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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    My mother died last night due to corona. it was very painful to see her gasping her last breaths. . but she managed to press the whatsapp video call button to wave me good bye 
  2. Coronavirus

      Its not that India does not have vaccines. India is the largest producer of vaccine. Just one of the company Serum institute is the largest in the world making Astra Zeneca for the world. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serum_Institute_of_India   It is the lack of planning, casual attitude and a strong right leaning leadership that caused the current situation . Super spreader events like Kumbh where millions are taking bath together everyday, fudging with the national data, complacent media, institutions and elections with permission to have huge rallies ( as late as last Saturday, the prime minister himself addressed one such rally where he announced from the stage - wow awesome, i can see thousands of people everywhere      
  3. What made you smile today?

    They are quite cozy. Nicely tucked in  
  4. I feel all corona deniers should be made to do volunteer work in the hospitals to get a first hand experience of people gasping for air. Right now eg in India, there are so many dead people from Corona that there are long delays at the crematoriums to burn the bodies. My mother, my sister and her husband, my niece, my friends, their families are all down with Corona. Corona is a reality, and vaccination ( good, bad, effective, less effective ) is our only hope.   Check out this story: ‘The system has collapsed’: India’s descent into Covid hell https://flip.it/psF-QW   
  5. Today I did something stupid

    And no wearing of gowns or anything loose while on stairs - to avoid tripping @john g. Cats have 9 lives, we have only 1 . Take care
  6. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

     Thanks @engelchen for starting this thread. Much appreciated   
  7.  As she is just one week into her job, i dont know much about her. And its rude and against data protection and privacy guidelines to pry any more information. But in 02 separate meetings she confirmed this fact.   I generally trust the german system to be fair - and so was disappointed last year when i was denied the flights till the very last one.
  8. Today, I was surprised to hear from my new colleague ( born and brought up here ) who is barely in her 30's that she has got an invite for vaccination. I thought we had just started 60+.  I had met my Hausarzt this week and she said that she would notify me when my turn comes as they are getting i think only 20 vaccines per week.   I only hope that there is no unwritten policy to first vaccine the german citizens before vaccinating, the rest of the residents ( i had experienced this last year when we were shunted to the last of the queue for the return flights back to Germany giving precedence to german citizens )
  9. Coronavirus

    In this back and forth between Biontech and AZ, where is Moderna? Why are we not hearing a peep about it? Is it being given , not given , the current quantities in germany, etc. The only explanation i can think of is that it is the costliest of the lot and so the governments are avoiding it
  10. Coronavirus

    It could be a deliberate ploy on the part of EU, to get more of better efficacy Biontech to begin with. And also with these adverse reports popping from time to time, the officials being bureaucrats, wanted to play safe.   Make lot of noise for AZ, but go with Biontech - maybe is their plan
  11. Globally, there is always this eternal debate, would you rather die of hunger or from corona. Corona is a maybe but hunger a definite yes. Businesses are reaching their limits, parents are reaching their wits end handling children at home and spouses are into each others hair trying to make zoom calls from their small 1-2 room apartments.   doctors and virologists are no better - starting with masks do not help to masks are compulsory to predicting a dooms day scenario for the 3rd world countries without the resources and efficiency to do testing or social distancing for their teeming population.   The truth is - NO ONE REALLY KNOWs. They all are fumbling in the dark - lets try maybe this or maybe that. And no politician worth his/her salt wants to have lots of dead people on his/her watch.   But all said and done, i have not heard for quite some time now, any politician from any of the 196 plus countries apologising - not when they were caught with their pants down but for a mistake or error of judgement. So my hats off to MERKEL. 
  12. Coronavirus

     i prefer federal democracy than strong center which has a tendency to become autocratic.
  13. Coronavirus

    What about all the brauhaus donating those big octoberfest tents and then doing it in the big Octoberfest area. In Bremen, Zechs, a big builder is donating/permitting to use a lot of his buildings / funding for vacination drive  
  14. changing ink in a printer

    Sometimes in the ink packet, the black color catridge is XL or are 02, if you get a good deal
  15. Is anybody cutting their own hair?

    yes you are right @LukeSkywalker.   Actually what i meant to say was that i had not realised how much insulation/protection one gets from our hair, when i went out after this haircut.   Later i followed your suggestion.