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  1. Not paying GEZ fees

    Wouldn't it have been cbeaper to pay your fees rather than the bailiff?
  2. Investing money

    Currently, there is simply no safe investment the proceeds of which can beat inflation. How can there be in an area of negative interest rates? The next best thing for the risk-adverse in my layman view would be bonds with shorter maturities or preferred stocks and bonds which are floaters or fixed-to floaters.
  3. To be fair, vaccination for young children is not as easy a decision as it is for adults. Firstly, because nobody knows how it would interfere with a developing immune system and secondly, because an argument can be made that there is no risk to children even if they are infected. The risk/benefit ratio for kids is very different and nobody currently knows how different. The vaccination could be seen as not being in their own interest but in the interest of the adults around them. If I still had young children I might well consider waiting until there will be more data or until new vaccines will be available. There are protein-based vaccines specifically for children under development. On the other hand not vaccinating them comes at a very high risk of being infected naturally. Which may be worse than having their immune system be interfered with by a vaccine (assuming the vaccine won´t do anything the virus wouldn´t do as well).
  4. Coronavirus

    That website is still in the process of enlisting people who want to be vaccinated. It will probably only as of next week that they will actually start to arrange for vaccinations.
  5. Good idea. Let´s start with those who don´t share my views.
  6. Coronavirus

    Here you go:  
  7. Coronavirus

    And don´t forget to cancel if you got it elsewhere.
  8. Coronavirus

    If you don´t want to rely on luck you better get vaccinated against it.
  9. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

    Even more than Cyprus? Hard to believe when I look at whole developments standing 90% empty on the coast where I live. Not that they dropped prices though. They rather let it decay.
  10. Coronavirus

    There are GPs who don´t vaccinate because it´s too much of a hassle. People arguing about what vaccine to get, wanting to change their appointment intervals, not showing up because they got vaccinated elsewhere without cancelling... And all that for little money may not be worth being blocked from treating regular patients.
  11. Coronavirus

    I´d ask him for a prescription then. Hopefully your favourite ice-cream parlour will accept it.
  12. Coronavirus

    I wouldn´t recommend that. It´s unclear whether it impairs the efficacy of the vaccine and in theory it´s a possibility, especially for ibuprofen.
  13. Coronavirus

    No problem. Just get vaccinated against shingles before you get your Biontech jab
  14. Coronavirus

  15. I bet that you misunderstood and that you can credit your account with more than € 10. According to there are several ways to do so. E.g. by sms, bank transfer or online. That they will only charge your account with € 10/moth doesn´t mean you can´t have more credit in that account (which they will use for any services not included in your package, such as e.g. international calls). I´d recommend other service providers anyway as they offer better network coverage at lower prices (e.g. Pennymobil which uses the Telecom network).