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  1. Brexit: The fallout

  2. If you mean public health insurance the answer is yes.
  3. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    Panda has shown you how to go about it. How can you assume without having tried that route that the court won´t grant you the custody right to have it done is beyond me (as is your belief that youth authorities will try to prevent vaccination).
  4. Overstaying without permission is probably a bit risky though as it could make you liable for damage compensation.
  5. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    Have you asked the Jugendamt for advice?
  6. You can reverse such debits within 6 weeks - usually by a simple mouseclick. I´d do that and write to the TK: "Hiermit widerrufe ich die Ihnen erteilte Lastschriftermächtigung". That will stop those debit orders. Have you sent them proof of deregistration? Have they confirmed receipt?
  7. Suggestion for lawyer

    What a coincidence1. I was recommended this lawyer in a completely different context as I had a legal question. While he refused to accept my case (as had all other lawyers I contacted) he gave me some legal advice for free. Seems to be a nice guy.
  8. Landlord does not confirm the apartment

    I guess they question is whether he actively accepted the money. That  would constitute conduct implying that he accepted you as a tenant (in German legalese "Zustimmung durch konkludentes Verhalten") in which case you´d have a case insisting that you have a valid contract (a rental contract doesn´t have to be in writing) and are entitled to get the keys and be allowed to move in. If the landlord is in breach of the contract he is liable for any damage resulting from that (e. g. cost of alternative accommodation like e. g. a hotel). So in a best case scenario you handed over cash and got a receipt for it. If you simply did a bank transfer it will be much more difficult for you to claim that he entered into a contract with you as he could simply say you did the transfer without being obligated to do so yet I´m not a lawyer but that´s my take on it anyway. (should I have put a comma in front of anyway???)
  9. Landlord does not confirm the apartment

    How did you pay? In cash? Do you have a receipt? If so you might argue that by accepting your money the owner entered into a rental agreement (which by law doesn´t necessarily have to be in writing). Worth asking the Mieterverein or a lawyer whether you have a claim to that flat. Or you could bluff and tell him that by accepting payment from you he entered into a lease contract which you expect him to honour. Failing to do so would give you a claim for damage compensation (e. g. hotel cost).
  10. I´m pretty sure the rules are as he says. E. g. it is relevant where you traveled because traveling to certain countries might make you inelegible for blood donation for some time. Also, you might not want to answer questions like whether you had unprotected sex with more than one partner the same way if your wife is looking over your shoulder as you would otherwise.
  11. Take a lawyer specialising in "Verkehrsrecht" (traffic law) and let him deal with it. My guess is that you might be partly to blame as you didn´t honk horn when you realised the bus was coming too close (at least you haven´t mentioned it), but your part of the blame should be far less than 50%. You´ll only have to pay for the lawyer (and it will most probably be well worth it) in proportion to whatever percentage of the blame will allocated to you, the remaining legal costs will be born by the insurance company of the guilty part.
  12. That was part of my question. Has Canada imposed sanctions against Iran as well? If so, why not prosecute her in Canada but rather extradite her? To me something seems to not add up. Would e. g. German businessmen working for companies which do business with Iran be at risk as well when traveling to the US or Canada? I´m struggling to see how US laws can be enforced in other countries.
  13. As far as I´m aware extradition agreement usually stipulate that you´ll only be extradited if the offense you´re accused of is punishable in the respective country you´re apprehended in. Is it punishable in Canada to violate US santions? If so there a lot of German executives who better don´t travel there as their companies have dealings with Iran.
  14. Rental puzzle

    Can you name 1 country where this would be different?
  15. Spam phone calls

    But all the calls are from German cell numbers. Isn´t Wangiri more about countries like the Comores, Liberia etc.?