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  1. What made you groan today?

      I had gone through this comic serious scenario on a new year eve many years ago. We were visiting Germany, Berlin to be precise and staying with a friend in her basement guest room with a toilet having the same shredder contraption and it got blocked by my stupidity. My wife and her friend were freaking out about the cost at year-end evening. Since i was the culprit, so i volunteered to do the ugh ugh work of opening and cleaning the shredder. Fortunately, after a stinky hour, i could save my skin. Lesson learnt too
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    I miss my father. If he has gone to another world, thhen maybe i shall meet him, but what if he has burnt into just simple chemicals. I am drunk, sorry
  3. Vienna airport got over the bad signage issue - by not having any signs . Its a long corridor after you deboard to catch a long-haul flight. And then you assume your way forward by following the crowd so no stopping for peeing after the flight as you would be all alone in a 5 km long hospital light corridor.
  4. Workplace changing policy, need advice

    I have not seen a work contract which says you can come and go as you please. I mean many companies these days follow that, but they don't mention it in writing in the contract. Somewhere within each company, there is an hourly calculation - maybe for the salary, maybe for the taxes, maybe for the holidays, but without the employees knowing it, some accounts and HR people are doing this calculation and filling of forms. Yes its a pain to suddenly do this after 7 years, but the right way i think should be to do it but protest or talk about it in a proper forum - betriebsrat, etc. By not doing it, you could be violating some labour law, which would go against her.
  5. Extraordinary reasons for cancelling rent contract

    When i was looking for a flat in Munich, i too was offered a fixed 4 years contract and a yearly increase etc.I said yes to all those terms as i needed it badly and that was the only one which had said yes after 20 viewings. 
  6. question about my FingerPrints in germany

    Maybe we need to keep this conversation alive to hear more from the horse's mouth - especially to update the less informed.
  7. How to bring cash from India to Germany?

    India has restrictions on transferring money outside India because of foreign currency involved. The Indian currency is not freely convertible globally and so govt wants to hold on to Euros and Dollars. Maybe you need to coordinate in India between NRI and NRO accounts and Licensed money changers
  8.   Maybe here lies the key to your problem. You have an old contract with old rents. Meanwhile over the years, the area is gentriefied and he needs to do something to increase the rent.
  9. Why are you happy today?

    I managed to finish and publish my first book on Amazon. Its a penny trashy novella, but I am happy that I started and finished it 140 pages - it was more of a dare, but then I persevered
  10.   I called them, the police I mean once at hermanstrasse UBahn using their helpline at the platform. But they appeared not too eager and had many questions in German. I do speak german but then it was high octane situation and so it was difficult to find the right words quickly.. After about 5 minutes of answering them, I gave up and took the next UBahn for my evening class. Fortunately I was only a bystander and was pushed once.    Police has no support from politicians and are understaffed. and so they just are buying time. No patrolling, no presence.
  11. Why are you unhappy today?

    Oh they are indeed gorgeous. I don't understand these greedy breeders. They should be abandoned too in the sahara without a kind @john g. to realise their fate.
  12.   Hi, have you seriously discussed with your current company your issues with them. I mean if they are keeping you for last two years, they might be liking your work. If you have to go then why be a martyr- why not be a fighter. Maybe, they did not see your victimisation. A joke for one could be an insult to the other. Then atleast everything would be on the table for all parties. As your contract is running out, they might also not renew it, so you have to keep your other options open. But please remember, work climate might or might not change by changing work. To some extent it depends on you too. Lastly as Engelchen suggested, please start saving for a rainy day. These days if possible, one should have 1-2 months salary to fall back upon. All the best.
  13. Why are you unhappy today?

    Sorry to hear about your loss @Tap I still feel stressed looking at my Dad's pictures who is gone 02 years ago. Time is a big healer - I had heard often but am feeling it too. Hope you too get strength to cope with this loss.
  14. Army taking over in Zimbabwe?

     But only as the party president. They still have to kick the reluctant Ox out of the tent by impeaching him, if he has not resigned till tomorrow.
  15. RIP Uncle Nick

    What a shock!! can't believe it. I was away from TT for a while but he was always there on many threads and his cheerful profile pic would bring a chuckle. Oh noo..RIP Uncle Nick. Still can't believe it,