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  1. Do you like living in Germany?

    Quite the contrary. You´ll have to pay for your accommodation behind bars.
  2. Google Street View

    It was only via street view that I learned that the tenant of my property added some structure without my approval. That's just one example of why it may have undesirable effects.
  3. Isn´t it about time that Biden takes back the punitive tariffs  imposed by Trump? Or that he allows travel from Germany to the US, given the low incidence of corona in Germany? Or that he nominates judges for the WTO court, which has been inactivated by Trumps failure to do so? It seems that from a European perspective Biden is just the lesser of two evils.  
  4. Coronavirus

     Nobody said a 12 week interval provides optimal efficiency.  That´s just the longest interval they administered the vaccine for the approval study (because they were in a hurry). Longer intervals would be expected to provide better protection.
  5. Public vs. private health insurance

    Once you joined a private insurance the age you joined at will still be relevant for calculating your premium as long as your contract remains active,  even decades later. However, prices will rise due to "medical inflation", which nobody can predict. E.g. the premium for my private top-up insurance  which I took out in 1985 has quadrupled until now.
  6. It will make it more difficult for her to get his address. No idea of how that would turn out and whether he'd have to pay for that. She'll probably still be legally entitled to use the last address she was told to use. Whether she can enforce any resulting claims I can only guess. And my guess is as good as yours.
  7. Like e.g. the Bundespolizei. Their hotline number is 0800 6 888 000
  8. If she wanted to get his adress she could ( and he'd have to pay for it). I once had to pay an "Anschriftenermittlungsgebühr" myself because I had forgotten to update my address.
  9. I highly doubt that this is the reason why she hasn't raised the rent. AFAIK landlords can send mail to the latest address you told them. You can't simply wiggle out of contractual obligations by changing your address and not telling your creditors.  
  10.   While I wouldn´t use the term plague rats my answer would be "no". This report doesn´t mean that vaccinated people are posing the same risk as unvaccinated. If only because they only looked at those infected, even though the risk of becoming infected is a lot lower for those vaccinated. A recent trial on Israeli healthcare workers showed that the risk was around 4% "only". I´d also not call it discrimination to try to restrict unvaccinated from infecting others.
  11. You do know that hate speech is a criminal offence, don´t you?
  12. Dental Emergency treatment coverage under Public insurance

    Be aware that if was an accident someone else is responsible for he/she (or their insurance) will have to cover the cost even if your health insurance  shouldn't ( or not fully).
  13. Dental Emergency treatment coverage under Public insurance

    I don't know the answer but would recommend calling the dental emergency service to find out: Do it now as this may be time-critical.
  14. covid self test in primary school.

    Just came across this:  
  15. Thanks for the discouragement. What about those aircons which don´t work either on full power or not at all but proportionally, depending on the temperature gradient (forgot how they´re called). Would those be suitable?