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  1. Contributions paid by employer

    Or why do they not pay all of it.  And make the employee take a lower brutto?
  2. Untrue (Alternative) facts

      Well impessed if condoms are anything other than a tiny component of your non bio degradable rubbish.   ,    But at least you are not flushing them.   
  3. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

    Is there not a joke (or perhaps not a joke) about how men fall asleep after sex because the woman does not turn into a pizza.? 
  4. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

    Surely this is not just a lady thing.  Men must not miss out on the opportunity, especially as they tend to live shorter lives.  Self administration would be the safest. Or trusted friends.
  5. Barbecue at work -- Foods to bring

    You can get grill baskets out made out Edelstahl.
  6. Politics Gen XYZ

        I thought he was suggesting wholesale murder rather than euthanasia.
  7. Politics Gen XYZ

    A policy that would produce exceptional savings for the NHS.      
  8. Gastric bypass surgery

      Go out tomorrow and see how you feel after running 42 km. It is a distance thing, not a time thing.
  9. Politics Gen XYZ

    Grauniad tv listing ...
  10. Gender neutral toilets.

    A lot of this shit happens to children.  As an adult I have had little experience of being flashed at, or groped.  As a child it happened much more.  Camp leaders,  unknown boys on the way to school.  Weirdest for me was being pinned against a tree, aged 13 in uniform on the way home from school, by a drunk man, broad daylight, surrounded by women and children and noone intervening, but getting dirty looks from some of them as if I was being some sort of brazen slut.   I must add, that I was not traumatized by any of these experiences.    I would guess that as well as possibly getting off on the idea of a girl in school uniform, they also thought that being young, I would not know exactly how to react.  
  11. Gender neutral toilets.

      Well, you see  men getting into trouble caught filming unsuspecting women and girls in toilets and changing rooms.    Cannot find any court cases involving a woman filming men in the loo though, except occasional transwoman.     Should anyone mind themselsves (or their children)  being secretly filmed and the man wanking later at home to the picutures?  Or should we just think, okay, each to his own?   Edit:  Women take their underwear down when they use to loo.  
  12. Politics Gen XYZ

  13. Why are you happy today?

      Worth a go.  I remember getting some wasp deterrent spray here.  But while for sure the wasps did not like the smell or whatever, but it made them angry, rather than just encouraging them to bugger off.  So made situation the worse.
  14. Recycling in NRW   So Gelbetonne   So for packaging made from plastics, metal and composite (ie Tetrapak) stuff.    
  15. Anmeldung options

    Great question!  I suggest you rock up to the local Rathaus each time you move, with the evidence you are living in a hotel, and make it their headache, not yours.