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  1. While that´s true, just surviving is quite a low-hanging target. I´d aim higher. I don´t even want to have symptoms, at least none beyond those I´d expect of a common cold.
  2. Parking apps becoming the only choice

    Not necessarily. You just need a license and insurance for them. I guess, they also need to have some sort of TÜV or EU certification.
  3. Medical Insurance Administration

    If she took out insurance via an insurance broker, they might do it.
  4. Why are you unhappy today?

    This dog probably had a better life and had to suffer less than factory farmed animals, the parts of which you can buy at supermarkets.
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

    In Asia it is not uncommon to eat dogs.
  6. Why are you unhappy today?

    Because I learnt about a pet dog being hijacked by a group of Filipinos in Larnaca who had him for barbecue. The lady owner is still looking for him and the friend's friend, who is a witness, doesn't want to share his knowledge for fear of retaliation. While I know that it's not much different from buying pork from farm factories via Lidl and that there is actually no reason to feel different about dogs than pics I'm still upset. @Keleth may call me a racist SoB, but I don't want people like those around.
  7. There is also the option of taking out private top-up insurance, which covers the balance between what public insurance pays and private healthcare providers charge.
  8. 3G in Restaurants?

    You can't really expect trials to have been performed already. Of course, it's a guess, but based on considerations plausible enough for me to not take ibuprofen. Especially as there are alternatives like paracetamol.
  9. 3G in Restaurants?

    The concerns aren't based on how long the mRNA is still around but on how long it takes for the processes triggered by it to be completed. In these processes the formation of prostaglandines is involved and ibuprofen is an inhibotor of the formation of those. Paracetamol not so much. This is why I'd feel more at ease with the latter. The level of antibodies achieved may or may not be a good indicator of efficacy as it doesn't necessarily tell you about the cellular response. All this a bit murky and I don't think anybody knows the exact details you'd need to know in order to make a well founded decision.
  10. Parking apps becoming the only choice

    Reminds me of having read that Bill Gates is using them indoors as his house is so big.
  11. 3G in Restaurants?

    I don´t know what the revocation of that warning is based on, as in theory, it´s well conceivable that ibuprofen can interact with the body´s reaction to the vaccine due to it´s anti-inflammatory action. But nobody really knows. I would avoid taking nonsteroidal painkillers and if I really, really couldn´t do without I´d prefer paracetamol as it has less anti-inflammatory properties (other than what you´d think for such a widely used drug, the mode of action is still unclear though).
  12. Zahlen, bitte!

    In Bavaria you need a health certificate to prove that you're not a chronic carrier of salmonella or tuberculosis (and maybe other bugs, can't remember) if you're professionally preparing food. At least it used to be like that in my day.
  13. Zahlen, bitte!

    Each summer (unless covid is stopping me) I make sure to have Schäufele with Sauerkraut, delicious gravy and potatoe dumpling for around €10  in the beergarden of Gasthof Schiller in Wernsdorf. One of the few times a year I forget that I'm trying to become vegetarian.
  14. 3G in Restaurants?

    How did you manage to misquote me? I never posted the tweet you commented on. I don't even use Twitter or whatever channel this is taken from.
  15. My gut feeling is telling me she can't, but I'm not a lawyer. Maybe in case she can prove it was a mistake (by providing copies of the old and the new water bill) she can correct it. I would suggest to her to compromise on half the demanded backpayment as it's not worth spending €1000 on legal costs.