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  1. Hi!

    I am a US citizen that lived in Munich from 2005-2007 and was a frequent user of TT. At the time, I was single, arrived in Munich and registered for residence and work permit on my own, no problems.

    This time, I am moving from China with my wife (UK citizen) and two kids (US/UK dual citizens). As a single person, dealing with uncertainty upon arrival was no problem. With a family, I'd like to nail down as much of the immigration issues as possible ahead of arrival.

    To that end, can anyone provide recommendations of a competent immigration law firm (or individual lawyer) preferably located in or around Munich? I searched TT a bit, but could not find what I was looking for.

    Thanks in advance!

    Ryan (aka Anwalt)


  2. From what DrivinWest told me last night, sounds like you will really be in Lansing and not so much in Detroit. Lansing is a good 70 miles away from Detroit.


    My advice is to do a bar night in East Lansing, the home of Michigan State University. The main strip of bars is on Grand River. I think that you, being a US virgin and all, will find the MSU college girls to be a worthwhile experience in itself.


    Depending on the time you have, you can drive over to Lake Michigan or Lake Huron, but they are both quite a drive, about 50 miles or so.


    Having grown up in Detroit, its not so bad, but the weak are definitely killed and eaten there.


  3. I've been self-employed in Germany for the last two years. The only taxes that you are required to pay are Einkommensteuer and Solidaritätszuschlag. The amount of money you make plays no role (i.e., even if you made under €80k as a self-employed person, you are only required to pay these two taxes).


    As far as health insurance goes, you most likely would have to go private, which, IMO is way better than the public Krankenkasse. I have premium coverage through DKV and it only costs €145 per month. The insurance covers everything and DKV has been great over the last few years with reimbursing me for all medical expenses, no questions asked.


  4. If you are working in Germany for longer than six months, your residency for tax purposes becomes Germany. This means that you are obligated to pay German taxes, whether you receive the money in Germany or they wire it to a bank account in NZ. If NZ has a double-tax agreement with Germany, any taxes you might have owed in NZ will be offset by what you paid in Germany.


    Of course, you can always try to fly under the radar, but most people that are going to be paying you will want your German tax ID number for their accounting and tax purposes.


  5. I think you have to already be a fan of / know their music. I have to say that it was a great show, especially how interactive the band was with the crowd.


    @GreenTea: If you had stayed a little longer you could have participated in the singing battle between the two-sides of the venue.



    Unlike Obama, there are simply too many reasons for her not to run and to few for a run. She is plan and simply too polarizing and America just doesn't need that right now.

    Oh my god, I totally agree with eurovol on this one. I'll blame it on the wacky weather.


  7. When you get back to Kansas, just go get a new Kansas license. Tell them you lost it or it was stolen. That's how I got my US license back after giving it up to get my German one.


    Anyway, when I am driving in the US, and if I were to get stopped, I would give my German license and my passport and tell the cop I live in Germany now. They'll either let you go because they can't be bothered with the hassle (depending on how severe your traffic violation is), or simply make you pay the fine without points on your license.


  8. Okay, it isn't a small glass.


    I am looking at a picture entitled "jigger". It looks like it could be a shot glass, but it is open at both ends so it wouldn't work very well holding a liquid. Almost looks like a lampshade.


    The drawing is for a design patent applied for by an Australian company.