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  1. Why new 'discount' food shops?

    Perhaps industrial revolution should have been prevented or sabotaged. That's the most evil thing humans have ever done , letting most of  us live beyond 30. The aholes who want new shops , who tries to cheat gods plan by taking medications , using qtips instead of hen feathers and what not
  2. I hate Expedia

    Less than 12hours is equivalent to no show for some airlines. Means no money will be paid back. Your case is like a dream come true Did you purchase a travel insurance along with the insurance, or did you credit card company provides such a cover if booked via them?
  3. I hate Expedia

    I used Expedia one time and paid for the cheapness. Too much time was lost and stress on top. Then I found a local travel agency. For the past 9 years I am with him. Totally happy.  We travel to india minimum  1 time per year. I hope that he will continue his business
  4. A marriage counselor who knows indian family dynamics in Germany , sounds impossible. A proper one is rare even in india .    May be you can tell them that if they continue so , someone might call police, then probably they ll have some attention
  5. Name change publication

    Rajesh,  Think about your child ina german school. He/She will be bullied until emotional breakdown with that surname. I understand your sentiments ,but think a little far.  Damn , it's already too late for him😀. What a pity i was not around at that time with my wisdom
  6. What are you cooking today?

    I really like those brioche s except the sweetness. They are a very good combination with spicy chicken stew and hot coffee . I recently found that a local edeka s bakery has them without the sweetness. Even though they make them like buns the shape is not as important as taste for me. 
  7. Inviting Parents in Germany

    With german health insurance, they may need to argue with immensely arrogant vfs staff, who thinks they have power over every applicants.  I usually take two of them. One from india to avoid confusion at vfs torture centre and the second from ADAC . 
  8. Zero Covid

    Last year when many people where dying due to corona per day, i walked in and out of an ICU in india to deliver oxygen concentrators. The nurses there wore ppe protection, i had only FFP2, and my 2 doses of Pfizer at that time. I believe one of them or both of them saved me.  It's the same logic.   
  9. Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

    A person who is a tax resident of germany is legally required to file their taxes in Germany. This involves their world wide income. In my knowledge this is the case with most countries. For eg, i am an indian citizen but I am a tax resident of germany . So I pay taxes for all my income in India and germany in Germany. The tax indian government collects from me can be reclaimed stating double taxation prevention treaty . Same vice versa.   There are financial data sharing system with eu countries , and also with non EU countries. Look up CRS and FACTA.  Don't trust your contact s , either they don't know what they are doing , or they are playing with fire and committing a crime .  But don't get disappointed , may be you can contact @PandaMunich to understand whats needed, who is a tax consultant and speaks english.
  10. Frugal Meals - Recipes and Cost

    Mungbeans spinat rice pan Buy mungbeans from an Asian/indian store. Soak it in water for a day and keep it in freezer.  Add 0.5 cup soaked beans and twice amount of rice to pressure cooker or a kochtopf and add water and salt. Cook it until done. Set it aside. Add a little olive oil and saute garlic and onion in a pan. Then add frozen spinat and cook at high temperature to get it dried. Add dill or peterselie if needed. Once done add the cooked rice-beans combo to it . Add butter if u like.    Gourmet Variations  You can pimp it with coconut raspel , tomato paste, or even broth for different lines of taste.   Beerbelly version Fry bratwurst in slices with cumin seeds and pepper powder, to mix with it. Then its a nice friday dinner with beer 
  11. garden lawns are bad

    I love to watch such kind of wild garden. But I can't have one .  I'm scared of it, due to a snake bite from our veg garden during my childhood. 
  12. Food outlet - catastrophe

    Was it brown or white kind ?. Need to be more specific to draw conclusions.    I meant the bread
  13. Neighbor noise issue

    First of all you need to find which are the quiet hours in your building. You can find that in the hausordnung , else ask your landlord. If they are making noise outside quite hours , i don't think you can do anything. In my previous apartment 1300 to 1500 was quiet hours.  Also 2200 till 0700 is also quiet hour . But it can vary , do check .  If I were you I will follow steps like below.   1. If they are not respecting quiet hours , do talk to them with a copy of hausordung to prove your ground right then, like catch them during the crime. 2.if they don't agree, seems like your case ,start to make a document containg date and time and description. Involve your landlord and request to mediate , 3.if he is of no use  mietverein is the only option if you don't have legal insurance. From then onwards the notorious nachbarkrieg will start. And you are at war.   Side note: If the neighbor has children , you will lose this war for sure.   
  14. I tend to believe that doctors here are very theoretical. If my problem is not on his text book exactly as it's there, he is lost. Then he will play the cards, stress or wear tear due to age. Somehow the balance between theory and experience is missing here.  Also, lack of staffs are a serious problem here. Few years ago I had a hairy man abcess excision surgery  on my lower back. On the next day of surgery , i was forced to change the cotton Gauss myself in a shower room because the nurse had no time for me. I have high tolerance to pain , and usually I won't faint on blood sight , so I did it. The shower basin was a blood bath with water and blood. I m worried about others if they are not tolerant to this kind of mess. German hospital s are for DIY people  
  15. I am a vodafone customer with fiber optic 250mbits. I am looking forward to the day of my liberation which is half a year away.  You want to switch to cheaper vodafone, when the premium vodafone already disappointed you?. I am sure they will make sure that you will think it's better to pay more for less crappy service