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  1. Judaism in Germany

    I thought some Hebrew speakers are going to comment on this. Spich in Hebrew sounds similar to a word which means something gross 😁. No anti-Semitism involved
  2. Judaism in Germany

    I have a couple of Jewish colleagues , one of them recently moved from israel and do not speak german at all. They are happy. But for some reason he told that he will never live in the town whose name is Spich 
  3. Permit for modifying garden

    Thank you all for your advices. I will contact the bauamt to be sure.  @MikeMelga i got a letter from the mayor , praising the goodness of having a green garden, and also some financial subsidies incase i want to hire a Gardner for maintenance or something like that. But didn't say that steingarten is illegal. Personally I hate it, looks very ugly to me
  4. Permit for modifying garden

    Hello Toytown, There is a small front garden in front of my house, and I want to lay few tiles there to place the waste bins. It will be around 1,5 sq m. Whole property is around 200 sqm with built up area of 75 m2 on it.   Do I need to apply for a permit to lay those tiles ?. Any help is appreciated   Thanks  Jj
  5. German Einschulung vs. American 1st day of school

    Oh yes, india follows the british tradition . Next day of the school opening, newspapers in india celebrate with crying or rather traumatized faces of 5 year olds. I always wondered why it has to be like this. Is nt there a better way to send children to acquire skills and knowledge for the next 10 years or more?.  Germany does it way better
  6. self-isolation rules, bathroom!

    I think travellers from only virus variant regions needs to quarantine . If she is from high risk area and has a vaccine certificate , i don't think it's mandatory to do quarentine. But it's always a nice idea to self isolate for 5 days and then do a pcr test to be sure.  
  7. Definitely not for me. I've read that some wrong ones can act as a  slow poison killing kidneys in 6months.
  8. Few days ago, some children in Poland fell victim to it, did nt they?
  9. How do we identify edible  from poisonous ?. They always looked the same in pictures for me
  10. I am Malala

    When we translate them into number of years, i think it will be like a century. That is where I think agreeing to what you said  does not mean much. A method which is too slow , but yes it is less difficult and definitely robust. 
  11. I am Malala

    They are just some hopeful thoughts about a better tomorrow, i like to believe it , but it won't work . You can teach everyone to read and write, but to make one think or absorb knowledge, his life needs a minimum quality.  When people are worried about what to eat in few hours, or what will happen to their life or their loved once life , they can't make use of their education even if they have any.  They are in the lowest step of society , there ' survive today ' is the rule. Thinking about future is a luxury that only developed countries can afford.  
  12. I am Malala

    How many such women and children are tortured at the moment. With Malala s come back to her life , rest of the world could understand what is to be like a woman / girl in swath valley.  But what difference could she make to the world, absolutely nothing. 1000s of such girls are being tortured at this moment. Stock prices of companies who directly or indirectly aid weapon manufacturing will keep going up , if there is chance for aggression. Religious extremism flourishes and  this world is degenarating. Such a depressing time  
  13. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    That's awesome, then you can ask them to buy itunes coupons  so that you can cover the service charges. 
  14. It's may not be sensitivity , i think it is mostly because of some surprise effect. Names like Mumbai, Taj or Madras represents internationally known tourist destinations in india. So it's okay if they sell food which has some kind of indian taste. On the other hand the name Kerala is not so well known like the above names. So it gets very similar to a conversation in "how I met your mother". " Why would anyone say she is from New Jersey unless she is from New jersey" Likewise why would anyone call a restaurant kerala unless they serve atleast some of signature kerala cuisine.  I have a feeling that the guy who complaints every year is me myself. 
  15. You are close @MadAxeMurderer   I wanted to name my top kerala dishes, not south indian.  South india would be a collection of 4 states and for me they have very different cuisines . But I am also aware that they may taste very similar for a non indian. Still i need to atleast try to convey my point of view .  Also my comment may sound stupid to you, But for me , a great keralite poet wrote once, "when you hear the name india you should feel proud, and when you hear kerala your blood should feel it."  It's totally okay if you don't get what I meant.  But I will keep on doing the same. I don't want to share the fate of Italians who are forced to accept that pizza hawai is italian. And it's a noble cause to fight for