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  1.   yes it is still available
  2. Hi  all I am moving out from my apartment  and it is free from July   It is 1 room fully furnished apartment, near olympiapark and ackermanbogen (one of the best locations of Munich) Suitable for one person but 2 also can fit for short time, there is a big double bed available. big bathroom with tub, build in kitchen etc..  bascially all items available to moive in like hotel   you can rent it for 2-4 months or 1 year.     price for 1 person 1000 euro and includes all costs except of internet and GEZ. wifi hotspots ara available in apartment for 25 euro     p.s in case of 2 persons price might increase slightly because of utility costs need to confirm with landlord    
  3. Hi All I am a non EU r citizen and have a blue card. I have got it now but I have worked 1.5 year in Germany already. So I am interested if anybody knows how to apply for permanent residence(or citizenship) and if the 1 year will be considered or I can apply only after 2 years of having blue card?