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  1. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump Congratulations jeba, you and one of the AfDlers have at least this in common.
  2. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    When I tell people I am Indian, 4 out or 5 times they look surprised. "Aber das hätte ich jetzt nicht gedacht!" "Aber du siehst gar nicht wie ein Inder aus!" "Nein! Oder? Ich hätte Türke oder Italiener getippt". I try to smile and let it go. If they were close friends, I would tell them how incredibly fucking annoying it is. Why must I justify to you that I am indeed what I said I am? Who gives a fuck what you consider is an acceptable band within the visible spectrum of EM radiation to qualify being this or the other? (rant over)    
  3. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      Your help on this forum is kind of lessened by all your comments on this thread. I myself could not get past page 9. By all means, be ignorant. Goodbye.    
  4. Looks like you got this. Don't let them intimidate you. They are being absurd. Also, as jeba said, they are not obliged to answer letters from your lawyers. But when this gets to court, the judge will not be too pleased when they read the file.
  5. I tried to search a bit on google. Most people who posted similar questions on legal forums, it seems to have to do with proving their efforts in finding a job such as sending applications or being available for Vermittlungsbemühungen of the job center. Most people were advised to get in touch and ask for details directly from the job center. Getting a lawyer might just cost you more money. I would say just walk in during opening hours and ask them what you did to disqualify. Sorry I can't be of much more help.
  6. ok, then that certainly changes things   On your rejection letter, is there a reason for rejection. Like does it mention further paragraphs from SGB III or something like "Rechtslage : ..."
  7. Did you show the landlords lawyers letter to the Mieterverein? If they are already involved, they are the best source of information for you right now short of hiring a lawyer specializing in Mietrecht.
  8. I am in no means an expert. Someone much more knowledgeable is bound to come along and respond. But here is what I understood. You resigned from the job of your own initiative(I believe then there is a 3 month "Sperrzeit" before you will get ALG I) and then realized your residence permit is about to end. From what I remember back when I had to renew them myself, that still being actively employed was one of the criteria to being granted an extension on the residence/work permit. In your case, you are officially unemployed whilst your visa is being processed? So in the eyes of the Arbeitsamt, your visa is soon to expire and you have not yet been granted an extension. I hope I am wrong, but you seem to have put yourself in a sticky situation here. I feel like the denial of ALG I is right now the least of your problems(Assuming you are a citizen from a non EU country). What does the Bestätigung regarding your NE say exactly? Were you issued a "Fiktionsbescheinigung" for the remainder of the 4-6 weeks till your NE card arrives?
  9. Hairfall clinic.

    When the lady who introduced my parents spoke of my dad, she used the phrase "receding hairline"  
  10. Hairfall clinic.

    (Assuming you are 20 plus and male and from your profile Indian and also assuming it is the usual male pattern baldness) Embrace the bald! There is no fighting it. Accept it with grace and make it part of your identity I know there are hair transplants and what not nowadays, but as a fellow baldy I could never imagine putting myself through that.   P.s : The above is just my opinion. You do whatever makes you happy!  
  11. Unemployment benefits running out soon and I can't get a job

    I know that's not exactly what you are asking, but I would suggest that you mention what line of work you are in. Maybe someone has heard of openings and can direct you to another vacancy.
  12. You selectively quoted one phrase out of context just to be condescending. From OPs question, I only see them trying to understand what the terms and conditions of this bonus are.
  13. Legal advice, crashed into the car on bicycle.

    Why would the rental car company involve the lawyer even before directly making their claim to the OP? Do they have the right to claim the out of court lawyer fees from OP if they didn't try to ask the OP first to pay and the OP refused?
  14. Landlord claims for rent after I moved out

    You didn't answer whether you are in Germany or not. That might indicate how difficult or easy it is for you to follow this up. The Mieterverein might not be able to represent you, but they could write letters on your behalf and also advice you what to do next. Also, depending on how much the deposit money she owes you is you can estimate how much it will cost you to have a lawyer represent you in court. If all that you said is true and you have proof, I am pretty certain you will win the case and then she will have to return your deposit and also reimburse you for your lawyer costs. It is also likely that she is just doing this to try and scare you into backing off from reclaiming your deposit money. Did she respond to your termination letter with a confirmation (Kündigungsbestätigung) ? If the answer is yes, then I believe it's a no-brainer. Again, not a lawyer.
  15. Landlord claims for rent after I moved out

    I am in no means a lawyer, but it seems to me that she has no legal leg to stand on. Granted the initial contract was for a 3 year term, but you mutually agreed to end it early. Also, how is she going to argue that to a judge when there was a formal handover and such? Are you still in Germany? If so, maybe your best bet is to go join a "Mieterverein". Do you have any of your interactions with her on record? Letters, emails, whatsapp etc?