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  1. Bedbugs infestation

    It really would be good to actually identiry bedbugs before doing anything.  They are nocturnal.   Hunt them out.  Here is a link with some helpful ideas.     
  2. Bedbugs infestation

    Have you actually seen a bedbug yet?  There is lots of information on the internet about how and where to look . Adults are about 5 mm long and easy to spot.   If there are a lot of adults, it would indicate they were there before you arrived because,compared to other insects, they multiply slowlly.  Typical bed bug lays one egg a day, which take about 10 weeks to hatch and 6 weeks to develop into adult.    Did you bring the bed with you, or was it already in the apartment?   Happy family group, egg, larvae and adults.  
  3. What made you laugh today?

    I always so no to all that shit.
  4. Peanut butter shortage - help!

    Plenty of peanut butter here.  But I get the bio stuff in glass, and that does not tend to be from the US.  Crunchy and good tho.
  5. Kindergarten staff negligence

      But child was questioned, ice pack administered, parent telephoned.  Not just ignored.  
  6. Kindergarten staff negligence

    Both times my children had minor accidents the school rang me, and I took them to hospital.  Well if I am honest, I waited a bit before doing so  Ice and immobilising absolute standard.   Teachers (and me too for that matter) use their judgement about how hard/what sort of impact and how much pain.   When a boy, playing football on the uneven paving , managed to give himself a spectacular compound  fracture of his leg the school of course called the ambulance.  Same for any more serious falls in sport, etc. and things involving heads and spines.  I guess it was maybe a bad call.  But a Notarzt every time a child hurts their arm or twists their ankle....?   Mind you I am from the UK and there is no way you call an ambulance, let alone an emergency doctor, for a possible minor break or sprain.   Internal inquiry and consequences?  Consequence for the compound leg fracture was football was banned.   Perhaps remove ropes and any other play equipment?   This is different I think from what @MikeMelga experienced which sounds much more neglectful.  
  7. Travellers' Cheques

    ATMs accept foreign bank cards.  They should ask their bank in NZ about this, and also tell the bank when they are going to  be in Germany so the card use is not flagged as suspicious.  
  8. Bought counterfeit clothes

    I think Verbraucherzentrale would be the people to contact.  Here is their advice on what to do if you find you have been sold counterfeit stuff.  Including how you can report the company online to the police.  There is also a lot of stuff on the internet about dodgy companies.  If you google the company, do you get any hits?
  9. German Capital Gains Tax on Overseas Property

      Inheriting from a friend, the tax free threshold is lower.  20 000 Euro.
  10. German Capital Gains Tax on Overseas Property

    So you have already declared the inheritance in Germany, or is the property the only inheritance?
  11. got a parking fine

      Not that it is relevant to the last few posts.  One line and you can stop for a short time (under 3 minutes).  One with two lines means no stopping or parking at all.
  12. Is it possible to sue DHL for their terrible customer service?

    It could still turn up.  I have had problems with the tracking system which were resolved.   Paket price includes insurance up to 500 Euro. 
  13. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

      You do realise that the Celts were also immigrants to Britain? There were people here before them? 
  14. Really, it is easy.  You must be making a tiny mistake somewhere.   I could say it is not rocket science but remember the mistakes with the Hubble telescope.   I would guess you are adding the yoghurt culture when milk too hot.  A bit too cool would not be a problem.  The milk needs to be about blood temperature.  
  15. I have no problem either.  I use a large stainless steel thermos with a wide neck.  But I often buy yoghurt as you can get good bio stuff in glass.  And I like to encourage stuff sold in glass not plastic.