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  1. Is there no agreement on the avoidance of double taxation between the US and Ireland? Also, Ireland doesn´t charge withholding tax on dividends - shouldn`t that avoid the problem?
  2. Why can't you buy ETfs? There are lots available in the EU, mostly domiciled in Ireland or Luxembourg.  see e.g. or
  3. MPU & foreign licenses

    What destination do you have which you can only get to by crossing Germany? Can't you simply cross through France, Switzerland and Austria, thereby avoiding German soil?
  4. €49 Ticket is here

    Thanks. Good to know for my upcoming trip to Germany as I will probably not have a Schufa score ( not being a resident).
  5. 7 years ago my sister (not a German resident) had offered to my kids (only one of them is resident in Germany) her share of a property, but without the usufruct. For tax reasons, only a part of that offer has been accepted so far. Now the property is going to be sold. Would it make a difference (as far as gift tax is concerned) whether my kids accepted the remaining offers before the sale (e.g. because there is less gift tax due as properties are not taxed at market value) or have their claims transferred to the purchase price as a substitute for their claims to have the remaining share of property transferred to them?
  6. €49 Ticket is here

    I read you can only subscribe to the €49-ticket with a decent Schufa score. May be a problem for those who need it most.
  7. My landlord is selling the apartment I'm renting

    See my edited posting above
  8. My landlord is selling the apartment I'm renting

    How often you have to allow viewing is usually part of your lease contract.  If not, this may be of interest:
  9. police cannot decide on car accident

    Of course, it's legalese German.  What else would you expect from the state prosecutor?
  10. police cannot decide on car accident

    Not to German ears, though.
  11. My landlord is selling the apartment I'm renting

    By law, the new owner has to take over all rights and obligations of the old one. Usually, it is not in your best interest to sign a new lease and you can't be forced to.
  12. child to travel with Oma

    Just give your mom written permission together with copies of both parents's IDs/passports to show to police in the unlikely event she'll be asked for it.
  13. police cannot decide on car accident

    You could also translate it to "case closed" if you like that better.
  14. teenager shoplifting

    For a one-time offence that seems a bit over the top. When I was 13 or 14 I was part of a group of schoolmates who decided to steal something (no matter what) from Aldi as a test of courage. I opted for a pack of chewing gums. It has never happened again.
  15. TK health insurance - timing and documents

    Do you have written proof of that they admitted fault? If so, I'd set them a reasonable deadline (2  weeks) and if they haven't solved the problem by then I'd take a lawyer. If you win, they'll have to pay your legal costs. Asking to talk to the head of department to complain may also speed things up.