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  1. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

     I was there yesterday for my booster. Lines were there, but they were moving fast and were well organised. My appointment was for 11.15 and i reached there by 11. I was out by 1230 hours as i waited to get digital version too.   But can't say from today as the children have started their vaccines from 15th ie today and in the news they were saying that they plan to do about 300 children daily.
  2.  We have some chinese and also people from different nationalities working in my IT company and many donot know german or even very good english. But they are very good in their field and are chosen after a series of interviews and tests. Berlin is a start up place and linkedin should get some good leads and its in english.

      Lots of good in my life -  I have a warm home with hot water and electricity in this cold weather I can walk ( ok still can't run ) see, hear, smell and taste and am generally healthy My daughter lives near by and manages her life independently - just celebrated her big birthday I have a job where i want to work and it pays decently There is a rule of law, no corruption to deal with and functional system And the list goes on...
  4. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      Coinbase is an option
  5. My daughter also did full time Ausbildung from Anna Freud Schule. Everything was in German and though she had C1 in German from Goethe, still she had difficulty initially to cope up with the special terms , etc.  But its all in the past and now she is working in a school and happy 
  6. started a new job and have not much to do

    Sometimes, the managers are overworked and to train a new joinee / intern is an additional workload. I would go along with all here who are asking you to take it easy and use this time to learn more and find the work flow in the organisation.   I myself had been guilty of ignoring the team assistant or intern with me in the initial weeks. I would give them some minor tasks, but would get stressed when i would see them back at my desk sooner than later. The reason in hindsight was that the kind of knowledge, experience needed to handle the task / project was not there with the new joinee but they were full of energy and had a gung-ho spirit. But over some time, more and more overflow work kept going their way and 6 months down the line, they were ready with the standard work overload whining