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  1. That´s what I did. But to be honest I´m less impressed with her service than yours.
  2. I´m dealing with a similiar problem in an account inherited from my mother and am being told by my late mom´s lawyer that I´m expected to produce proof of the cost of purchase to contest withholding tax of more than 50% of the proceeds from dissolution of an intransparent US fund which was bought about 20 years ago (and for which I couldn´t find any documentation as the oldest account statements are from 2004). Can the Finanzamt really demand this given that before 2009 there was no reason to keep such documentation as any capital gains realized after more than 1 year weren´t taxable anyway?
  3. Would that make sure mail sent via different providers will be forwarded as well (think UPS, GPS etc.)?
  4. Why should it not be possible, provided the owners are prepared to pay for it?
  5. What about the owners association uses the services of a security company for a few eeks to break the vandals habits?
  6. Buying first car up to 7000€
  7. But you can buy iodazed salt for € 0,19 / 500 g at each supermarket. I´d rather that than sprinkle soil over my food.
  8. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

    I doubt that this article was written by a native speaker. Plattenbau is clearly associated with buildings in the former GDR. While the same or very similiar construction was done in the West it would be referred to as e. g. Betonfertigbau.
  9. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

    One of them will probably be high heating costs (due to lack of proper insulation) unless it has been renovated properly and lack of noise insulation (probably even if renovated). Shortly after reunification I was offered a Plattenbau apartment in the East and there you could hear the people living above you using the toilet.
  10. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

    That depends on your lease contract. It may be negotiable.
  11. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

    Also not exactly true.
  12. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

    Before you even touch a screwdriver I´d suggest you take out liability insurance (they are cheap - my mom paid below € 40/year). The´d cover any damage you cause to others (unless done on purpose or gross negligence - and some even over the latter).
  13.   It´s a common complication of any disease (like a common cold for instance)  which blocks the Eustachian tube (the drain connecting the ear to the pharynx). If it´s blocked exsudate and mucus cannot be drained from the ear but will build up and create pressure in the ear. That´s also a breeding ground for bacteria. This should help (note that I misspelled pseudophenylephrine in that old post): Also:  
  14. schimmel in der Wohnung

    It´s easily possible in poorly isolated buildings. If the wall is cold enough to allow condensation it can happen even if you heat and air a lot. Es peciall in corners of outside walls because these are exposed more to the impact of cold and will therefore often have the lowest surface temperature. After having removed the mold use a silicate-based paint because the high ph-value (above 10) of those will prevent mold from growing again (for about 5 years at least, after which it needs to be repainted).  
  15. Can anybody recommend an accountant to claim back withholding tax I had deducted from distributions of my Master Limited Partnerships. So far, the cheapest quote I got was US$ 750. Which isn´t very reasonable given that this is about the amount withheld.