it was a possibility why the fuck did you post it? 
  15. Translation for "m, w, d"

      I do not think she meant you.  But for example Lunach said the translation could be Non-binary.  Which was wrong.
  16. Translation for "m, w, d"

    The German 3rd gender marker on passports, etc for intersex did get a lot of press coverage.
  17. Your wife checking up on you?  Change your passwords for everything esp online banking, etc.
  18. What made you laugh today?

  19. Translation for "m, w, d"

    m/f/o o being other.  
  20. Brexit: The fallout

    Though I guess no weddings were postponed before 31 January 2020 because of Covid.   I am pleasantly surprised they are allowing children without restrictions, with Priti in charge.
  21. flying from Manchester to Berlin, What do I need to know

      You confidently posted false info about what the Corona App requires.  This is stupiid, because you may discourage people from downloading it.  
  22. flying from Manchester to Berlin, What do I need to know

      You do not understand how the German covid app works   Colour me surprised. 
  23. TV socket and legality

    Cable tv is not free here.  There used to be some free channels if you have an old fashioned antennae on the roof, I still seem them but not sure if they still work.  You have been plugging into a system that requires payment.  But if you really were not informed about this in your rental contract you can dispute it for sure.  And stop watching it if you do not want to pay.
  24. Thanks everyone...

  25. I do not want my stuff delivered to my neighbours

    Why would someone bother posting shit like the postman knows you are at home because they ring the bell and you answer.  Is this supposed to be insightful?  Lunacy.H