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  1. Oh a themed show sounds awesome! I'll try and bring some friends :)
  2. You're more than welcome to not purchase it   Shimano 105 group isn't average quality, not sure why you think that's the case as it is in the performance tier just before you step into the pro level.   The bike has been maintained with the chain regularly replaced and the cassette was also swapped out. The rear derailleur is currently an XT as I had a larger gearing setup for a while but I've got the original one laying around. I've also got an extra set of tires for the bike that I'll include and spare crankset if desired.
  3. This is the 2005 model, Cost $1,500 new.
  4. I'm selling this bicycle as the frame is just a bit too big for me and I finally got another that suits me better.    This bike has been well cared for, never stored outside or caught in the rain.    56cm frame comes equipped with Shimano 105 components. It also has a rack attached that has a bag which clips in easily.   Asking price is 900€