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  1. On ‎12‎.‎11‎.‎2015‎ ‎17‎:‎42‎:‎07, Anton1986 said:


    No they did not, but this whole thing happened inside my own property. I would assume I can do whatever I want there..

    From my understanding of German law, your assumption is incorrect. I believe unless they specifically agree to being recorded, then it's not allowed, and definitely not admissable in court.



  2. Biglaa not according to the lawyer and i am sure he knows what he is going about as he is i believe a professional in that area.The same rule as when you get done for speeding.The owner of the car gets the letter but they also tell you if you were not the driver to inform them who it was.But like i said the lawyer is a specialist in this field

    Excellent. So, who do you tell them it was? Unless you have a name, and that person admits it, you're stuck with it. Trust me, my lawyer tried the same thing, and it didn't help one little bit. As the owner of the connection, you are ultimately responsible for what is done with it unfortunately. Even having your network unprotected I seem to remember can also be considered as an offence, not a defence.


  3. anyone got a letter of Wolgang Frommer? Just got back from my lawyer after being accused of downloading Magic Mike XXL.I did not do it my kids did not do nor my wife.Then again i am not a computer nerd and my router was not even protcted but it is now.This guy wants €815 off me.But no one can actually prove it was me because it wasnt.

    They don't have to prove who did it. (In the UK, yes, Germany, no.) They have everything they need already under German law, and couldn't care less who actually did it, as they don't need to know. You own the IP address, you own the problem. Welcome to our world.


  4. Now, just a quick on to "revive" this thread as I have a question.... I had a disagreement with the (now wife) regarding the Rundfunkbeitrag. We've been living together for a year and a half, and i eventually gave in and paid the fecking thing. But she insists she has to (as a good German) pay it as well because she has a car! As far as I am aware the amount I am paying for the flat should cover both of us shouldn't it? Otherwise everyone with a car would also have to pay seperately from the household bill? Of course, being German she insists she knows better than me, but I can't see how that makes any sense.


  5. Give them a call, to be fair on the couple of occasions I had to speak to them they were actually pretty helpful. (Unlike the council tax people, but that's a whole different argument!) Judging by my tax returns (I made a loss too last year) no tax will be due, but the problem will be that you still had to declare it. Regarding the actual filing, I was a bit daunted by the whole thing at first, but then I tried and that was really straight forward, and files automatically with HMRC. (And no, I don't work for Taxcalc!) The majority of the "approved" sofware list the HMRC site lists are only for UK resident users, so mostly useless for expats.


  6. I haven't driven back for a couple of years now, bit always used to go Norfolkline (DFDS) from Dunkirk as it was cheaper each time. Especially if you don't mind when you travel, the night ferries are always far less crowded (and cheaper of course). I tried to leave home aiming for the ferry before the one I had booked to allow for traffic etc. (From Leipzig it varied between 7.5 hrs and 10 depending on what time I hit Frankfurt) I was always allowed to travel on the next available ferry, even if I arrived in time for the ferry 2 before that booked, and the one time I was late was told I was automatically rebooked for the later ferry. Certainly never had any problems at all with DFDS, and would definitely use them next time I fancy 15 hrs in my car! ;-)


  7. Or in the worst case...(i.e. mine!) it could involve engineers(2), lawyers(3), endless comittee meetings (4 so far, and the work hasn't even begun or been approved yet), and having to move out for a year while they tear down the walls, rip up the floors and start from scratch! :( :(


  8. I'm glad to see this thread now, I was getting a bit worried. I submitted my tax return last year, and had a message back from my steaurberater saying that the Finanzamt don't believe my declaration as it doesn't include my UK rental income. I told him that it shouldn't matter as it is declared in my UK assessment, and have heard nothing back since!


  9. I've not heard of a law change in that regard. If it was that way, then what's to stop the connection "owner" declaring it was some random person (insert name) and washing their hands of the liability? I know plenty of people I would have liked to drop it on! :-p


  10. That would be interesting, my impression was always that until the last day they can do whatever the hell they like!


    Edit: However, I did a little research, and according to German law "§ 622 Kündigungsfristen bei Arbeitsverhältnissen" 2 weeks notice has to be given from either side to terminate during probezeit. The problem that your friend will have here, is that they signed the agreement to terminate, implying mutual agreement to the late termination.



    I mentioned the 19% VAT to help with the net comparison. With 100,000 salary his take home will be about 40,000 , which is a little more than 3000 per month. This would also be closer to 2500 per month with a large lump payment around Christmas. I would estimate a warm rent at about 1000 per month- leaving him with about 1500 disposable income- which would be taxed with VAT for all expenditures. Food is about 400 euro per month and if you eat out a lot the net to net cost to the Bay Area is about the same.


    This as mentioned by others, is wildly inaccurate! For the sake of argument (from experience), if the salary is approx 2/3 of that, take home is around 3800 pcm. And that's without being married, which would increase the thp by around 450pcm! Also, what are you eating for 400 yoyo's a month?!?!?!?! Caviar and lobster thermidor every night? For 2 of us (and 2 dogs) we spend maybe 100-120 pcm.


  12. Never understood how people can complain when you know someone's gone to all the effort to do something for you like that! I'm with fraufruit, he should be wearing it! I'm not a trifle fan myself, but I'd still have eaten some and kept my gob shut!