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  1. Recourse where customer service fails?

      1.75 per minute on the phone.  This can of course be excellent, expert advice.  They also provide invaluable free information about common problems people have.  By googling your problem you can often find out free the best way to approach a company, to whom and what to write, etc   .And you can of course alert them to a particular problem you have had.
  2. Contaminated milk in supermarkets

    Re pasteurisation, ESL and UHL etc.  the current milk bacteria problem is not that there is some sort of super heat resistant bug, rather that contamination occured separately when the packaging process turned out not to be as aseptic as it was supposed to be.   You can get round most of this by going with sterilised, where like the tinning process the bottles are actually heat treated.  Tastes foul tho.
  3. Recourse where customer service fails?

      Click on the "Beratung" tab.
  4. Recourse where customer service fails?

    Leave complaint on Frelo twitter and Facebook asking for their advice.  And their website Impressum gives a fax address so would send one fax in big bold text.  Suspect they have tiny workforce, much stuff automated, which makes them cheap and competetive, but means complaints take time to get dealt with.
  5. Recourse where customer service fails?

      But that costs money does it not?  Quite quickly more than 12 euros?
  6. Contaminated milk in supermarkets

      The milk that was contaminated was all Frische Fettarme from the DMK group.   No UHT.  
  7.   Wax ones (from DM) work much better.  Disadvantage being you may not hear, say, your phone ringing.  
  8. Climate change discussion

    Yep.  Seems to have so much good stuff going on re family garden sport dog and wonderful scenery but ...   Alcohol might be a symptom rather than the cause.
  9. Brexit. UK annual pension increases.

      Depending on how long you live.  Read about a 99  year old guy who lives in Canada who retired in 1985 and gets 38 GPB.  2019 rate is 129 GBP a week.
  10. Contaminated milk in supermarkets

      Many milks are not on the list including lower fat ones and those with virtually no fat at all.    They actual brands are shown.  
  11. Contaminated milk in supermarkets

    Does anyone know if boiling the milk for say 10 minutes is effective?  Seems such a waste.  Speaking as a former lactator. 
  12. Contaminated milk in supermarkets

      I left my toddler son alone for about 2 minutes.  He was obviously hungry.  He had gone through the bin and found an empty fresh chicken container.  He was chewing on the nasty bit of absorbent material they put under the chicken to absorb the goo (with considerable delight).  He was fine.  Pissed off though when I took it away.  Hopefully you will be okay too.  
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    Funny thing this is not project fear.  It is AL doing her but to explain how Brexit is going to cut so much red tape.  This one of the eleven explainer videos       
  14. I have always found stuffed animals look pretty awful.   I have never seen one I would want to have.  Though I guess this guy at least looks quite happy.  Some taxidermists do little cat rugs so you can do "Dinner for One" routines with your old kitty.