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  1.  Today I FINALLY received an email from the LABO asking me for documents to go along with my application. Now all I have to do is freshen up the documents I already obtained last summer. 11 months is unbelievable. In the meantime I was considering an Untätigkeitsklage but I'm not sure it would be valid if they are still under corona restrictions.
  2. Thanks for your post @OMO4life, I was also totally wondering what the heck is going on and should have come here earlier to ask. My Verlauf: May 2020: Applied via website for Niederlassungserlaubnis. Have been living here for almost 10 years this time around. June 2020: After trying a bunch of times, got someone on the phone who said to apply via email. Applied via email, received email confirmation that prior Aufenthaltserlaubnis and work permit remains valid. (Which is good since I have a job). July 2020: Aufenthaltserlaubnis expired. Fall 2020: crickets January 2021: Email reply, what's going on. Nothing. March 2021: Letter via registered mail, what's going on. Nothing. Some of my German friends have advised getting a lawyer, but I am not sure what they can do other than write letters and in prior occasions when I have been advised by German friends to talk to a lawyer, I have not been impressed and felt it a waste of money.  @engelchen, just curious what is your nationality, US? (I am US). @Santitas, unreal! You must be in the T-Zone (either that or all the rest of us are!) I understand that it's a pandemic but I've been going to work every day since it started. Issuing a visa is not like flying a spacecraft to Mars, people! LOL