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  1. If you don't serve.your notice period , it is a violation of infy s employment contract, right?.  Are they aggressive on such cases? May be talk to hr and make a deal to serve your notice period here itself.   Good luck
  2. If he doesn't want to pay, there is no easy way, other than court. I had the same situation. I am a member of mietverein , and they wrote letters with legal mumbo jumbo in it, but the guy did nt even reply.  Conclusion was that if I want my money the case needs to be escalated to court. It was around 800euros, and I was short of everything especially time. So I let it go.  Talk to a mietverein, probably you are lucky and the guy can be easily scared.
  3. Do you need a masters degree to be accepted into a PhD

    Let me give a vague and highly likely outdated info. Previously there were graduate schools like in uni Paderborn who accepted high caliber graduates, and provided a PhD program.  
  4. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

    Reply to point number one. The number may not be correct , because I went to that butcher shop for two years but not every week , so I  assume may be 50 times I was there  and I had this incident  2 times with the same staff. Also , i had the similar behaviour with rewe fleisch theke , around 2 times itself if I remember correctly. I am not the only one with this experience, my work colleague had similar experience in different places and his way to avoid them was wearing Gore s and Jack Wolfskins.     Point two and three , i get your point, as I said in the previous post, i failed to put enough effort to read in the proper order, and thereby misunderstood some peoples opinion. my mistake. 
  5. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

    I hope that it will be so. Also, i must admit that I did not get you completely as I overlooked some of your posts earlier this thread. Now I went through the whole thread and I see that my first post on this thread is not relevant. 
  6. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

    I just wanted point out that not only east european and Asians, Europeans also treat women as second class citizen.     I have heard west european engineers "joking" about "women in engineering  " as women to make coffee in engineering department.   It takes more than being west european to pay women the respect they deserve.
  7. Steuerbescheid aus ausland

    Thanks for your reply. I think my case is relatable. Except it seems that my consultant is trying to delay it as much as he can.  I think that he will find another excuse even if I am able to produce it somehow. 
  8. Steuerbescheid aus ausland

    There was no communication error, i guess. I always go to him in person, and this was addressed while we talked.    It will be interesting to know, if there anyway I can do it myself without him, or can another tax consultant do it as an amendment.  Thanks for you reply
  9. Steuerbescheid aus ausland

    Thanks for the reply. Above quoted part from your response is what happened.  He did not file it and said he need additional documentation when i followed him up later on.  thanks,   Jj
  10. Steuerbescheid aus ausland

    Hello there,   For filing tax return for year 2018, we provided two bank statements from india to our  tax consultant, where we earned money as interest on capital .  That was not a tax form but just a plain statement from my bank in india on how much money i earned during 2018 as interest. Now i received my tax claims from the finance amt  and found that this income is not taxed. So i called up my tax consultant and he said that he can not do anything with those statements , since he needs a steuerbeschied from indian bank on how much tax is paid and then i have to translate it .  I dont understand why this is needed as i dont want to claim anything from german state, i just want to pay the tax on my capital gains.   Getting what he is asking for will cost too much time and energy from me.  Do i really need to get those documents?. Or is he just not interested in my case ? .    If he is not interested how can i amend 2018 tax claims with the above mentioned foreign income. Any help is appreciated.   Thanks,   Jj