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  1. Minimum residency permit insurance?

    Good luck by the way, and please let us know how it is all going.  I have been here over 20 years and am not totally comfortable about criteria.
  2. Crazy political correctness in the UK

    Er,  my local pub was "The Saracen's Head"...
  3. Minimum residency permit insurance?

    I am not convinced that you will be regarded as resident in Germany from what you have said here.  But if you are going to marry a German in 2022 and move here for work under those conditions, perhaps just being a tourist coming  back and forth with short term travel insurance until then, will be okay?
  4. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    As I have suggested before, if they are really obnoxious you can always pull the Little Britain trick.  Pretend you cannot understand their English.     
  5. Minimum residency permit insurance?

      Do you have family here?  You split your time 50 50 between UK and Germany, but where do you judge your centre of life to be?  Just a reminder of the freedom of movement rules from the BMI.  Cheap expat health insurance such as Feather is geared toward people who are here temporarily.   EU citizens may enter and stay in the territory of another Member States for up to three months without being subject to any conditions or formalities other than the requirement to hold a valid identity card or passport. EU citizens have the right of residence for longer than three months if they are workers or self-employed persons in the host Member State or are seeking employment (for a certain length of time); are not in employment or are students or trainees and have sufficient resources and comprehensive health insurance cover; have the right of permanent residence (following legal residence of five years). Family members, regardless of their citizenship, accompanying or joining an EU citizen who satisfies these conditions also have the right of residence for more than three months. So the boldy bit could be you.   Also from   The immigration authorities are entitled to check whether you are covered by the withdrawal agreement. For this purpose, evidence may be requested that conclusively shows that you lived in Germany on December 31, 2020 and continued to live or had previously lived in Germany and that you did not stay outside Germany for too long and therefore retained your rights. For this purpose, for example, tax bills, salary slips, bank statements, a certificate of study and other documents are suitable, from which it can be seen that you actually have or had a main focus of life in Germany.  In individual cases, the immigration authorities may also check whether the other requirements for freedom of movement are met - in particular whether you are either gainfully employed, are looking for a job within the permitted deadlines or are looking for work with prospects of success, or whether you can cover your livelihood from your own resources, even though you are not gainfully employed are looking for work.    
  6. What are you cooking today?

    We had roast hokkaido today, I like them particularly as no need to peel.  
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    More Windrush from the UK government.  Time will tell if the UK will be similarly intransigent with UK EU citizens in out of the ordinary cases.
  8. Mastercard scam

      Was not at home when package arrived, so is now at post office or whatever awaiting collection.
  9. Mastercard scam

    You can do the revoking without picking up the package.  Do not go anywhere near it.  DHL or whoever will return it and document its return.
  10. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

      Here is a quick explanation about how minor discrepancies happen.  The audit should clear any doubts up.
  11. Mastercard scam

    Here is Verbraucherzentrale advice relating to  the same company,  but referring to another branch other than Aachen.   In short, not accepting the card is not enough.  You must revoke too.  They advise by fax.   This one is about the Aachen office and advising to steer well clear and as schlammige wisely advised.
  12. Mastercard scam

    It says you have 14 days to revoke unconditionally.  Revoke away.     Edit.  I see you did send an email.  Did you use the sample text they provided ?(at least I think they did, that document you attached is hard to read)?  And I would fax it too.
  13. President Donald J. Trump

      EB had a struggle for about 10 mins last year.    
  14. Reverse Charge Supply VAT and Brexit

    okay just a google but seems to cover some points    
  15. Brexit: The fallout

      New EHIC  is for people from the UK who have retired to the EU before end of transition period and have UK state pension. Not temporary.   Also for students from UK who are already in the EU on courses.  This was part of the WA.  However most UK residents such as tourists, business people, etc travelling to the EU temporarily will no longer be able to get cover for temporary stays in the EU and will need travel insurance.