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  1. I must be missing something.  I thought you could have a minijob on top of your main employment.  Or more than one, as long as total from mini jobs less than the 450 limit.  Happy to be corrected.
  2. Think you can have more than one minijob as long as the total income is less than 450.
  3.   Lots of information missing.  Also a job under 450 is not automatically a minijob, surely?   I know it is attractive for an employer, saves them money and work , but is it an "obligation"? Is it really "incorrect" ?  Have you asked your employer about this?   You posted in 2019 about this, though noone replied.  
  4. Why are you happy today?

    If travelling on or after 22 October, no longer need 2 day PCR (if fully vaxxed) but a 2 day laterlal flow test.  They are cheaper. 
  5. Why are you happy today?

     That is a bargain.
  6. Bundestagswahl 26th of September 2021

    Jeez, never in Singapore or any of the Arab states or similar.  I guess if you a child attending a international school it may feel normalised.  But like most things, if you were not well connected you got the shit end of the deal.  When you get a bit of dope or whatever in Singapore or Saudi, some poor guy can end up being hanged.   That put me off it.  How can you enjoy it when you know someone may die getting it to you? Same is of course true with drugs in Europe, though less direct.   I would like to be able to grow a few plants with mild effects, and avoid all the death and criminals.   
  7. Bundestagswahl 26th of September 2021

    Oh God yes.  More than "pretty" scary!
  8. Bundestagswahl 26th of September 2021

      ...and even longer than 72 hours depending on how often you use it.   The guy in Singapore was caught importing over 2 lbs, not simple possession.
  9. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    In most UK press yesterday such as  Travellers ‘turned away’ from flights after problem with NHS Covid Pass (  
  10. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    And good not to rely on the phone Covid vaccination apps.  The NHS App failed yesterday,  people were turned away from flights.
  11. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    Sure. But I am surprised MAM was challenged.  It looks just like the FFP2 masks I have.  Which have used extensively on DB.  They are also approved as reusable (I bake them) like MAMs ones. So the DB guy saying they had to be disposable was wrong.  Well, I guess not wrong, but any mask can be disposed of.  Think he was unlucky.  The only people I saw getting challenged were those with cotton ones.
  12. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    You can use a FPP2 mask.  Not just surgical masks.  
  13. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet   When I click on that I do not much
  14. What caused them? Damp caused by you not ventilating adequately?  Or damp caused by structural problem?  If the apartment is still damp and dirty, they will just come back.