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  1. Landlord claims for rent after I moved out

    You didn't answer whether you are in Germany or not. That might indicate how difficult or easy it is for you to follow this up. The Mieterverein might not be able to represent you, but they could write letters on your behalf and also advice you what to do next. Also, depending on how much the deposit money she owes you is you can estimate how much it will cost you to have a lawyer represent you in court. If all that you said is true and you have proof, I am pretty certain you will win the case and then she will have to return your deposit and also reimburse you for your lawyer costs. It is also likely that she is just doing this to try and scare you into backing off from reclaiming your deposit money. Did she respond to your termination letter with a confirmation (Kündigungsbestätigung) ? If the answer is yes, then I believe it's a no-brainer. Again, not a lawyer.
  2. Landlord claims for rent after I moved out

    I am in no means a lawyer, but it seems to me that she has no legal leg to stand on. Granted the initial contract was for a 3 year term, but you mutually agreed to end it early. Also, how is she going to argue that to a judge when there was a formal handover and such? Are you still in Germany? If so, maybe your best bet is to go join a "Mieterverein". Do you have any of your interactions with her on record? Letters, emails, whatsapp etc?
  3. Spalding Game Series Replica Basketball

    You could go to a sporting goods store and ask if they would order it for you. Also, you could look for Basketball "Vereine" or hobby groups in Facebook in your area and ask the people there. I see what you mean. The Amazon dot com and dot de have totally different looking products. But I found one which might be the one you are looking for. It resembles the one on the US site and if you click on delivery details it puts the seller in Florida. Also costs 90 eur rather than 36.
  4. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    I get so mad when I watch videos of these scammers on YouTube. I want to physically hurt them. But I found this guy kitboga who is an absolute hero. Some of his videos are so hilarious. I recommend this one Or this one
  5. EU travel ban questions

    If you are a resident in Germany or a citizen, they should let you in. But again, there is too much misinformation around right now, so who knows. Maybe ask the airline? 
  6. Complete lockdown predictions - Berlin

    How do you speculate things will work here in the likely scenario in the event of a lockdown? I saw the dos and don'ts of the French model currently in place. You are allowed to be outside for certain activities such as groceries shopping, walking the dog etc. If Germany follows the same path, how likely is it that one will have to carry a signed declaration as required by the French model, do you think?  
  7. Coronavirus

    I saw this after a friend posted it. In times like these, I try not to pay too much attention to all of the stuff that makes it way around social media. After watching this guys take on the situation, I feel like a lot of the things he says is logical. But having said that, I don't mean to downplay this crisis at all or the fatalities from this or the people currently ailing from covid-19. I am just worried for my wife who is a nurse. Even though her station is not directly related to corona patients, she still has to go to work everyday and does not like me have the luxury of home office. The most I can do is to take her to work and pick her up after, so that she doesn't have to travel in a bus full of people in close quarters. So I am wondering if there is any of us here who is qualified to comment on what the individual in the video is saying. On a lighter note, a conversation from this morning at 5:30am: wife: The W.H.O has published something linking ibuprofen to the covid-19 symptoms. me: oh. Who said that? wife: The W.H.O. me: So Who said it? wife: The W.H... ugkhkk!!
  8. Anmeldung Appointment in Berlin - Short Notice

    You should go asap. What I remember is you have to do it within 2 weeks after your arrival. This applies even when you have moved houses. I think 1 month is too long. I hope you won't get into trouble for it. Good luck.
  9. Parking ticket from private firm

    I sent them this  
  10. Defending myself against legal shakedown

    I am by no means a lawyer. But it is strictly my opinion, that your roommate has no case against you. What were the terms of your tenancy with regards to sharing of utilities. How does he base that you drove up his utilities? Can he prove it? Were you both equal tenants or were you his subtenant (Untermieter)? Did he screenshot your Facebook post by email? If you have it on record, I believe it can be considered blackmail or duress (Nötigung) Again, not a lawyer. Whether or not your SMS is considered a contract, is for lawyers to decide. But I believe there has to be a transaction of some sort. You saying you will pay him 300 euros and then backing out does not, a contract, make.  Unfortunately, whether or not he has a case against you, lawsuits are expensive and both parties will rake up way more costs on courts and lawyers. So the decision whether you want to call his bluff or not, is entirely yours. But save all his threats if he made them via email or text. Good luck. I hope you kick his ass. 
  11. Libraries shut ! Where can I surf now?

    What a tool
  12. Parking ticket from private firm

    Thanks Spidey. Then pay up I will.
  13. Parking ticket from private firm

    Thank you :)
  14. Parking ticket from private firm

    I sent you a PM. Thank you very much!
  15. Parking ticket from private firm

    Maybe. But before I do that, I wish to get their response on paper.