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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    Lost my imobile - blast. The loss of data, not to mention the cost 
  2.   That's just 2000 euros a month not much if 80K salary (would be in Berlin ) is 1/3 from current 
  3.   With that kind of money and holidays, you could practically fly every month for a long weekend from US to Berlin and satisfy your clubbing desires - a win win scenario,
  4.   That's her property. She can do what she wants. If she wants to leave it free, that's the way it ought to be. The whole Capitalism works on this ownership laws. She doesn't have to accommodate others especially if its not requested.  
  5. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

    @Tiw in all these back and forth, you have not given one solid reason for coming to Germany. I mean why Germany? out of 200 odd nations, out of which about half speak English. Do you love its  history, culture, nature (controlled and not free like Siberia or US or even maybe Newzealand Automotive industry World wars have ancestral links high taxation Stubborn correct straight bureaucracy Health Insurance unfinished Berlin airport Its current Astronaut in space station Merkel'S humane gesture Election of Andrea Nahles as head of SPD The answer to this question may help us understand your quest better and you might get better answers
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/white-rental-van-strikes-at-least-eight-pedestrians-in-toronto-and-flees-the-scene-leaving-multiple-casualties/ar-AAwfoaR?ocid=spartandhp   What's happening ?  too many troubled drivers in control of the steering wheel or what? It's getting too often nowadays. Hopefully, it's not terrorism-related - Canada is one of the liberal ones - what kind of message goes across
  7.   My wife, in such a scenario picks up empty carton, to put her stuff in. I see many other germans doing the same when the items are less. That is better than stuffing it in the bag.   I also make sure to put everything visibly clear from my back pack if i have one. And if someone does get checked, then what's the big deal, if you are honest, the guard would do his duty and say thank you and you move on.   Sometimes guards have past experience of incidents to fall back upon and they too want to save their jobs. 
  8. Hi, Jeba, would love to have this cute dog. Have sent you a PM. Please let me know.  
  9. Stability

    One can have a Sun and planets kind of stability too. When young, one is in the outer orbit like Pluto and Neptune but as one grows older, the orbit gets closer to the sun - mars, earth venus, mercury. So one needs a sun or a strong base to spring and come back.   For me, I have been out of the house since class eleventh after getting selected for Army Academy. 4 years of training there is the maximum time i was at one place. But mentally my parents home was my base, my sun for a long time, at least mentally. I had lots of difference of opinion and arguments with them but heart of heart, i felt that place to be my base. But after my daughter was born, i felt the urge to become a sun.   But most of my stability or the lack of it, just happened. Internally i too envied people living in the same home, same locality, but they talked of my exciting life - hehe grass is greener on the other side.   Now after 50 years, the craze of 'something new' is waning.
  10. As the children are born in Japan, won't they have Japanese passport? So cant a Japanese lady with 2 Japanese children come to Germany on a longish holiday and return to their native land - just the three of them. Lots of Japanese tourists come and go back? And Japan is as strict as Germany with their citizenship rules, if not more.   Just a layman opinion.
  11. RIP Christopher Rubin, son of fraufruit

    Its easy for us to say some soothing words for you @fraufruit and even we might mean nice for you, but the cross you carry is so heavy, that i cannot imagine. I just dont have words to say. 
  12. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    @john g. all the best for tomorrow. Hopefully, tomorrow these frequent visits to the hospital would end and your eye-tear problem would get resolved and we see you back on this forum chirpy and chippy with dogs and cats in tow.
  13. Ausbildung in Germany

    Thanks, @engelchen she is 25, studied psychology, C1 german and internship in a mentally challenged children NGO among others, (but not here in germany) while studying. She can live with me, but for the peace and tranquillity of the family, it might not be possible 
  14. Ausbildung in Germany

    Thank you @someonesdaughter and @PandaMunich for the information. You are always so helpful   This is a full-time course where she will not get any money, though the school had given us a document stating that it will cost 0€. And she is over 25 years. So now i shall wait for the Aüslander termin and then proceed further as suggested.  
  15. Ausbildung in Germany

    Hi, my daughter has found a place for ausbildung as kinder erzieherin. Based on her current qualification, they have waved off one year from the 3 years course. She is a non eu adult. I am perplexed about her health insurance. Will she get health insured from my job or is there a separate one for such cases which i am willing to pay ? Thanks