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  1. Travelling in Germany in times of Corona

    I have travelled from Frankfurt to Berlin on my way back from overseas at the beginning of Apr and it was OK. Same, i had to travel from Berlin to Bremen to drop a cat - also OK. Very few people on board ICE and no questions asked. Till its a responsible travelling, i think they are letting it slide.  
  2. Why are you happy today?

    Luckily, there was a spare seat in the last A 380 to Frankfurt 
  3. Why are you happy today?

    I am happy to be back in Germany.
  4. EU travel ban questions

    Lufthansa cancelled my return flight of 22 Mar to Berlin without even bothering to inform me. I had checked with their local office last week here in Delhi, and they said, yes we shall take you back. On this Monday, i checked online and it said one of my legs of flight is cancelled. They were neither available on phone or email here or in Germany. Normally, they send smallest information like gate changes via email and sms, but such a big and important information they conveniently ignored.   I quickly rushed to the airport to take any other Lufthansa flight available, and they were still flying back to Frankfurt, but each one way ticket was for 2600 euros which i could not afford.   I have also registered with the german government websites bringing back Germans, but most were for German citizens and i could not put Niederlassungserlaubnis anywhere.   Officially, if i reach the gates of Germany, i can go in. but as all flights are cancelled indefinitely, i am stuck here for now.   
  5. If the documents and facts are correct, you dont have to worry. Someone from the embassy would visit your home or her home, talk to the family, check and verify the marriage with photos, asking neighbours etc and send this report back to the embassy. That's it. And the fees is standard and non refundable.