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  1. Fuhrerschein experiences

    You are not the only one in that shitty situation. I know 2 people myself. One of them will have to do everything from beginning because driving school did not give her appointment for practical lessons. Another one failed her last chance last week. So she will have to start new too. These are abnormal times, nothing will work out as planned   Im not painting your grievances as silly. But nowadays expectations are quite basic. If one has all their loved ones alive, then he/she is co sidered lucky. If it's just money and time lost, there are solutions to it.  Pointing to sufferings of others may not make you feel good. But trust me your problem has solutions.  And you will get through . It's just inconvenient only.
  2. Fuhrerschein experiences

    I don't think that your driving school is playing games with the inspector against you. It sounds very dramatic to be true. If you think that they are not teaching or spotting mistakes that you make, then yes you should change your school. Else take a break for a week and get on it next week.  When I learned my challenge was not to hit brakes on a green light. My 12 years of previious driving with no traffic lights wired me to hit brakes at every junction and look everywhere until move forward. 
  3. Fuhrerschein experiences

    For me it was super easy, i hand in my indian drivers license, drove 12 classes and then did the test-passed  But my wife had it horrible. She knew how to drive a car, but was not confident with german rules. Along with it she got an asshole instructor , the only available one after 18 00 uhr.  There we spend 2500 euros with no improvement. Then she changed to a new diving school , there spend around 1200 again to actually learn something. In the second trial she got it.    This thing is tricky, my chinese colleugue hates me now because I recommended him the school where I learned . He spent around your sum of money until he got the license. He had the same instructur as me. Don't give up hope, stress management is the key here. Maybe drive a little more. You will get through this
  4. moving to Bochum

    Bochum is very flat, nothing like Wuppertal. If you need international school then there is one in Essen which is not that far.
  5. Judaism in Germany

    I thought some Hebrew speakers are going to comment on this. Spich in Hebrew sounds similar to a word which means something gross 😁. No anti-Semitism involved
  6. Judaism in Germany

    I have a couple of Jewish colleagues , one of them recently moved from israel and do not speak german at all. They are happy. But for some reason he told that he will never live in the town whose name is Spich 
  7. Permit for modifying garden

    Hello Toytown, There is a small front garden in front of my house, and I want to lay few tiles there to place the waste bins. It will be around 1,5 sq m. Whole property is around 200 sqm with built up area of 75 m2 on it.   Do I need to apply for a permit to lay those tiles ?. Any help is appreciated   Thanks  Jj
  8. Permit for modifying garden

    Thank you all for your advices. I will contact the bauamt to be sure.  @MikeMelga i got a letter from the mayor , praising the goodness of having a green garden, and also some financial subsidies incase i want to hire a Gardner for maintenance or something like that. But didn't say that steingarten is illegal. Personally I hate it, looks very ugly to me
  9. German Einschulung vs. American 1st day of school

    Oh yes, india follows the british tradition . Next day of the school opening, newspapers in india celebrate with crying or rather traumatized faces of 5 year olds. I always wondered why it has to be like this. Is nt there a better way to send children to acquire skills and knowledge for the next 10 years or more?.  Germany does it way better
  10. self-isolation rules, bathroom!

    I think travellers from only virus variant regions needs to quarantine . If she is from high risk area and has a vaccine certificate , i don't think it's mandatory to do quarentine. But it's always a nice idea to self isolate for 5 days and then do a pcr test to be sure.  
  11. Definitely not for me. I've read that some wrong ones can act as a  slow poison killing kidneys in 6months.
  12. Few days ago, some children in Poland fell victim to it, did nt they?
  13. How do we identify edible  from poisonous ?. They always looked the same in pictures for me
  14. I am Malala

    When we translate them into number of years, i think it will be like a century. That is where I think agreeing to what you said  does not mean much. A method which is too slow , but yes it is less difficult and definitely robust. 
  15. I am Malala

    They are just some hopeful thoughts about a better tomorrow, i like to believe it , but it won't work . You can teach everyone to read and write, but to make one think or absorb knowledge, his life needs a minimum quality.  When people are worried about what to eat in few hours, or what will happen to their life or their loved once life , they can't make use of their education even if they have any.  They are in the lowest step of society , there ' survive today ' is the rule. Thinking about future is a luxury that only developed countries can afford.  
  16. I am Malala

    How many such women and children are tortured at the moment. With Malala s come back to her life , rest of the world could understand what is to be like a woman / girl in swath valley.  But what difference could she make to the world, absolutely nothing. 1000s of such girls are being tortured at this moment. Stock prices of companies who directly or indirectly aid weapon manufacturing will keep going up , if there is chance for aggression. Religious extremism flourishes and  this world is degenarating. Such a depressing time  
  17. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    That's awesome, then you can ask them to buy itunes coupons  so that you can cover the service charges. 
  18. It's may not be sensitivity , i think it is mostly because of some surprise effect. Names like Mumbai, Taj or Madras represents internationally known tourist destinations in india. So it's okay if they sell food which has some kind of indian taste. On the other hand the name Kerala is not so well known like the above names. So it gets very similar to a conversation in "how I met your mother". " Why would anyone say she is from New Jersey unless she is from New jersey" Likewise why would anyone call a restaurant kerala unless they serve atleast some of signature kerala cuisine.  I have a feeling that the guy who complaints every year is me myself. 
  19. You are close @MadAxeMurderer   I wanted to name my top kerala dishes, not south indian.  South india would be a collection of 4 states and for me they have very different cuisines . But I am also aware that they may taste very similar for a non indian. Still i need to atleast try to convey my point of view .  Also my comment may sound stupid to you, But for me , a great keralite poet wrote once, "when you hear the name india you should feel proud, and when you hear kerala your blood should feel it."  It's totally okay if you don't get what I meant.  But I will keep on doing the same. I don't want to share the fate of Italians who are forced to accept that pizza hawai is italian. And it's a noble cause to fight for  
  20. Ask them to provide the following in their menu 1. Tapioca(cooked with grated coconut , a pinch of turmeric and curry leaves) and beef curry 2. Palappam + Fishmoley or Chicken mappas 3.kerala poratta + beef fry 4. Steam cake + chickpeas curry+ pappadam If they don't , ask them to change their name  
  21. moving to NRW from BW

    Why not Remscheid?. Hiking trails, forests in Solingen , Wuppertal. Mountain bike trails, pony farms , bike routes. Remscheid luttringhausen is super nice to stay. You have access to good doctors there too in my opinion. But I don't have any health condition , so I may be inexperienced there. Negatives are, poor train connection, hilly landscape(i like it though).  If you work in Remscheid, i think it's a wise choice to live there
  22. E-Bike / Pedelec recommendations

    I need to clock 25km one way to work, and at the end of the trip 160 height meter climb in 2km. If there was no ebike , 3 day per week cycling to office would have never happened
  23. Advice regarding lying Vodafone technician

    It happened to us also once. One guy claims to be from t online and want to know whether we would like fiber optics in our apartment. I spend a lot of time trying to understand what he wanted me to sign, and found out it was just tricking me to sign a contract. I told him that he operates a betrug in this way. He left without saying anything. That was a narrow escape for me. If it was 5 years ago I would have signed it and landed in trouble.    So we made a defensive plan  to never sign anything unless we have talked about it atleast a day before. 
  24. Can you get kicked out of Germany for shoplifting?

    A 'friend of mine ' went for a walk , found a bus haltestelle in the middle of a field, on the side of a road which looked like a private one, with no human beings anywhere in the visible region. He thought ' wow that's interesting '.  He sits in the almost rusty seats , thought about random stuff, his childhood. Acted like a child waiting for his school bus.  All of a sudden , the biggest unexpected thing of his life happened there. There came a bus. A freaking BUS!, and he hoped , please god , don't let the driver see me.  But the god did not listen, the driver saw him, stopped the bus, opened the door, and said Guten Tag with a smile.  'My friend' was in a moral dilemma. You can't disappoint that driver, it's very awkward. And he had no idea where that bus was going. But still he got on the bus and said " Einzel fahrkarte bitte".   
  25. Oh, come on   But I like to hear the facts. Staying tuned