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  1. I used to live in Saarbrücken, it is quite boring there
  2. Why are you happy today?

    I am happy because soon we will have polls for all users  
  3. Changing from public to private health insurance

    no actually what I do not know is if person stays employed for same employer he may be not allowed to change back to public insurance, or changing job which pays above the limit
  4. Changing from public to private health insurance

    why is it life changing decision? should be not so difficult to switch back to public insurance, for example when changing work e.g accepting offer which pays under the limit, or when becoming jobless   I had private insurance for 2 years when I was self employed and it saved quite some good amount of money then I started permanent employment and changed back to public   also person can move out (abmelden) any time from Germany, i.e stop insurance for some time and then come back and start from public insurance
  5. Changing from public to private health insurance

    when person ages and if it becomes more expensive they can change back to public insurance, right?
  6. I tried but not succefully, the person from krankenkasse told it is doable only at the year end   any chance of changing monthly bases? Generally is it a good idea?
  7. is it a good idea to use this when authority is delaying the case? any experiences?   I once wrote I will use it if not processing the permit timely and person from behorde become quite angry and wrote back that I will not win and should stop threatening 
  9. My opinion about Daueraufenthalt-EU  is that it is a bit unuseful permit , it kind of allows you to work in other EU states but you still have to apply some permits in country where you intend to work.  and if you move other country you will have a gap and it will disqualify from citizenship best solution for you will be to get Niderlasungserlaubnis and than apply for  German citizenship, citizenship is the ultimate solution  if you intend to move around EU
  10. there should be double taxation treaty between Germany and UK so once you tax in UK whatawere you withdraw from UK company it should be fine and you should not pay extra fee in Germany but I am not tax adviser so you can consult with tax adviser (stauerberater)