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  1. Game of Thrones (TV series)

    Is there a way to legally watch the new season when it releases in April or whenever?
  2. First of, this is no substitute for the advice you will get from your local Ausländerbehörde. As per the §19a AufenthG which deals with the blue card, according to paragraph 6, as a EU blue card holder, you can be issued with a Niederlassungserlaubnis if you have worked and paid 33 months of social security (Rentenversicherung). You will need to prove this by going to your local pension office (Rentenversicherungsamt) and asking for a statement of your pension account (Rentenversicherungsnachweis). The language criterion reduces the period from 33 to 21 months. So as per the requirements (it says you are in Berlin) you do not need to prove German language skills. Best option is to go to the Ausländerbehörde and get the information from them. They should give you a checklist (Merkblatt) that has all the requirements.
  3. How long did you wait for your Einbürgerungsurkunde?

    I wouldn't do this. I don't think a German Beamter is going to let you intimidate them.
  4. Apartment problems/Landlord

    Why do you think that you will be asked to vacate the apartment if you ask for a contract with just your name on it? I am not sure she is allowed to do that or that she needs your ex's permission when he no longer lives there or pays rent.   Let us know what the MV says.
  5. Apartment problems/Landlord

    First off, I think you have been incredibly patient and this landlady sounds like a right bi*** to me. It's a good thing that you are part of the Mieterverein. I think you should definitely take their help. Let us know how this plays out please.  Are you both on the contract as equal parties, or just your ex husband?  
  6. When to pay court costs

    Your "computer says no" video? 
  7. When to pay court costs

    Hi all,  I withdrew a lawsuit from the Verwaltungsgericht Berlin and naturally I have to bear the court costs. The Beschlussschreiben does not actually indicate how much, just that the applicant has to bear the costs and some legal references. I managed to find out how much the costs are on their website. My question is, will I get something else by post with instructions on how much and how to make the payment? On this letter it makes no mention of a deadline or anything else.   Thanks for any help!   
  8. Employee lease in construction from non-EU

    So you want to pay your workers at Ukrainian rates and charge your clients at German rates to make more profit? And then again make them work for the absolute max number of hours permissible by law? Even if I knew the answers to all your questions, I wouldn't help you.
  9. Company employed with invalid permit and fired afterward

    I'm not a lawyer but here is my opinion. My wife got a new job but then we realized that her visa was dependent on her being employed with the old employer. Thus she was legally not allowed to start employment at the new job until this was sorted out. Thus if you were to accept any kind of salary, this might constitute as having "worked". I understand you have financial constraints, but please remember that you might later face more trouble. Like if you ever wanted to apply for a citizenship. Best of luck with finding a new job, with the proper paperwork.
  10. Air Berlin and now Germania

    That name would be hilarious in India
  11. Alternatives to selling my car

    This is exactly what I need :D
  12. Alternatives to selling my car

    I agree. But because I am in this situation with a sizeable debt and a car that is losing value everyday that it sits in my garage, I cannot afford to wait till someone offers me the best possible price.   Anyway, an update : I went with autoscout24. They put my ad on their dealers network and I got a couple of bids. I went with a dealer offering 20550 eur. I think this is the best option for me.  
  13. Alternatives to selling my car

    Thank you everyone for your responses. I will try to answer all the questions.   You are so right. I can kick this sooner if I make some real changes.   You guys have a fantastic weekend!
  14. Alternatives to selling my car

    Yes, I did. That would be the scenario 2. WKDA offered around 18, mobile de 19k and the best was some smaller dealer around 20k (which he set a deadline for). I have a friend that works for WKDA but in the IT or Marketing or something else. He said this is going to take more than a couple of days and I should not keep lowering the price and that I should just wait. But his dad just died so I don't feel right contacting him for anything right now.  
  15. Alternatives to selling my car

    Unfortunately a bit late for that. I signed the lease agreement. The car has been ordered. My company will have to pay a penalty and my boss won't like it. Also, if they offer me a cash alternative, it will be way less due to higher taxes.