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  1. It is an alternative. But only if you want to be found guilty by default if and when they take it to court. Even in the UK it's not a recommended course of action, and there the law is on your side! I still have seen no conclusive evidence provided by these leeches, but the courts are still on their side here. Innocent until proven guilty? Not around here!


  2. For the licence, I don't see why not, as I have a German car with a UK licence (I'm about to change mine too, as I realised the photocard part expired on Sunday!) but with regard to the insurance, you would need to tell your insurance company that you have a German licence. The only time there should be an issue would be having UK insurance with a German registered car or vice versa. But I'm not an insurance expert so it is merely my opinion. It may be a chance for the insurance company to charge you more, but realistically there would be no reason to as it is just as valid as a full UK licence.


  3. Hermes are terrible. But by far the worst I have had so far is Transoflex. 2 Plasma TV's ordered from different companies, 2 months apart. Both arrive with Transoflex, both smashed to buggery when the boxes were opened! Sending them back was a nightmare! (Only one of which was due to Transoflex to be fair), had to arrange pick-up 6 times before they actually arrived. For some reason, the last time I found out from the dispatch office that they were trying to pick up the TV from an address that I hadn't lived at for nearly a year. Surely they knew where they delivered it in the first place???? They really made Hermes look pretty useful. I wouldn't normally advertise DHL (unfair, I work for them) but they are by far the best in Germany from my experience.


  4. "a second or even first class letter CANNOT be legally viable! unless they send it to you with tracking number and signed for!!!"


    Differs from what my lawyer said. They can send it by carrier pidgeon in Germany if they want.


  5. I can definitely recommend Leipzig, been here 3 years now and love the place. I considered commuting from Prague due to the much lower taxes in the Czech republic, but it's a lot of hassle/paperwork/milage. After you claim back the various taxes that you can, I would say Germany is pretty much on a par with the UK for tax. I certainly wouldn't want to move back! The winters are very cold, but not as "wet" as the UK (if that makes sense). The summer is definitely worth moving for! Especially near the many lakes and beaches that are in the surrounding areas. I live just to the south of Leipzig city centre, and I can be lying on the beach in 20 mins by bike. For 50k as you imagine, you won't get the nicest areas here, but it will definitely get you further than it would in the UK. And if you're prepared to work on a place yourself that has fallen into disrepair, then you can get quite a lot for your money. It depends if you want the time and possible expense of renovating.


  6. S.

    I had a similar thought with mine, as I wanted proof of the alledged infringement. All I was told is that they don't have to prove anything, it is up to me to prove that I did NOT do it. As my IT expert said, how is it possible for me to prove something that isn't there, isn't there? Impossible. The way I see this law is that they have to prove nothing, and can just randomly pull a list of IP addresses, send a letter or 6000 and wait to collect. I've been fuming for the whole 4 months since this all started. Still waiting for further response from my lawyer...

    In my case the only thing I was advised to do was have an expert check my computer and verify that as I have never downloaded any music or similar, my computer has no idea what a torrent file is or how to handle it. Of course I expect the response to be something like "we don't care, it was your network". Grrrrrrrrrr.


  7. Why would region-coding stop you buying the DVD? Unless it's something extremely obscure that is only available in the US/Canada, and even then a region-free DVD player would get around the problem. Let's hope German law drags it's ass kicking and screaming into the 21st century sometime before the World ends and these cyber ambulance chasing "lawyers" have to find a proper job...Or even better, can't.


  8. Kabel Deutschland changed my first name to "Sven". I felt all German whenever I got any post. I guess it's part of the assimilation...Errm, I mean integration...


    A friend of mine here gets it all the time though, as his surname is Kelly. He's constantly getting post with the names the wrong way around and a Frau infront of it!


  9. Yep, as Darkknight says unfortunately. Which I'm finding out. It's infuriating. My lawyer advised that if they decide to take it to court then it will be best to just settle for some smaller fee, as otherwise it could cost 102k plus expenses even though I've done nothing wrong. A UK court would throw it out as the "evidence" is insufficient. :-(



    You don't need to worry about your ISP, they don't really care. You need to worry about the leach-lawyers.

    Simple piece of advice, if you don't torrent your stuff you won't get caught, if you do torrent stuff you might get caught.

    You decide for yourself if 'maybe' dealing with a pile of legal shit is worth it to you for the price of getting free music, films and tv-shows. There other ways of obtaining such things that are considerably less risky. Some of them are listed in the FAQ posted by SevereCircle earlier on in the thread.


    It isn't quite as simple as not torrenting your stuff. I've never downloaded music, never mind file-sharing (I'm old fashioned, I love CD's, DVD's, books etc), and I still have a nice demand for €2400 euros for alledgedly doing so (plus my €300 lawyer bill of course)...


  11. Strange. I changed to a German car in November and spoke to Allianz, who were happy to accept my UK proof of no claims from my last UK insurer. The only issue I had (or have, once they chase it) is that in the UK, they stop counting after 9 years and just state 9+, whereas in Germany the counting continues. The Allianz agent stated I have 18 years NCB on the application, as it's approx 100 euros more if we just go with 10 years. He said if/when they chase up the other years to try and find some old policies (I changed pretty much every year, so this would be pretty tricky!) but so far so good.