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  1. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship  
  2. Twat of the day   "A suppression order issued by the Victorian County Court, which applies in all Australian states and territories, has prevented any publication of the details of the case including the person's name or the charges. It was imposed after the court accepted that knowledge of the person's identity in the first trial might prejudice a further trial being held in March.   It is relatively common in cases where a person faces separate allegations in sequential trials for the first trial to be suppressed. The process is designed not to prejudice later juries."
  3. GLS - too much to expect

      Ha.  GLS is owned by Royal Mail, so is duty bound to be crap.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      But the ECJ ruled earlier today that Article 50  can be (unilaterally) revoked by UK...
  5. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

      How would you feel about eating a a pork steak at a farm in Swiitzerland, nestling on the bbq next to a dog sausage?  Are you cool with that or feel slightly nauseous?  These things are interestingly complicated, disgust-wise.  In France where some places are insisting on meat everyday, including pork in schools, with no alternative.   You jews, muslims, vegetarians, vegans whatever need to change.  There is no alternative.
  6. Chinese scientist creates

    All this could of course be really cool.  But the China thing was about making babies of an HIV positive father resistant to HIV.  But they would still be infectious and able to pass it on to other people.  
  7.   I think from another thread on here somewhere?, that this is the sort of compensation you get.   It has to be enough to compensate for the size of the new apartment, not just to cover rent of a squalid bedsit for example.   Plus storage of furniture etc, if you have had to move out into temporary accommodation, etc.      
  8. What made you smile today?

      I like this:   " I have another theory, however, which is of no scientific merit whatsoever. For human beings our dominant sense is vision while for dogs it is their sense of smell. Dogs, like people, enjoy sensory stimulation and may well be prone to seeking such stimulation to an excessive degree. Therefore, I believe that the real reason that canines roll in obnoxious smelling organic manner is simply an expression of the same misbegotten sense of aesthetics that causes human beings to wear overly loud and colorful Hawaiian shirts."
  9. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

      Once a year in prmary school? In the 50s?  Obvs not STD check.  God knows what.  I had one check up primary school when they (without warning) pulled down knickers and had a glance about.  I mean., really, why do doctors think that they can do that sort of stuff without explaining why?    
  10. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    I know things are changing, but when I was young and not so young, it was women who went regularly for checkups and got tested for STDs.  Not boys who only got stuff done if they had nasty symptoms.  I remember guys in the military being warned about sleeping with loose women because they could get infected.  It used to piss me off so much. My husband (god knows why) asked me recently if men can get Chlamydia.  I mean FFS.
  11. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    Seems to be recommended from 2018 for boys 9 to 14 too.  But not sure where it is at.  
  12. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

      HPV is not just spread by sexual intercourse, but  also by hands, etc, hence the younger age range. What is weird is that the vaccine was only given to girls.   I realise in funding terms it would be most effective.  But the idea of only vaccinating girls for an STD is weird.  Boys can of course also get anal and penile cancer.   Or pass HPV on to a girl who has not been vaccinated.
  13. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    HPV vaccine is free here.  Given here between age of 9 and 14.  Just ask the Kinderarzt. 
  14. A permanent solution to prevent pregnancy - Berlin

    Fairtrade sustainably sourced latex condoms are available.   They (should) end up in Restmull so do get incinerated here.        
  15. A permanent solution to prevent pregnancy - Berlin

    You have to pay for abortion unless medically advised too.  But all of these things are means tested so the poor do not have to pay.