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  1. Hi I am currently building a website - well following the wix instructions to portfolio my wife’s art work - it’s a welcome page, artists statement, some photos and a contact page that basically displays an email/Instagram Account, from the advice on the thread  I added an Impressum although she in nowhere near setting up a business yet, now people tell me I need a Datenschutz page although to my knowledge I don‘t collect any data  on the site - Any advice thoughts 


  2. A quick update - bought the adapter as suggested by Ben21 and used it in between an Apple TV and the old projector - appears to work on all systems, will add some airplay speakers, and when  the bulb finally goes on the projector will buy an HDMI one and remove the adapter from the system.


  3. Hi not sure if this is the right thread but here goes - does anyone have any experience of projectors/beamers that are integrated with Apple airplay. We watch most of our Programmes films etc  through iPads via an Apple TV to the TV .Occasionally we would like to watch on the big screen and our current projector is not HDMI comparable so won’t run off the iPads even with cable


  4. Bought a Kalkhoff last year, and one for my wife. Expensive, built like a tank but gets up and down the hills around Koblenz without any trouble. The only problem was the original brake "pads" didn't last very long on the hills,  now replaced with harder ones. Turning circle with the crank motor is larger and it's heavy by comparison with our normal bikes.



  5. Hi

    Nearly bought this whilst I was in the UK at Christmas

    it generally gets a good write up on amazon , but It needs an internal bell unless you want to rely on you phone and I don't have a power source near the front door so would be reliant on the batteries.So project still on hold


  6. We were broken into this year whilst we were on holiday, the crime prevention police arrived the week after, prior to the break in we were told at least six months for an appointment. We made some improvements to doors and window locks and installed an alarm. Outside lights at the back are now always on when it's dark as against the motion detection type that the burglar just ripped out of the wall and we installed an alarm. Wifi camera door bells are widely available (check amazon) - we have not purchased one yet as it may interfere with the alarm system. We have a small widow by the front door that we now use before opening the door. I seem to remember a sign in the UK that said the door would not be opened in the hours of darkness etc - although my wife (German) thinks I am slightly mad to put one up in Germany I am considering it. If you want any more info pm me