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  1. The " where are you really from " thread!!

    We all are curious people. We also need something to talk on social occasions. Sometimes there is an awkward silence or awkward question    We are a mixed couple and either of us is asked this question in the other's country. i donot see any racism in it. Yes, if the answer leads to the change of their behaviour , that could be racist. No need to shy away from one's lineage.   Many topics which were normal once have become politically incorrect. We need to cut a slack for the elderly lot. 
  2. Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne

    Berlin - for being cosmopolitan and alive ( anytime of day or night, one finds people or something to do or eat ) Munich - for being clean and near mountains Hamburg - another lively city and near the water
  3. Is everyone supporter here?

      I was also going to write about you @PandaMunich not leaving ( very helpful source of truth  ) before @kiplette outran    However, i am noticing in many tools these days, one can only disable / deactivate but not delete members eg in Slack. Maybe it could be number of members thingy
  4. A really painful experience at the dentist!

    so sorry to hear about your traumatic experience.   I learnt my lesson very early here and i shamelessly discuss the next course of action, even if the dentist is in a rush. This time i was with a new dentist ( the last one would always try to sell me something extra from my insurance ). So the new dentist gave me option of either we put the pain killer right away, or check to see how it goes.   My response 'thank you very much, please give me the injection' ( some dentist inspite of giving injection, donot wait for it to have an effect ). Now i keep an eye on my watch.
  5. The War in Ukraine

    Maybe for a change NATO / USA should act and not react.   Don't wait for Putin to do something and then reply. How about cleaning up the Nuke silos ( secretly captured by some convenient social media  ) and moving a few submarines around. How about having some big US ships in the black sea ( BTW, why are they not there to begin with? have they conceded this sea to the Russians )   Nobody has to do anything, but no harm in flexing some muscles.
  6. "Really good" Indian restaurants in Berlin

    India club is very good, but is expensive and has a limited menu. Food is authentic, though they kind of try to give a fusion modern look.   Sarvana Bhawan is more known for south indian cuisine. But you need to develop a taste for this cuisine - spicier, tangy, rice based. I am happy that we finally have this option ( indian cuisine being sold in the west is generally north indian )   Amrit is over rated.