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  1. Divorce and Sponsor second wife

    Hello Amit,   As a fellow Indian man, I think your kind of mindset is just plain wrong and belongs in the past. I am sorry your marriage is not working and I hope you will find the right person, but you need to evaluate your way of thinking seriously. The divorce is not yours "to give" (as stated by others). Wrong. You do not have to share intimate details of your past relationships. You do need to share important details like past marriages to your prospective spouse. When your divorce goes through, your civil status in Germany will be "geschieden". When you bring your new wife here as a dependent, one of the documents you will have to submit to the authorities is the divorce papers. Also, I can understand your inhibition about coming clean, because I understand that divorce in India is a taboo and people looking for matches either through their parents or on the matrimonial websites will often "filter" out profiles of people who have been married before. But lying is not a way to start a relationship. Sorry to use such language but get your head out of your ass.   Good luck.
  2. Switching Rechtsschutz between companies

    Update: Apparently you cannot get a second legal insurance when the first one is still active. The response from check24 dot de : Leider können Sie keinen weiteren Vertrag abschließen, da ansonsten eine Doppelversicherung besteht. Dies ist nicht möglich.
  3. Switching Rechtsschutz between companies

    Hello all,   I have legal insurance from with a provider but I am not too happy with their service. Mostly because they almost always seem to either too slow or completely forget to respond to my queries. First I thought it was because I was emailing them, then last time I sent a proper letter by post (though not registered) and it's been several days and no response. It was even to ask them to add more Bausteine to my existing policy and take more money from me. Anyway, I want to switch to another provider. My current provider can be canceled effectively from May of next year. I wouldn't mind getting the new insurance right now and paying double till then (we are thinking of buying a house soon, and I would like to have a solid legal insurance before getting into anything like that like if the Bauträger delays completion etc etc. ). So my question is : 1. If I have an existing on going claim with the current provider, and if I send my cancellation for May of next year, will the case have to conclude before then or with the Deckungszusage they have sent me, hold even if the case drags on past May. 2. Will the new provider hold me to the waiting period? I have been insured since May of 2018 with the existing provider.   Thanks very much! Cheers.
  4. This is purely my suggestion. Send the following letter to the clinic via registered post (In the post office ask for Einschreiben Einwurf, then keep the stub they give you that has the tracking information)     This way at least, even if you don't pay, you are less likely to receive a fine or be liable to late payment fees. After that I would make that appointment at the university law center.   I personally would not pay if all what you have stated is true. As stated above, this is just what I would do and does not in any way constitute as legal advice. Good luck!  
  5. Do you have everything in writing?   Why is a collection company involved? Did you already refuse to pay?   Do you have legal insurance?
  6. Shop lifting and impact on residency or Blue Card

    It's not. Sorry but it isn't a hungry individual stealing food to eat that we are talking about.   Anyway, I have no interest in arguing with you. Have a good evening.
  7. Shop lifting and impact on residency or Blue Card

    This might have been a mistake. Also, don't steal. Not cool.   Since there is a police letter involved, I suspect you signed some sort of confession. This is what I could find   Not really relevant but whatever: I once forgot to empty the bag that was the same bag that had my work PC that I sometimes would use for stuff I bought at the store. I never asked for the shopping receipt because the lady saw me everyday when I went there for my Feierabendbier. Different supermarket, different day, I had to wait an unusually long amount of time for a friend who was crashing at my place at the time to come over with another backpack for carrying groceries back home. The checkout lady must have seen me standing around aimlessly and from her perspective it must have looked suspicious. Come checkout time, she asked to look into my bag, and we find a liquid hand soap I bought the previous day, having said again no to the receipt question. I tried to explain that it was a mistake and if they wanted I would be glad to pay again. The manager came and I explained the same. She agreed to let me just pay for it again. Back then, I was furious. I guess I was lucky because no police were involved.    
  8. Moving company recommendations

    I think he will come to Munich too. I haven't used him. I just saw the ad on TT and thought the prices are quite unbeatable. Then again, I have never used a mover, so maybe I am wrong.
  9. You didn't notice that the name on the letter was different than the name of your neighbour who is also your landlord and to whom you pay rent every month?
  10. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,   hiermit kündige ich meinen Vodafone Kabel Vertrag mit Vertragsnummer (enter your contract or customer number here) zum (date of termination). Der Grund für die Kündigung ist der Umzug ins Ausland. Beigefügt ist eine Kopie meines neuen Mietvertrags. Bitte schicken Sie mir eine Bestätigung meiner Kündigung mit Angabe zum wirksamen Kündigungsdatum.   Vielen Dank, Mit freundlichen Grüßen (Your name)   Not sure though if you need something else like your de-registration from the city.
  11. Anlageberater forged our signatures

    @Starshollow@john g. or anyone else who knows the industry: Hoping you can answer this. With the Auftrag/Vollmacht I had given the GmbH, did this Vermittlerin who works for them as a freelancer have the authority to sign a Riester for me without my signature, even if I told her "hey, can you please sign me up for Riester"? My understanding was that the Vollmacht entitles her to to use my info to get offers on products, but she would need me to sign on the forms myself. With the exception being "Kleinbeträge" such as personal liability insurance etc. which is about 40-50 euros a year. When the lawyer read the Vollmacht, he said that the formulation of the text might entitle her to do just that, i.e. make contracts in my name. Even if this is true, I would have imagined she would need to sign her name "im Auftrag" and not try to copy my signature and my wifes. Also, my wife did not given her such a Vollmacht. As of now, in response to my lawyers letter, the bank that I have the Riester with has said the contract still holds and they have asked for an explanation from the company that acted as the "Vermittler". The lawyer wrote me "Das Risiko läge hier in der Frage, ob die Bank (mit Frau xx als Zeugin) beweisen kann, dass ggf. Frau xx beauftragt und bevollmächtigt war, die Verträge ggf. für Sie abzuschließen." I must say, I am quite shocked. I thought forged signatures would be taken more seriously.   Thanks  
  12. Buying property as an investment

    He was almost right
  13. Buying property as an investment

    Thank you @Starshollow. Yes, I called him last week and said we want to back out. I ended up getting an "Entwurf eines Kaufvertrags" from a notary. I sent it back today saying "I told Mr. xx already that we do not wish to do this. Hence I am sending you back the documents". I used Einschreiben Einwurf. So far all I had signed was a Selbstauskunft that had our personal info and income details. As per the IHK Database, he is licensed for § 34f Abs. 1 S. 1 GewO , § 34i Abs. 1 S. 1 GewO and 34d Abs. 1 GewO . He told me on the phone once he has "sieben Berufe"
  14. Can my wife apply for einbürgerung along with me

    Are you asking if your wife automatically qualifies for a citizenship because you qualify? If so, I highly doubt that. If you get citizenship (after getting your naturalization certificate) then it is likely that the conditions that qualifies your wife (being married to a German citizen) change, i.e. simplify. The only valid information can be given by your ABH.
  15. Discriminatory speech and bullyng by landlord

    Hey.. Tell us what's happened 😊