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  1. Selling a Leased Car

    Googling for "Leasingübernahme" comes up with this:
  2. The "why it is difficult to leave" thread

    One more reason to not live in the US.
  3. The "why it is difficult to leave" thread

    What about spending summer (that´s when Crete might be too hot) and winter (that´s when you´re probably missing decent heating in Crete) in Hamburg and spring and fall in Crete?
  4. And why are you´re telling us what you think? How exactly does this help the OP?
  5. All I understand about it is that it´s a mess. You may be charged on fictitious profits you never had. Maybe @PandaMunich can explain?
  6. Should we believe this? If it´s the true how does it come that small Israel has more start-up IPOs at Wall Street than Germany?
  7. A general power of attorney will be handy and even save some money you´d otherwise have to spend on a certificate of inheritance (Erbschein). Unless there are other heirs who are objecting / withdrawing it, of course.
  8. They don´t depend on the techniques used but on the target under investigation. If you e. g. want to establish blood glucose levels those will obviously be higher after having had a chocolate bar or three. Fasting or not won´t move the needle on e. g. your blood count though.
  9. That invalidates the results.
  10. This is a controversial topic within the medical community. I´m a doctor but retired more than 20 years ago and haven´t kept my knowledge up to date, so I can´t claim much authority on the issue. However, I can tell you that lab values are only one part of a much bigger puzzle. As a student I still learned that elevated cholesterol levels alone were not even proven to be a risk. Only in combination with other factors like e. g. adipositas, hypertension, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes etc. was there an elevated risk. It´s unclear to me whether this is still true. There was a study published last year claiming that elevated cholesterol levels are a risk factor on it´s own and that this couldn´t have been shown before because previous trials only had too short follow up periods (like 10 years) or other problems. The jury is still out on this study as well (I haven´t read it myself but only an article about it though).   There is also a belief that it´s not the level of cholesterol but rather the ratio of HDL-/LDL-cholesterol which is important. That has also become contested over the last decade. And I think the jury is out on this as well.    It´s also true that a lot of cholesterol is formed by your body - the amount and fraction varies between people and I guess even within one person, depending on the situation (sedentary? sporty? fasting? age? alcohol?). It can be 80% and more which is of endogenous origin, so dieting wouldn´t do much in those patients (if you can even call them patients as this implies that there is something wrong with their health).   If these were my values and I was otherwise healthy and had no additional risk factors I´d try to live a healthy lifestyle, lose weight if necesssary, and have it checked a few months later (not having eaten for at least 12 hours). I definitely wouldn´t take statins with those values. They´re not excessive (I´ve seen patients with cholesterol levels of more than 800 mg/100 ml - just to give an idea of where the scale ends). I might consider though eating things that adsorb cholesterol like oats or other food rich in fibre (soluble and insoluble), maybe even chitosan (ground shells of mussles, snails and similiar pets which also have that effect). This will in theory lower the amount absorbed from ingested as well as endogenous cholesterol (by reducing reuptake of what´s secreted via the bile).
  11. If he´s still compos mentis and prepared to give you general power of attorney you might want to consider asking a notary to come to his bedside to document his will and / or give you a general power of attorney stipulating that it will be valid beyond his death.
  12. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    I had a PV device feeding into the grid until I sold my German property last year and that´s exactly how I did it. So I know for a fact that it works like that.
  13. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    That´s one of the good things in Cyprus: they allow net metering. You get as much kWh credited as you feed into the grid. That way the grid serves as a free battery. Another thing Germany could learn from Cyprus (apart from e. g. giving work permits for cheap carers for the elderly).
  14. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Nonsense, as you could charge the MWSt. on top if the price you´re selling the electricity for.
  15. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    I guess you mean 2 kWp? That wouldn´t be enough to produce 20 kW/day. Even on a sunny summer day you´d need at least 6 kWp for that. You´re not in Cyprus, after all