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  1. 14 day home quarantine + your turn to clear snow

    Does that mean that if I have to go into quarantine that I must first travel to Wyoming?   PS What do I do if it doesn't snow while I'm in Wyoming? And how many Plätzchen am I permitted to eat while in quarantine in Wyoming?
  2. Not returning refunded money to Company

     Oh, fuck you! You and your 'friend' should do the right thing, for fucks sake. If you don't know what that is then we're all in a much worse predicament than I'd imagined.
  3. Why do we make fun of Dacia Auto?

    All good mate! Keep up the good work!
  4. Bathroom damaged, trying to use Haftpflichtversicherung

    Yes, very vivid - clearly, been there, done that!
  5. Bathroom damaged, trying to use Haftpflichtversicherung

    Brilliant deduction Sherlock! You'll probably be able to see the video of all that on tiktok and a couple of soft porn websites soon.
  6. Why do we make fun of Dacia Auto?

    Mate, it's blokes like you that make the rest of us look bad! Is there anything Handymanmessig that you can't do? Glad my wife doesn't go on TT; I'd be singing the "No Pussy Blues" (Nick Cave - check it out) for even longer than normal. I officially award you winner of TT's Toolbox Of The Month...yes, toolbox for now. (P.S. Got a couple of little jobs for you here if you're at a loose end.)
  7. 3G in Restaurants?

      Done here. My son got his shot recently.

      Yeah, good question - I've been asking myself the same thing. Maybe it is so bad out here. I dunno. Perhaps we've all had enough of Corona ...etc...? Personally, I'm finding it all pretty tough going and am looking forward to going home in January to Australia for the first time in 6 years. I'm feeling suddenly homesick and hope I can work a few things out and come back here with a more POSITIVE attitude. Sorry, if not positive enough!   Did decorate the Xmas tree today - that is good and positive!
  9.   Two paws up! All that needs saying really. Woof, woof!
  10. 3G in Restaurants?

      After how long?   Some would say they have themselves to blame for the difficult situation they now find themselves in. Not to mention how they aided and abetted in making the situation shithouse for the rest of us.
  11.   This sounds like a potential comedy goldmine - don't have any typical examples that you can share with us by any chance?   ":::the whole du/Sie situation" reminds of the times the daughter of our former landlord used to refer to me as, for example, "Und selbst?" when we were engaged in some sort of unavoidable chitchat about God knows what. It always confused me - I'm presuming now it was her way of avoiding the whole du/Sie thing.
  12.   I wouldn't have a clue...(A clue wouldn't be known??) and definitely a not me.   Sorry, @tor, you can ignore my brilliant and hilarious answer of course - just noticed that your question was for native German speakers. Nincompoop am I.
  13. Buying a house in Germany   Found this on YouTube. More than a couple of interesting conclusions which relate to the points you have made here. Clearly not black and white nor as simple and straightforward as some Karens would have us believe.    
  14. Staff shortage in KITA, problem everywhere ?

      My wife is a primary school principal, a Beamtin, and therefore a paid-up member of a mafia-like organisation. The horror stories I could tell...if I weren't afraid of her being identified and being sent to one kind of camp or another. Her budget allows her to get a temp in, when, for example, a teacher is sick, for up to a maximum of 70 hours (combined) per YEAR. Cool, eh? The other problem with that is, there really aren't any teachers available, they're already working somewhat else or retired and can't be f...d anymore. Yes, one of the reasons we came back here is because the education system is far arse.
  15. @PandaMunich You must be overwhelmed by the fulsome expressions of gratitude that you have received here. How do you cope with it?   Some people give the meaning of word 'freeloader' a whole new dimension.