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  1. IsarCards Feb and March

    By mistake, the wrong pick up date was mentioned, correct date is:  19th Feb (tomorrow)
  2. Dear members I am selling my IsarCards for Feb and March, valid for 01-05 rings and can be picked on 22nd Feb at U2 Kreillerstraße Price: IsarCard Feb - 12 euros IsarCard Mar - 85 euros Please PM if interested. Thanks!
  3. Untervermietung aus finanziellen Gründen

    Thanks for the inputs El Jeffo    I am not a member of mieterverein but as per my understanding they don’t consider the issues until 3 months before the start of membership ?   By any chance, do you have the link from Deutscher Mieterbund where it is mentioned ? Thanks 
  4. Dear members,   I need your 2 cents about the above mentioned topic.   I am the hauptmieter and would like to sub-rent my apartment to the 3rd party as the apartment is too big for me and the rent is huge burden.   Concerning this, I sent an email to the owners but they refused to allow the sub-tenancy, pointing out that "wir in Ihrem Fall kein berechtiges Interesse erkennen können."   They have also mentioned that it can only be done in 2 ways:   1. If the registered partner has been separated and moved out of the apartment   2. The financial conditions   Now, I would like to know what are the financial conditions that can make a strong ground for the purpose of sub-rent ?   Is there any defined limit that a person need to earn monthly in order to show the financial crisis ?   For ex. If I earn 2000 euros netto per month and pay the rent around 1000 euros, is it the sufficient financial ground to ask the owners to allow the sub-tenancy ?   Your thoughts would be highly appreciated and if there are some other grounds for the sub-tenancy to 3rd parties then please let me know.   Thanks