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  1.   There are communicable and non communicable diseases. Suppose someone has cancer or heart disease. They have a choice of either going to a doctor or doing the Steve Job thing and trying alternate medicine or yoga, or naturopathy.    That person alone and maybe his/her family bears the consequences for their action.   But if you can spread a disease to others by your mere aerosols, sneezing or touch, then i would not like to be near you for the duration of the sickness. You better stay at your home or on some treasure island. One can't have the cake and eat it too.   If you have a right as an adult to do what you want, i too have a right to protect myself by all means. And right to life is paramount.
  2. started a new job and have not much to do

    Sometimes, the managers are overworked and to train a new joinee / intern is an additional workload. I would go along with all here who are asking you to take it easy and use this time to learn more and find the work flow in the organisation.   I myself had been guilty of ignoring the team assistant or intern with me in the initial weeks. I would give them some minor tasks, but would get stressed when i would see them back at my desk sooner than later. The reason in hindsight was that the kind of knowledge, experience needed to handle the task / project was not there with the new joinee but they were full of energy and had a gung-ho spirit. But over some time, more and more overflow work kept going their way and 6 months down the line, they were ready with the standard work overload whining  
  3. I read how Americans ripped off Afghanistan thrice. - first time in 1989 when they trained and brought in Mujahideen to overthrow Najibullah government ( fairly stable government ) in 1992 - second time in 1991 when they disposed of a fairly stable Taliban government - third time now when under the garb of modernism and democracy they gave false hope and narrative to a generation for 20 years only to hand them back to Taliban   Now if Afghanistan is lucky, they might have a stable theocratic government of Taliban or else it would become like Libya, Syria or Yemen with local warlords fighting and killing
  4. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    My Hausarzt also contacted me and offered me biontech as a 2nd vaccine option ( 1st one was astra ) and that too one month ahead - so from 11 Aug it has been bumped up to next week.
  5. Failed my Eye Test for driving License

    i too had barely scraped by with my eye test for the driving license at Fielmann and later i went to an eye doctor. It turns out i had graustern or cataract in both my eyes. So i got operated and had new lens in both the eyes. Now i am in another brighter sharper colorful world
  6. Why are you unhappy today?

    Oh no. Luckily i have only 1 cat and i have her Gellee and brackies ready. My worries is that hopefully she returns home tonight in time, so i could hand her over to the take over guy early morning when i leave at 6 for the hospital. 
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

    You will be under local narco and the dentist would give a small incision to extract the leftovers @john g. Have a pain free one    BTW i am also going under full Narco for my knee surgery tomorrow. Hopefully this would fix the saga started from last year volleyball crash.
  8. Suddenly i got 02 offers from different Hausarzt for Astra Zeneca jab for this week and i got it today from one of them. So far all good, no pain or any discomfort.
  9. Why are you unhappy today?

    My mother died last night due to corona. it was very painful to see her gasping her last breaths. . but she managed to press the whatsapp video call button to wave me good bye 
  10. Coronavirus

      Its not that India does not have vaccines. India is the largest producer of vaccine. Just one of the company Serum institute is the largest in the world making Astra Zeneca for the world. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serum_Institute_of_India   It is the lack of planning, casual attitude and a strong right leaning leadership that caused the current situation . Super spreader events like Kumbh where millions are taking bath together everyday, fudging with the national data, complacent media, institutions and elections with permission to have huge rallies ( as late as last Saturday, the prime minister himself addressed one such rally where he announced from the stage - wow awesome, i can see thousands of people everywhere      
  11. What made you smile today?

    They are quite cozy. Nicely tucked in  
  12. I feel all corona deniers should be made to do volunteer work in the hospitals to get a first hand experience of people gasping for air. Right now eg in India, there are so many dead people from Corona that there are long delays at the crematoriums to burn the bodies. My mother, my sister and her husband, my niece, my friends, their families are all down with Corona. Corona is a reality, and vaccination ( good, bad, effective, less effective ) is our only hope.   Check out this story: ‘The system has collapsed’: India’s descent into Covid hell https://flip.it/psF-QW   
  13. Today I did something stupid

    And no wearing of gowns or anything loose while on stairs - to avoid tripping @john g. Cats have 9 lives, we have only 1 . Take care
  14. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

     Thanks @engelchen for starting this thread. Much appreciated   
  15.  As she is just one week into her job, i dont know much about her. And its rude and against data protection and privacy guidelines to pry any more information. But in 02 separate meetings she confirmed this fact.   I generally trust the german system to be fair - and so was disappointed last year when i was denied the flights till the very last one.