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  1. Exchanging UK license

    My new German DL shows the I got the licence for  various classes on the back.  June 1977.  
  2.   So, what do you mean?  Numbers have dropped.  Do you think that means that vaccines, masks, distancing are not important?  What do you think shold be done to move ahead?  What should we all do?  Please let me know.
  3. What made you smile today?

  4. and special extra greeny for the public transport advice.  
  5. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    He was a bit weird. He specialities were gynae/obstetrics and children.  Highly respected.  He really was a good doctor.  But he once put a speculum into me.  I was lying down of course, naked from waist down, legs spread out.  He then said, "sorry got to pop out for a mo, if anyone comes in say I am in the lab".  He then came back in doubled over with laughter.  To be honest I was not traumatised.  Public schoolboy humour which, though a lowly comprehensive school girl, I still experienced.  But he was well into is 50s.
  6. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

      I remember calamine for chickenpox.  Measles I remember but the rash was not a problem.  Just so sick.  I refused to even drink.  GP made house visit and got a HUGE syringe (like something you would perhaps use on an elephant) out of his snazzy doctor bag (do you remember them?).  Said okay, you do have to drink, but I will have to inject you with stuff.   It worked.
  7. Coronavirus

    When there is a very low rate of infection the chance of children getting sick from the vaccine are higher than having bad outcome from the virus (because they have a low risk of actually get the virus).   This all changes when the rates of infection surge in children and teenagers.  My youngest just got 2nd Biontech (at 16). 
  8. Radiator off but heating is still present

      Aluminium foil by itself is not that great,  sheets of carbdoard with foil stuck to it works quite well.   Also more robust and easier to put up, take down.  The mix makes a much better thermal defence than alufoil alone.
  9.   Our health insurance (TK) offer good yearly rate on overseas health insurance through Envivas.
  10. Coronavirus

     Sure.   But of course mask wearing is mostly about protecting other people.  FFP2 of course are better.  I have a friend in UK who is vaccinated but she is still vulnerable because of her heath.   Have suggested she gets FFP3 masks.  Even with valves, so it is easier for her to breathe, and protects her, but not the unmasked people round her.  The UK is stark raving mad about this.  Why the fuck get rid of the protection for supermarket workers?  And at the same time there are complaints that the same supermarket workers are getting pinged too much, and they should ignore it and work on regardless.  Really this is crazy stuff.  
  11. Coronavirus

        But surely München (like BW and most states) still required masks in restaurants except while you are seated? Maybe you were just looking cute.
  12. Coronavirus

    I think it is tough on shop workers.  In the UK the mask restrictions are gone, so are the floor markings.  And they have taken down the perspex barriers protecting till workers.  Rates are sky high.  It is just shit.
  13. Coronavirus

    Incidence is very low there.   Well, at the moment! 
  14. Coronavirus

    Same in BW.   Which state are you in  @cb6dba ?    
  15. Coronavirus

      Have I missed something?  Is there no more Maskenpflicht in Germany??