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  1. I think so. Once the current lockdown will be lifted the virus will raise it´s head again and cause disruption for longer (especially in the US) than markets may anticipate. At least that´s my guess.
  2. Coronavirus

    Why should that be handled differently elsewhere? Sure Germans aren´t the only one who know this.
  3. UNHCR

    I wouldn´t even mind that per se. But why can´t they do it via email?
  4. UNHCR

    I´m annoyed by the fact that after donating to the UNHCR I received an email asking for my physical adress so that they could send me a thank you letter. I don´t want my money to be wasted for writing thank you letters. I´ll never donate to them again.
  5. Coronavirus

    Nonsense! I´d say that the company in question has nothing to do with it and that therefore your claim that "Germany" did something sinister here is ridiculous.
  6. Coronavirus

    What did a private German company have to do with that?
  7. Coronavirus

    Mindbogglingy, he still has very good approval ratings among USians.
  8. Coronavirus

    What´s wrong with that? Btw: it wasn´t Germany but a private German company which is party to that deal.
  9. Coronavirus

    There is an upside to the pandemic as well: Cyprus proved resurrection is possible. Yesterday´s number of deaths was negative:  
  10. I don´t even know what exactly instagram is. Nor do I feel a need to know of it or of an alternative.
  11. Coronavirus

    I disagree with his analysis. To pick only one small aspect: He claims the unavailablitiy of vaccines against corona is a market failure. But he forgets that without a free market economy the virus couldn´t even have been sequenced nor would there be the technology available to develop a vaccine within reasonable time (because a communist economy wouldn´t have provided for the technology necessary). He sounds pretty clueless on that. Developing a vaccine usually takes many years- if it can be found within less than 1.5 years (what experts say is what we can hope for) that´s already a huge benefit of having free market economy.
  12. Coronavirus

    Isn´t that a waste of testing capacity? Shouldn´t you rather use it for testing the living?
  13. Coronavirus

    Because of what´s demonstrated in this video I´d recommend wearing protective glasses like goggles when shopping because these droplets might infect you via your eyes as well. Plus a FFP2 or higher facemask, of course (if you have one). On the other hand, as I already said, this doesn´t seem to be a major route of transmission. If it was the rate of new infections in Wuhan probably wouldn´t have gone to zero.
  14. Coronavirus

    Shouldn´t he rather sedate them?