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  1. Even after all these years, I still...

    static int *p =  malloc(sizeof(int));
  2. Even after all these years, I still...

    It was the opposite for me. I got so used to the wait your turn way of things here, that when I went back home to India for a visit, I actually told the guy too close to me if it was okay with him that I take a minute to finish my turn. He gave me the famous non committal head sideways head nod that I am again no longer used to seeing.
  3. Even after all these years, I still...

    For some reason here in all the bayerische Bäckers I see Zwetschgennudel. How is that even a Nudel?  
  4. Schengen Visitor VISA cooling Period

    That is not how I understood it. If they stayed before end of the 90 days and left. Then they cannot come back on day 100 because the 90 days for the current 180 window are already exhausted. After leaving, they would need to wait another 90 days so a total of 180 days are up, before the new 180 days window starts.
  5. Probezeit with illness problems

    So you were not really sick that time then? You do know that when you get a doctors note for a sick day, the insurance pays your salary for that day. And if you're on the public insurance, it is others like us who are footing the bill.  
  6. I wanna close my Deutsche Bank account with -55.04 euros

    You opened an account and operated it (even if there were no transactions) for 2 years then after two years of offering you the account for free, the bank wanted to charge you a fee. Did they notify you about their intent to charge the fee with sufficient time to allow you to close your account? If so, I don't see how you can get out of paying. Or did I misunderstand you, and you did indeed, write them a letter to close your account when your decision to come to Germany changed?
  7. Experience with Hanseatic Bank Genialcard

    Hello everyone,   Does anyone have any experience with the Hanseatic Bank GenialCard? I ordered one because my wife and I will be visiting her country Philippines later this year and I was not sure how best to handle money and accounts. I looked at this one and the Barclaycard but decided to get this one because it offers 100% Lastschrift. If someone has had any bad experience with this one or better experience with another free (no yearly fees plus no fees for worldwide use including cash withdrawals) I would love to hear about it.   Cheers!
  8. DH's extended family is becoming xenophobic---how do we handle it?

    I figure DD is your daughter. Who is DH? At first I thought it is your husband, but I am not so sure since it says "my poor husband" and my DH in the same paragraph.   But to your question, here is what I would do. Someone once told me that you have to have a relationship with someone on your terms, not theirs. So if the stepbrothers family is being that way, I would temporarily cut them out. There is no excuse to behave like that on your daughters first birthday. I understand it will put your mother in law in a tough position but you are not doing this out of malice, rather because you don't want to accept that kind of behaviour. So unless they can accept your language and traditions as you have theirs, they don't need to be a part of your lives. As others have said, that money was sent for your daughter, so just open her a bank account and put the money there.  
  9. Apologies, I guess I was wrong on that then    
  10. My wife and I (I have German citizenship, she is has a non EU one) married in Denmark too last year. So here is what we experienced :   The two are not related. If you change to the "Familienzuzug zum Deutschen" visa, after 2 years of marriage and 3 years residence total, you are eligible for a permanent residency (Niederlassungserlaubnis). There might also be other requirements. You are eligible for citizenship based on the regular conditions like everyone else : In your case, if the Einbürgerungamt accepts the "Das Leben in Deutschland" test, then it could reduce the requirement to 6 years. As for the language requirement, I did not have any certificate from the usual Inlingua/VHS etc. in spite of being fluent. So they made me write a kind of an essay on the spot and forwared that to the federal department who then accepted it and stated that no further language certificates are needed.   All the info above is based on my own experience. Please be aware that only the ABH/Standesamt etc. can give you binding information. Good luck!
  11. Divorce and Sponsor second wife

    Hello Amit,   As a fellow Indian man, I think your kind of mindset is just plain wrong and belongs in the past. I am sorry your marriage is not working and I hope you will find the right person, but you need to evaluate your way of thinking seriously. The divorce is not yours "to give" (as stated by others). Wrong. You do not have to share intimate details of your past relationships. You do need to share important details like past marriages to your prospective spouse. When your divorce goes through, your civil status in Germany will be "geschieden". When you bring your new wife here as a dependent, one of the documents you will have to submit to the authorities is the divorce papers. Also, I can understand your inhibition about coming clean, because I understand that divorce in India is a taboo and people looking for matches either through their parents or on the matrimonial websites will often "filter" out profiles of people who have been married before. But lying is not a way to start a relationship. Sorry to use such language but get your head out of your ass.   Good luck.
  12. Switching Rechtsschutz between companies

    Update: Apparently you cannot get a second legal insurance when the first one is still active. The response from check24 dot de : Leider können Sie keinen weiteren Vertrag abschließen, da ansonsten eine Doppelversicherung besteht. Dies ist nicht möglich.
  13. Switching Rechtsschutz between companies

    Hello all,   I have legal insurance from with a provider but I am not too happy with their service. Mostly because they almost always seem to either too slow or completely forget to respond to my queries. First I thought it was because I was emailing them, then last time I sent a proper letter by post (though not registered) and it's been several days and no response. It was even to ask them to add more Bausteine to my existing policy and take more money from me. Anyway, I want to switch to another provider. My current provider can be canceled effectively from May of next year. I wouldn't mind getting the new insurance right now and paying double till then (we are thinking of buying a house soon, and I would like to have a solid legal insurance before getting into anything like that like if the Bauträger delays completion etc etc. ). So my question is : 1. If I have an existing on going claim with the current provider, and if I send my cancellation for May of next year, will the case have to conclude before then or with the Deckungszusage they have sent me, hold even if the case drags on past May. 2. Will the new provider hold me to the waiting period? I have been insured since May of 2018 with the existing provider.   Thanks very much! Cheers.
  14. This is purely my suggestion. Send the following letter to the clinic via registered post (In the post office ask for Einschreiben Einwurf, then keep the stub they give you that has the tracking information)     This way at least, even if you don't pay, you are less likely to receive a fine or be liable to late payment fees. After that I would make that appointment at the university law center.   I personally would not pay if all what you have stated is true. As stated above, this is just what I would do and does not in any way constitute as legal advice. Good luck!  
  15. Do you have everything in writing?   Why is a collection company involved? Did you already refuse to pay?   Do you have legal insurance?