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  1. Why are you happy today?

    True, when I was in Germany in September DM sold them for €0.98.
  2. decision Finanzamt

    @PandaMunichWould applying for "Wiedereinsetzung in der vorigen Stand" (reinstitution to the status quo ante) be an option, based on the fact that the OP hadn't received the tax bill which was sent to the wrong address? That´s what my dad had successfully applied for some 40 years ago when he had been sent a speeding ticket which he hadn´t received until after the deadline for payment had passed because we were on holiday. He provided proof of that we had been abroad, it was granted, he paid the original fine, and the court case was dropped.
  3. Psychologisches Gutachten - phychological assessment

    Are you sure you´ve been told the whole story? It seems questionable to me that she was never contacted and given a chance to tell her side of the story before a court ordered a psychological assessment.
  4. Not unless you´re found to actually be an heir.
  5. It could last much longer because this to a large part is beyond their control. Imagine e.g. there are heirs abroad they don´t have contact details of. These investigations may take years. When my mom had died and I moaned about how long everything took, I was told by the caseworker that she was being working on another case for more than 3 years already. Potential heirs have much more generous deadlines than resident ones, which is part of the reason why there may be long delays.
  6. Do you know already that he will not reimburse you? I´d send him a demand for reimbursement in writing (registered with "Rückschein") within a reasonable deadline. If you don´t do that before involving a lawyer you may have to pay for the lawyer yourself as they could claim to not have been aware that you insist on reimbursement.
  7. Cyclists are 3rd class in Germany

    You forgot the main thing: more fun.
  8. Cyclists are 3rd class in Germany

    Not true at all.
  9. Are you Swiss savvy?
  10. That's certainly not the case in Northern Bavaria. I repeatedly bought boar meat from the local hunters. Not only is it tasty and tender but it also isn't factory farmed (which was my main reason to buy it). They do indeed have to test for radioactivity. At least that's what I was told.
  11. Don´t forget the animal cruelty!
  12. Not really relevant in this case (hopefully), but out of curiosity: Are there limits to how much of a downgrade you have to accept? Could e.g. a former CEO with a 7-figure salary be expected to work as a receptionist for minimum wage?
  13. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    That´s probably the case in most countries. In some Caribean islands (which have useful passports, as far as visa-free travel is concerned) US$ 100,000 are already enough. AFAIR the Cypriot program allowing citizenship by investment has been suspended a few months ago after an investigative journalist, posing as a rich potential investor with a criminal history,  published recording of a conversation with a high-ranking politician during which he was promised that his crime record could be ignored (I don´t remember for what return service).
  14. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    For a start I paid VAT for the building plot I bought last month. And I'll also have to pay VAT for the house I'm going to have built, I'm afraid.
  15. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    Because there are good jobs with a good work-life balance available?