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  1. Imagine her moving out and you get another roommate like me who fry red chilli atleast 2 times per week before grinding it to a fine paste.       
  2. Darmspiegelung - colonoscopy

    Although I can imagine how quick heavy breathing has effect on lungs and heavy physical activity changes  heart rhythm , i don't think about kidneys in the same way. Considering them as just lazy filters aided by capillarity , what can happen to them if you give them  frequent supply of water ?
  3. Visitor Visa for Non-Schengen relatives

    If they can prove finances for funding the trip and an accommodation plan , they don't need a formal sponsor ship letter
  4. B1 + Einbuergerung test for citizenship afaik
  5. How integrated are you?

    What a nice post. Beautifully written
  6. I clean windscreen inside thoroughly and apply anti beschlag spray once every 2 months. This will prevent moisture from sticking all over windshield. I also have  silica pellets in a bag placed over dash board.    https://www.amazon.de/King-Kong-State-Luftentfeuchter-Autos/dp/B08F4CZXN5/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?crid=17E8KYVRBIYO7&keywords=king+kong+silica&qid=1666217132&sprefix=king+kong+silica%2Caps%2C108&sr=8-1
  7. Grundsteuerreform

    Tried the simplified version today morning, awfully slow. Like 10s of seconds delay to click save and continue.  I almost called quits but then it crashed.  I will try again tomorrow. 
  8. Grundsteuerreform

    Tried the simplified version today morning, awfully slow. Like 10s of seconds delay to click save and continue.  I almost called quits but then it crashed.  I will try again tomorrow. 
  9. Did u talk to jugendamt?. They may be able to help. 
  10. Grundsteuerreform

    If you own a property where there are other owners included, for eg Garagenhof, the above mentioned website can not be used. They expects and update be end of this month to the above website . Then it will support the inclusion of shared owner ship properties
  11. type of grain grown in germany. getreide

    Thanks 😁
  12. type of grain grown in germany. getreide

    This is one of the few times in my life where I am happy to be wrong. But I must say that was too stupid to not to research on this topic when this topic concerned me quite seriously. Im a hardcore grain eater, and was very disappointed after I moved to Germany seeing what is offered in local supermarkets, until I found the Denn's biomark chain. That's the grain paradise , except the expensive flohsamen. For that I visit a srilankan shop who sells it at quarter price.  I wonder why the mainstream edeka, rewe, discounters don't offer anyrhing other than 405 or 1050 weizen. Where 405 is considered by me as a base for treats only. Seeing the abundance of grains from @PandaMunich s reply, i must say i developed more love to this country 
  13. type of grain grown in germany. getreide

    I think most if the grains are imported from eastern europe. Rye, Dinkel, Buchweizen and others are almost exotic , so usually found in bio only shops. And expensive. There they are in plenty. Also other sorts like amaranth or quinoa .  I think what germany has in abundance is potato only . Please tell me I am wrong .
  14. Is it a DISCRIMINATION at work place.?

    German auslanderbhoerde s have very low google rating , still they are flooded with work 😀 Btw, be careful with public tarnishing of establishments. They can file case against you and you will have to face consequences if you can't prove your aligations in court. 
  15. Train Fine

    My work colleague, an FCKoeln fan was going home after a game. The ubahn station was full and the ticket punching machine close to his side was broken. He could not get to other other one due to packed station. So he entered the train with unpunched ticket  , and got erwisched immediately . He said that he did not even try to explain because he knew it's of no use.  What a joke , the IT infrastructure of local transport . It's 2022.