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  1. Hi Pas. The CSA can do nothing to me here as I´m paying on a voluntary basic the amoumt they would take from me anyway. The debt is my own and nothing to do with the marriage. The FMH is in joint ownership but my ex refuses to let me have any of the equity.


  2. Thank you Tom. I´m a responsible father who is still paying maintenance for my kids even so tthe CSA have no jurictiction over mme here I believe. My big question is what can UK debtors do to me here in Germany. Very conflicting info on the web. I´m also concerned about what they could do re my former matromial home where my kids live etc


  3. On advice. Here here some more details. Was married in the UK. Got divorced. Ex will not sign any equity over to me (about 160,000GBP) have two kids so it´s difficult to force them out of the house so basically I have nothing until the usual rules apply. I need advice on how I can deal with personal debts I have please