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  1. Experiences with racism in Germany

    Me too.. sometimes it goes to the extend that my thoughts escape as unclear words in places like bus stops.  Even though I hate driving , it saves me from embarrassment and also justified stare
  2. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    Ask him whether he is from India or Pakisthan. A scammer with honour will never tarnish his country.  If he says pakistan he is definitely from India, and vice versa
  3. Flooring options for kellar

  4. Flooring options for kellar

    I saw your work. Large tiles looked great with fewer joints.  Could you please tell me why did you choose that much thick ones?. 
  5. Flooring options for kellar

    Thanks for the reply, . If there is a fault, well I'm doomed already, since I have some design boden glued in ground floor. 
  6. Flooring options for kellar

    Thanks @SpiderPig. I like tiles , but just scared about the effort. Your assurance on it worked. So tiles it is. 
  7. Flooring options for kellar

    Good morning, I am looking for some easy to do, durable flooring ideas for cellar floor for a neubau with fussboden heating. Right now the floor has bare estrich and nothing else on it. I want to make it a smooth easy to clean surface. My fall back option is ceramic tiles. But I am looking for ways to avoid it, because I will be doing this job myself. I like floor coating paints but somewhere in internet i read that they are not suitable to apply on floors with floor heating . Advices and thoughts on it are very much appreciated. Have a great sunday ,   Regards Jj
  8. Car Accident with Fahrerflucht

    I wonder why would the victims insurance company step in , since he is not liable for the accident.     Since the police already identified the culprit , their insurance detail is available and that's enough to get it repaired in victims repairshop of choice. If victims  insurance company take care of it, i am impressed and I will change to them next time if I get to know which one(  and they stay top on check 24 of course 😁 )
  9. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    Whenever i go through this post , i feel very angry to the scammers. And it's very frustrating that they sleep well after robbing people. I guess that most of them are just hyprocrats and cowards who don't think through to see their rotten morality. They may think that they steal from rich foreigners, which is okay because even some govt. does that visibly on tourist spots.   May be next time if you are in mood of a.conversation with a thief , just read the following Raurava (fearful or hell of rurus): As per the Bhagavata Purana and the Devi Bhagavata Purana, it is assigned for a person who cares about his own and his family's good, but harms other living beings and is always envious of others   disclaimer :i do not associate the scammer with hinduism. My intention is to give a clear description of their consequences. Feel free to describe your hell of choice ,😀
  10. Usually i hear such things from ultra conservative morons who wants to get into politics or some publicity. Never expected this in the background of a scientific mission. May be they will declare a cult where women wear  polar sub zero gear all the time for that ship.
  11. Cities near forest or mountains

    It's just hills here in bergisches land, nothing high to be called a mountain .  But I agree that the hilly forests are awesome. 
  12. House renting situation in Berlin

    In my experience I will say , allmost all banks will ask for PR. Also, why would mortgage brokers bring that up in the first consultation, if it is equally probable to get a loan without PR. 
  13. House renting situation in Berlin

    My hausbank who have my paychecks every month for the past 8 years, did not give me a loan until I had the permanent residency.  Another one , which gave me the best interest rate even wanted my wife s PR copy even though my salary was enough to pay the EMI.   Engelschen is right.  
  14. I can't give you any concrete answers , sorry., I can only tell what I experienced. When I went to register in the city they asked for this certificate. I contacted my landlady and she issued me such a certificate . I never needed it anywhere else. I think doing the registration is in the interest of the resident, not the landlord. How can a landlord check what the tenant is doing regarding beurocrasy . Hopefully someone with better knowledge will comment on it