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  1. I don't think it's because of the "hate". People have been hating on each other here for over 10 years, and it never stopped the Christmas party from having a few hundred sign ups some years, or for events like TT Tuesday for successfully working for a decade or so.


    I rarely log in or post anymore, but it really wasn't because of pointless threads about Mother Teresa or arguing about Sunday trading that I left. It's basically because TT doesn't have much left to offer me. I've lived in Munich for over 16 years now and I know my way around. I also have set social circles and a good number of friends (many of whom I originally met through TT), so I don't need to join any events. On top of that, FB has all sorts of interest groups where there are events happening all the time.


    So it's run its course for me. I'll check in from time to time, but the days of being heavily involved have almost certainly passed for me. I know that a lot of people I met through TT feel the same...of the few that haven't left Germany, a lot of the others have families now, and are in a different stage of their lives. TT has served its purpose for us, and there is not much more it can give us. Aside from which...basically every question has been answered now, so it's not like we're going to be terribly useful to newcomers.


    The early days were a lot of fun, and the social scene also had a pub we all visited in Gunther Murphy's. You could basically go there any time of the week and see TT's there. Later, the same could also be said about The Arc and the Twisted Bavarian. I guess in those days, we were also a more intimate group, so most of us knew each other personally - possibly more than people do now. I don't know if the problem is that the group got too large and disparate or whether it was that important to have these meeting hubs, that have all since closed...


    If I'm going to be critical of anything, it's that TT also basically hasn't changed since it began some 15 years ago. It's still almost exclusively a chat forum, and other social media has come along in that time and reinvented itself to stay relevant. To a large extent, TT hasn't kept up with the changing social media landscape.


    So we move on...


  2. 18 hours ago, LukeSkywalker said:


    I don't think that Sky Sports is free of charge. I'm glad that I can watch the Olympics, World Cup Football, Champions League, etc. on public TV. 


    Maybe you should read my post properly.  I said that ground rules should be set to only allow FTA channels to bid...FTA = Free to Air.  


    You don't pay extra to watch ProSieben, Sat1 or RTL...


  3. 4 hours ago, Smaug said:

    The GEZ budget is so high because it doesn't just get spent on producing programming. Do you think that paying for, as an example, the rights to broadcast football matches is cheap? 


    Public broadcasting should have no business whatsoever in paying for sporting rights.  It is a complete waste of taxpayer money.  There are plenty of private networks that can bid for these games, that are then funded by advertising.  It is a bizarre and unique situation where we have a government run organisation insisting on paying for something that the private sector would offer at no cost to the taxpayer.


    Just set out some ground rules that the games may only be bid on by FTA networks, and prohibit them from showing advertising during the actual play, and the taxpayer basically gets the exact same product at no charge to them.


  4. Sorry - hadn't logged into TT for a while and missed this discussion.


    I could probably be Commish again if nobody else can do it.  My main concern is that I'm not online as much as I was before, so may not be able to resolve all issues in a timely manner.  Other than that, I have no problem doing it again.


    I'm happy to host the draft at my place again.  I can also host the draft at the bar if you'd prefer that. If that's the preferred option, I'll reserve the lounge area and provide a 15 litre self service keg of beer at cost price.  5 September would suit me well for either location.


    I like the TE position and would vote to keep it.


  5. I'd like to play and will offer to host the draft again.  I'm not sure I can be commissioner again though.  Got lots on my plate at the moment.


    Returning Teams:


    1. Starnberger Stürmers.

    2. Frankfurt Risk Factors

    3. Rhine Fire

    4. Famunda Cheese

    5. Hazza











    New Teams (should space allow):






  6. You guys sound like 'experts'. Truth is selling and renting property is a pain in the butt, you need tons of patience to deal with all the time wasters and the potential financial risks. So I, like many other landlords will continue using someone with much better experience and legal knowledge who will filter everything for me.

    You think the real state agents do not do anything more than showing the property for 10 minutes and pocketing thousands of EUR for that because that's what you saw from your end. You do not know how many times the property has been shown, some customers may take 10 minutes, other ones will make you waste tons of time and then even if you choose them they decide not to sign last minute, etc.

    I've tried renting and selling myself without an agent because I do not like to pay when I am the buyer, but believe me it is not as simple as putting an Internet ad and waiting with a contract you downloaded from the Internet.

    ​Aha...well you see this is the point.  For the person who was paying until now, the only service they saw (and hence received) was getting shown the place for 10 minutes, getting a contract to sign and then getting a key.  All other services were for the benefit of the landlord - this includes all the unsuccessful viewings that a makler organised so that the landlord didn't have to.  So it's only right that they now have to pay for this.  I used a Makler once to rent a property, and several times without one.  Aside from the cost, I noticed no difference whatsoever from my side.  I also managed to buy a property without a makler - this is far more complex, but even here a makler wasn't necessary - at least from the buyer side.

    And curiously, the costs for a makler that the landlord has to pay is half (or even less) than the prospective tenant has to pay, with more services offered - and I'm pretty sure that it would be possible to knock the price down to a point where it's worth it for a landlord to use a Makler - even without passing on the cost.


  7. Landlords will react in different ways...

    ​And this is exactly the reason why sneakily trying to foist extra charges or make a tenant pay for the Makler in a roundabout way will have little success.

    If landlords were a united body who all got together and decided to find ways around the new laws, then tenants would be screwed.  However, landlords have nothing in common, other than owning property that they rent out.  From large companies, to business minded property investors, to elderly people who have downsized, or people who have inherited property - they cover a wide range.  Most of them are just going to follow the new rules.

    So if 8 out of 10 landlords decide to play by the rules and just forego a makler, or use one themselves at the increasingly reasonable prices - that they can all write off on tax anyway, then the 2 out of 10 landlords that try to screw the tenants into covering their makler outlay aren't going to get too many tenants willing to rent off them.  And even if they do, due to a lack of rental places in some markets, then that still leaves 8 out of 10 tenants ahead.


  8. Hazza- don't think you can blame Sunday closing for ruined burger buns. How about blaming the idiot who left them out of freezer?

    Oh yes - well why didn't I think of that. Because blaming "the idiot" will solve everything and get me new stock...Perhaps he was just really upset because he regularly works on Sundays.

    ​Shit happens...but it would be nice to be able to correct mistakes made without being held back by inflexible and frankly archaic laws.  I'm prepared to pay someone for new stock, and I'm sure there would be someone prepared to supply it too, but oh no - the government who should have absolutely nothing to do with a transaction that is perfectly legal for 6 days a week, prevents us from conducting this transaction on the forbidden 7th day.

    Sorry - but that's pretty fucked up.


  9. Hate to hear that, Hazza. I hope that there is a good chance that it won't happen again. Sincerely.

    Almost 40 yrs. ago, I used to work in the best burger/hot dog place in town - a pool (billiards) hall. That would have been a catastrophe.

    ​Yes - and a totally unneccessary catastrophe that could easily be avoided by allowing Sunday trading.


  10. Good for you.  All the burger buns in my bar were accidentally left out, got mouldy and had to be thrown out.  I can't get any new ones to sell until tomorrow.

    But hey, as long as your freezer is fully stocked - who needs Sunday shopping?


  11. OMG!! It's Sunday and I can't go shopping! What shall I do all day?? Should I go for a nice walk and check out the beautiful hobby gardens in full bloom? Go by a lake and chill out? Binge watch some TV series that I've been meaning to catch up on?? etc., etc...

    Yeah...​With every other fucker who's out enjoying the weather.  This argument makes no sense whatsoever.

    If you want to go out to parks or lakes on Sunday, then it's much better for you if shops are open on that day, because it diverts some of the crowd away from where you're trying to enjoy some tranquility and into the shops.  Currently people who have no time during the week, do their shopping on Saturdays and then all go out to parks on Sundays - meaning they're always full of people if the weather is fine.  If some of those people could go shopping on Sundays instead, then there'd be a lot who go and enjoy a day out on Saturday instead and then do their shopping on Sundays - leaving you with fewer people to contend with.

    And worse still is if Saturday has good weather and then it rains all day on Sunday.  People could then at least plan their shopping day on the weather forecast.

    If you want to stay home and watch catch-up tv, then I'm not sure how shops being open would impact you at all...Perhaps you could explain this.


  12. I think landlords were generally trying to get the best Maklers available, because they were getting the majority of the service from them.  What they didn't care about was what they charged - because they weren't footing the bill.

    And look - this is already changing:





    Renters aren't being asked to pay the 2.38 months rent - mostly the costs have halved, plus they're getting extra services that weren't previously offered (like 12 months guarantee on rental income)

    It can still be expensive though, and I predict prices will either come down even further, or there'll be still more services offered.

    It's become a competitive market all of a sudden, where the price now means something to those engaging the service. How can this be a bad thing?


  13. Speaking of tourism - the most ridiculous thing is that even during the Oktoberfest in Munich, nothing opens on Sundays.  That's 3 days.  Now add on the 3rd of October holiday and there are 4 days out of 16 where the entire city is shut down.  There are millions of tourists who have brought their money and there's nowhere for them to buy a fucking cuckoo clock for 25% of the time when the world's biggest folk-fest is on. This year, 3 October is on a Saturday, so any tourists coming here for the final weekend can buy nothing at all in the city. 

    It's really fucking stupid...


  14. For you

    ​It makes no sense because there are so many exceptions to the rule.  Why should someone working at Edeka in the middle of the city be treated like a special little snowflake when there's someone at the airport doing the exact same job for the exact same company on a Sunday?

    That makes no sense.


    If you have ever done any of the following on a Sunday, then you're expecting people to work in non-essential jobs for things that you want, but trying to prevent them from working in jobs that you don't want.  That's called "being selfish"

    • Gone to a restaurant, bar, cafe, bakery, beer garden, fast food outlet, service station, cinema, bowling alley, amusement park, museum, kiosk, etc
    • Taken a flight or a train to go on holidays
    • Taken public transport to go to the park or to friends or anything else that isn't "essential"
    • Stayed in a hotel or hostel or camping site on holidays
    • Bought anything at the train station or airport as you're about to leave
    • Watched TV - particularly live sports where both players and commentators have to work
    • Hired a car
    • Visited a Folksfest
    • Read a newspaper on Monday
    • Visited any number of websites, such as news or entertainment sites

    You do none of these things, right?


  15. People working the "emergency sector" -- that' s a silly example which always comes up. They don't work for our convenience.

    ​I'll pass that onto my bar-staff.  I'm sure that they'll be happy to know that they actually work for the "emergency sector" and not for anyone's "convenience"


  16. ...3 millions. That' the number of people who work in the sales in Germany, btw.

    Of which a good proportion already work on Sundays - at airports/train/bus stations, working in bakeries, service stations, kiosks, sex shops, on trains, etc.

    The whole "worker protection" thing makes no sense. 


  17. It's a massive headache for me.

    I own a bar and unfortunately have quite limited refrigeration space.  Fridays and Saturdays are (like most bars), my busiest nights.  If I get slammed on Saturday night, then I can't restock until Monday.  Last week, exactly that happened and because Monday was also a public holiday, I had to drive to the fucking airport to buy mince beef at inflated prices so that we could still sell burgers on Sunday and Monday.

    So to all those people who want shops closed because "Oooh, we want to walk through empty streets in the middle of the city one day a week" - this archaic law can actually cause a large amount of inconvenience and cost to some of us.



    It´s still not clear to me what this means in practical terms. What if a landlord simply informs a Makler that he has an apartment available for renting out without formally mandating him and if the Makler simply doesn´t offer it to a potential tenant unless he gets a mandate from him? In that scenario nothing would have changed, would it?


    Because most landlords will see the new law and not go looking for loopholes, because sticking an ad on Immoscout isn't exactly rocket surgery.


    The few that will be determined to use a makler at the tenants cost won't be getting any enquiries, because there will be enough properties available that the ones kept secret won't ever be enquired about, and can sit there gathering dust while the landlord tries to plot some other way of getting a Makler involved without having to pay.


    You're assuming that landlords are some sort of organised collective who will all band together to beat this new law, when quite obviously they are not.


    Really - For the vast majority of prospective tenants, the last person they want to see is a Makler. Why would they go to one voluntarily when the law changes?



    How so?


    We actually lost 2 months rent by doing extensive renovations to the tune of another €5k. Had the showing and could have had it rented the next week had the prospective tenants that were begging for it been true to their word. Of course, we do expect to recoup the money over the long term.


    IMHO, it shouldn't take 2 months to rent out a flat with the demand as high as it is.


    What do renovations have to do with this? You would have presumably had to pay for renovations whether got a makler or not. You lost a month's rent due to an unfortunate situation where the renter reneged. However you still rented the place out within a month. A Makler typically takes 2 months rent. A month's rent was saved.



    Now I have this apartment to rent out and I'm not satisfied with the new law .Nor do I want to look for a tenant myself. Let's see...


    I will email a Makler and tell him that I have that and that place to rent out. No order, but simply an announcement. The Makler then can use this and show it to (legally) one person seeking an apartment he has in his files. Who would have to pay for. And I could even ask for a favour, let's say a € 300.- voucher for my MIL for telling the Makler all the details.


    I bet we will see more dubious business coming up. One of those laws where afterwards the lawmakers will say " well, THAT wasn't our intention".


    No - you'll be sitting on your property, because once the new law takes effect, prospective tenants won't be going to a Makler to see what they have available. They'll be looking for properties themselves online, as they do now. Prospective tenants tend to get involved with Maklers only because they're the ones who posted an ad - hardly anyone deliberately involves a Makler. Why would this change once the law is changed??


    You can watch your place gather dust...