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  1. Hello all,   working in Germany, second month only so far. Contract for 5 years, first residence permit till 31.12.2015. Wanted to buy a cell phone(no contract) from one of the 'big' providers, a friend recommended a cheaper variant, e.g. Mediamarkt. Mediamarkt gave me 2 "messages" 1. can't do it before 6 months at all; 2. can do it online, but they need a tone of papers. On the other hand, o2 wants only my passport number but is like a 100+ Euros more expensive for a Note 3 for example. Anyone had experience with buying a phone with no contract in a situation similar to mine? I need recommendations for firms/stores where I could go cheaper without a tone of papers, proofs and similar. Of course, the point being monthly rates, eg. 24 months. Hopefully such a thing exists.   Thanks in advance