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  1. Landlord Reneges on Buying Kitchen

    A verbal contract is legally binding in a case like this. However, the burden of proof is on you that he really had entered into a contract. I´d try to write to him something along the lines of "sorry, but we had a binding contract..." hoping that he answers something like "I changed my mind" which could be regarded  a confession of that he indeed had entered into a contract with you. I´m not a lawyer though and it might not work anyway but That´s what I´d try.
  2. I´d at least like to see proof of that the alleged owner is indeed the owner. In other words I´d ask for ID and a Grundbuchauszug or at least an account statement showing that property tax is paid by her / him.
  3. Bank account hacked - bank refuses to refund!

    It won´t help you now but I´d like to point out that there is insurance for that kind of risk. E. g. offered by
  4. I haven´t read the whole thread but from what I understood from the other thread you only want to move to Austria in order to later qualify for German public health insurance. I also understood that you need to stick to a not infinite budget. Providing that this is correct I´d like to point out to you  that 2 months ago Cyprus introduced mandatory public health insurance ( which is dirt-cheap compared to Germany (and probably Austria - as life is generally cheaper in Cyprus). IIRC the current contribution is about 2.5% of your income which will rise to about 3.5% next year (when hospitalization will be covered as well). Plus you can easily get along with English there. Just saying.
  5. It was meant as a hint for the OP as it might have been his insurance broker´s mistake.  
  6. Maybe that would be grounds for demanding damage compensation from the broker?
  7. No. According to what I read public healthcare in Germany is one of the better ones. I´ve read even more praise about the French one though.
  8. Yes,  but it is the landlord the tenant has a contract with and not some utility company. So whatever the landlord charges the tenant has to accept as long as it´s covered by the lease contract. And given that a flat fee was agreed that fee could be invoiced by the landlord. At least in my layman´s opinion.
  9. But have they actually split up? Doesn´t sound like to me.
  10. Can´t you simply issue an invoice yourself? Something along these lines: Your utilities for the period from xx to xx have been covered by a flat fee of € X,xx  payment of wich is hereby confirmed?
  11. Bavarian school system

    No, it´s not. It´s possible to make it from Hauptschule to Gymnasium and University but only with pretty good marks (at least in Bavaria - don´t know about other states). Plus you probably won´t fully catch up with what you missed out on at age 11 - 16 if you were on Hauptschule (compared to Gymnasium) like e. g. additional languages and "shaping" of your ways of thinking (the German word for education is "Bildung" which means somethink like forming or shaping). And formal levels of education are very important in Germany. E. g. in public service your salary bracket is strictly and formally correlated to your level of education. You won´t get into the highest salary bracket without University education (with few exceptions for e. g. soldiers or politicians).
  12. Legal Insurance Wrong Lawyer

    Yes, and to be on the safe side I'd also write a letter to that effect.
  13. Legal Insurance Wrong Lawyer

    It´s probably too late for you now but in future cases where you´re not sure you really have to pay but wan´t to avoid additional costs in case it turns out you´re indeed obligated to  I´d recommend to pay under reservation and without acknowledgement of obligation (in German: unter Vorbehalt ohne Rechtspflichtanerkennung). That way you´d have left the door open to claim it back.
  14. Climate change discussion

    That´s what I thought as well when I was young. On other topics though.    
  15. Climate change discussion

    Which point of your list do you think is convincing? Calling deviating opinions chlidlike? Even your own source confirms that China alone emits about 3 times as much CO2 than all of the EU combined. And they´re still adding coal fired power stations. I´m all for going green - but only as part of a concerted effort. Germany´s share of total worldwise CO2 emmission in 2011 was 2.4% and I bet it´s lower by now. So what do you think how much of an effect going all green could have unless other main "culprits" are also doing the same? E. g. the Polish PM only recently declared that his country´s economy is based on coal and he refuses to try to change that. So there doesn´t seem to be the necessary level of commitment even within the EU. Let´s not even speak of Trump, Russia or China. Of course, we should try to reduce emissions - but not at all cost. That´s my childlike view at least (and I did put a photovoltaic facility on top of the roof of the house I´m renting).