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  1. interpretation needed

    It's a mystery to me but I read on a local forum that there is duty to be paid if you import a car - even from within the EU. I also don't understand how this is possible within the common market.
  2. Is this still reflected in your police clearance certificate? You could find out by applying for one at your municipality and have it sent to you. IIRC the cost is below € 20 (at least in Bavaria).
  3. Necessary Income

    You probably meant @engelchen
  4. I thought she was talking about getting a residence permit for a non-married partner. Hence my confusion.
  5. interpretation needed

    There is some paperwork involved in buying an imported car though. Unless you want to do it yourself the dealer ill likely charge you for it. The saving can be huge though. Back in my student days I only ever bought reimported cars, sometimes saving as much as 30%. I usually could sell them after a year for my purchase price.
  6. Coronavirus

    That may well be because it´s best for a virus to keep it´s host population alive so it has more hosts available and as big as possible. That´s a process that takes decades though. So not yet relevant.
  7. I´ve never heard of this option. Do you have a link (or the correct German term for it, so we can google for it) ?  
  8. Coronavirus

    Seems social distancing doesn´t help when playing soccer:
  9. vodafone issues

    Was that a real Vodafone shop or just an independent shop marketing Vodafone among others. I´m struggling to believe that a "real" Vodafone branch would act like that.
  10. Coronavirus

    I don´t know what he meant but I´d think of treating/preventing the coagulation problems, the cytokine storm and the autoimmune response for a start.
  11. Regardless of the age limit of 55 years?
  12. Coronavirus

    You do know that there is a lag between infection and death, don´t you? Apart from that I personally would be less worried about dying than about the suffering while being alive and infected. And I may not be the only one who thinks like that. So the death rate isn´t the only criterion when assessing the risk.
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    I like the Dekhelia one. You get very nice fish and chips there.
  14. Mailing medicine within EU countries.

    True, I´m using a hairbrush.
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    Another issue: what will happen to Gibraltar? You don´t hear about it.