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  1. Housing with German wife

    Nickstraub,   Be careful when you separate and live with your German spouse.  The German Finanzamts have been targeting US personnel who are married to German spouses.  Google the topic and look for the numerous Stars and Stripes articles.  BL, if the local Finanzamt thinks you have showed "intent to stay" they will back-tax you for all your time spent in Germany while under the SOFA status.  This has cost hundreds of service members and contractors thousands of dollars, legal fees, and headaches.  Some have been back-taxed as much as six figures.  You might be better off PCS'ing back to CONUS for a bit and then come back to Germany.  Otherwise you run that risk of tax issues.  It sucks, and its illegal.  But, unfortunately, USAREUR who runs the SOFA program in Germany, hasn't done too much about it.  The Bundestag is finally starting to look into it, but I'm not sure how long it will take for them to stop the Finanzamt's predatory tactics.   Here is the latest article from Stars and Stripes about the issue, worth the read and research:  
  2.   Danke Danielg! We recently had our 2015 Outback go through the German TÜV and it passed the inspection, we even got the "Licht Test" sticker for the windshield.  However, our Subaru doesn't have the " Nebelschlussleuchte" rear fog light.  Can anyone confirm if that is required?  Maybe the car is pre-wired for one, but we're not sure.
  3. I checked the TÜV Nord website, I didn't see any place there where I could check what is required for US Spec vehicles to pass the TUV.  Am I missing something on that website?
  4. Thank you everyone for the advice. Indeed, it looks like everyone has different experiences. We will definitely contact the Notar and see what our options are. Thanks again for the help!
  5. My wife (who is a German citizen) and I have started the process to purchase a home in Germany. I am finding conflicting information with regards to having an English Translator at the Notary for the German equivalent of a "house closing".   Do we still need to have a translator present if my wife is there to translate? I can speak some German, but I'm not at the level I would need to understand complex legal documents.  Hell, even my wife who is a native speaker is concerned with understanding them! 😁   I have read that German law allows you to hire your own Notar and one could find one that speaks both English and German. Would that negate the need for the translator? We are also exploring just putting the house 100% in my wife's name so I would not need to sign it and thus negate the Notar translator requirement.   Does anyone else have any experience or tips with this process?