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  1. Forum explanation please

    You pregnant?
  2. Forum explanation please

      But Tor ffs.  Like weird.  Compared to the other stuff posted way off the scale stuff.
  3. DPD

    DPD guys are always super stressed and clearly unhappy.   Hermes too.   I take parcels for 7 neighbours which the DHL guys seem to know.  But DPD and Hermes change staff so often and do not seem to have a grapevine.  If see them trying to deliver to a neighbour who is out, if I suggest I could take it, they seem to regard me as a totally weird, suspicious stealy person.  Also, why do so many people order stuff when they are not going to be at home to collect??  Many alternatives available.
  4. Coronavirus

      Bats in Europe carry similar things too.  Bat tourism is worse for the bats than it is for the tourists.    
  5. The "why it is difficult to leave" thread

      This is storm that is a German named thing by Guess they thought 12 year olds blow really hard.  
  6. What are you cooking today?

    We had mushroom and chestnut in red wine, , like the venison casserole I do but ohne Bambi.   Really good.  Mashed potatoes and sprouts.
  7. US Citizens travelling to the EU starting 2021

      Yes.  It is a registration system for those previously allowed into the EU for 90 days without any formalities.
  8. Coronavirus

      They did something similar near Bejing during the SARS outbreak.  It looked more like a field hospital but it worked well.
  9. @Juupke What did Fidor say about this?  Did they say they had sent emails?  Are you sure you did not miss anything?  The email itself does not actually have to say what the changes to an account are, just alert you to the fact that they have changed and you should log in a look.  
  10. Politics Gen XYZ

      and they seem to have struggled translating the French on the original ...
  11. Politics Gen XYZ

      Monty Python rides again.        
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      That is all they are saying.  And that they will provide update about other requirements needed when ETIAS comes into force in 202?  
  13. Coin collectors

    Okay, so it is like the 2 cent piece, the gold coins are not magnetic.  So it must have got a funny colour by some other way.