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  1. IRA/401(k) taxation - definition of Kapitalleistung

    That´s as mindboggling as it´s outrageous. Did he appeal?
  2. Trump said he wanted to do away with granting green cards based on having family members who are green card holders themselves. As my daughter as well as my sister are living in the US I might want to move there in the future. Should I be worried as a German pensioner that I might not be able to get a US residence permit ?
  3. Only in America...

    Didn´t know that they still use Roman numerals in the US  
  4. My neighbour is receiving a UK disability pension but is still below retirement age. Does she qualify for a S1 form from the UK?
  5. Obtaining punitive damages

      Not exactly. You can still sue him for damage compensation (and that could be more than the mere value of the desk but could include any expenses you incurred fixing that problem. But the threshold above which criminal proceedings are instigated isn´t up to you to set. In my view he deserved a fine but unfortunately, I´m not the state prosecutor. I doubt that he´d have gotten away with it that easily in Bavaria.
  6. No, but it´s the easiest and cheapest. Why should they cause additional cost for sending a bailiff and have things impounded and foreclosed if all it takes is sending you a letter?
  7. If you have legal cost insurance call them first for authorisation and possibly you´ll berestricted to one they have a contract with (depending on your contract). If you don´t I´d suggest to first consult a Verbraucherzentrale. Will be cheaper and might solve your problem as well.
  8. What´s your problem? You won´t have to pay in duplicate. Basically, what happened is that the Finanzamt impounded your landlords claim against you. Therefore, instead of having to pay to your landlord you have to pay them. There is no disadvantage to you.
  9. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

    Actually the Abitur isn´t called Abitur but the official term is "Allgemeine Hochschulreife". That implies that it certifies that you have a decent general knowledge. An maths and science are certainly part of general knowledge. Plus you´ll need maths in social sciences as well (think e. g. statistics).
  10. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

        I´m not sure this is true for Bavaria. IIRC my kids had no choice but to write Abitur in maths and if they had failed (i. e. scored zero) they wouldn´t have passed Abitur.
  11. While we´re at it: does the new king of Thailand have to pay income tax in Germany given that he has a residence near Munich?
  12. No, as I understand it it´s just a criterion to define your habitual abode, no matter what any agreements on the avoidance of double taxation (DTA) say. But having your general abode in Germany isn´t the only criterion which can trigger tax residency. And btw tax residency doesn´t necessarily mean you have to pay any tax. It depends e. g. on the DTA with the respective country. Be aware though that I´m not a tax specialist but merely telling you things as I understand them from what I heard from the "Fachberater" I consulted before moving away a few years ago.
  13. Enforcement is what I found missing. Since I left Germany my tax consultant never even asked me whether / for how long I had stayed in Germany. So I guess the Finanzamt doesn´t ask.
  14. It´s not as clear-cut as it sounds anyway. It´s merely relevant to establish your habitual abode. However, you´ll be taxed on your worldwide income even if your habitual abode is abroad if your center of vital interest is regarded to be in Germany (e. g. because your family is residing there) or if you´re keeping a place of residence (and even a caravan may be regarded a place of residence). IIRC what my tax consultant told me before I left Germany whether you´ll be taxed by Germany if you spend less than 183 days in Germany depends on what the agreement on the avoidance of double taxation between Germany and your country of residence is stipulating. So you need to check that. In case of doubt I suggest you ask a "Fachberater für internationales Steuerrecht" (tax consultant specialising in international tax law). You´ll find those residing in Berlin here (choose the relevant country from the drop down menu "Arbeitsgebiete")
  15. Electricity/gas provider for 2 months

    I´m not sure that you don´t have to sign a contract but if you do you can choose a contract which you can terminate anytime.