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  1. Hi all! This is my first post in this forum though I ve been reading in it for a while which is why I want to thank everyone for all the good information in here.   My question to you would be (and I hope it hasnt been asked before): How are the chances on getting a banking job in Munich with the following qualifications: Degree in business studies Irish QFAs (Qualified financial advisor exams) and Train the trainer certificate   I am not asking for myself but rather for my boyfriend who is Irish. We are thinking abt relocating to Germany, preferably Munich or anywhere else in a Bavarian city. I would like to know how his chances would be to get a job in a bank. Now his German isnt the best (probably A2)so it would be best if there would eb any bank that has English as its company language. He is working in a bank now as a trainer (he trains the staff in how to use their systems, how to answer the phone and so on...) and has previously worked in the call center of his bank. All in all, he has about 5 years of experience in the bank.   He would like to do some kind of training again but I wondered if this would be possible in Munich (I really dont know much abt the job market there...)   If not, can you think of any other position in a bank or financial institution where he might be able to find work?   He has also worked in a call center for technical support. Are there any call centers like that in Munich where it would be enough to speak basic German?   Thank you all in advance, sabita