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  1. Suspected insurance fraud.

    Thank you for the kind words I did the same Also I saw this just now.  
  2. Suspected insurance fraud.

    I would like to post an update in case anyone is interested. After much consideration, I decided to go to the police to make a report primarily against the faked signatures. The Polizeiobermeister who was assigned as the case worker was professional and very helpful. He made the report in detail and asked me questions as an when required. He gave me his contact info in case I have questions. He also told me that the claim of this Multi Invest mbH is baseless and to not pay them any money. I wasn't going to anyway. At least now, I was able to reply to them and point them in the direction of the Polizeiinspektion, providing them the case number. Interestingly, the ladys name has popped up before. He said there have been investigations as back as 2016. Also the same names of firms come up. This is going to be interesting.
  3. I prefaced by saying this is off topic. That means I am not specifically commenting on his response to this topic. He only shows up to say how awful the police or the social services or the consumer rights or lawyers or the etcetera etcetera in Germany is. But yet, stays here and enjoys what this country has to offer.  So what if the police did not put their best men to recover a stolen bicycle? Do you feel safe walking down most streets at 2am in the morning in this country?  Please scroll through his activity on TT if you like.  Merry Christmas :) 
  4. Sabbatical on permanent residence

    You should ask your Ausländerbehörde but most likely the answer is you can do whatever your contract entitles you to. 
  5. If you have an ongoing court case, I assume you have a mandate with a lawyer regarding this matter? Shouldn't you just ask the lawyer this question? It seems to be very relevant to the case, at least to me.. 
  6. Off-topic, but do you ever have anything positive to say? All your posts are complaints about how things suck here and how everything is god awful.. If that is how you feel, maybe you'd be happier in your own country? 
  7. Suspected insurance fraud.

    Hi Starshollow,    As always, much appreciate your insight. I PMed you but actually have no issue sharing them here as well..   Best Regards, 
  8. Suspected insurance fraud.

    Yes, I would very much like to hear what they have to say  
  9. Suspected insurance fraud.

    Hello folks, I am looking for opinions.. Apologies for the long text..  Last December I switched to private health insurance, unaware that as a diabetic I wasn't eligible (exact details on an another thread). The Vermittlerin asked me to sign the forms and then sent them to the insurance company after herself answering no to all the health questions. Had the insurance found out, I would have had a whole world of problems(cancelation of insurance effective backwards and no return of premiums then being fined by the government for being uninsured then only being eligible for some "Basistarif"). I was lucky to have not yet claimed any refunds for medication related expenses and only by chance when comparing plans online, came into contact with another insurance agent. He made me aware of "Vorvertragliche Anzeigepflichtverletzung" and helped me build a case against the fraudulent lady (for a hefty consultation fee) and at the same time to come back to public insurance. During this I wanted to double check other policies she worked on for me and requested copies of our riester applications only to discover that the signatures on the forms were neither mine nor my wifes. A lawyer was already involved. You may ask, why did not immediately report the forgeries to the authorities. Basically I first wanted my money back. Not reporting it to the authorities would be some incentive for her to pay up. After a lot of writing letters back and forth, the Vermittlerin signed a Vergleichsvereinbarung where she agreed to pay back for my damages. This was the consultation fees for the Honorarberatung regarding private insurance, as well as the difference amount after canceling Riester. She paid in full.  Now the company that acted as Vermittler for the Riester has written to us saying we owe them exorbitant fees as Vermittlungsgebühr and Abschlusskosten. I am pretty sure I can prove that neither my wife nor I signed any of the Riester forms that the bank sent us upon my request. Also back last December when I asked the Vermittlerin if she could send me a copy of the Beratungsprotokoll ( knowing there wasn't one. Her consultation in this matter was writing on a paper what my maximal Betrag would be and how much the government would add to it and how much of that would come back as a tax refund.) When I asked her if I have to pay any commissions or how she would make any money from this, I vividly remember her response that she got commissions from the company selling the product. At the time I was unaware of anything regarding GewO or VVG. The company now asking for payment of commissions seems to be all over the internet. There are numerous portals advising people to seek legal advice regarding these contracts. The MO seems to be quite often the same. Either through lack of or incomplete information they sell various products like investing in gold or other Edelmetallsparverträge or Riester. Unbeknownst to the customer, for the foreseeable future the money is not going to their retirement, rather to the pockets of the middleman as commissions. I think at this point I would very much like to put in an Anzeige. I want to directly write to the Staatsanwaltschaft as soon as we are back from visiting the wife's family..  I have no claims for damages any longer and I will most likely be ignoring the request from the insurance company or reply to them along the lines of "those are not my signatures, I have already reported the matter to the authorities, have a nice day". Any thoughts or helpful suggestions? Thanks for reading this far..   
  10. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

    If you mean flatulence then I agree
  11. Even after all these years, I still...

    static int *p =  malloc(sizeof(int));
  12. Even after all these years, I still...

    It was the opposite for me. I got so used to the wait your turn way of things here, that when I went back home to India for a visit, I actually told the guy too close to me if it was okay with him that I take a minute to finish my turn. He gave me the famous non committal head sideways head nod that I am again no longer used to seeing.
  13. Even after all these years, I still...

    For some reason here in all the bayerische Bäckers I see Zwetschgennudel. How is that even a Nudel?  
  14. Schengen Visitor VISA cooling Period

    That is not how I understood it. If they stayed before end of the 90 days and left. Then they cannot come back on day 100 because the 90 days for the current 180 window are already exhausted. After leaving, they would need to wait another 90 days so a total of 180 days are up, before the new 180 days window starts.
  15. Probezeit with illness problems

    So you were not really sick that time then? You do know that when you get a doctors note for a sick day, the insurance pays your salary for that day. And if you're on the public insurance, it is others like us who are footing the bill.