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  1. Well, in Germany, the dentist can 'delegate' the treatment to 'unqualified' people!

    That is what you pay your 60€ for.

    But a Proper Dental Cleaning is NOT covered by Kasse, but by Private insurance (usually 80-100%).

    If you are only paying 30-60€ I would question the 'quality' of work, since in this country most 'girls' in the office can do this treatment with nothing more than a 8 hour 'training'.

    Yes, I use quotes, because after working as a Registered Dental Hygienist, it still bothers me, that people think for 50€ they are getting quality, when the people doing the work are not trained! Ask the 'girl' where she got her training! If in Germany, then she is not a qualified Dental Hygienist, and should not be doing an work below the gumline.

    There is a huge difference between a 'zahnstein entfernung' and a 'zahnreingung'.

    In Munich 'unqualified' assistants are charging between 100-400€ per hour!

    Question where they are trained, and how much training they have! Prophyassistants are suppose to do so many hours of 'pratical' work in an office.... question is, are one of their guinea pigs? There is NO clinical exams for any of these 'girls' doing the treatment!

    There are only about 100 'Qualified' Dental Hygienists in Germany, the rest are not trained near as well and have not done any exam work to show competency in the profession.

    But it is your mouth and your money! Is your mouth not worth it?


  2. and ALL the parents were also present! (from my understanding from it was well after the fans left)

    and in Canada, you can drink underage if your parents are present!


    These are the same people that would not allow Women Ski Jumpers due to their archaic view on women in sports. So, I wonder, would this be an issue if it was men? or if it was the American team? hmm!


    I watched most of the hockey, and this was by far the fastest moving game and roughest game of the whole Olympics (men included) I have seen. Well done girls!


  3. no you do not need a KFO, you need a Dentist that specializes in TMJ problems.... first step you need a larger Xray called a Panoramic, to see if there is displacement in the joint, and if the joint is arthritic, then a bite guard, to stop the clenching/grinding to relieve pressure on the joint. Usually some pain or antiinflammatory meds help in combination with the treatment.

    Usually takes a week or so to actually see any relief.

    Sometimes a good physiotherapist can help too.


    No recommendations for it, but you might think of calling the local Dental Association, and asking if they have any specialists.... as not every dentist can treat it properly.


  4. you can set your profil pic to show nothing unless its your friends, so your name will show up in a search, but no profil pic is visible. There have been so many changes to FB recently, that I have to keep checking that my privacy settings are still there, for awhile, I could see wall posts and comments from someone I blocked, that really annoyed me, but now its back to I cannot see anything of this persons.

    you can see my pic in the search, but cannot see the list of my friends.


  5. I love how the the Brits make this an Ami thing.

    Lets see, you are in the EU, you can order from M+S and have your scones for breakfast the next day, American companies do not deliver to Germany, and so, someone new who doens't know the language yet (like you were all born fluent) asks for help, sometimes I wonder if you really know what is going on the world?


    You can fly home in one hour to see you families, stock up and fly back in the same day. How many of us from US/CAN/AUS can do that?


    Yeah, seems the Brit expats think they are far superior to the Ami expats as they seem to like it here more and fit in better. Like you never had growing pains when you were trying to adapt to life here? You never went to the English Stammtisch and moaned about life here, and the lack of proper bacon (if we were all happy about the bacon here Mik wouldn't be doing any business would he?). Well, this is some other peoples moan at the stammtisch.


  6. well, if the director let you all stay in the building, then she would have been responsible for you and the kids, and would have had to clean up whatever mess was left, and we all know how Germans are about leaving time. <_<

    I have been here now a total of 12 years, and things like this still make me shake me head in disbelief, but I should be used to it by now.


  7. I have witnessed in the past few days some shocking behavior from people, and it really just makes me wonder if we have progressed at all.


    I was out with a friend the other day and men at the next table were talking bad about her, loud enough that we could hear, she turned and told them in german she could understand what they are saying, they just laughed and made more jokes about her being a non german white person. Fuck, I was sitting there too, speaking english with her, and they made no jokes about me, but then again, I am white.


    the bus driver today grumbled when he had to get out of the bus to flip the flap so a wheel chair person could get in the bus (that is advertised as a handicap accessible bus!) she is in a wheel chair, for whatever reasons, its his job to make sure she can enter and exit the bus, giving her dirty looks and making nasty comments like - you could have gotten in with the ramp is absolute bullshit!


    Then 2 women got on the bus, obviously non white germans and two younger women stared at them and I overheard their comments (they were sitting next to me on the bus) along the lines of them being bought and paid for in a market in Asia.


    I just find such behavior so sad and dissappointing.


  8. was the 900 bill for all the treatment or just the cleaning? If it included the costs of the exam, panoramic xray, models, cleaning, then that seems with in reason, if it was just the 900 for the cleaning, I could also see that if they did every tooth with injections to clean below the gumline. If you were only paying 90 in WB, then it was most likely by a prophyassistant not a trained Dental Hygienist, and well, eventually you have to pay up for the poor cheap work you had elsewhere.


    Of course 2nd opinions always tell you what you want to hear! :rolleyes:


  9. I go walking around my neighbourhood alot, and I do see alot of boring or extremely plain gardens,

    I live in a highrise, and this year planted pink and purple flowers nice a bright and sunny for me, it was mentioned to me in the laundry room, oh, you are the one with the colourful balcony... I am thinking, EH?

    sorry its not a dead pine/coniferious or red geraniums!


    But I do think people in smaller towns do have nice gardens, I was recently out for a run in Ismaning and there were some really really nice gardens, and some were very fragnant with roses.


  10. sorry, I do not feel a women who gives a child up for adoption should have to still support that child! She made a decision, and someone/or the new parents have taken that responsibility over legally, she is not longer legally responsible for that child, but that child's new parents are now 100% responsible.