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  1. What are you cooking today?

      I like anchovies but have problems here finding good ones.  Any suggestions would be welcome.  Some in the jars taste rancid, and are not cheap. In London could get good ones, also France.  Aldi do some assorted anchovies, plain or wrapped round capers, and others that taste good.  Edeka and Rewe ones where I am are nasty.
  2. Coronavirus

      He resigned because he broke his own rules and took his family to the beach right at the beginning of the lockdown  And not apparently to check his eyesight.
  3. Neighbours musicians

    To be clear @azula these tenants are in the same apartment buildiing as you?  Carpets and plastic feet on a piano can cut down noise quite a bit.   Not sure why your headphones hurt your ears, they sound like they fit badly.   Court decisions over how long people can play piano for vary widely. 
  4.   So if TK cover some treatment, the dentist has to submit a plan of treatment to them, and they then say how much they will cover.    
  5. peloton: Anyone bought the bike?

      The classes are opening up again.  With Abstand.  I am however not that keen on the indoor thing, and can understand with you health history that you might want to wait a bit.   
  6. Living in Munich but paid in USD - is it allowed?

    I guess as a native speaker he is doing something many Germans cannot do, plus he has German clients, both are plus points when it comes to applying for self employed or freelance visa.  Nice paintings btw.  
  7. Living in Munich but paid in USD - is it allowed?

    What visa and health insurance do you have at the moment?
  8.     Single mothers splitting their legs for the wrong guy.   Nice.    
  9.   And maybe he can angle camera to exclude your garden and home.
  10.   Asking them to clean the rim and lid, and make sure it is properly closed would not be unreasonable.  That would cut the fly problem right down.
  11. Personalausweis for BVG e-tickets

    BTW in some places, including the BVG,  "amtliches Lichtbildausweis" includes German driving licence.  Not everywhere else though, it has be a passport or card equivalent.  Including Deutsche Bahn.  However, they do not always ask for it.  But could be problematic with a ticket inspector having a bad day.
  12. What made you laugh today?

    This perhaps belongs in a Brexit thread but  
  13. What are you cooking today?

      You make it sound like you broke in after she went to bed.  Like, cool if you did.  But maybe a bit weird. Edit  Very weird.  Also, were there a lot of people there?  Or was she off her head on something that you have to explain to her that you were there?  Gosh, my life is so dull.  And why was it "surprisingly" good?  Is she normally a lousy cook.? Sorry @Metall Very bored at the moment.