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  1. Problem getting birth certificate for newborn

    Regarding birth certificate: Any parents been in a similar situation? Please any inputs are much appreciated ♥️   I’ve been trying to get my daughter’s birth certificate who is now over 1 year old without much luck.   It took some time, but I finally have all the documents translated, apostille and all . I am not American hence the difficulty getting all the right documents. But last time I wanted to submit the documents we goy turned away because I didn’t have :    ❗️Nachweis der Staatsangehörigkeit beider Ehegatten der geschiedenen Ehe (z.B. durch beglaubigte Passkopien der Ehegatten).❗️    My American ex husband is not the father. He live in the states. We don’t have any contact. And my German partner who is the father cannot be on birth certificate until I get this document. He is also the father of my two other children.   I now have a lawyer involved to help, but I wanted to know whether anyone has been in a similar situation? This is so stressful as I’m stuck in Germany and cannot travel with my daughter and not to mention. Standesamt  said once she turn 2 my ex husband will be named father on the papers.