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  1. Coronavirus

    Injections aren´t as trivial as you seem to think. There are whole textbooks only about the correct technique of doing it. And especially the Biontech vaccine requires special handling, which is deviating from "normal" procedure. Therefore, some Bundesländer even considered having not only doctors but also a pharmacist present at the vaccination centres (not sure whether they finally decided to go that route, I only know that Bavaria decided not to). Think of injecting a bunch of soap bubbles while making sure they don´t burst or conflate. That´s why e.g. you mustn´t aspirate before injecting (which you´d usually do in order to know that the tip of the cannula isn´t inside a blood vessel) as the fluctuations of pressure inside the syringe may affect the effectiveness of the vaccine.  
  2. Relocating nearby to Munich

    But will you get a mortage on your sailing boat and your Teslas as easily? Or are you talking about 2 Tesla shares?
  3. Coronavirus

    It´s not like that only doctors are allowed to vaccinate - they merely have to bear the responsibility and need to be around in case of an emergency or severe adverse event. They are allowed to delegate the actual act of  administering the vaccine.
  4. Could you give a link to such an international SIM card provider? Curious to see how that should work.
  5. The reason that you get a discounted price. Short term contracts are more expensive or don't come with benefits like discounted / free cellphones.
  6. Cyprus is offering "non-domiciled resident" status for 17 years which means that any income from abroad isn´t taxed (except for 2,65% for health insurance if you don´t hold a S1 form proving public health insurance from another EU country). Dividends and interest aren´t taxed anyway (except for a defence contribution of 17% which non-doms are exempt from). Corporate tax is 2.5% - 12.5% (depending on the line of business). English is spoken widely and can also be used to communicate with authorities. Then there is Northern Cyprus which doesn´t belong to the EU (well, it formally does but de facto it doesn´t). No idea about their taxes though and whether you can communicate with Authorities in English. But life is cheaper there.
  7. That there is nobody there when you need to be tested shouldn't be your problem. If I was you I'd talk to e.g. the Betriebsrat about whether the employer needs to pay you for the time you need to spend on getting a test.
  8. Tell your mind to ask "how the hell can I be expected to do this, to know this without having been given a chance to learn the ropes". Because that´s a very fair question to ask.
  9. Relocating nearby to Munich

    The family who bought my property in 2019 is paying 1.8%, fixed for 30 years (when it will be fully paid). Nowadays you could probably get even cheaper rates.
  10. Relocating nearby to Munich

    Yes, and it will come down due to demographics. Those currently buying are the children of the babyboomers. There will be no babyboomer children of family starting age around 10 years from now.
  11. If you really need to see your doctor to get the test this should be paid work time as it´s something demanded by your employer, not by the state. Just my layman´s guess though.
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Only EU citizens will be allowed to cross the border.It´s the South who put the ban in place. Apart from that the North is only recognised by Turkey, so it´s passports etc. aren´t recognised anywhere else.
  13. Is anybody cutting their own hair?

    Why would you want to colour your hair? With my grey hair I pass as aged 65 which allows me to shop before 10a.m. Only once has the security guard at Lidl asked for proof of age (and refused entry).
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    I´ve just become aware of another consequence of Brexit for Brits: they will no longer be able to cross the border between Northern and Southern Cyprus. Which sucks if you e.g. have property in the North (where it´s a lot cheaper) or want to see a doctor in the North (as they´re cheaper as well) or need medication which isn´t available in the South (like e.g. certain migraine meds).