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  1. 23 minutes ago, Gambatte said:

    I made ca 100 jars of jam from cherries.

    Plus Mirabelle, plums, and rubharb. 

    Total maybe 200 jars per year. I'm greedy.😬

    In our family of 3 I'm the only one eating jam😭. I eat maybe 2-3 jars a week (pre breakfast is 1hr of either swimming or jogging, breakfast of course is very rich).

    And I distribute the jam I don't eat to friends and relatives and colleagues.

    Want some?😀👋


    oh nothing like the home made jams and marmalade. I don't have any trees but i keep an eye for the wild ones along the river and sometimes am lucky to get some  mirabelle or blue berries.

    Any extra bottle please send it my way :P


  2. I mean, hey foreigner office bureaucrats, you know that you are overworked, understaffed with a non functional website and have to deal with one or the other onslaught of foreigners / refugees / migrants in Berlin and yet you want to give only one year visa for the last 02 years for a position ( Erzieher ) which is in short supply. My daughter has done her Ausbildung right here in Berlin. but she ends up getting one year visa. From April onwards start the same old struggle to go to their defunct website https://otv.verwalt-berlin.de/ams/TerminBuchen for a visa extension. So much waste of her time and the time of the bureaucrats. I donot get it. :wub:


    And yet at the same time, i see in my office all the IT people getting long terms visas. I donot want to take away the shine and importance from the IT or other business positions.


    But i think this is a complete lopsided view for the government to give the lowest priority to the teachers, health care and child care workers in terms of pay grades and visas. Don't they not play a very important role for our families? You called them Corona warriors when shit hit the fan.


  3. i had an accident while playing beach volleyball in 2020 sept. First Ortho said we would do non surgical treatment with metal casts and later physio sessions.


    Come 2021, pain and lack of stability still there. Go to Ortho no. 2 based on reviews. He recommends surgery - a combination of orthoscopy and open 9 cm. Post operation 1 month of rehab  + multiple sessions of physio


    Pain is less but still there. Cycling is good, but can't run and walking is painful. I go back to the doctor, he says, its in my mind :unsure:. Says people do olympics after operation and so i need to push myself. But i am sure, its not a phantom pain.


    So am confused if the operation was really necessary and what should be my next course.


    I plan to give 6 months of intense workout with my knee to see where i stand



  4. I have no problem with this question. I feel you are taking interest in me ( yes maybe also to decide about the schubladen / drawer/ cupboard to put me in ) by asking this question.


    We all are not Macdonalds or starbucks who would look same across the globe


    And i am not ashamed of my place or country of birth- so bring it on :rolleyes: 


  5. 12 hours ago, Santitas said:

    Has anyone been to an Impfzentrum in Berlin lately? Are the lines crazy? I have an appointment to get my booster shot next Thursday and was wondering what to expect.

     I was there yesterday for my booster. Lines were there, but they were moving fast and were well organised. My appointment was for 11.15 and i reached there by 11. I was out by 1230 hours as i waited to get digital version too.


    But can't say from today as the children have started their vaccines from 15th ie today and in the news they were saying that they plan to do about 300 children daily.


  6. 11 hours ago, mgr said:

    Hi Toytownies, good morning,

    Here's a question which I hope someone can answer.

    Does anyone know of a group or institution that supports non-asylum seekers hoping for a job here but who are struggling with the German language and institutions? I'm afraid I am just not good enough.

    This guy is a Chinese computer specialist and it seems his skills are needed here but he needs to have a B1 or something to get a job. Well, he flunked his exam and I think he can't fund another couple of terms at school because his funds are not endless (as Mr. Gauck once said) and covid seems to have depleted his. He is doing some sort of menial job to get by, but it seems a bit of a waste. Can he just go to a Job Center and register there and they would give him any support he needs? Or are there other possibilities? Any ideas about how he can go forward?

    Advance thanks for helpful suggestions.

     We have some chinese and also people from different nationalities working in my IT company and many donot know german or even very good english. But they are very good in their field and are chosen after a series of interviews and tests. Berlin is a start up place and linkedin should get some good leads and its in english.


  7. On 06/11/2021, 13:43:28, ZA1234 said:

    Hello all, can anyone recommend an account/exchange/wallet? I would want to trade, lend, stake crypto. Convert crypto<>euros and back. Access a wide array of cryptocurrencies. Cheap exchange fees. Would like an english interface. Needs to be allowed to be for German residence. Anything that will tick all these boxes? I have googled, but I either can't open an account from Germany, or else the reviews are poor? Anyone with a personal recommendation or experience?


    Coinbase is an option


  8. Sometimes, the managers are overworked and to train a new joinee / intern is an additional workload. I would go along with all here who are asking you to take it easy and use this time to learn more and find the work flow in the organisation.


    I myself had been guilty of ignoring the team assistant or intern with me in the initial weeks. I would give them some minor tasks, but would get stressed when i would see them back at my desk sooner than later. The reason in hindsight was that the kind of knowledge, experience needed to handle the task / project was not there with the new joinee but they were full of energy and had a gung-ho spirit. But over some time, more and more overflow work kept going their way and 6 months down the line, they were ready with the standard work overload whining :P 


  9. i too had barely scraped by with my eye test for the driving license at Fielmann and later i went to an eye doctor. It turns out i had graustern or cataract in both my eyes. So i got operated and had new lens in both the eyes.

    Now i am in another brighter sharper colorful world


  10. Oh no.

    Luckily i have only 1 cat and i have her Gellee and brackies ready. My worries is that hopefully she returns home tonight in time, so i could hand her over to the take over guy early morning when i leave at 6 for the hospital. 


  11. You will be under local narco and the dentist would give a small incision to extract the leftovers @john g. Have a pain free one 


    BTW i am also going under full Narco for my knee surgery tomorrow. Hopefully this would fix the saga started from last year volleyball crash.


  12. On 01/04/2021, 08:42:02, engelchen said:

    Since the vaccination priorities seem to be changing on an almost daily basis and each Bundesland is doing its own thing, I thought that I'd start a thread for Berlin. This information only applies to those who are officially registered with Berlin as their Hauptwohnsitz


    Berlin has opted to send residents eligible for a vaccine a letter by snail mail with a code that they can use to book an appointment either online or by phone. By now everyone over 80 should have received a letter as well as most of those between 70-79. 


    Since Berlin is longer giving Astra Zeneca to those under 60, residents between 60-69 can phone a special hotline to book a vaccine appointment at the special Impfhotline 030/9028-2200. This number is only for appointments with Astra Zeneca. Appointments are available April 2nd - 6th in Tegel and April 2nd -11th in Tempelhof.





     Thanks @engelchen for starting this thread. Much appreciated :rolleyes:



  13. 2 hours ago, LukeSkywalker said:

    I heard about an object you can place on top of your head that deals with such situation. I think it's called a hat or a cap, but I'm not sure 👻.

    yes you are right @LukeSkywalker.


    Actually what i meant to say was that i had not realised how much insulation/protection one gets from our hair, when i went out after this haircut.


    Later i followed your suggestion. :rolleyes:



  14. I asked my partner to do it for me. She started very cautiously and i could not see much change happening. I got impatient and took charge myself. It led to my back side looking like newly uprooted carrot field with patches here and there.


    In the end we went for the kill - everything gone. 


    Its fine except for wind chill factor hitting my top floor during my evening walks :P

    signal-2021-02-24-234327_004 (1).jpeg


  15. 9 hours ago, ExPattheDog said:

    So first I would start by saying, every relationship is different so I recognise what the cultural standards are might not apply directly to my individual person. However, I'm curious about the cultural context so I can better understand the right time to express these words. 


    I've been seeing a guy for only 6 months. We spend most nights together, have met each others friends, and have gone on holiday together twice. I have no doubt from his actions (he is consistent, caring, and honest) that he genuinely feels for me. Although we have only spoken about it lightly, I think we both believe there is potential for this to evolve into the "real deal." That being said, we've known each other for only 6 months and nobody is rushing. We both prefer to take things slow, which I appreciate, because I know every step we take we are really ready for. 


    Some cultural context: He's German, I'm American, and we're both in our early 30s. 


    In the States, we have a very different meaning of the words "I love you" (or at least I think we do, based on what I have heard). In most of my relationships in the US, people typically say "I love you" after only 3 months. This is because in the US "I love you" means more something like "I am passionate about you" rather than "I am confident I see myself committing to you forever."


    I realise this does not apply here, at all, and it is quite normal for couples to wait a while because "Ich liebe dich" means something more like "you're the love of my life, and I plan to commit to you forever."


    As an American, I keep feeling the urge to tell my boyfriend "I love you," but I have held off because I realise these words carry much more weight here in Germany, and I care about him deeply so I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable by me using words he will interpret too strongly. 


    I did say "I am starting to fall for you, does that scare you?" and he said it does not and he is as well, so I feel very emotionally secure. I am just asking this out of respect to him because I want to understand his culture better before dropping the "L bomb"


    My question is:

    When do couples in their 30s in Germany typically begin to say "Ich liebe dich" - again, every couple is unique! I'm just curious about the culture standard. I have a feeling if I said these words now it would be shockingly too soon, so I'm asking when it becomes culturally appropriate. 


    I'm guessing its something like

    3 mo: probably crazy and/or emotionally immature

    6 mo: could happen, but probably too soon unless you knew someone for a while before starting to date because how well can you really know someone by then enough to know you want to commit to them?

    9 mo-12mo: probably the right time

    More than 12mo: something could be missing if people don't feel the meaning of "Ich liebe dich" by then


    What do you all think? When did you and your German SO exchange these big words?


    Cheers :)



     on a lighter note this episode of Seinfeld had some answers to this issue