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  1.  on a lighter note this episode of Seinfeld had some answers to this issue      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfx7izBNHeI&feature=youtu.be 
  2.   Today my partner got the 2nd dose. Germany is doing it correctly by giving both the doses at the right time. And no side reactions or  even minor discomfort, atleast till now.   So go ahead folks, get inoculated when you get an opportunity. 
  3. Handling a hostile colleague in Germany

    If you are in a big Research Firm, there could be a Betriebsrat. May be you can discuss with someone there. Or you can talk to someone in the HR department before sending a written complaint
  4. The bottle necks ( atleast at the care homes ) were -  The care takers have to prepare the documents for each resident +. their consent or that of their power of attorney before hand and coordinate the old people to come out at intervals so as not to infect them in this vaccination process Doctors have to explain in details about the vaccine and its effect to each and every person again and again The admin person has to put in all the data into a laptop and push it to the central server using a weak data network But they are all getting better at it, it seems
  5. Coronavirus

    My partner who is going daily for the vaccination drive tells me that besides temperature, the teams also need to worry about shocks and vibrations for the whole bunch of injections while in transit from the big distribution centres to the Old age homes. Then they need to check if the cold chain was maintained to that point. https://www.health.state.mn.us/diseases/coronavirus/vaccine/guideappa.pdf   There is a lot of protocol required and its not just going and injecting. It also involves documentation, filling up forms, explaining to each patient about the vaccine and its side effects, getting their consent, uploading all the data to a central server, etc and so the pace is slow as of now.   But they are getting better every day and with more supply, the speed would also increase. Also there is still a shortage of manpower in different departments ( they already have the retiree doctors working for them )  
  6. Happy new year 2021 Here is an update after my partner was vaccinated against Corona beginning of the week, @Metall and @john g. till now there are absolutely no side effects. Also she has no story to tell from the old age homes, where they are administering this to the 80+ Shall update once she and the old ones get the 2nd shot.  
  7. My partner got vaccinated today ( as a part of old age homes vaccination team) and there are no visible / noticeable side effects - so far so good.
  8. I used to live in Munich and now i live in Berlin. Munich is very beautiful and clean but very expensive ( was paying double the rent for half the size of an apartment there. Even the bread rolls are double the price there  ) But Berlin is definitely more cosmopolitan. I rarely heard english being spoken in a public space in Munich where as some Baristas in Berlin might not even speak german. There are many startups here and in many of them, english is the default language - atleast in the ones i had worked / am working thus ruining my chance to practice my B2 level german  The job market in the IT sector in these pandemic times is not too rosy and the relocation packet offered by our company is minimal ( so people who have really good reasons to come to Germany - relations / or coming from worse places, are opting for it ) . Even the foreign office is very slow in responding to the visa and other paperwork. Beside all the points mentioned by everyone else, one big factor is also Covid pandemic and how it will evolve next year between vaccines and the new strain coming across the english channel - and so, to disturb an applecart unless there is an emergency is not advisable.
  9. Grocery refund rules in German Supermarkets

    @GoldenLizard i use my entire terrace/Balkon as a Refrigerator in winter.  Food / vegetables / fruits will last longer there as compared to warmer Kitchen, if left outside the Fridge.  
  10. Thanks a lot @engelchen for clarifying and putting it in the correct section. I was in Bremen trying to fix another issue refer my other thread sometime back    also thanks @lunaCH  
  11. Hi, Berlin Ausländerbehorde had changed my plastic Aufenthaltstitel from Munich to a sticker on my passport this year when i had gone after the expiry of my passport. Its an unbefristet Niederlassungserlaubnis.   Today i was checked by Police in Bremen and when i showed them a copy of my passport with this sticker, they asked for the 2nd page of this Aufenthaltstitel. But i donot have a second page. I came back and checked my passport page by page, if i had made a mistake and there was nothing else. Just a one page sticker. Earlier too when i wanted to register for DHL delivery in Berlin, the website asked for the 2nd page.   Is it possible that the foreigner's office made a mistake and i need to go back and get the 2nd page?   Thanks.
  12. Kindergarten jobs for non eu citizen

     Yes you are partially right. I only know from personal experience. They waived off one year from the 3 year course for erzieher/in as the student had finished Masters in child psychology from a recognized university plus he had done C1 level german. I think the authorities are quite strict for child care here.  
  13. Kindergarten jobs for non eu citizen

    Best for her is to get into a govt school Ausbildung programme for erzieher /in like http://www.anna-freud-schule.de/    But before that she needs to have B2/ C1 level german.
  14. Am I missing something?

    Thank you all for the lovely insights and suggestions. I actually have no plans to take anything from my daughter and so i keep on saying, "ya ya, i will tell you when i need something and for now you can keep this money for a rainy day".   And till this incident, i only had a child's perspective when i would get something for my parents. They would also be reluctant to take something from me and only much later would i overhear them praising it ( kind of in a show off way ) to neighbours or relatives. So its only now with the role reversal do i get the full picture of the feelings of a parent and that of a child.  
  15. Am I missing something?

     Thanks @kiplette She was upset about the Bed. And i found it very demeaning and trivial. So normally i let bygones be bygones and reproach, but this time i felt, this was not fair to me and my daughter and to big talk of equality. But i asked here if there was something German or cultural which i also need to consider.