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    Leipzig - beautiful old city, fantastic suburbs where old factories are being turned into lofts, canals and parks...friendly, open people...emphasis on cultural traditions (particularly music and literature)...and a feeling that there are new ideas being put into practice regularly.


    Feels a but like Berlin before the govt decided to move there


    I'm looking to move there and buy a loft.


    Job market is a bit stinky, unfortunately. I will likely have to work somewhere else and combine it with home office.


    edit: although I completely agree with el Jeffo, too...what works for one person isn't necessarily right for someone else.


    Shhhhhhhhh ruapehu. Don't tell everyone, or we'll end up with the Berlin hispters when they land following the Berlin critical mass! Listen to the (West) Germans. Leipzig is full of old, ugly concrete buildings and everyone lives in abject poverty.... ;-)


  2. I used my UK registered Freelander for the first 3 years I was here with no problems. Legally of course it's not allowed that long, but I know plenty of people who've had UK cars over here for years without any issues as long as the car is insured, taxed, MOT'd etc. Personally if it's not a permanent move and you plan on keeping one of your cars anyway I wouldn't bother buying here. I never found a problem with the change of side, but probably because I could see over most cars rather than having to look around. Usual legal disclaimer applies if anything goes wrong, just my opinion! ;-)


  3. They don't care. The person whos name is on the contract for the internet connection is ultimately liable. It doesn't matter if you're home, away, out of the country wherever. It's legally up to the owner to be responsible for their connection. Unless someone else specifically owns up to it, then maybe the lawyers will change direction. The defence of having an unsecured network doesn't work either.



    Biglaa, Biglaa, Biglaa you forgot something. The Coriolis effect of the earth's turning has to be factored in.cs


    You're quite right of course Smeeks. However, I figured that by the time he'd counted the bubbles, the rotational forces would have imparted minimal effect and I didn't want to complicate things too much, as by then rate of evaporation and ambient temperature will have to be factored in also.




  5. NoSurprises, I'm not sure how good his chances would be of managing to sue you subsequently, unless you admit that it was you. As the connection is in his name he has ultimate responsibility for how it is used, so it would be very difficult for him to prove conclusively that you were involved. However of course, I'm not a lawyer so it's just my personal opinion. Also I seem to remember from my lawyer that he would have to claim he explicitly told you that torrenting and it's like was not allowed.


  6. If the letter is addressed to him then I assume the internet connection is in his name? If so, it is his responsibility, and hiding his head in the sand will be far worse (for him) than signing the modified letter. As far as I am aware this will not go on his "record", whatever he thinks that means. Does he think all his parking and speeding fines etc are being recorded for any future rental searches etc? It will make zero difference to anyone he rents from in the future as he will be responsible for his internet connection, not the landlord, so I fail to see how he thinks they would care?


  7. Definitely German lawyer, as the law is very different here to the UK. (As you found out!) Check the thread I mentioned above, a few people have recommended specialist law firms in there who can help. I can't remember them off the top of my head. It's a long read, but pretty helpful. Yes, I read the whole thing when I got hit over a year ago!


  8. Hi Gaz.

    Check out the following thread from here (via search function):


    Accused of torrenting copyrighted material


    Basically to summarise for you-

    There may well be separate fines, they have 3 years to chase you - So expect a couple more most likely. It's actually not the downloading that is the issue, but the content you are making available for upload to others when torrenting.


    DO NOT confess anything. As with most things in Germany, get a lawyer. The fine can and will be negotiated, but you will not get away with it. DO NOT sign and return the paperwork the law firm send to you gf's parents address. Your lawyer will modify and return the document.


    You will not be arrested, as the person who owns the internet connection is legally liable for your actions. So they do not need to chase you, they already have someone in Germany they can legally take to court. They don't care who actually did it.


    Depending on the lawyers concerned it is most probably real, so do not ignore it and hope it will go away. It won't. Again, get a lawyer.


    I'm sorry to say, this will not be a cheap process. Good luck!


    Usual disclaimer - I'm not a lawyer so my advice should not be taken as definitive, but I've been in this situation as well as many others and have the scars!


    And if I didn't mention it enough before, get a lawyer.


  9. Is there any particular reason you need to use wire transfer?

    Whenever I send money back to the UK I use either or, more recently The latter seem to give a better rate than ukforex, even with the €3 transfer fee. Both will be far better rates than the banks will give you.


  10. I got blitzed a few times over the years here with my UK registered car (speed cameras, one red light camera, oh, and a parking ticket) and nothing ever came through. The only time I've had to pay a fine is when I was pulled over and fined on the spot. Not that these things were a regular occurence, before the P-C brigade start jumping all over me!


  11. Not necessarily. As mentioned previously, they have 3 years. Just because they haven't sent anything yet doesn't necessarily mean they haven't already requested the logs etc. A friend of mine has had several emails regarding a number of incidents, and he is not able to relax for the next 3 years waiting for more to come through. But fingers crossed! (For everyone!)


  12. Just a quick question for anyone with Recently started using the Sky+ nd anytime gubbins, but have huge problems with the so called "anytime" part. Before I wired up the festplatte I could see in the region of 170 movies available, just couldn't actually watch them because of the missing drive. However, once the drive is connected, I have never had access to more than 8 movies! Sky reset Anytime a couple of times, and sent a new receiver, but still the same problem. As soon as I disconnect the drive and try again, everything is back. Anyone had something similar? Sky are at a loss to explain it. The last advise was to wait a week and it should all load up by then(yeah, sure). I can only think it's either the festplatte hard/software causing a conflict, or the sky card isn't properly coded (Sky said this wasn't possible though). Any ideas?



    As an American from the heart of bourbon country (THREE distilleries in the town in KY where I grew up)I can assure you that not all Americans conflate the two. While all bourbon is whiskey, not all whiskey is bourbon. Honestly, I would expect parts of the South (KY, TN) where they're both made are very particular about which terms they use.Woodford Reserve is pretty good. Maker's Mark is overrated, but decent. Can't get here the one I used to drink in KY -- Buffalo Trace, made in my hometown for over 200 years!


    Techgirl - Buffalo Trace is available at - €26.90 a pop.