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  1. I doubt it. However, if you know name and address, you may find the phone number at Be aware, that emails aren't legally binding, so writing a (registered) snail mail letter may be a better option anyway.
  2. I'm not a lawyer, but I think it would be OK, given that a tenant could request the landlord's adress from the Grundbuchamt (sort of deeds office) anyway.
  3. Interrupting my sublet contract earlier

    The landlord is legally required to pay your deposit into a separate account (google "Kautionskonto"). Therefore, you shouldn't have to worry about him keeping it even though you fulfilled your obligations  (unless he acts fraudulently, in which case you could obviously sue him). However, it may take 6-12 months until you'll get it back (counting from the end of your lease).
  4. When my daughter arrived in New York at passport control they took away her baggage claim ticket and didn´t return it to her. On top of that her suitcase hasn´t arrived. At least she received an email pointing out that it will arrive on a different plane, so she has some proof that she had a suitcase in the first place. Any idea how to proceed? British Airways hotline told her to make up a baggage claim ticket number and submit a missing luggage claim. That sounds a bit dodgy to me. Any ideas how to proceed? Any experiences with handling of compensation claims by British Airways? Can she buy new clothes/toothpaste etc. right away up to the value of € 1200.- (that´s the limit for such claims according to what I´ve read) or will she be expected to give them some time to finally deliver (if so, how much)? Will the email acknowledging that there was a suitcase be sufficient to make a claim for compensation?
  5. The War in Ukraine

    One difference is that Russia can replace them, but Ukraine cannot.
  6. The War in Ukraine

    It's 2 months old. What should have changed?
  7. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Farriers are missing on that list. Scandalous!
  8. The War in Ukraine

    Milley urges Ukraine to negotiate with Russia, saying chances of total military victory 'unlikely. Milley is the US Chief of Staff. I doubt a few dozen tanks will make much of a difference.
  9. Fighting a tow company's claim

    What did happen though is that the towing service was called out, which establishes a contract between them and whoever called them. Also, the charge is not for towing, but merely a callout fee. Whoever called them is liable for it and therefore, they have a claim to be reimbursed by who necessitatet them to call the towing service.
  10. Fighting a tow company's claim

    My layman's take is that strictly speaking, you don't owe them anything, but whoever called them does. However, he/she could demand that you reimburse the cost to them. If I was you I'd try to negotiation their demand down. If unsuccessful, I'd pay, unless I has legal cost insurance covering traffic affairs.  
  11. Giving Birth Outside Germany

    There are also those with a dysfunctional Y- chromosome. They are truly in the wrong body as they appear to be female, even though they're genetically XY.
  12. Lawyer Fees in Germany

    Lawyer's fees are regulated and there is a payment schedule they can only deviate from if you explicitly agreed. You can turn to your local chamber of lawyers ("Anwaltskammer") and ask them to check the lawyer's bill. Regardless, if you win, the other party should be liable for your legal costs.
  13. Giving Birth Outside Germany

    Except for that part of Asia which is part of the EU - Cyprus
  14. What level has German journalism sunk down to:
  15. Darmspiegelung - colonoscopy

        According to this recent study 10 years is indeed sufficient: The authors even suggest to consider extending the intervall.
  16. Need US SIM card for receiving bank SMS verification

    Could you call your mom via Whatsapp and have any codes sent to her?
  17. Holborn, Empire Property

    I received a call from a company named Horton ( ) suggesting to invest in an unrated "loan note", allegedly the same as a corporate bond, except that it's not traded at public markets. The debtor would be a property developer named Empire ( These are supposedly reputable and trustworthy UK companies. Does anybody (of the Brits) on the forum have experience dealing with them? Would you borrow money to them for 2 years at a 10% interest rate (you could choose between £,€ and $)? Is it usual procedure in the UK to call private people and offer that kind of investment?
  18. Holborn, Empire Property

    Problem is you may have to wait for longer than you'll be around. Ask those who invested into the Nikkei in the 80ies.
  19. There are also "Lohnsteuerhilfevereine" ("associations for help in filing tax returns", which help employees file their tax returns.  They are cheaper than regular accountants. Don't have any experience with them, though.
  20. Holborn, Empire Property

    It wasn't completely unsolicited as they called me a few hours before and asked whether they may call me later. I also remember them talking to me a year or so ago, but don't remember about what. I may have contacted them in response to an advertisement.
  21. Currently there is no central storage (yet, it's being discussed though), but your doctor/hospital has to store your medical records for 30 years.
  22. I've already bought a cheap Chinese one which broke down after 2 weeks. Now I'm probably going to buy the one I linked to as soon as my broken leg will allow me to drive again, so I can see and hear it running.
  23. You can get diesel generators at reasonable prices ( at least compared to batteries). E.g. this Japanese 15 kW for € 2300 (in Cyprus,  where prices are usually higher):    
  24. To be prepared for a blackout I'll simply buy a diesel generator. Much cheaper than backup batteries.
  25.  think you have reason to file criminal charges for mayhem, among other things. That will trigger an investigation by police.