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  1. We are just now embarking on renovating a house and I'm looking at flooring options for a kitchen, flur and attached bathroom.  The rest of the ground floor level has a gorgeous hard wood oiled floor - which has been boasted to be chemical free (that was never important to me, but having the remainder of the floor also eco-friendly would be nice)   The kitchen now is a wide tile with pretty grubby looking grout.  I am kind of tired myself of worrying about cleaning out grooves and grout in flooring and I'd like something completely flat, easy to clean, and maybe not so hard on the joints (which may end up being the compromise).  When i google in english, i come up with things like concrete (which would be hard)  and polyurethane.  When i google in German, i have come up with beton (concrete), some sort of fake "beton look" and "estrich".      I'd also like in floor heating.  There is no keller below the floor.     What is estrich? Google tells me its "screed" which I've also never heard of but perhaps its more common in the UK.   Is it a finished floor or is a subfloor?     Any other ideas, suggestions? pros, cons?      And yes, I've searched and googled. I just want to make sure i'm not missing out on something new and cool