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  1. E-Mail account hacked?

    Eitherway just change your password
  2. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

    You mean targ
  3. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

    Kahless is not a god.
  4. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

    Why yes, yes I do.
  5. While you are right about this, this does not apply to the OPs case in my opinion.
  6. The orange guy says that a lot
  7. Hartz VI when I don't pay rent?

    I think your partners income will also be considered.
  8. In these matters, the best source of Info is your local Ausländerbehörde.   But in theory, yes and no. If you are applying for a regular work permit (ex. § 18 AufenthG) that only requires the work contract and Zustimmung from the Bundesagentur für Arbeit, then I think you could. If however, you are applying for say, the EU Blue card (§ 19a AufenthG) the degree from a the German university might be one of the criteria, so in that case, in all likelihood, no. What you could do is work the few months till you graduate on your current (assuming) student visa which should allow you to work upto 120 full days in a year, and then apply for your blue card as soon as you have the degree.
  9. I don't know the answer to your question, but if the lawyer says that this is a new case, it also means that your mandate to represent you for the case must have also expired? I did not read § 52 RVG but this seems to apply for a lawyer appointed by the state?
  10. Need Advice, landlord dispute “Nebenkostenabrechnung”

    Correction: After reading @LeonG 's post again, I split the heating cost calculation to the "Gradtagzahlen" values and the warm water costs to the days. I then end up with the following   Kosten für Heizung 1.032,05 €     Kosten für Warmwasser 114,30 €     Gesamte Nebenkosten 1.146,35 €     Gesamte Vorauszahlung 1.500,00 €     Rückerstattung 353,65 €               von bis   Abrechnungszeitraum  01.10.2016 30.09.2017   Vormieter 01.10.2016 31.12.2016   Nachmieter 01.01.2017 30.09.2017               Vormieter Nachmieter Anteil Heizkosten (nach Gradtagzahlen) 371,54 € 660,51 € Anteil Warmwasserkosten (Zeitanteilig) 28,81 € 85,49 € Anteil Nebenkosten 400,35 € 746,00 € Vorauszahlung 375,00 € 1.125,00 € Fällige Nachzahlung 25,35 €   Fällige Erstattung   379,00 €   I think with this, I feel confident about going to my lawyer. After of course, I send him a letter by Einschreiben to his registered address and a copy to his email giving him time until the end of January to pay.
  11. I did not have to submit a birth certificate at the time of applying for registration of marriage with the townhall of Copenhagen. I did have to provide a birth certificate during the citizenship process. After getting the marriage certificate with apostille in Copenhagen, back in Germany, this document alone was sufficient to have the marriage registered in Germany. Following is a cut-out from the email from the registrar staff in Copenhagen regarding required documents: •                          Notice of Marriage Form (download on our website, print, fill in, sign and scan) •                          Passports or national IDs •                          Visa or residence permit, if required •                          Certificates of marital status (proving you are unmarried in the country where you reside) •                          Documents to prove dissolution of marriage, if previously married •                          Proof of payment of the examination fee of 870 Danish Kroner. This could be a screenshot of the successful transaction or scan of the receipt from your bank •                          A priority list of possible dates for your wedding. Wedding ceremonies are held at Copenhagen City Hall on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
  12. I had the original birth certificate issued by the municipality of greater Bombay about 33 years ago. But if you do not have one, you can get a birth certificate from the Indian consulate.   Good luck
  13. Need Advice, landlord dispute “Nebenkostenabrechnung”

    Sorry, here is the image. I also included the summary of costs. At the time of change in tenant, unfortunately no in-between reading was taken. According to §9b of the Heizkostenverordnung paragraph 3, it says that if an in between reading was not done or was not possible, the calculation is to be done according to paragraph 2, which says to use the Gradtagzahlen which I assume is the table? To summarize, the Nebenkostenabrechnung puts the total owed for the apartment at 1146.35 Eur. The invoice period is 01.10 to 30.09. The tenant change occurred on 31.12. So as per the table, my share should be (170+150+130+80+40+40)/1000 (i.e. 0.61x1146.35) which comes to 699.27 Eur and him 447.07 Eur. Since we both paid a Vorauszahlung of 125 Eur each month, he paid 375 Eur (underpaid 72.07 Eur) and I paid 1125 Eur (overpaid 425.72 Eur) in advance. So in addition to paying me the 353.65 Eur refund he received from the landlord, he should owe me 72.07 Eur? I understand eventually I will have to engage a lawyer, but it would be great help to know if my understanding of this is correct.
  14. Need Advice, landlord dispute “Nebenkostenabrechnung”

    Could someone please help me decipher what this table says. Is it a guide to calculating the division of costs in the absence of an in-between reading? If so, what portion of 353.65 Eur corresponds to the period 01.01 till 30.09 ?    
  15. Tax and income certificate by Filipino authority

    Hi @PandaMunich Thank you so much for your response! We got married only a couple of weeks ago, so for the tax year in question she was still on tax class 1.