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  1. House renting situation in Berlin

    In my experience I will say , allmost all banks will ask for PR. Also, why would mortgage brokers bring that up in the first consultation, if it is equally probable to get a loan without PR. 
  2. House renting situation in Berlin

    My hausbank who have my paychecks every month for the past 8 years, did not give me a loan until I had the permanent residency.  Another one , which gave me the best interest rate even wanted my wife s PR copy even though my salary was enough to pay the EMI.   Engelschen is right.  
  3. I can't give you any concrete answers , sorry., I can only tell what I experienced. When I went to register in the city they asked for this certificate. I contacted my landlady and she issued me such a certificate . I never needed it anywhere else. I think doing the registration is in the interest of the resident, not the landlord. How can a landlord check what the tenant is doing regarding beurocrasy . Hopefully someone with better knowledge will comment on it
  4. tax advisor

    @PandaMunich is a tax consultant. I will encourage you to contact her.
  5. Jungendamt - steps to remove a child

    There was a retired couple staying one floor below us. They tried to terrorize us  starting from the second day after I moved in telling the same. My child was not particularly loud and she goes to bed regularly at 7 30pm.  I spoke to my landlady and she sent gave me a copy of some court decision where the court verdicted in favour of parents.  He showed up after a few days showing me a protocol he made in order to prepare for his court case. I handed him the document the landlady gave me, and he went away. After a few months he moved out :)
  6. Photovoltaik (PV) Anlage

    I think I got what you meant.  But still ,I'm thinking about its possibility. Is it in anyway practically possible to drive 200mA which is lethal , through an animal with such a low voltage.  When I googled for human body resistance, one of the lowest resistance path is between both ears . It was 100Ohms. To drive 200mA there, one will need 20V .  Please note: Electricity is lethal, do not work with it unless you are a professional electrician
  7. I got AE(aufenthaltserlaubnis) though I am eligible for Blue Card

    Kindly note that following info may not be uptodate, or in worse case wrong. So please confirm this with your local ABH    Since you are already 3 years in Germany doing software engineering, i assume you atleast have a bachelor's degree. Then I think you can apply for niederlassungs erlaubnis with 4 years.  NE for fachkrafte .That means next year you can apply. Please call up ABH and confirm this.  If you now switch to BC I don't see any benefit, and I see a drawback that then you are weakly tied to your company. If you have a German uni degree, you can apply for NE with 2 years of work and B1
  8. What made you cry today?

    @manly386 it feels not right to read your post and move on without saying anything. And i dont know what to say.   As a fellow human being i wish you peace of mind and courage and strength for your loved one
  9. Coronavirus

    I was at the rewe just now. Spaghetti section and toilet paper aisles were all empty. Next door netto had plenty though
  10. Bullied at work during the probation period

    May be she is afraid of you that she loses her importance in her workplace.  If you are able to make progress every day, it's just a matter of time until you gain knowledge that she can not bully you any longer.   But if she is not letting you learn anything and you are stuck , then look for another job.
  11. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

    Back in my hometown, my neighbour , who was a bus driver ,slapped(in his words) another driver on his face under road rage. Other guy went unconscious and stayed like that in hospital for few days. My neighbor ended up with serious troubles with the law , and paid a lot from his pocket.  If one is in rage it is a good idea to pull over but , should never get out of his car. Why risk your money and your family s happiness just to teach a jerk a lesson?
  12. Going clean - Missing tax declaration

     I guess she should take an expert's service on this. This member @PandaMunich, who is a tax consultant helped me out in my case
  13. Flip or Slider Mobile

    Just visit media markt or Saturn, they have plenty of them.  Without camera and dual sim is a hard condition. Most of them have a crappy camera. But my inner sense says you will be able to find one below 70 euros.   
  14. I had to take their workshop option as they did not allow me to choose a workshop of my choice Total expense was around 4k for full repair , of that 3400 were covered by  the insurance company .  I got reset on my haftplicht and kasko klasse together, because of both claims.  It got around 400 euro more expensive that year and  the following years were also expensive .  I still don't know which option would have been better