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  1. The only way to find out is to apply for it. You might want to ask the Jugendamt for their opinion/ experience, but in the end it will depend on the judge. I don't think it's necessary to have full sole custody to enroll your child to Kindergarten. The court or Jugendamt should be able to sign on the father's behalf.
  2. Solar Panels or Solar Energy

    As I understood heat pumps can produce hot water, but the efficiency decreases the hotter the water temperature is set.
  3. The War in Ukraine

    typical biased reporting. They forgot to mention that Russia claimed this being a show of goodwill to enable food exports. Whether that's true or not is another question, but it should be part of the story.
  4. Souds like he shot himself into the foot by doing so. The court won't look at this favourably.
  5. No, there is nothing to stop you cancelling more than one month before the end of the year. You just have to do it at the latest 1 month before.
  6. I'd have a look at the Ts and Cs of the bank's savings accounts (at the time). It may well be that the bank didn't have to check legitimacy, just as you aren't if you receive a €50 note.
  7. Regarding the Sparbuch it used to be true when I was a teenager. Regarding the Fahrzeugbrief (or whatever it's called nowadays), it's true. Whoever is holding it can sell a car. That doesn't mean though he can't be held liable in case he wasn't the legitimate holder.
  8. 3G in Restaurants?

    The 19 year old niece of a friend (very fit and healthy) had it twice even though she had been double vaccinated. The first time she had very high fever (above 40°C), the second time it was much milder. This is what you'd expect. My guess is that she had had a much bigger problem had she not been vaccinated. I personally had my 5th injection 12 days before travelling (as my 2nd booster had been 5 months ago). Not sure if it was a good idea, but I wanted at least decent antibody levels before exposing myself to the risk of travelling and meeting family members who belong to the higher risk group, and for a few weeks it should lower the risk of infection.
  9. What mess should I have created? I merely pointed out that debit orders can be returned within a certain time window. I never said he should do it in case a charge was not justified.
  10. Depends on whether you really owe them. IF you're sure you don't (big IF), you can reverse the charge again. Be aware though that this will incur quite high fees for them (my bank charges €15), which they'll charge you on top of your contributions if their charges are legitimate. If it's not too late already, you could cancel their authority to charge your account by debit order to avoid those fees.
  11. The War in Ukraine

    My memory
  12. The War in Ukraine

    They won't use photovoltaic deivices but use solar thermic generation which allows for energy to be stored (IIRC in the form of molten salt, but I forgot the details), so that you can generate electricity even at night. This was considered already several years ago but the project was dropped due to political risk (think e.g. of the turmoil in Libya etc.).
  13. The War in Ukraine

    Unbelievable how Germany is shooting herself into the foot:     As Heinrich Heine put it: "Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht, so bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht"   (deepl-translation: When I think of Germany at night, I am deprived of sleep)