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  1. Non payment from house sale

    I think I made it clear that failing on a mortgage should be the last option only, assuming that other roads have been explored unsuccessfully. It´s better though from what I gather than to move out of the newly purchased house and start renting again (as seemingly considered by the OP). That was the point I was trying to make.
  2. Non payment from house sale

    True, but that has nothing to do with whether or not a deposit is paid though.
  3. German labor laws for sick days

      In Deutschland gilt die freie Arztwahl. Es steht dem Patienten also frei, ob er zuerst einen Hausarzt aufsucht, von dem er sich zu einem Facharzt überweisen lässt oder ob er direkt einen Facharzt aufsucht. Bei Augenbeschwerden kann also direkt ein Termin bei einem Augenarzt vereinbart werden, ohne dass eine Überweisung von einem Hausarzt vorliegt. Allerdings gibt es von dieser Regel auch Ausnahmen. Einige hochspezialisierte Arztgruppen benötigen immer eine Überweisung, um eine Behandlung durchzuführen. Zu diesen Ärzten zählen etwa Radiologen (Überweisung zum Röntgen, zur Computertomografie (CT), zur Magnetresonanztomografie (MRT)), Laborärzte, Strahlentherapeuten und Nuklearmediziner.   deeepl-translation: In Germany the free choice of doctor applies. The patient is therefore free to choose whether to first consult a family doctor, from whom he is referred to a specialist, or whether to consult a specialist directly. In the case of eye complaints, an appointment with an ophthalmologist can be arranged directly without a referral from a family doctor. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Some highly specialised groups of doctors always require a referral in order to carry out treatment. These doctors include radiologists (referral to X-rays, computer tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)), laboratory doctors, radiation therapists and nuclear medicine specialists. Translated with (free version)
  4. Even after all these years, I still...

    Not only that. E. g. it also teaches you that patterns of politics and power have stayed the same for more than 2000 years. Just as the value of gold. An ounce of it bought you a toga in ancient Rome just as it buys you a custom made suit nowadays. Another example would be that you learn more about the importance human rights than in history lessens (think slavery).
  5. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Did he give a reason?
  6. The downside would be that this rent was taxable income though.
  7. How to stay friends with a friend

    But this almost was the norm only a century ago. My grandfather´s girlfriend had 10 siblings 5 of whom didn´t make it to adulthood. We forget how lucky we are to live nowadays.
  8. German labor laws for sick days

    Ok, granted there are some exceptions.
  9. German labor laws for sick days

    Then I don´t understand why you need a referral (except you want to be seen by a University hospital special ambulance for which even a GP referral may not be sufficient but you´d need one from a specialst). Who says it´s required? Your health insurance?
  10. German labor laws for sick days

    Did you maybe sign a "Hausarztvertrag". If you did then you´ll need a referral indeed. But you don´t have to sign it.
  11. Even after all these years, I still...

    You´re putting words (or thoughts) into my mouth. I implied that teaching useful things only "...would turn children in to wooden automatons who are incapable of introspection, independent thought, empathy or sophistication..." You see what having been taught useful things only did to you?
  12. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Maybe - but I wasn´t talking of swapping batteries once they´re worn out but when they´re empty. So basically every few days.
  13. German labor laws for sick days

    You don´t need a referral.
  14.   Even if she´s still in probation she can´t be dismissed. So she won´t need a new job assignment.
  15. There are ways around it though. When my wife had applied for a job she was told she´d get it once she´d present her uterus in a jar. That was before sueing for discrimination became popular.