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  1. Cities near forest or mountains

    It's just hills here in bergisches land, nothing high to be called a mountain .  But I agree that the hilly forests are awesome. 
  2. House renting situation in Berlin

    In my experience I will say , allmost all banks will ask for PR. Also, why would mortgage brokers bring that up in the first consultation, if it is equally probable to get a loan without PR. 
  3. House renting situation in Berlin

    My hausbank who have my paychecks every month for the past 8 years, did not give me a loan until I had the permanent residency.  Another one , which gave me the best interest rate even wanted my wife s PR copy even though my salary was enough to pay the EMI.   Engelschen is right.  
  4. I can't give you any concrete answers , sorry., I can only tell what I experienced. When I went to register in the city they asked for this certificate. I contacted my landlady and she issued me such a certificate . I never needed it anywhere else. I think doing the registration is in the interest of the resident, not the landlord. How can a landlord check what the tenant is doing regarding beurocrasy . Hopefully someone with better knowledge will comment on it
  5. tax advisor

    @PandaMunich is a tax consultant. I will encourage you to contact her.
  6. Jungendamt - steps to remove a child

    There was a retired couple staying one floor below us. They tried to terrorize us  starting from the second day after I moved in telling the same. My child was not particularly loud and she goes to bed regularly at 7 30pm.  I spoke to my landlady and she sent gave me a copy of some court decision where the court verdicted in favour of parents.  He showed up after a few days showing me a protocol he made in order to prepare for his court case. I handed him the document the landlady gave me, and he went away. After a few months he moved out :)
  7. Photovoltaik (PV) Anlage

    I think I got what you meant.  But still ,I'm thinking about its possibility. Is it in anyway practically possible to drive 200mA which is lethal , through an animal with such a low voltage.  When I googled for human body resistance, one of the lowest resistance path is between both ears . It was 100Ohms. To drive 200mA there, one will need 20V .  Please note: Electricity is lethal, do not work with it unless you are a professional electrician
  8. I got AE(aufenthaltserlaubnis) though I am eligible for Blue Card

    Kindly note that following info may not be uptodate, or in worse case wrong. So please confirm this with your local ABH    Since you are already 3 years in Germany doing software engineering, i assume you atleast have a bachelor's degree. Then I think you can apply for niederlassungs erlaubnis with 4 years.  NE for fachkrafte .That means next year you can apply. Please call up ABH and confirm this.  If you now switch to BC I don't see any benefit, and I see a drawback that then you are weakly tied to your company. If you have a German uni degree, you can apply for NE with 2 years of work and B1
  9. What made you cry today?

    @manly386 it feels not right to read your post and move on without saying anything. And i dont know what to say.   As a fellow human being i wish you peace of mind and courage and strength for your loved one