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  1. Recommendations for Eye Surgey sought

    I dont know any doctor in Munich, but i had this operation in Berlin this year in August, first for one eye and then for the 2nd eye but was covered by the insurance. Didnt have to pay anything FYI @BlissfulSavant
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    I am unhappy as my daughter has shifted out for the first time to live with her BF. It's a strange feeling. On the one hand i am happy that she has taken the next leap of adulthood, but yet i am also kind of choked .
  3. it happened to my daughter in Paris too, last minute rush to board the bus from the airport and bang, 60 euros fine for not stamping. It could be an EU thing
  4. The Jugendamt visited my home

    Great that this issue got resolved positively. Its quite traumatic for a parent just to imagine any one questioning their top intentions for their children. And the way you describe it, its abundantly clear that you have provided the best for your child.   One vague possibility i can think of for someone lodging a complaint is if you left the child unattended at home between you and your partner even for a short duration. And  then some nosey neighbour saw that and concluded, hmm if X is going out now and his/her partner is not back yet, then who is with the child? I know a case like this about the  jugendamt visiting the home on such complaint.
  5. Getting mental health treatment

    Hi, my partner's son ( german ) was doing quite well as a visual designer. Quite a bright lad with 2 kids. But between burnout, separation, drugs and conspiracy theories, he has gone completely off the deep end.   This weekend, he landed at my door step in the middle of the night crying that he has no where to go and his life is in danger . I took him in but next day he was a completely different aggressive personality - a bi polar. He has no job, huge debts in taxation, no health insurance and no where to go. He moves between extreme fear of being stalked and then becoming Mr. know all. He refuses to go for any help or counselling or even to Agentur für Arbeit   We want to help but my partner ( also a german and who had attended a  counselling for parents of such kids)  says - that in Germany we cannot help someone, unless he/she is suicidal or is harming anybody. But i refuse to believe this. How can the state and the society and the family sit on the sidelines waiting for the person to fall in the ravine before rescuing him. How can this person know that he is sick and he needs help when he is completely delusional with drugs, conspiracy and mental imbalance?   Is this so in Germany? ( this is a better forum than the last one where i had posted it - can't delete it myself from the other page)
  6. Get well soon is the best phrase if the person is sick with cold etc. Else one can use a sentence conveying your true feelings instead of a catchy phrase  
  7. Covid-19 Poll (UPDATE 9 Aug 2020: new poll questions)

    @dessa_dangerous I also like the idea of this poll to see what is the public thinking on this serious issue. Thanks
  8. Shots in the night...

    We also had heard shots being fired a few times near our building ( without any marriage ceremonies  ) and then finally, last month, while video recording the clouds, we heard it happening again very very close to our balkon and we called the police.   We told them that we are not sure if its a real or a fake gun ( though we had heard the loading sound of the breech before the shot being fired ). The Police took the matter very seriously, saw our video and informed us that it is a real weapon being loaded and fired. There was a big activity with the detectives and Swat teams and later at night the teams raided the house ( we could hear the loud breaking of doors and the shouts 'police, lie down on the floor'   Dont know the outcome of the raid, but the shots have since stopped. So all the best @Wulfrun
  9. Riots in Stuttgart

    Why destroy shops and business. What have they got to do with the protests? I can understand to a degree this kind of frustration in USA, where there could be extreme poverty and lack of resources. But in Germany no body is poor, really poor to warrant breaking into Euro shop to loot. And if someone challenges this statement, then he/she/they have not seen poverty real close. This is complete break down of law and order - yes it might sound Nixonite. But what else one can call it? Also if people cannot deal with unarmed police, this would lead to their militarisation and like in America we would get an armour suited cop for the smallest misdemeanour instead of a friendly bobby