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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    And even if they don´t they should be treated as such.
  2. Not necessarily. Unless the rental agreement says otherwise the burden of proof that the damage was done while the car was in his possession is on the rental company. After all, it could be that the damage was done after the car was returned.
  3. Apologies. Hope you don´t take offense.
  4. A1 motorcycle license relaxations uproar

    In the good old days a car license allowed you to drive bikes up to 250 ccm. That only changed in the 70ies IIRC (not sure about the timeline though). So it´s not as if this was a completely new idea. It will still be more restrictive than the old regulation.
  5. No, they new owner just has to prove that he needs it. And it will be enough to point out that it will improve his housing situation. Only if the tenant can claim hardship will he be able to challenge a termination based on Eigenbedarf.
  6. Gender neutral toilets.
  7. Gender neutral toilets.

    Is it my English skills or yours?
  8. Why would you be worried? I don´t see a reason to worry. You can always close it down from abroad anyway.
  9. You can´t legally choose the date of deregistration but must deregister when you will actually be leaving. That said my guess is that what is more favourable depends on your specific situation. If you´re registered for 183 days or more you´ll be subject to unrestricted tax liability which may be an advantage because you´ll be able to benefit from the € 9000 tax-free allowance (Grundfreibetrag) whereas taxpayers subject to merely restriced tax liability aren´t. So it depends on how much higher /lower you´re income (as compared to your German sourced income) from July onwards will be. Maybe @PandaMunich will bother to confirm/declare rubbish the correctness of my guess.
  10. My sister had asked for a ring my late mother had been given for her 18th birthday by my grandfather. I had it in my carry-on bag before I departed from Cyprus to Germany via Sofia. Upon arrival it was missing. The only times I had my bag out of sight was when it was scanned at the airport security checks in Larnaca and Sofia. There should really be some measures taken to make that scanning procedure transparent so that you don´t lose sight of your possessions.
  11. Pflichtpflegeversicherung for freelancers

    Not really. After all you´re enjoying insurance coverage (think of a disease or accident necessitating long-term caregiving).
  12. Template of Vollmacht für Wohnungskauf

    It´s called a "Genehmigungserklärung". You declare either to a notary or - if abroad - to a German embassy or Consulate that you indeed are authorising the transaction. The Consulate General in NYC charged my daughter only $ 80 for it (IIRC).
  13. Template of Vollmacht für Wohnungskauf

    That's correct. I've done that already. You can act as your wife's representative and she will have to authorise for the transaction to proceed.
  14. Farmhouse renovations..

    better physio and stretching tomorrow
  15. We had asked for a quote for those for the building my family owns. I don´t remember the cost but it was insane. When readings were done by the municipality where I lived they would simply have guessed your consumption and correct it the following year (they read once a year only).