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  1. RIP Uncle Nick

    What a shock!! can't believe it. I was away from TT for a while but he was always there on many threads and his cheerful profile pic would bring a chuckle. Oh noo..RIP Uncle Nick. Still can't believe it,
  2. Tips on getting an apartment?

    I paid 15 days extra rent to clinch the deal in Munich - but then for this, the landlord has to be greedy. Might not work for these ones who are accepting less than the market rates.
  3. Got Evicted Without Notice and Belongings Removed

    How far is the court building. I mean i would be there the very next day personally and the next day and the next day till i get a good answer to my queries. Why should i contend with one phone call to a number given by the landlord. Too hard to digest - at least the lack of action 
  4. Child hit and injured by cyclist

    The important thing was to be with the child and ensure his well being, which you did efficiently by calling the ambulance and taking him to the hospital. You also have conceded that the biker was also shaken. You have said that you did not witness the accident and so it could be that maybe your child came suddenly in front of a normal speed cyclist ( personally I am pro pedestrian as many cyclists go like a rocket ). So I think, its a case of all is well that ends well and there is no point in thinking of compensation, police case etc. But then these are my personal - non legal view ( disclaimer - I am not a lawyer )  
  5. Finding an english speaking electrician - Berlin

    Mr. Welsley 017665765346 -  from US. We had called him in office recently to fix our exhaust fan. Is friendly and open to do big and small tasks happily.
  6. Catalonia: Game of Polls

    Separating is never a solution. First you separate and then join EU and get ruled by brussels. Pay more into EU which is transferred to the poor spain. And where will it stop. I am sure if theoretically catalan is free, within it would be a district having its own grouse, own dialect, own history of victimisation - perhaps the hilly rural vs the urban sea side Barcelona. Eventually even 2 brothers too cannot live together.  Time to join hands and not divide. but then nobody should have a big brother attitude. Time to take everyone along.
  7. Got Evicted Without Notice and Belongings Removed

    I know of 3 cases in 3 different cities in Germany where it took a long time to get the tenants evicted. By long I mean months. And some of these tenants were not paying rents for months and yet living there and in one case had it sublet to an illegal pub. Even the police refused to help. They would shut the pub down on our complaint about the noise but couldn't evict them. And finally the eviction required lawyers with proper procedure spread over weeks and months.   So as @someonesdaughter and @jeba says, there are too many variables not adding up - 1 - Banks failing repeatedly 2 - Postal services failing repeatedly 3 - Courts failing   As to the lawyer agreeing to your story, the lawyers always agree to their client's story, otherwise how will they earn? But then this is my take from 3 different parts of Germany after 5 years. Still there could be new Germany I need to find out  
  8. Three-word story

    in Trump's small
  9. Cell Phone Screen Broken

      My Samsung galaxy screen display was gone one fine day and I visited most of the repair guys in town. The price for replacing the screen was around 140 euros and everyone suggested otherwise. So if your phone is costlier than this number, then go otherwise, get a new one please
  10. deeply depressed and isolated, dealing with grief etc

    @emotionalimmigrant, this must be really trying time and kudos, if you and your partner are still sane.   But now you need to prioritise. As others have mentioned, you need to see what is more important to you - your health, your finances and work commitment. your visa issues or your desire to assimilate here. Each would have its own path to pursue. None would be easy.   Sometimes, its also better to separate for short duration ( not relationship wise but geographically ) and meet different people so that you and your partner don't pull each other down emotionally. Go to US alone and meet your friends. Come back a stronger person and be a support to your partner.
  11. My contention is that whatever you do, there will be consequences. Either one must have the courage to face them or just melt with the crowd. I am a vegetarian, if i go to a meat eating home, city or country, then i have 2 choices - either i stick to my belief and eat whatever vegetarian food i find and be happy because i am at this place out of my free will and for some other reason besides food, or i change and start eating meat.   But i cannot start complaining or demanding that i be served veg food or why so many people are eating meat ( which is the general trend these days),   By the same logic some will say, what's wrong if you like the OP may just ask for a few vegetarian eating places in local forums like TT. Absolutely nothing is wrong, but in such places, you will get both - some criticism of being vegetarian and some good advice. After all its not a paid advisory service. So just keep the chin up and select what you want.  
  12. Three-word story

    till you hear
  13. Bundestag Elections Poll 2017

    Its ironic that CDU first created the problem and then offers the solution. By opening the borders to unaccountable millions, they distracted germans from the core issues - issues like understaffed and overworked health sector, childcare sector. Now all talks and discussions are about this self created problems, even in the media. AFD vote is a vote out of frustration. How else to show ones displeasure and discontent.   Shift the goal post and start a new winning game, that's the new normal    
  14. Though Neukölln is Arabic / Turkish / Muslim dominated area atleast visibly so, but surprisingly I found the Arabic /Turkish /muslim guys taking more liberties with single women from their part of the world especially in U8 and Herman strasse exit. Ironically, the liberal areas are traditionally the safer areas   But if you have been living fo 2.5 years in Germany, you should be confident of handling such scenarios if at all it occurs. I have seen single girls going at all times of day and night here in berlin and so why should it be different for you. Be bold
  15. Three-word story

    Fix it between