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  1. Open a bank account without an anmeldung

      Sadly N26 now closed for UK residents... looking to set up an account before moving and seems harder than expected!
  2. Hello,   I am a British citizen currently living in the UK. I have a son (12 years old) who has dual nationality. He was born in the UK but lives with his German mother in Germany; we are divorced, she has remarried.   I am hoping to move to Germany to be closer to my son and support him; although he will continue to live with his mother. I would find my own place to live and hopefully as I 'work remotely' in the UK my employer may be flexible. I am financially solvent. I think my choices are:   1. a blue card if my employer would sponsor me and supports me relocating to Germany but that is not ideal...   2. I think my second and preferred choice is a 'family reunification visa'. I would be moving to support my sons psychological welfare and development. But could I work still? How long are they valid?   At the moment I travel over to see my son once per month or so on a tourist visa but for his sake it would be better if I could live close to him in Germany. His mother supports this idea and thinks it would be great for my son to have me close.   Any ideas if this is possible? Any suggestions before I fork out €200-€300 on an initial solicitor consultation?
  3.   @LimeGreenJelly What happened about renewing? Did you just have to show the same papers or anything in addition? Was it just extended for another 1 year?   I am now quite excited at the prospect... seems doable and I can get work so would definitely be planning for more than 1 year...   Thanks for posting everyone!
  4. Thanks for this... on that link it does state:   The key condition is that the German must have his or her main place of residence in Germany and the foreigners must intend to live with the German national as a family unit.   Not sure my ex will want me (as the foreigner) living with her and her new husband even if we do get on ok! My son will continue to live with them; I just plan to find a place to rent close by. Do you think that is possible? "key condition" doesn't imply it's negotiable