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  1. Problem with buyer of house

      I agree.   I'm Australian and follow the exchange rate, and in actual fact you're lucky on at least one front, possibly two. One, as the euro is pretty strong historically speaking at the moment, and has been for the last few years, you're transfering at a propitious time in history really - be happy that you didn't have to do this when it was really in the dunny.(I presume you're not moving to Sydney because the euro is strong against the Aussie peso.) Two, it's getting stronger again right now. By the time you actually get around to making the transfer you might end up getting a better rate than you would have gotten two weeks ago.   Just a thought.
  2. Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery

      But for you girfriend's sake, you probably should.
  3. Prosecco: What Does It Mean

      Pretty much means the same as Chateau L'Egopener - never let me down.
  4. stairwell terror

      Ah John, so you're a gentleman and a scholar!   "He was more than just a batsman, he was something like a tide  He was more than just one man, he was half the side."
  5. stairwell terror

      Kali Spera (?) John!   Yes, I am as Aussie as vegemite and coporal punishment.   What I think is that after the heroics of Stokes in the last test, that the momentum is with you pommies and that the series is lost for us. Smith, I think will be too traumatised and not be able to regain the form of the first two tests. I hope, of course that I'm wrong and that he will go out there and cart your bowlers to all parts of the ground for hours on end and will prove himself to really be the 'new' Bradman.   Are you able to watch it there?   (But then again, what would an Aussie in Berlin know?)    
  6. stairwell terror

      So many things people don't know about Australia and Australians!   It's not all beer swilling, sex with ya best mate's girlfriend in carparks, avocado on toast for brekkie, streets paved with gold, prawns on the barbie, mistreatment of refugees, sand in every nook and cranny, deadly snakes, cafe lattes, PMs who go swimming and drown, Aussie Rules Football, obsession with the property maarrrket, know.   We, as a people, as a nation of people, in fact, are also extremely fond of a vigorous physical workout IN THE STAIRWELL at, well, any bloody time of the day we farken well feel like yous can all GO AND GET FUCKED. And I'm buggered if I know why this hasn't been made an official Olympic sport - horrendous injustice.     PS I'm pretty sure that this right, this obligation, is enshrined in our constitution, as a matter of fact. So, GET STUFFED.    
  7.   There's a bit of grim fatalism/there's no alternative but to keep going in the Australian version too. I too think that it has something to with the extremely harsh conditions that the early settlers (convicts) faced there.   Maybe we have to move to Iceland! My German wife had a cycling holiday there long before she met me, and till this day raves about the place whenever she gets the chance!  
  8.   Something like this occurs to me a lot. I really do appreciate that things are (mostly) so well-organised here, that people actually do what they say they're going to do etc, but on the other hand, I sometimes/often yearn for some unpredictictability, some looseness in terms of arrangements and plans, some spontaneity, a little bit of the Australian "She'll be right." attitude (even when there's no good reason to actually believe that they will!) etc.     My theory is that this longing for something other than the reassuring predictable monotony of many people's lives here explains why so many Germans enjoy going to Italy on holiday! On holiday only of course -  a brief but exhilharating taste of chaos, la dolce vita, unreliability, passionate irrationality...and then schnell back home again...until next time.      
  9. New words or sayings

      Yes, fair enough, I see your point etc.   However, as an old fogey/stick in the mud, I find the turning of nouns into verbs to be particularly annoying. When I hear something like, " We actioned that last week.", I feel all queasy.   Here's a very interesting article on the subject. The author sees it your way basically.   And don't get me started on the expression 'moving forward'! I know it's used all the time but I can't stand it, sorry!  
  10. New words or sayings

    Worn out, cranky, semi-retired English teacher replies:   There Is a difference between try +  to do and try + doing.   e.g. If you say, " I really am trying to understand her point of view ,but...", then you are 'saying' that you are making an effort, that it's difficult, that it's a challenge  etc.   If your friend says to you, "Try seeing it from her point of view, then your friend is 'saying', give it a go, see what happens (outcome unknown - it might work , it might not), experiment with that strategy/way of doing etc.   There is a difference, and neither use is dying out.
  11. Did you ever wish you had not seen

      Yes, I've had to do this over a long period of time with my family regarding how it really was for some of us as kids - clearly we didn't and don't see it the same way - and it's been a really difficult and painful process.    I wish you well.
  12.   I'll drink to that. Boring as batshit generally. I miss the selection we had in my wine shop in Melbourne, Australia.
  13. Problems with Sixt - Asking me to pay for scratches

     Yeah, so BIG mistake.   My philospophy is: never assume that a rental car company will do the right thing by you.    If you rent cars more than once or twice a year it's definitely worth having some sort of extra insurance. That's what we have. It costs us about 60-80 euros per year. (There are a few companies offering this -  Google it!) Will they cough up if there's a claim? Well, when my wife had a minor prang in Greece and we were hit with a bill for over 1200 euros, they did, no problem.   Still my motto when dealing with all rental car companies is: be prepared to be screwed over - they will if they can. (How else can they make money in Portugal when you can rent a car for as little as 6-8 euros per day?)
  14. Polite and courteous way of English expression

    Some presumably well-educated English woman just said this:   "I will shortly leave the job that has been the honour of my life to hold — the second female prime minister, but certainly not the last," she said. "I do so with no ill-will, but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country I love."   A couple of nice words and phrases there that you might be able to work into whatever it is you're sorry for.