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  1.  Can it be the case that, he kind of made a guess knowing your background?
  2. Something i find unfair, is that the guys who reject their priority slot where still treated as priority. If someone rejects their priority then there should not be any.  I have to wait 3 weeks to get the low demand Johnson
  3. I see that stiko recommends two mrna vaccines for under 60. I have chance to get johnson which I prefer because of single  shot .  I'm a bit worried about my life insurance, because I need to accept some low risks on paper.  What if I die due to the rare occurrence of blood clot. ?. Will my wife get a letter from my life insurance like "Dear Mrs.Dead guy, Mr. Dead guy did not read the fine prints and accepted the risk. So you are on your own. Kind regards Your insurance company "   Any recommendations please
  4. Can you get kicked out of Germany for shoplifting?

    A 'friend of mine ' went for a walk , found a bus haltestelle in the middle of a field, on the side of a road which looked like a private one, with no human beings anywhere in the visible region. He thought ' wow that's interesting '.  He sits in the almost rusty seats , thought about random stuff, his childhood. Acted like a child waiting for his school bus.  All of a sudden , the biggest unexpected thing of his life happened there. There came a bus. A freaking BUS!, and he hoped , please god , don't let the driver see me.  But the god did not listen, the driver saw him, stopped the bus, opened the door, and said Guten Tag with a smile.  'My friend' was in a moral dilemma. You can't disappoint that driver, it's very awkward. And he had no idea where that bus was going. But still he got on the bus and said " Einzel fahrkarte bitte".   
  5. Oh, come on   But I like to hear the facts. Staying tuned
  6. I had to edit story of Abraham and Isaac to make it as a harmless hiking trip , because I had to tell it to my daughter.  They went for hiking because God asked them to, and they found Grill , bauchspeck and baugette on top of a mountain. The price I pay for hypocrasy
  7. Story of Job always worried me. God and Satan had an argument about how great is Job s love towards god. And we know what happened to the poor guy .
  8. That's my impression also. I use it somehow to justify my hypocrasy
  9. Also, this is what happens when you don't do anything to insult another man's religion , but just do your job https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assault_on_T._J._Joseph
  10. You are not supposed to make fun of God. He gets really angry very fast, because of his unconditional love
  11. Same experience here. I had a root canal tooth , and the region around d it was feeling strange. I went to 3 different dentists . All wanted to do fancy stuff on it, like new crown, or a surgery close to the dead tooths root to remove a possible infection.  Finally found an indian dentist 100km away. He took x-ray and told that it's beyond repair and it needs extraction. He was right , below the crown , the tooth was all rotten mush. It even damaged my adjacent tooth. It took  multiple hours to remove the crumbling tooth remains. Thank heavens that I found him.  Now the sad thing is that it's too hard to get his appointment . His colleagues, even the boss is available but not him without 6 weeks waiting.  
  12. When we moved to the new place, i met a super nice lady whose child was also in my daughter's group. She was very impressive , talked to me many times , and very patient when I occasionally struggle with my poor german.  A few months later I happened to see her and the family in front of my house on their bike, the child waved at us seeing my kid. But the mom was very indifferent to me, she looked at me as if she never saw me before. I was a bit confused, until my wife enlighted me of a possible scenario.  How often somebody expects to see a brown, bearded, always late for a haircut guy wearing iron maiden t shirt all the time to live in a German middle class neighborhood. It may not be hate all the time. It could be just surprise. We will see . 
  13. What is the best achievement in your life?

    @MetallThanks for this information. My plan was actually motivated by the german health system to screen people over 55 years. Wow , so it was Burda foundation ,who made it happen.
  14. What is the best achievement in your life?

    Achievement: I became aware that I can be an a**hole very often, now I know how to prevent it from hurting my loved one's. It is a struggle Next Objective: I want to create an information source on colon cancer detection and treatments around my home town in India after this corona mess calms down. People are unaware. So many falls victim to ignorance and lack of guidance.
  15. upgrading to an electric garage door

    https://www.obi.de/garagentorantriebe-torantriebe/garagentorantrieb-drive-action/p/5879390 Make sure that you have atleast a single phase electrical supply in your garage