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  1. Grundrente

    I found this new info about Groundrente, it seems new law   My German is still not perfect so wanted to ask, what is this 33 years, is time counted when person was freiberuflich or not in Germany or was in Germany but was doing nothing ?   and how will this be payed and calculated?
  2. Check Pension contributions

    @GaryC  Thanks,   When you requesting this from abroad will it be delivered by post in your country of residence or email is also possible?
  3. What is happening in IT in Germany ? last years I am getting requests for potential job offers mostly from Indian IT Firms. (Tata, HCL, TechM, Wipro etc...) it  seems that most of the  leading and Fortune 500 German companies are served from Indian IT Firms And these Indian Firms hiring only if there is no chance to outsource in India due to Language or other requirements, but 90% of the work is outsourced, soon in IT there will be no working place left in Germany
  4. Check Pension contributions

    Is there a way to check how much money I have paid to state pension and how much I will get when pension age comes ?   is there a way to request this online ?    why can not Germany make such website when many countries have it ? 
  5. Pros and cons of German citizenship

    That is correct point, but to go in more details I think (correct me if I  am wrong) this is in case the person is regular employee of German company, if the deregistered person is freelance or independent contractor he is not obligated to pay taxes in Germany even if the source of income is German    
  6. Pros and cons of German citizenship

    I think it is good idea to have both citizenship, in case of EU country Germany allows to have double citizenship and if your country of origin also allows that all is fine. if you do not live in Germany and are deregistered , you don't have to pay taxes in Germany or make any declarations. Pension is calculated according years of contribution and amount , so in this case citizenship does not matter.   p.s about inheritance rules I can not say anything.  
  7. Hi All I am naturalized German citizen since 2020, originally from non EU country   I gave up my original citizenship, during process of receiving German citizenship because the person from citizenship office told it was a big chance that I would not get German citizenship if I would refuse to give up original citizenship   When I received citizenship certificate in 2020 I asked again if I could apply for double citizenship (beibehaltungsgenehmigung) to restore my original citizenship and have both, but the person there was also sceptical that this would work.   I am interested if someone here is naturalized German citizen , originally from Non EU country and received double citizenship (beibehaltungsgenehmigung) after applying it?  is it possible at all ? and what  are conditions of successful application? of course I know it is possible to get beibehaltungsgenehmigung, question is if it is possible for naturalized German citizens   p.s restoring citizenship in my country of origin is very easy and straightforward,  problem is German side because such action, getting another citizenship causes to lose German citizenship if no beibehaltungsgenehmigung was permitted. 
  8. Which place is the best to live in Germany

    Forst in Baden?   in 2013 I had not much choices, just moved wherever job offer was  
  9. Schufa - the German credit rating system

    I have got one negative inkasso record on this, I moved away and they could not reach payment score went little bit lower any chance of removing it?  
  10. Conspiracy theorists

    Once I was convinced that Gods were ancient aliens  
  11. Interesting... I have never noticed that, internet is almost everywhere
  12. Which place is the best to live in Germany? Apartment prices, jobs, entertainment... 
  13. if you could go back in time what would you change?
  14. Hi All I am a non EU r citizen and have a blue card. I have got it now but I have worked 1.5 year in Germany already. So I am interested if anybody knows how to apply for permanent residence(or citizenship) and if the 1 year will be considered or I can apply only after 2 years of having blue card?