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  1. Thank you for your responses. The landlord did seem to be in a mood to setup the house, so that each tenant could have their separate measurements. But the strange thing is that they wanted to push the costs onto us, as if it was our wish to have this done! I will report back on this thread when I hear from Mieterverein.
  2. Thank you very much for your reply.   Thanks for the suggestion. Already done!   Anyway, I am going to contact the landlady and ask what the übrigen Betriebskosten is all about.
  3. Hello!   I have a question regarding the betriebskosten. We recently moved into a Reiheneckhaus, previously always having lived in apartments. Now, there is no Hausverwaltung that sends a yearly bill, so I am wondering how the nebenkosten is calculated.   We had the following in our rent agreement:   Vorauszahlung auf die Betriebskosten für Heizung und Warmwasser:  100 EUR Vorauszahlung auf die übrigen Betriebskosten gemäß §2 Betriebskostenverordnung:  110 EUR   But just 1 month into our contract, the landlord has sent us this additional agreement to sign:   Die im Mietvertrag vereinbarte monatliche Vorauszahlung auf die Betriebskosten für Heizung und Warmwasser über 100 € wird einvernehmlich geändert in Folgendes: Die Betriebskosten für Heizung und Warmwasser werden monatlich pauschal mit 176,25 € abgegolten. Es wird weiterhin vereinbart, dass die hier getroffene Vereinbarung über die Zahlung der Betriebskosten für Heizung und Warmwasser in Form einer monatlichen Pauschale über 176,25 € durch die Vermieter nach dem ersten Abrechnungszeitraum des Gasanbieters in eine verbrauchsabhängige Vorauszahlung auf die Betriebskosten für Heizung und Warmwasser geändert werden kann oder eine Erhöhung/Anpassung der Pauschale für die Betriebskosten für Heizung und Warmwasser erfolgen kann.   I asked her to give us an explanation, and also send us the previous invoices from the gas provider. From that, it does seem like the costs are higher. She replied:   Gerne teile ich Ihnen mit, dass die 100 € ursprünglich als Vorauszahlung vereinbart waren, sodass entsprechend höhere oder niedrigere Kosten nach der Jahresmessung des Verbrauchs durch uns zurück gezahlt oder durch Sie nachgezahlt werden hätten können. Mit einer Pauschale sind die Kosten verbrauchsunabhängig abgegolten, weshalb eine Schätzung der kommenden Kosten vorgenommen werden muss. Ich habe den Wert anhand der letzten Verbrauchswerte (Durchschnitt errechnet) und Ihrer Wohnfläche ermittelt.   What "pauschal" is she talking about? Is it something different from the standard rent agreement, where we would get some money back, or pay extra once the yearly costs are determined (based on usage)? Is she expecting a flat payment regardless of usage?   The other question I would ask is - what are the "übrigen" costs usually for a house.   I do not think she is trying to rip us off. On the contrary, our interactions have been quite pleasant until now. Moreover, she is a first-time landlord.   Any tips would be very helpful.
  4. Renting a flat, but not living there

    Thank you again. I am reading more about this here: https://www.vermietet.de/vermieterbescheinigung-mietvertrag   Seems like a new law came up in 2015 regarding the confirmation of the tenancy, aimed specifically at bogus registrations like the one I was planning! So, I am abandoning this crazy idea. Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction.
  5. Renting a flat, but not living there

    Thank you very much for the prompt reply. I agree, I had overlooked the Wohngungsgeberbescheinigung in my grand scheme. What is the BMG though? Moreover, the set of of documents mentions "Wohnraumnachweis (Mietvertrag mit aktuellen Mietkosten oder Eigentumsnachweis, wie z.B., Kaufvertrag)". It does not mention anything about Wohngungsgeberbescheinigung, thought that may differ from 1 LRA to another.   That said, I am in absolutely no mood to commit any misdemeanors, and hence asking the good folks here.   Please understand that we have been waiting patiently, (but frustratingly) for the whole of 2020. We gave the benefit of doubt with regards to Covid, Brexit etc. But when our friends living 30 kms away, from the same nationality take only 2 months, the mind starts thinking of creative and expensive alternatives.
  6. Renting a flat, but not living there

    Hello, I am my family find ourselves in a rather strange position. We have been in Germany since 8 years, and fulfill all the criteria of citizenship. We live in an apartment that we own. Unfortunately, the responsible person in the Landratsamt is extremely slow. We applied in Jan 2020, and only now he has sent us the list of documents. A complete 1 year later. We spoke to some other people, who also were severely delayed in getting their citizenship. We have some plans, and would like to get the citizenship asap. I fear that if we apply here, it will take forever for our application to get processed.   Meanwhile, friends in the neighboring LRA got theirs in 2 months! Yes, just 2 months from the first contact to the LRA.   We are considering taking up an apartment on rent in that LRA, registering with the Gemeinde, and then applying to that LRA for our citizenship. We do not want to move though. When the citizenship would be done, we would give notice to the landlord. Our financial situation allows us to pay rent (burn money) for the rental apartment for 3/4/5 months, which is what we assume should be enough.   Apart from being a "verruckt" thing to do, and apart from causing the Landlord some strife (because they would have to look for a new tenant soon-ish), I would like to know the legal implications of this. Do we need to disclose categorically to the Gemeinde, that we are not de-registering from our apartment? I guess we could say that we are still looking for a tenant for our apartment. If we do really go this route, what else do we need to think about? I was planning to go once a week or so to air the empty apartment and just check that nothing is wrong.   I know that this sounds extreme, but our frustration with the existing LRA has reached a limit. Phone-calls are not answered, escalations lead to nowhere. Meanwhile, a phone-call to the neighboring LRA was received very pleasantly, and they were like "yeah, just do the Anmeldung, come to me and we will start the process". It is bad luck that we are stuck with the current LRA.   Many thanks, K