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  1. Advice on Properly Ventilating a Basement

    Just providing an update.  Looks like I found a solution with daily ventilation.  Since my last post, it has become noticeably drier and less musty smelling.  It is a bit annoying having to go down there and open the windows each day, but it seems like it does the trick.  When it rains or if its damp outside, I leave them closed, but when I go to open the windows as soon as its dry, I can see condensation gathering on all the windows.  The key is to keep the air flowing.  Its a bit easier now in the fall weather, but we'll see how it goes come Winter and Summer.
  2. Hello All! We live in a somewhat older house (built in 1914) and its constructed like many of the older homes in RLP, out of the red-Sandstone bricks.  The basement is unfinished, but one side is considered a "dry basement" and the other is not.  The basement is divided into three rooms, all without doors, and each has two to three small windows.  They're the rectangular types that look like they used to be coal chutes back in the day.  We have always had problems controlling the climate in the basement and keeping the moisture levels down, especially on the rooms that are not considered a dry basement.  Everything smells like mildew and feels a bit damp.  I haven't seen mold, but its probably there.  Regarding the windows, should I open them or keep them closed to help with moisture?  I've tried googling, but the answers are all over the place and none had specific instructions for sandstone houses.  I'm sure that depending on the season, I should have them open or closed, but I'm not sure which.  Looking to see if anyone else has experience with this and could provide some advice.