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  1. English speaking dentists that use Nitrous Oxide

    Why not have an anesthesiologist do the anesthesia. That´s what I had asked for when I got my wisdom teeth pulled.
  2. Then buy different earplugs. What do you you expect people to do? The landlord can´t be expected to make the house any "younger" and the neighbours can´t do away with their child. They might be able however, to e. g. shift the times they´re playing piano, put a carpet into the child´s room (if they haven´t already) etc. - if you ask them nicely. Being too pissed to even talk to them won´t help much.
  3. I´d try to talk to the neighbours myself rather than via the landlord. And buy ear plugs.
  4. German right of way laws

    You´re right. And I´m saying this with the full authority of the son of a driving instructor who spent a considerable part of his childhood on the back seat while dad was giving driving lessons.
  5. Public vs. private health insurance

    Ok, so now I understand why my private top up insurance went from € 36 to € 55 per month within 5 years.
  6. Banks have utterly lost their mind...or have they?

    That would have been an excellent idea given the two inflations they had to go through.
  7. Public vs. private health insurance

    Doesn´t that reason apply to new customers only? AFAIK in Germany once you entered into a contract with a private health insurance your premium will only rise because of "medical inflation". That´s why "Altersrückstellungen" are baked into the premium you´re paying.
  8. When I was living next to tram lines I had the bedroom window replaced with a noise-protection window (there are noise protection levels 1 - 5) and the roller shutter casing lined with lead. That helped a lot. (A few years later the municipality replaced the old noisy rails with rubber bedded ones which were much less noisy). Maybe you could discuss with your landlord whether he´d be prepared to at least share that cost if it turns out to be necessary.
  9. Wheelchair Access

    Well, nobody suggested that. But if the services they need can be delivered at lesser cost and more convenience then taxpayers money should be put to better use.
  10. Wheelchair Access

    True. But is it worth € 800000.-? In a small town with 8000 inhabitants? That money could have been put to better use. E. g. upgrading public transport so that you don´t have to order the Rufbus a day in advance (on weekends).
  11. Wheelchair Access

    I never said this. What I´m saying is that it would be good enough for me if the staff of the mayor´s hall would come to my place instead of money being wasted on building obscenely expensive wheelchair access.
  12. Wheelchair Access

    In Bavaria Seehofer introduced a law requiring all public buildings to be made wheelchair-friendly. Which sometimes is over the top. E. g. in the small town I used to live in (Arnstein) the mayor´s hall isn´t accessible by wheelchair. Even though the 3 disabled people living in that town all said they don´t need it to be made accessible because if they need something the staff will visit them at their homes the works are in progress as I´m writing. Wasting € 800000.-
  13. You´ll get a residence permit so that you can live with your wife. Together with her, that is. You can´t live separated if you want a family permit.
  14. Public vs. private health insurance

    Don´t you know about the Terminservicestellen? They´re supposed to find you an appointment within a month. If they fail to do so you can go private and your public insurance will have to pay.
  15. It´s still a good idea to have a Hausarzt  since chances are he can interpret reports better than you and do a synopsis of reports from different specialists.