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  1. Musical instrument for 7 year old

    Thanks to all of you for your inputs
  2. Musical instrument for 7 year old

    Hi there, We want to send our 7year old daughter to learn some musical instrument. She has the disadvantage that both her parents musical skills are slightly worse than an average cow.  Which would be a good instrument to start with for a child ?. Any recommendations, experience to share, would be very helpful. Thanks in advance Regards Jj
  3. Outrageous court ruling

    Somehow i am not surprised. Almost a decade ago, a second generation indian origin german died in a heart attack. His newly married wife was still in india waiting for her family reunion visa . The wife of the deceased did not get any consideration to get visit visa quickly enough to attend her husband's funeral in Germany.      
  4. Abusive WG neighbour

    That went too far.  I guess you didn't file a police complaint. If you had it done , then you would have got much better help from police this time.  Involve police or may be move. If getting punched did not make you respond to him, you are too peaceful and this may not be the place to live for you.
  5. A gastroscopy without the sedative?

    For me , they gave me something to knock me out. It was fun. I remember speaking something with the assistants when I was high . I will recommend it to anyone 😊  
  6. 3G in Restaurants?

    I also think it is not of much concern . My betriebsarztin was very thorough during the pre vaccination talk. She discussed and warned about many side effects i may encounter. If ibuprofen or paracetamol is of any concern she would have warned me, i think.  
  7. 3G in Restaurants?

    I had Pfizer 1 and 2nd.After the second shot i was unwell with sore arm for a day .Last Friday I was boosterd with moderna. My god, by evening my arm became very sore. During night, chills , fever and head ache. Whole saturday also I suffered .  I took some ibuprofen atleast to go to the supermarket. Today all good . 
  8. You are a liar, or a crook, or just an insensitive person who has no regard for other human lives. Or your wife s parents are just like you. You have no idea of who I am, or whom I lost due to covid. I am an Indian citizen and last year I spent 72 days in india taking care of my covid infected parents. I ran here and there  like a dog to secure an icu bed at times. And now you talk to me that your wife's  parents toured around when local crematoriums flooded with bodies and morgue vehicles queue in front of them laughing . Well, i pity you and your family. You Moron.
  9. 3G in Restaurants?

      I see two possibilities, did they love him?. Or atleast not enough to make them go beyond their ideologies.  Or else they don't care about what's being performed in the church. They still can go to the cemetery . Or ?
  10. Dead millions in third world countries will disagree with you if they could post it here. Shame on you being so insensitive 
  11. 3G in Restaurants?

    I wish things are as simple as that. But they are not. One need to consider the following factors 1. People in placebo might want a vaccine once its efficacy is proven. It is very immoral to think about them as labrats 2. Vaccine is supposed to save as much life as possible. Companies should not wait until a clear answer is obtained, which never will be.  Considering average human life of 83 years, ideal time will be to wait 50 years considering average age of volunteers as 30. That is not possible either 3. There is never time for perfect solutions, the most sensible one available at the time is always chosen    
  12. 3G in Restaurants?

    I am not a health care expert. I identify patterns in numbers. I could see the fault in that document from a numbers guys point of view. Rest i have to read and understand, just like you
  13. 3G in Restaurants?

    I must say, that i am not competent enough, or gifted with enough time, to formulate my thoughts in a speech which will make one convincing against his beliefs. Best way, if you want to test your hypothesis is to involve in an actual discussion with some one competent from your opposite view, or listen to arguments which are opposite to yours beliefs and think about them.    I use this method sometimes on politics. Wealth tax was the last one i tried
  14. 3G in Restaurants?

    First and foremost point is in that document (slides with screenshots of pfizer document), that they try to cancel pfizers claims by talking about absolute probability.  The scale of change in absolute probability can be very tedious to identify. Therefore depending on the tasks statisticians condition them. Pfizer states their efficacy by conditioning or normalizing the raw probability. Then the document hides the need for normalizing the absolute probability and easily misuse the chance of absolute probability being intuitive to propagate their ideas
  15. 3G in Restaurants?

    Let me get this straight , So someone invalidated pfizers vaccine trial.  If so , what purpose you want to achieve by quoting that invalidated study ?