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  1. Covid-19 Poll (UPDATE 9 Aug 2020: new poll questions)

    @dessa_dangerous I also like the idea of this poll to see what is the public thinking on this serious issue. Thanks
  2. Shots in the night...

    We also had heard shots being fired a few times near our building ( without any marriage ceremonies  ) and then finally, last month, while video recording the clouds, we heard it happening again very very close to our balkon and we called the police.   We told them that we are not sure if its a real or a fake gun ( though we had heard the loading sound of the breech before the shot being fired ). The Police took the matter very seriously, saw our video and informed us that it is a real weapon being loaded and fired. There was a big activity with the detectives and Swat teams and later at night the teams raided the house ( we could hear the loud breaking of doors and the shouts 'police, lie down on the floor'   Dont know the outcome of the raid, but the shots have since stopped. So all the best @Wulfrun
  3. Riots in Stuttgart

    Why destroy shops and business. What have they got to do with the protests? I can understand to a degree this kind of frustration in USA, where there could be extreme poverty and lack of resources. But in Germany no body is poor, really poor to warrant breaking into Euro shop to loot. And if someone challenges this statement, then he/she/they have not seen poverty real close. This is complete break down of law and order - yes it might sound Nixonite. But what else one can call it? Also if people cannot deal with unarmed police, this would lead to their militarisation and like in America we would get an armour suited cop for the smallest misdemeanour instead of a friendly bobby    
  4. Travelling in Germany in times of Corona

    I have travelled from Frankfurt to Berlin on my way back from overseas at the beginning of Apr and it was OK. Same, i had to travel from Berlin to Bremen to drop a cat - also OK. Very few people on board ICE and no questions asked. Till its a responsible travelling, i think they are letting it slide.  
  5. Why are you happy today?

    Luckily, there was a spare seat in the last A 380 to Frankfurt 
  6. Why are you happy today?

    I am happy to be back in Germany.
  7. EU travel ban questions

    Lufthansa cancelled my return flight of 22 Mar to Berlin without even bothering to inform me. I had checked with their local office last week here in Delhi, and they said, yes we shall take you back. On this Monday, i checked online and it said one of my legs of flight is cancelled. They were neither available on phone or email here or in Germany. Normally, they send smallest information like gate changes via email and sms, but such a big and important information they conveniently ignored.   I quickly rushed to the airport to take any other Lufthansa flight available, and they were still flying back to Frankfurt, but each one way ticket was for 2600 euros which i could not afford.   I have also registered with the german government websites bringing back Germans, but most were for German citizens and i could not put Niederlassungserlaubnis anywhere.   Officially, if i reach the gates of Germany, i can go in. but as all flights are cancelled indefinitely, i am stuck here for now.