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  1. Not in the eyes of the Finanzamt!
  2. Not in the eyes of the Finanzamt!
  3. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    And some are even justified to a degree.
  4. I doubt it will be that expensive. You can always buy it for a low price to save land transfer tax. IIRC the Finanzamt will accept a 49% discount to market value without charging gift tax but you better ask them (if it´s even relevant given that 1/10 of market value is only € 20000.- and you have it gifted to you).
  5. I doubt this would be the case. I´d check whether only the Einheitswert is relevant for a gift and if that would be different for a Wohnrecht, usufruct or sale.
  6. Of course. That's why I wrote "in theory". I also wanted to point out that there is such a thing as usufruct, which Grant's you more rights than a Wohnrecht.
  7. I stand corrected. Sorry, it´s just further proof of how miserable the German education system was already 50 years ago.
  8. Not in all circumstances. If you e. g. opt to just transfer the usufruct you don´t need a notary. At least in theory because while legally valid it probably wouldn´t be entered into the Grundbuch without involving a notary which would leave you with less protection against infringements on your rights.
  9. Probably it´s not the market value which is relevant but the "Einheitswert" which usually is a lot lower. I remember that there was court case pending about whether that´s constitutional which by now has probably been decided. If relevant I´d check that.
  10. That varies from municipality to municipality. Some have their workers take the bins there (e. g. Würzburg used to do that when I last checked).
  11. True. Until after WW I Südtirol was part of Bavaria and they speak German to this day.
  12. Dinner meat at age 41

    And even if it´s bio it doesn´t mean it´s not factory farmed. Just that the animals have a little more space and were fed less antibiotics. But not that they didn´t have to suffer.
  13. Dinner meat at age 41

      Chances are chicken from supermarkets will have been factory farmed. That´s why I´d rather have lamb because at least that´s usually free-range.
  14. Dinner meat at age 41

    No, the biggest problem is that it´s torture - just like waterboarding. And the infuriating thing about it is that it could be avoided by using e. g. helium or Xenon rather than CO2 (lack of oxygen alone doesn´t cause the feeling of suffocation, it´s the increase of CO2 concentration in your blood which does). But then your pack of meat would cost 10 cents more.