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  1. Steuerhinterziehung from Finanzamt for 2016/2017

    I recently received a letter addressed to my late mother kindly asking her to declare foreign sourced income as they received info that she had some which wasn´t declared in her 2016 tax return. Failing to do so could trigger criminal proceedings. I simply called the case worker and he agreed that I´ll email him the numbers supported by account statements and he´d simply issue a new tax bill. No fines and I didn´t have to bother filling out any forms or use the dreaded ELSTER.
  2. You could try If you can prove that you still have an economic connection to Germany  they may accept your business. That´s what I was told when I inquired on behalf of my sister who is living in the US. However, she is a German citizen - not sure whether that played a role.
  3. Am I missing something?

    Not that I'm aware of anything. And I'm German.
  4. You are under no legal obligation to tell them that you're pregnant. Whether you do and how that will affect your chances of being hired is everybody's guess.
  5. I'll decide once I know more about side effects and their incidence.
  6. Moving from one flat to another

    I wouldnt wait for my credit score to improve but start looking irrespective of it. Private landlords might not even bother to check it. Salary slips and a current account statement might be enough.
  7. That doesn't sound right. Are you sure you translated it correctly? Maybe quote the relevant passage of your lease contract so we can see what exactly it says.
  8. Best EU countries for taxes for freelancers

    I forgot to mention that (unless you or your father are Cypriot) Cyprus is granting non-domiciled status for 17 years after moving here and that there is no tax on dividends anyway. There is a mandatory contribution for defense but as non-dom you're exempt.
  9. Best EU countries for taxes for freelancers

    In Cyprus the corporate tax for certain industries (forgot which ones exactly, l think those dealing with intellectual property) is only 2.5%, otherwise 12.5%. And everyone speaks English. Almost everyone at least. Last week though I was dining at a restaurant with a German friend who thought she spoke Greek well enough to order a bone for my dog as the waiter didn't understand the word "bone". That "bone" she had ordered looked like a very nice steak and cost more than my fish&chips.😃 Doggie didn't mind though.  
  10. I´d send the landlord a registered letter stating that until the constitutional court has spoken you´re paying the contractual rent without acknowledgement of a legal obligation and under reservation of claiming back the part which will be deemed in excess, if there will be any.
  11. I´m not sure I´d like to have to rely on luck when dealing with my bank.
  12. Crazy political correctness in the UK

    They wouldn´t since blacks have privileges over coloureds in South Africa, such as lower hurdles to get into university. Unless that has changed since I left the country in 2011.
  13. I´d either send my resignation by registered mail or deliver it in person asking for a countersigned copy. I´d also send it by email beforehand. Yes and yes. But your employer has to agree. If he doesn´t you´d be entitled to a payout (AFAIK they´d need good reasons in order to not be able to agree). Is your notice period short enough in order to be able to start a new job in less than 6 weeks?
  14. Due to Brexit my brokerage account with Lynx (basically a European extension of interactivebrokers) which has been subject to UK law will now be moved to either Ireland or Luxemburg. That implies that there will be much less protection (€ 20000 vs. $ 500000) in case the broker goes bankrupt. Does anyone know of a US broker accepting European residents who aren´t US citizens?   Also: what is the situation in case your broker goes bankrupt? As I understand it your shares will still be yours but you may have problems getting them released because they will be stored under the name of your broker at another institution. How would you have to go about getting your shares moved to another broker if your bankrupt broker is no longer around or may have messed up records?