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  1. COVID test center at Duesseldorf Airport

    Its from a lab named centogene.  You may do online registration beforehand to save time . Then go there any time during their opening  hours. No appointments  are needed. Approx 15min for the tests. In 24 hours results will be uploaded to our online account. If you need your passports  number on the result,  you need to pay some 10euro extra.   The above information  is based on my experience more than a month ago. Please check their website for current  information 
  2. Conflict with the used car dealer - who is right?

    Your Mercedes  c class experience is interesting. I was under the impression that all those german premiums are horrible as they age. Thanks for sharing your experience
  3. Conflict with the used car dealer - who is right?

    Can't you just ask ADAC about what is covered in your guarantee.They might be able to  interpret it.  Even if the dealer sold you the car with a functioning timing chain, if it fails within guarantee period , that needs to be repaired under guarantee. For brake components or tyre,.  wear and tear is understandable. If he includes timing chain in that category, then the whole car can be excluded from guarantee. Pistons move so the rings , then the cylinders. In that sense only thing which fits his guarantee is engine case.    I know it is too late but my opinion is to never buy those premium brands with lots of mileage. They are not built for durability anymore, they are more for driving pleasure and status demonstration.  If you want to drive your car for few years sell it and get another one with less mileage and step down the class to match the price.  
  4. Calling police after leaving car accident scene

    One time ,my street parked car had some miracle scratches by next morning. My super helpful landlady advised me to call the police . So I did, and waited there for more than an hour. They came , did some work and drove away. After a month I got a letter that they got no clues so the public prosecutor will drop the case.   Not sure of any situation where that reporting can be of help
  5. Calling police after leaving car accident scene

    Yes  but never thought they were so real. If I was ever called by police here, i would have talked to them first unless I fear that I need someone to interpret the situation for me.    In OP s situation I see that there is room for  confusion Because when he bumped into the car he did not realize it at once. So if there is a fahrflucht situation caused by the neighbour calling police, then he may need a lawyer to state his argument.   
  6. Calling police after leaving car accident scene

    Im a Legal naive so please excuse my ignorance . what can go wrong if one talk to the police directly without a lawyer.  Why would one need a lawyer unless he is ina situation to interpret legal stuff
  7. Calling police after leaving car accident scene

    You reported it to the police when you came to know about it , so why would you expect a hit and run case ?. I think your rental company will contact you for some co-pay depending on your insurance with them  
  8. I have fiber optic vodafone with 250mbits down and 50mbits up with TV for 50Euro per month. Two weeks ago connection become unstable , they say that it's because of some random interfere. They are still fixing it . 
  9. Trustable PC Builder in Köln

    What prevents you from installing it yourself?. Just curious
  10. Where to live while working in Remscheid ?

    Remscheid is a Wanderer, MTB paradise. Depending on where your job location , Remscheid Luettringhausen , or Hasten are very good to live.  I don't think good public school differs much. I have friends children going to school there. They are happy. Kita places will not be a problem for a child older than 3 in my experience with Bergischesland I promise you that daily commute using A46 may not be very exciting from Düsseldorf till Remscheid. I have colleagues who even use gravelbikes to avoid driving from Düsseldorf to Wuppertal spending 120 minutes each way when weather permits. They tell that it is less frustrating than sitting in their car. You will have to drive even more to reach Remscheid.
  11. How long can I stay in Germany?

    I did not even ask anyone, i went for vacation in my hometown, came back married
  12. Letter that shows marital status

    I heard a case where the vertrauensanwalt  or his agent asked for bribe for doing his job. I won't be  surprised if that is true. 
  13. In my knowledge ,some govt institution is doing that with a fee. Auslanderbehoerde will direct you therr. You can try with an interpreted copy of your marriage certificate at first , may be they will accept it.    I don't think she needs to go back to her home country just for verification . 
  14. It is possible. Call ABH and they will direct you. Usually , you need to provide 3 months salary slip, and rental contract of sufficiently large apartment. If you are not yet registered as a couple , then they may ask you to do a marriage certificate verification. 
  15. Car Lease/Finance Advice Needed

    I will buy my next car with all possible assists related to parking. Sometimes I have to take a bus to get to the place where my wife could find a space where she can park comfortably.  It took me almost 7 years until I get almost perfect judgement while parking without any sensors. Now it is time to sell that car due to space restrictions. So it makes sense to buy one with a reverse camera, i think.