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  1.   yes it is still available
  2. Hi  all I am moving out from my apartment  and it is free from July   It is 1 room fully furnished apartment, near olympiapark and ackermanbogen (one of the best locations of Munich) Suitable for one person but 2 also can fit for short time, there is a big double bed available. big bathroom with tub, build in kitchen etc..  bascially all items available to moive in like hotel   you can rent it for 2-4 months or 1 year.     price for 1 person 1000 euro and includes all costs except of internet and GEZ. wifi hotspots ara available in apartment for 25 euro     p.s in case of 2 persons price might increase slightly because of utility costs need to confirm with landlord    
  3. Thanks for reply John   Can you please tell, if I can just cancel my current German private Insurance as selft employed freelancer do I need approval from current insurance provider ? Can not I just simply cancel and stay uninsured also ?  
  4. hi  all does anyone have experience changing from German insurances to such international inurance They have given me a quote which is much cheaper that German private insurance   any pros and cons ?
  5. LCD monitor

    sold   admin please close or delete topic
  6. Germany and non EU dual citizenship

    alderhill in application you should specify if you are ready to give up your citizenship - YES or NO The Person from KVR told to specify here NO is a bad idea because in bavaria it is complicated... and in case of yes, they will process your application, send you letter confirming you will get German citizenship and ask you to go to your embassy and cancel current one, after you cancel you send them confirmation and you get German passport I think in some cases they dont ask for confirmation depending on country laws where receiving one citizenship causes losing other once. but the state where you live may be different case, it seems each bundesland is different with requirement and of  course    Bavaria is the worst place to apply   I was thinking citizenship law is same for all German states but it does not seem so it seems each state somehow extended  it with their own requirements, because they have nothing more interesting to do and should show up that they do some work   I made a mistake to apply here in Munich, it would make sense to rent a cheap room in some other state , register and apply there    
  7. Germany and non EU dual citizenship

    Which Bundeslands are easy with Beibehaltung ?
  8. Germany and non EU dual citizenship

    So theoretically I can apply for this Beibehaltung in Germany before applying for second citizenship and see what the outcome will be and decide later according their answer 🤔        
  9. Germany and non EU dual citizenship

    thanks for replies   do you know how easy it is to restore German citizenship once it is lost due to accepting other
  10. HI All   I am from Non EU country I have applied for German citizenship, and they told it is complicated to maintain current one, so I have checked a checkbox that I am ready to give up current one   on the other hand I checked with my current country,  and they told it is OK to have both, can make an application to maintain the current one, or after applying for German one and losing current one I can apply to restore. but if I restore on the other side  than I may lose the German one.   Do you have experience with such cases? how to keep both should I contact immigration lawyers to sort it out ?
  11. Einbürgerung Process in München

    zephyr how many months did it took from first submitting application? 
  12. LCD monitor

    LCD monitor Asus ve228   selling for 40 euro   has HDMI output,  it can serve  as primary monitor, or second monitor for Laptop or PC,  or as small TV as well  if you connect with some streaming stick
  13. Hi All I am a non EU r citizen and have a blue card. I have got it now but I have worked 1.5 year in Germany already. So I am interested if anybody knows how to apply for permanent residence(or citizenship) and if the 1 year will be considered or I can apply only after 2 years of having blue card?