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  1. Eligibility for Covid stimulus checks

    Yes I checked that a number of times, but there was never any information given about the second, simply that there was no information beyond the 1st and 3rd. All I know is I never got it and it was not deposited directly. It is a mystery 
  2. Eligibility for Covid stimulus checks

    *** Update ***   I received the third Covid check like a month ago. Strangely, I never got the second check (the $600 one). I was advised I have to try and get that via my 2020 tax return. Which I will do in my tax return (still have to file). I guess so long as the Government is just going to print monopoly money, for which I or my kids will have to pay the interest, I might as well get it. 
  3. Hi all,   I am curious how many American expats have received covid stimulus checks. I received the first check last year (delayed but I received it by mail in Germany). I have yet to receive the second stimulus check ($600) and I know the $1400 checks are just now being sent out. According to the IRS website, all the second-wave checks have been mailed out and you can't even check the status on those anymore. I guess it is possible the check still could be coming on the mail (mail is really slow right now between the US and Germany). But I am starting to lose hope.    I file taxes every year (have not yet for 2020 - don't have enough information yet). Curious how many expats have received the checks effectively because of the German/US tax treaty and the ability to set off income nearly 1:1 (like with a Form 2555) + deductions, which results in little to no bottom line income in the US. I was surprised to receive the first check because had I earned my income in the US, I would not have been eligible to receive any Covid relief. But because my US income effectively nets out to $0 on my 1040, I guess it looks like I, or indeed most expats, are pretty poor. I am not complaining that I got my check - just wondering if the IRS considered that! Well...maybe for the second check they have! Anyone else out there get a check only essentially only because your bottom line 1040 nets out to a small number or $0?   Thanks! Would love to hear other experiences.