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  1. Yeaaah I’d say a lot of you are out of date.    rarely does anyone buy a brand new iPhone for a kid.  Most kids in grade 5 have gotten a used one.  I get them through my work, my kids have normally gotten my old one.  Only in grade 10 did my daughter get her first new iPhone, she paid for half and the rest was a Christmas present.    Although I think it’s terrible for kids, they will absolutely be out of the loop if they don’t have one.  Most classes have a WhatsApp group (not facilitated by the teacher but by the kids themselves) where homework and info about tests are shared.   When my kids didn’t have a phone, they joined the WhatsApp group on MY phone so I’m pretty keyed into what information was coming through.  The second thing is that most schools will have their class schedules through an app called Untis - this shows room changes and schedules, ie class cancellations, as well as any exams or sometimes homework or messages from the teacher.    best thing to do though is to ask at the first ELTERNABEND and see if what I’ve described is the case in your kids class, so most the kids actually have smart phones, do they use Untis, etc etc.    btw, “just a Catholic school” can also sometimes be very well off kids.  My kids go to a Catholic gymnasium and it’s where the richest kids of the area go (something I did not know when I registered them).  They are almost done gymnasium now, but I had a lot of issues through the years as it became clear that most of the kids’ parents came from a lot of money, at first it was phones and iPads in class, then it was clothes and where classmates wanted to dine at lunch (local restaurants instead of the cafeteria) now it’s vehicles.   Luckily my kids do not buy into as much as some kids might, but the issue has come up more than once.