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  1. Even though, I kinda stopped "advertising" here, we still exist after all these years. And we are still meeting every first and third Wednesday, but nowadays at the Dubliner Irish Pub (Maxstraße 18-20 - behind the Stadthaus) starting 7:30pm. The latest updates can be found on this webside: http://englishstammtisch.100webspace.net/ or contact english.stammtisch.bonn(at)googlemail.com   Just to confuse you a bit - this September we meet on the second and fourth Wednesday (Sep. 11th and 25th).  
  2. Hi all,   the English speakers stammtisch meets every Wednesday at the Fiddlers Pub in Bonn-Endenich, at 7pm. English speakers and those wishing to improve their English are welcome. It is also your possibility to meet up with Germans and English alike.   We are (currently still a small) group of people aged between 25 and 50.   If you are interested or have any questions, please post.   See also: Archive from previous announcements