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  1.   Well, it's that time of year again.  People who are new in Germany or don't own a car will not know what on Earth I am on about.   The "Marder", or in English, a "Pine Marten", is a vicious little mammal that enjoys chewing on hot rubber or plastic. To prevent these animals getting into your car's inner bits and bobs it's recommended that you park you car in your Tiefgarage. Other preventative methods are to place rolled up mesh wire under the engine compartment of your car.   It may well be worth looking at your insurance to see if you are covered for Marder damage.   See the photo for what they look like.   Take care out there!   G
  2. Just A hypothetical question...   If I had a cat and for some reason fancied having its claws pulled out, would a German vet be prepared or allowed to do this?   I wonder what would your thoughs be on this delicate subject?   G
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