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  1. Taxes on non-German accumulating ETF

    Hey guys, a bit late to the conversation. Specifically regarding the new tax regulations that took effect in Jan 2018, I understood how the accumulating Etfs will also be taxed every year. What I could not find out by searching the internet is whether the 30% "Teilfreistellung" is considered for all stock based Etfs. Does it make a difference if the Etf is tracking Dax stocks or if it's tracking US stocks / msci all world etc.? Does it have different tax implications? Also, my broker (DEGIRO) is from the Netherlands and does not tax the "Vorabpauschale" every year. Is it sufficient if I just submit the yearly report from the broker during filing tax returns? One more question is whether Etfs based on government bonds are also considered as "Aktienfonds" or "Mischfonds"? Since the broker is in the Netherlands and I cannot apply for a Freistellungsauftrag, will the tax free 1602 Euro (married) be considered when filing the returns?  Thanks for any help and advice. Stay safe!