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  1. there should be double taxation treaty between Germany and UK so once you tax in UK whatawere you withdraw from UK company it should be fine and you should not pay extra fee in Germany but I am not tax adviser so you can consult with tax adviser (stauerberater)
  2. The Sinopahrm and Sinovac vaccines are made from Inactivated SARS-CoV-2 virus   this type of Inactivated virus vaccines have been known since long time, what I do not understand why was neither EU nor USA or UK able to create this type of vaccine  . . . . .
  3. Sinopharm efficacy rate is  79%  , better than AstraZeneca and J&J   or maybe the numbers provided are only based on Chinese sources  are not proven?  
  4. while it is approved by WHO , what problem does EU see in Chinese vaccine?
  5. tax questions

    1. if I am not residing and not registered in Germany,  but work for German company full time permanent contact, is my worldwide income taxable in Germany?   2. how much maximum gift money can a person get from family member , without being subject of taxation?    
  6. Contract with company not based in Germany

    corona has some advantages  
  7. Contract with company not based in Germany

    if it allows remote work you can not resign yet and work in both places
  8. basically, from what I see you can double income but jobs seem not so easy to get due to high concurrency   what do you think? 
  9. I am somewhere between B2 - C1 level, and want to improve my German further    any good online course which you can suggest?
  10. Migration for a 36 year software architect from india

    also in Switzerland it is more difficult than in Germany
  11. Migration for a 36 year software architect from india

    my personal opinion is that getting IT software jobs in Germany are not easy   everyone wants to work in Germany, it is bit challenging compared with india and eastern europe   I know some indian nationals who came here with job seeker visa, found nothing and went back, now they are working in india and are quite happy
  12. The Vegetarian's Dilemma