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  1. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    I have a small tattoo on my back but the snowflakery triggered by @MikeMelga  comments is hilarious.
  2. OP - I have been in Frankfurt well before 2015 and there hasn't been a huge net difference in terms of migrants. Hauptbahnhof was a dump before and is still. There are more migrants now than there were in 2012 but it's not like night and day. However if you haven't been here since the 90s it's quite a change.   Regarding healthcare why don't you just go to a mid size town like Wiesbaden or Karlsruhe? It's not as stuffed as Munich or Berlin but you'll get top quality healthcare.
  3.  Canadians and Americans require ETIAs from pretty much everbody. It's only fair.