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  1. It's one year, I just checked. And my husband is very keen on flying back for certain holidays, even just for a short visit, so I am sure I won't leave for more than 1 year. He's a home boy. It's me who likes to wander in Europe.


    Urm my in laws are actually Republican supporters. They feel I am alright even, because I am a "legal, hard working Asian". I know... I roll my eyes often. 



  2. He didn't abmelden. And our landlord actually just agreed to let us sign an unlimited contract (it was short term, but his relative cancelled the stay, so he is happy we take over). We thought we were be away just two months (we are naive ok) so we just paid to reserve the place. He's paying insurance as well.


    LABO wrote back to us, we need to provide more documents in order for them to approve my visa. Deadline is 31/10. We are trying ask them what they want via email.  


  3. Thank you for the replies. We've been too innocent I guess. In a way we have enough source to sustain two homes in both Germany and the US. We didn't know it'd take a long time to apply for family reunion. He thought it would've been like a vacation.  We'll certainly discuss about him going back to Germany alone soon.

    We got his freelancer visa in Germany because as a US citizen he could, and it's easier to find a flat, clients and set up every while you are actually there. I studied in Germany 3-4 years ago. I know my way there a bit better, so we kinda always do it like this: he takes care of things in the US, I take care of things in Germany. But again, we should be more aware. 

    I've also extended my green card already while I am here.  


  4. My husband acquired freelancer Visa in June in Berlin. Since I am only a US green card holder, I flew back to the US to apply for family reunion visa in July. My husband naturally wants to stay with me and wait here too. A few days ago I wrote to Berlin LABO to check the status, they said they notified my husband in August that they needed some more documents. Since we have not been in Berlin, it was possible we missed the letters from them or something. I asked them if they can tell me what they need and we can email (or mail). No reply yet

    I am pretty nervous about it because what if they question why my husband left Berlin after just getting the visa. In a way I am like my husband's translator in Germany. I usually deal with the paper work, we didn't think about him getting any docs...


    Anyone gets any insight? or experiences, as freelancer's dependent in Berlin?


  5. I forgot to mention I'm gonna apply it in Stuttgart.


    Family visa, as my husband works here, but he's leaving Germany soon. He wanted to spend sometime with family, but we agreed some job offers I've got are too good to be passed, so I wanna try to apply for it myself. 


  6. Hi all,


    I've read all the topics regarding working under SOFA status, but I still have questions because my situation is a bit different.


    I am non-US, non-EU citizen. I did my Master in Germany, so I was granted temporary work visa after I graduated. It's still valid. Originally I wanted to apply for the freelancer visa to follow up this visa since I've got enough job offers for me to do that. I met my hubby who is in US army two years ago. He moved me to the post and got me under SOFA status this year. I stopped my freelancer visa application after I learned about SOFA, but what to do with my work visa? I just let it expire?


    Also, should I "abmelden" from German Rathaus if I've moved out from my rented place? If likely, I actually want to keep my anmeldung because I don't want to disappear suddenly from the system. I feel weird. lol


    I talked to Finanzamt  about it, the gentleman there took the work contracts I've got and noted down my SOFA status, but I've not got my tax card. I am very confused. I wonder how long do people have to wait.






  7. English is not even my first language. Though being a translator, I always feel a bit insecure about my English. After coming to Germany, why I even worry about my English to begin with lol. Guh, German! My only advantage is I love grammars. I am always the one explaining what is what in my German class. My reading comprehension skill is better than my speaking though. People can talk without understanding the grammars. I, on the contrary, think about grammars all the time thus I get stuck easily.


    Right now my date only speaks German. Sometimes I wonder how he can stand my gibberish.



    To put it like this: In a country where prostitution is legal a very direct chat up with a more than friendly intention will either be misunderstood as an invitation to hang out as friends, or come across as really rude, because it basically signals you take her for a slut. Depends on what you say and if you knew her before, as well as were you meet her.


    I am new here. And ur I am a bit shocked by this.


    I sat somewhere reading a book and got asked by a German young guy. Should I be offended? Did I look like I was easy even though I was reading a book? lol I said sorry I don't speak German that well, only basic things. He was with his friend. Basically he just stared at me and waited for me to look at him again for about a hour.