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  1. Is the February ticket still availabil? Thks C 

  2. Selling remaining jan for €40 and full feb for €50
  3. Hi Lisa,   thanx for the note, I didn’t see the news from yesterday. My card is a yearly subscription which I get new every march and in last months I have been using my car a lot hence I thought to sell tickets ( almost no use). after reading news seems I will get 2 new cards for jan and feb with updated zone. I will see then and sell it accordingly.   cheers  
  4. Hi all,   I have monthly card for coming Jan and Feb for Ring 1-4 available to sell. These are transferable cards (IsarCard Abo) and can be used by anyone in any of the Public transport in Munich (U Bahn, S bahn, Bus, Tram etc).   Normal price for monthly card ~ € 80   Selling Price: Jan - €65 Feb - €70   Pick up possible around Ostbahnhof.   Please PM me if interested.   Cheers