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  1. During the transition period where restaurants were allowed to have a smoking room, a restaurant in my town flipped that around and made a non-smoking room. With the door left open. It was ridiculous, and didn't last long. However it's easier to avoid a restaurant than a grocery store.
  2. Thanks for the help, and for the help I got via PM. I'll contact Aldi but I'll have to let it go with Edeka because if I understand correctly they are a franchise and have more freedom. The manager of my Edeka definitely knows about it and most likely enjoys that freedom along with the employees.
  3. I have lived in Germany long enough to have experienced the revolution of no smoking in restaurants. I have not, however, experienced that the law impacted smoking by employees of my local Edeka and Aldi.   I walk through waves of smoke coming from both break rooms in Edeka, twice per shopping trip.  At Aldi, there's no basement but they smoke cigarettes in the food storage room, backstage where they bake the bread nowadays. You cannot circle the store without being forced through the employee smoking area *IN* Aldi.   I don't understand the loophole in the law that allows employees to smoke in grocery stores, but not customers. I used to smoke, but now appreciate giving customers clean"er" air where they buy their vegetables.   Please explain. I think this is my first Toytown post.