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  1. Coronavirus

    Their Hausärzte are doing Covid vaccinations.  Yours is not.   
  2. What's got you flummoxed today?

    You think you got problems.  I do not like flying.  It is far to high up.  Used to solve this when more youthful with gin and fags.  Those were the days.
  3. French Spain Portugal electronic toll

    I have no idea if this is a scam, or wildly expensive or anything but here is a link where (it says) you can get car tag for all 3 countries.      Buy Your Tag | Secure Tag Subscription | Télépéage (   Der elektronische Badge funktioniert auf Autobahnen in Spanien, Portugal und Italien | Bip&Go (    
  4.   Sure but was intrigued by references to employees who were not cross border commuters, who only ended up being so due the Covid situation.    "Howe­ver, it is also con­ceivable that emp­loyees use their second or holi­day home abroad for remote wor­king or are sim­ply stran­ded abroad. Thanks to tech­no­logy they should be able to con­ti­nue wor­king from there. It is curr­ently still unc­lear how to deal with these tax­pay­ers, who are not clas­sic cross-bor­der com­mu­ters in the fis­cal sense, but who now work from abroad nevert­he­less. In the case of a tem­porary nature, this should have no effect. Howe­ver, if the pro­fes­sio­nal acti­vity from abroad con­so­li­da­tes, we recom­mend cla­ri­fi­ca­tion in the respec­tive state in which the acti­vity is car­ried out. In addi­tion, a regu­larly used home office quickly leads to a per­ma­nent estab­lish­ment of the emp­loyer abroad. The­re­fore, we recom­mend to check the impacts toge­ther with the emp­loyer.   "Tem­pora­rily wor­king from home acti­vity trig­ge­red by the Corona pan­de­mic should, in prin­ciple, not change the exis­ting social secu­rity sta­tus. The Ger­man Natio­nal Asso­cia­tion of Sta­tutory Health Insurance points this out in a cir­cu­lar dated 17/03/2020."        
  5. Are there possibly some special rules due to the Covid situation?   Jakoora got a job here, but Covid got him stuck working from home, in Denmark, as he had not actually moved.   Working in Germany - living abroad (EU) - Legal - Toytown Germany   When cross-border workers are working from home - Ebner Stolz     When cross-border workers are working from home - Ebner Stolz As a result of the Corona pandemic, employees are working from home in many instances. If the place of remote wo...  
  6. It depends where you are coming from.
  7. UK pension S1 form and Krankenkasse agreement

      It was confusing.  I know the end of June thing is not set in stone.   But actually leaving Germany now and being able to apply for the Aufenhaltsdokument GB for up to 5 years sounded odd.  Think we may have some wires crossed.
  8. International Driving License Extension

    So, @MovedHere, as the Covid driving school rules vary from state to state, some have extended longer.  You need to ask your local Fuhrerscheinstelle     BMVI - Informationen zur Verlängerung ausländischer Führerscheine während der Corona-Krise   "Einige Bundesländer haben aufgrund der fortdauernden Pandemie diese Frist durch Allgemeinverfügung um weitere 6 Monate (bis zum 21.10.2021) verlängert bzw. beabsichtigen dies zu tun. "  
  9. UK pension S1 form and Krankenkasse agreement

      I really do not understand this!  Sorry, I know you are busy.
  10. UK pension S1 form and Krankenkasse agreement

      This is interesting.  Any links?  
  11. UK pension S1 form and Krankenkasse agreement

      Not getting this first bit.  You presumably have (or have applied for) an Aufenthaltsdocument GB?En   And when you have one, do you know how long you can live outside Germany, and not lose it?  I guess this is relveant to many British, and I would be very interested to know what restrictions there are. 
  12. Brexit: The fallout

  13. UK to Germany travel

    Did you try emailing the border police?
  14. UK to Germany travel

    Just seen this from the German Embassy in London.  It has a list of email addresses of the border police at different places in Germany.   Travel advice for German travellers in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and information on coronavirus (COVID-19) - Federal Foreign Office (   under the "Am I allowed to enter Germany?" tab.   Berlin's is   Federal Border Police Berlin Brandenburg Tel: +49 30 856211-0 E-Mail:
  15. UK to Germany travel

    I think they will also need to fill out online form to show the British they are travelling to Germany for a valid reason (to your child's wedding counts).  They require evidence such as an invitation.   Coronavirus (COVID-19): declaration form for international travel - GOV.UK (   The German site is vague as you say. An invitation and maybe something official from the Standesamte confirming wedding details?  And then proof they are your parents?  Marriage cert, your bith cert?  Official copy of your Meldbescheinung?  I can see why you would like input from someone who has gone through something similar.   BMI - Civil Protection - Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions (   Short-term entry by first- and second-degree relatives who are third-country nationals only if urgent family reasons are demonstrated Third-country nationals who are first- or second-degree relatives but not members of the immediate family (including adult children, parents of adult children, siblings and grandparents) of citizens of Germany, EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland or of third-country nationals who already have a right of residence in Germany are generally not permitted to enter Germany for short-term family visits.   Exemptions are made only for urgent family reasons; the following cases and occasions are considered to constitute urgent family reasons: births weddings deaths/funerals special exceptional cases in which there is an urgent family reason (e.g. serious illness of a first- or second-degree relative who therefore urgently needs help). Travellers are asked to carry with them suitable proof of an urgent family reason, which clearly demonstrates the need to cross the border. If there is a compelling family reason for entry, for example if the third-country national parents-in-law wish to accompany the bridal couple, third-country nationals are allowed to enter Germany together with the reference person.