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  1. My wife and I are with you on this but we are in Nrw. My wife is already on penicillin. I am the strong man of the house, who won't take antibiotics( occasionally crying calling mommy). 
  2. Abtretungserklaerung baufinanzierung

    Good Evening Toytown, I am in the process of securing a baufinazierung. I am going with interhyp and currently have a good offer from them. While researching on loans i found out the term Abtretungserklaerung. I googled it and in some forums people are advising to not to agree on it with the bank. I was wondering why it is important to not to agree on it. What harm can it do if I pay the mortgage as agreed.  Any insight on this is thankfully appreciated. Best regards, Jj
  3. Request your employer to speak to abh.   This will work wonders, trust me.
  4. Permanent Residence Permit- Niderlassungserlaubnis

    Student jobs will be treated as half time.   It does not need to be 21 months after blue card. 21 months at the time of application.  Language certificate decision is up to the case officer. In my case they wanted DTZ . But I have heard about people with just a certificate from a private language school got through it.
  5. Deadline for German tax returns

    Just to update what happened.  Everything happened just like the steuerberator told us.  He communicated with the Finanzamt and within few weeks we got a letter from them that the fines are cancelled and our claims got processed very well.
  6. Notice of forgery from the police / criminal office

    I can understand this to some extend.  Some where between 2000 and 2010 Indian Union Driving license looked like a stupid piece of paper(cut in card form) with a lamination. Early ones did not even carry the hologram.  If one looses his original , getting a duplicate is a night mare. So, what people used to do is to take a photo copy of it  and get it attested. Then to fit in the wallet this is again cut and laminated.  This will almost look like the original except it has additional attestation at the backside.  We have very frequent police checking of driving licenses and other papers. This attested copy of license is enough if one is travelling within the same district.  So people used to keep this in the wallet and the original at home   . So there is good chance that one can make such a mistake if not very careful.   @Shradha   I have no experience or knowledge in this matter. Sorry, so i have nothing useful for you to share.  someonesdaughter and 2B has mentioned some very useful info for you guys. If your husbands license copy is in the same way as i thought, showing the original  to the authorities will explain , why the mix up has happened. Best of luck .
  7. Elternzeit general questions

    Hi Nadeem,   You are allowed to go on parental leave till  end of 3rd birth year of the child. But it is unpaid if taken after 14th month after child birth. it is the state that pays one this money during this period of time.  So if you inform the company in due time , there is no way they can reject your application. But of course the leave is unpaid.
  8. I think landlord can calculate it till the end of the following year after moving out. I had a similar case,. Where I paid around 220 for nebenkosten, which later the mietverein commented too high. After involving the mietverein the landlord produced the latest of five pending annual statements and we got 120 euros for 1 year back.    The rest he was not able to produce , but agreed to reduce from rent.    Anyway, in your case there is a chance that he owes you some. If you are still renting then please join a mietverein, otherwise if it was me on my own I will forget it, it is too much pain and effort for such a fight.   
  9. Other than an individual's personal preference , Is there any need for more human beings in this world , are there enough resources?. 
  10. Deadline for German tax returns

    Hello Toytown, My wife and I are taking service from lohnsteuerhilfeverein with the same steuerberator for the past 7 years. So far everything went fine except this year. This year our consultant some how forgot to file ours, even after we reminded him about the first letter from finanzamt.  Now we got a steuerschaetzung and verspaetungsgeld letter. After this letter our consultant apologized and told that he corrected his mistake. He says that we dont have to worry and asked to send a copy of the last letter from finanzamt to him.   I am now very doubtful. I was wondering what do I need to do solve this mess . Any advice is greatly appreciated.