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  1. Hypothetically speaking...   Does anyone know what the situation would be (and whether it is possible) if I lived here working as the sole employee and director of a UK company? I would guess that I would pay my personal tax here and company taxes in Britain, right? That would be the simple way Or do the Germans say "oy, you are your company, and you're here, we want to tax the company here too"? I wouldn't be selling anything physical (software products, downloaded from a website which I would make sure was based in the UK) so nothing would actually be in DE. Except me, all the admin, all the work, and a few assets such as company computer equipment. I mean, I'm thinking it sounds dodgy to me, let alone what the taxman and so forth might think I suppose part of what I am asking is whether the company will be considered to be doing business here (and therefore pay taxes here and have to run under German laws).