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  1. Yes you can request for a new PIN to be set at the ausländerbehörde. Make an appointment and mention that the PIN is lost. You can set a pin of your choice there. 

    You do not need a special Lesegerät. Download Ausweisapp and the Card can be read with NFC on your phone. With the pin, it can be authenticated to identify yourself. 


  2. An Update to my case. 


    We filed a case against the seller in court early November and at the same time we wrote to the original Leasing firm in Belgium asking if the car was stolen or sold illegally and as to why they did not react in February this year when police had found their car. We additionally mentioned if they are not interested in the car anymore, to take it off the list. 3 weeks later they wrote back mentioning it was sold without their consent making me the owner of the car as per german law since I bought the car in good faith. Also they confirmed that the car is no longer on wanted list and mentioned it is the fault of police for not taking it out of the list earlier. It’s a sort of happy ending as i get to keep the car legally and drive it without any problems but need to cover the costs of the lawyer for his work. I am not complaining that I need to pay for the lawyer but only that I am paying for someone else’s fault. Lawyer said i can’t go against the State. Basically the Police can make a mistake but the private citizens should bear the stress of it both emotionally and financially. Now we have written to court to withdraw the case. Hopefully they have not yet started working on it. Then at least we save court fees and opposition lawyer fee. 

    Thank you all for the support during this unexpected situation I went through. 




  3. 16 hours ago, yourkeau said:


    Now back to the original topic: Germany has the largest second-hand car market in Europe, the lesson to be learned is never to buy a car registered previously elsewhere. There is no benefit in doing so. 

    You are right but in my case I only got to know about the car registered in 2 different places after the police came knocking on my door after the Zulassungsstelle registered it to my name. As I have mentioned before even they had no clue about it still registered in Belgium nor it being  in Fahndungsliste. 


    Another piece of info I got on the case was that the Belgium police and the firm to which the car belongs to was informed by German police about the car being found back in January this year but they never reacted and so German Staatsanwaltschaft returned the car to previous seller. The Belgium police then mention that until the car is back in Belgium they will not take it off the list but the car was given back to ge seller by then and she had sold it to me. German police cannot it take it off the list on their own. Now even after the German police have informed that the car is in my place, the Belgian authorities have not reacted nor taken the car off the list yet. It’s like for their incompetence I am paying the price by simply parking the car in my Stellplatz as I don’t want to risk by driving it around because my lawyer said the insurance companies can refuse  claims(if the Car is involved in accident) if they find out it’s on Fahndungsliste. 


  4. 14 hours ago, LeonG said:


    I had a coworker that almost happened to.  He was meeting the guy somewhere late at night.  Was a bit spooked and decided to park a bit further away and call him and say he's there.  The guy comes out with a group of guys looking for him.  He took off.


    Another one sold a car on plates to a private buyer.  The buyer said he'd do the abmeldung the next day.  Instead he drove all over the place collecting fines on his plates.  He said he had his location broadcast on whatsapp so he could see which cities he's in.  He talked to the police and his insurance and they said sorry, not a lot we can do.  He was stuck cleaning up the mess.


    I sold my old car to  Didn't get too much money for it but they did the abmeldung right away and no worries about them coming back later and complaining that the car has developed some problem.

    Even if he did the Abmeldung the next day, time and date is mentioned on the Kaufvertrag when the car is off the seller‘s hand. 

    My colleague had the same issue and police knocked on his door. When he showed the contract with the time and date, they left saying he is off the hook and they will contact the guy who bought the car. 


     When i sold the car, I first got the money which was in cash as the buyer wanted it that way. So I took him with me to the bank, deposited it so that I knew no fake notes were involved and then did Abmeldung with him at the Zulassungsstelle. Only then he got the keys from me. 


  5. 21 hours ago, MikeMelga said:

    Also avoid selling it to a private person. Can also lead to a lot of problems. I traded in my last car, even if that meant losing 20% of its value, just to simplify a potential mess.

    What problems do you foresee there as long as the seller has been honest to list out everything about the car?


  6. 20 hours ago, Krieg said:


    Considering registering a car in Italy is expensive (not like here that it costs like 20 bucks), if they registered it there only for one month it was most probably just to create a fake history and be able to sell if here easily.

    If registering a car in Italy is expensive, then I would hope they have much thorough checks of the genuineness of the papers but unfortunately seems not to have happened in this case. 


    Moreover as per German ZFZR this history does not exist and also no insurance was taken in Italy. Info of Italian registration is only present in police files. As per German ZFZR, the previous owner is the first owner of the car and I am the second. It is as though the previous owner bought a new car. 


  7. 23 hours ago, vivanco said:

    That's a bummer. You did all the precautionary check and still landed in the mess. Feel sorry for you. Just getting curious did vin check pointed out the belgium and Italian history of the car? 


    I doubt police will divulge this info to anyone just calling. This is just my hunch after living here. You can't get your own accident report from the police, without involving lawyer. 


    Since the car already got successfully registered before in Germany without any police action and Zulassungsstelle were clueless about its stolen nature, I doubt you could have anything different to prevent your situation. 

    VIN info does point out Belgium history being present but not Italian as the car was registered only for a month there. Italian papers with which it was registered in Germany were legit as per the check of Zulassungstelle, so police suspect that it was registered in Italy with fake Belgien papers. I don’t know if the Italian Zulassungsstelle made the check for genuineness of the Belgian papers or not. 


    First time when it was registered, no one knew about the stolen nature because it got entered in the Fahndungsliste only in Jan this year but when I registered in may the case was already investigated. So my frustration is the Zulassungsstelle had no clue about it during my registration even when I asked why the dates on the Fahrzeug Schein are different from the Erstzulassung Date. They simply registered and I was contacted 5 days later by police when they got info from BKA. 


    Calling the police again, he checked the list for me when I gave him the VIN. I think it should work as we are not asking for any personal info but only a yes or no question 


  8. 14 hours ago, silty1 said:

    Sure, also check to make sure it's not some Auftrag thing like the OP got caught up in.  What a mess of shit. 

    Yes a very expensive lesson learnt. Another lesson is to first have Rechtsschutzversicherung and  then sign the contract, so that such legal issues are covered. 

    Another tip for people buying cars is to call up local police of your town and ask them to check the VIN in the database. They will most certainly do it. This seems a sure way to rule out any hidden legal issues with the car. 


  9. 8 hours ago, vivanco said:

    A quick check of the vin number against car vertical or similar vin-check website would have (most probably) revealed the stolen status of the car. That would have saved the Op unnecessary Hassel. 

    I did this  with car vertical but none of them showed up anything even with their paid option which provides much detailed info. I think it only shows any accidents or insurance claims. Even though it searched 12 stolen car databases in Europe it didn’t show up anything. I don’t know if it will show up only in Belgium stolen Car database which car vertical does not check. I was under the impression that with Schengen Information System (SIS), it was centralised and would show up in other databases too. May be car vertical does not really have access to it as they claim because it is a very protected database restricted to certain agencies alone. 


  10. An update on the proceedings. 


    We wrote with the lawyer for an out of court settlement also mentioning the above ruling to the seller but she refused our claims straightaway. She went on to say the car was never on the Fahndungsliste and she was the rightful owner when the car was sold. 


    This statement contradicts what was added on the contract about third person having rights on the car. Moreover I confirmed with the police that the car is still on the list. 

    We now have to probably  go to court against this seller. 


  11. Thanks for the link. The car was already in the Fahndungslist. Dont know if it is the same as SIS. They had also impounded the car from the seller and only when the original Belgium owner did not react, it was given back. But according to the lawyer, the seller was still not the owner and could not transfer it to me.

    He says that the Kaufvertrag is valid but the übergabe not. So we could ask to cancel the contract on this basis.


  12. Hello,

    I am in a very strange situation and hoping someone could provide some useful suggestion.

    I bought a 2020 German registered car in May this year from a dealer in Germany who was selling it for a private seller (im auftrag) also in Germany and therefore considered a private sale. Never met the actual owner. The car was originally from Belgium. The price of the car was in the price range of other cars of the same model and year. Few days after registration police show up at my door and say the car is in Fahndungslist. Even the Zulassungstelle had no clue about this, as I had asked during registration,if there was anything I should consider since this was the first time I bought as a private sale. Gave all the details about the buying process to the police. With a lawyer, got the documents from Public prosecutor regarding the case and turns out it’s a stolen car in Belgium, registered later in Italy and then to the previous owner in Germany. Later it was sold to me. The car was impounded by the police early this year and informed to the Belgian authorities. Since the actual owner in Belgium did not react in a timely fashion, the German public prosecutor  passed an order to return back the car to the previous owner from whom I bought, but the car is still on the Fahndungslist. Implications being if controlled at any EU border with VIN check, they can impound the car immediately, insurance providers can deny me payments in case of any claims or if the Belgian owner comes with court order any time I will have to give back the car.

    Other thing which the seller has made is to put a sentence in the sale contract about third party having rights on the car. This sentence was added on the template downloaded from internet. Unfortunately I did not read the first few lines, trusting the seller had taken the template straight from the internet. Was only made aware of it when my lawyer read the fine print of the contract in detail. I know its my mistake but even my lawyer agrees that such thing is not done normally and no one usually reads the fine print if the template is from a reputed site.

    My lawyer says, since it’s a stolen car as per German law I cannot have the ownership and therefore cannot sell it any point which I agree. I am in the process of contacting the seller through the lawyer for outside court settlement for case of cheating as they did not inform me about the stolen car story when they sold it to me. To take back the car and give back the money.

    My questions for suggestions are

    1.       If they do not agree for outside court settlement and I have to go to court (which will cost quite a lot) and the judge rules in their favor stating that Belgian owner did not come back, what options do I have?

    2.       If I contact any Belgian lawyer and be successful (very small chance) in removing the car from the Fahndungslist, can I then claim to be the owner and drive the car as well as sell it at a later date without any implications of committing a fraud?

    3.       Any one who had similar experiences, could you please shed light how you resolved your situation?

    Sorry for the long post. Hoping for some support in this situation I have got myself into.




  13. You cannot get an Indian passport being a German citizen.  For this you need a letter from amt stating he/she is not a German citizen which they will not give as they say it is for the child to decide when he / she is 18 years. Therefore for the moment the child will be a German citizen and will need to get German passport and on turning 18 they can decide for themselves.  A work around if you really want Indian passport, is to have birth in India. In that case the child will get Indian citizenship and passport before 18 years. 


  14. It is covered. Because elterzeit and Elterngeld time starts on the day of birth of child.  So after 8 weeks of mutterschutz are done, Elterngeld will take over. In the case GMan mentioned between June 29 and July 4, Elterngeld will be paid pro rata basis. Whatever is the amount for a month will be divided by 30 and multiplied by 5. 


  15. You should have received 2 lohnsteuerbescheinigung. Fill as it is mentioned on them. Tax class for each of them will be mentioned on them. You can add extra lohnsteuerbescheinigung in elster after the first one. 

    For arbeitlosengeld in Hauptvordruck it's on page 3 or 4 under Sozialleistungen I guess. Select arbeitlosengeld from drop down and fill the amount  you received. 

    For all the three items you need to mention their period. 


  16. Just a small correction. 

    Even though during mutterschutz full net salary will be given, a part of it is paid by health insurance. 13 euros per day. The rest is paid by the employer. Therefore it is necessary to give the certificate provided by the doctor to the insurance company,so that their part is paid at the right time.


    Congratulations and all the best.


  17. If someone admits that they are moving out of EU, does not want Kindergeld by informing familienkasse and the familienkasse takes a long time to process their request but is still paying kindergeld until then would it not be logical that they should get back only the amount paid and not ask for interest at 6%? Even credit from a bank does not have that high rate. Also the money in the bank would also not fetch interest at that rate. Why is the interest rate so high?