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  1. Google canceled their Berlin Campus plans

    Then your knowledge is superficial, at best.   But i think you must be joking.   Because all you would have to do is look inside of a car, a computer or a kitchen to name a few 100 of them.   As someone who rubberstamps technical innovation projects from German SMEs that reach a TRL of 8 every day, I cant even.         
  2. Gendered Pricing in Hairdressers

      This is news to me.  Your first post is asking for recommendations on where to get your hair cut where there are non-gendered prices, not asking for a discussion on sexist practices.  Most places that don't differentiate between the two (such as the barber i mentioned) are also not fancy enough to use terms like "non-gendered prices".   They are just people that cut hair.      
  3. Homesickness = becoming bipolar?

      Join clubs.  There's pretty much a club for every out out there.  I think i'm a member now of 5-6 different vereine, some out of true interest (sportsverein, kayak club), some just to support (Hallenbadforderverein), some to get free advice (gartenverein), one or two just for the hell of it/parties (ahem Heimatbund)
  4. Gendered Pricing in Hairdressers

    I hate getting a hair cut sometimes because of all the fussing they do with woman's hair afterwords. I just want it cut.     I went once to a place that was clearly a barbershop for men, and not a stylist.  I went in there and said "I'd like the 4 euro hair cut please".  He said "we don't do women's hair here".  I said "I know, i want the MANS hair cut".  It was kind of funny - old italian guy and nervous as hell about cutting my hair.  He kept insisting he didnt do all that styling stuff.  It took me a few minutes to convince him that I'm about low maintenance as most dudes he has.  Simple trim, THATS IT.    Best money i ever spent.  So yeah, find a barber.  
  5.   I think this is exactly right.  I'm not a psychiatrist, just an interested and observant mom who spends a lot of time in the kindergarten and school.  I see a lot of "third culture" kids getting identified as having issues with listening in the kindergarten, I think that probably a few things are needed here for sure 1) lots of patience 2) understanding 3) clear instructions/boundaries so he knows what the expectations are.  I wonder if they would let you come into the kindergarten for a morning each week just to observe, or just to explain to him or demonstrate to him what the expectation is.  He might also do better after some time if the kindergarten adheres to a bit of a schedule (i.e. 9 am outside play, 10 am crafts, 11 am quiet reading time), that way the expectations are just built in, rather then him needing verbal direction all the time.     just to add to the peanut gallery about delayed speech concerns, there are times when it really is a problem but i do know so many kids that don't talk until they are SURE they know what to say.  Things that can help this would be encouraging him to express himself even if it means a mixture of languages, using the words and gestures that he does know.  Never correcting him if he uses the wrong word from the wrong language. 
  6.   Yes, and so do Ticks.  So protect yourself, I sure do. But i meant that mosquitos also means other water born non-biting bugs, which also attract spiders.  All i know is our house is pretty much a freaking bug haven sometimes because of the water/nature proximity.   It takes some getting used to.   Even if they aren't in the house, there are always some unsightly cobwebs full of them on the windows.    eta: oh and germany is the only place where I get bitten by mosquitos IN my bedroom, IN the winter.  Not a lot, but at least once a year to make me comment to a friend about it. 
  7. The Rhine is heavily controlled via a system of canals and gates to prevent flooding, at least from Basel to Heidelberg.     Like maxie said, your biggest thing is mosquitos due to standing water in some of flood control arms/canals, Altrhein, quarries etc.  However, when it is a problem, most kreis's will do a bio spray to control it.  Ticks are the next biggest offender.  I've never seen bed bugs or cockroaches along the rhine yet.   Spiders show up when there's a large amount of other bugs, so yeah, i see a lot of those simply because i live on a canal and have lots of other little bugs.  Bugs are a part of nature, if you want nature, you will have bugs (flies, mosquitoes and all the little harmless naturey bugs).  We actually have a bit of a problem with ladybugs nesting in our windows in the winter, but its pretty much a sign that we just need new fucking windows that seal properly. 
  8. looking for half brother in germany

    Someone should contact the Heimat verein in Sandhofen and ask who would know what restaurants were around back then.  I totally want to see this have a happy ending!  
  9. Aiport Pick Up

    What time would you arrive in Strasbourg? 
  10. looking for half brother in germany

    I actually think it wouldn't be that hard, once you find someone from that village.  My village is a lot bigger, and if asked anyone about who owns a restaurant with a green sign about 30 years ago, I'd get an answer immediately.  We had a Canadian Airforce base near us, and I still hear lots of stories about the hanky panky that went on with military guys from Canada. "Holgers daughter, was she the one who was with the canadian pilot?"   Thats just how small towns are.  I see Sandhofen as a bunch of various facebook pages, sportsverein, etc.  I'd find someone local and start with them. If they don't know someone, they will at least know the person who knows a lot about the town, i.e. what restaurants were around and what families owned them. A quick google search tells me that a man named Alfred Heierling might be the one to ask.
  11. Aiport Pick Up

     Paris to Saarland?   I'm not sure what you mean by "the timing is not great", DB and SNCF run constantly, all sorts of times and are faster than any car or bus.   I take the one from Strasbourg (2 hours, runs every hour)  for about 39 euros when the timing is right.  And like the poster before me said, Paris Airport to Saarbrucken is 2 hours.   As someone who flies out of Paris frequently, train would be more convenient than a shuttle or a bus which could take up to 14 hours (Flix Bus) because they are high speed.  Even if you got a private driver, you would get there faster by train.  
  12.   Have you been told that by the Finanzamt?   What is your proof?  Because once you come forward, you will need to provide a work-day calendar for all 6 years signed by your employer, plus boarding passes.  Plus you didn't deregister or register every time you left, which normally isn't required, but won't help your case.   Wheres the deceit? To start with, you got a permanent residency card when you admit you are not a resident of germany, but somehow, germany believes you have been.  
  13.   But it doesn't make much sense to me right now and maybe John g or someone else can explain this to me: How can a person get a permanent residence card if they've never been a tax resident of germany, ie never been in germany for more than 152 days?   The requirements as I fulfilled them (via marriage) were: - having uninterrupted five-year legal residence in Germany -securing a livelihood (including adequate health and care insurance) with long-term and regular income, fulfilling tax obligations and adequate provision for old age     And yes, i equate in germany=workingingermany because like i said, i have been there. I have filled out the workday 365 calendar for both tax agencies for several years now. 
  14.   But did he report that income? Because thats when i would have thought the questions would have really started.
  15.   Pretty sure your wives health insurance (under which you would be automatically covered when she did her forms and listed any spouse) would have given you that card. Or they accepted your american one and still could be ok. Or a combination, where they knew you were insurance but could fall back on your wives if you weren't.  But you still have to file your taxes in both countries and get it directly from the horses mouth as to what to do about the health insurance.