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  1. @renemp maybe you need to compare apples with apples. Have you attended college in the USA. Maybe as some people mentioned here, life is equally sucky in those places. Could be that some people / smart people outgrow the last of the teenagish life and behaviour of their classmates and so, would not fit with the crowd either here or anywhere else. If you dont fit in, then try to be an enigma, be aloof, let people keep guessing what you are upto, And use your free time to enjoy the activities you want to do. Remember, if you could, then you would have been studying somewhere else - but you are not -  this is also part of growing up -to weigh vorteils vs nachteils 
  2. Problems with Sixt - Asking me to pay for scratches

    This it seems is a standard practice of many car rental companies - just send a claim's mail and see maybe 50% gullible drivers might fall for it.   My wife was a victim to this fraud and paid to one such rental car company 4 years ago . Another company tried it again this year. But now we had legal insurance and well-prepared with photos and our lawyer advised us to write them a letter with some legal phrases and voila they replied that they are waiving off the charges.   Good to know a lawyer and a dentist and maybe a few other professions 
  3. What made you laugh today?

      I rather feel sorry for his loss - does'nt seem like a well off guy. Could be his dinner after a hard day's work - sorry my take  
  4. prejudice in the workplace

    Besides all of the above suggestions, it's time to get legal insurance if not already taken.   We have seen many times here, that the option of taking legal insurance when you require legal help, does not work,  as there is some cooling period in between. You dont have to use the lawyer at this stage, but its good to have some back up just in case.   Everyone listens to a lawyer's mail - definitely more than from lesser mortals like us.
  5. Legal Help - Filing a Police Report

      Probably, what @Anochr meant was that he still has not seen any money coming back his way.  Now the other lawyer is also not answering his calls - to give a time line for the payment. I mean jail is one aspect, but it still does not compensate the victim - Blast. Its like a bad accident.   Collect whatever you can out of this mess. Hope by now you have a legal insurance for future legal support. All the best
  6. What made you cry today?

    So sad to her that Alex. After the death of my dog, i must shamefully admit that now i am kind of scared of coming very close to my cat. I am so torn between love for her and the fear of my inability to cope with the eventual loss. I lift her, hug her, pet her but i feel a wall within me. Hope you get the strength to bear this loss @Alexnf
  7. German neighbour etiquette

    Borrowing by hardly known neighbours it seems is becoming the new normal.    Today a neighbour dropped by and asked for my vaccum cleaner. We are just on hello terms and i found this a bit odd. I mean i had been without one for the last 2 years and used broom and mop to clean the home. They are double income no kids family, If they needed one then they should have bought one. I can imagine a critical thing eg if you need to go to vet with your cat but dont have a box, you may borrow it. But to borrow a vaccum cleaner . I was in a delima - if i had not given her, then there would have been the  awkward meetings in the hallway but now its been eight hours, and  she has yet to return  it though she had taken it explicitly for an hour.   The other day another neighbour walked into our home and asked my partner to print some stuff - again something important and urgent, we do understand. But it turned out to be some flyers for her yoga class    And another time a 3rd neighbour asked to use internet for something urgent. We shared the password and after a week changed it. And she kind of complained to my wife that, it seems we have changed the password -    And mind you all these are German young people and not some immigrant. In my part of the world, we would make fun of such borrowers.   So is this the generational thing of us living within our means and nowadays people just get it - beg, borrow or steal