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  1. We left the refugee facility for berlin

    We came here principally for my mri scan, and other small stuff like getting my boys passport,  we told everybody

    We where going to be away for a week

    (Jobcenter, ausländerbehörde)

    While here i had a bicycle accident (grade 2 ankle sprain)

    They put an cast on my ankle

    And gave me an apointment for a ct scan the following week.

    So with cast and crutches i went to 


    There i spoke to manuel armbruster

    And asked him to call the facility

    To tell them that i had to stay a few extra days, they said it was ok we even faxed them the hospital papers, but just to be sure i called my neighbor sammy

    Told him to go down stair and. Tell the social offlice i was injured. He spoke to thomas an asshole that works there who said everything was ok.

    So you can imagine how shocked i was when wr got there and they said we dont live there any more.

    I called my friend german to translate

    (I dont speak german)

    The security guard said that they had it in their books that we did not live there since 07/08/19 i made the call from kub on the 08/08/19 .

    So i went to a hotel.

    It was a sunday when we got back to wismar so the office was closed.

    On monday i went to the office i spoke to mr muller he is the boss

    He told me that he was on vacation for 3 weeks so i should come back at 5 and talk to a lady(i dont remember her name)

    She told me that Berlin called saying i wouldn't be back, so they gave away all our stuff.


    Part 1



  2. Thanks you all for your comments

    It. Is amazing that when you tell the truth people think your lying.


    I am not west african

    I am not a native spanish speaker( i was born in jamaica)

    Sorry for spelling tumer wrong


    All my friend say that leaving the money and the phone was stupid.( my bad)


    Belin buch is considered the best cancer hospital in germany, they removed my tumor there so the doctor in wismar told me it would be better to reuturn there.

    I have all the papper work with me

    Just tell me whats needed to verify my story i upload it.

    As for my tears sure it hurts to have your stuff stolen, but i can call it a loss 

    But what about the people that have lived there for five or more years

    It destroys them.











  3. My name is bob i am from mexico, i am here with my wife who is also mexican and we have a healthy 2 month old boy who was born here in wismar (we have been granted
    subsidiary protection)

    I am writing this letter with tears,
    my family  and i where moved to a refugee facility in wismar (haffburg 2).
     we went to belin for 3 weeks to get an MRI on my foot where i had a cancerous tumer removed.
    We returned on sunday the 21/07/19 .
    We where stoped from entering our room by security who told us we no longer live there, i had to borrow 100 euros to stay at a hotel(because all my money was in my room).

    The next morning i went back there to get our things ,we where told that we only have a small bag with pappers,
    And that they gave away all our stuff (money ,clothes,phones... etc)
    When asked why? They said that
     Someone told them that i would not come back to wismar.

    I went to the jobcenter, police,
    And they told  me that it is a normal procedure by law to kick us out and give away our stuff (because we live in aparment building for refugees) .

    I have worked with refugees in mexico
    For the better part of 2 years, so i know that even refugees have rights.

    what can i do?

    thanxs in advance