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  1. UK Inheritance - proof needed?

    You will probably have to fill out this form:   I had to when my sister gave me a significant sum of money.
  2.   Absolutely. Completely in agreement with all of that. Most people simply don't understand the science!  (I studied Science at Uni in another life)   Keep weighing in @dom to set the bastards straight!
  3.   Qantas.  
  4. Watching cricket on the internet

    Anyone know how I could watch the upcoming test cricket matches between Australia and India? Through LIVENOW possibly?
  5. The Heeby Jeebies

    Hey @slammer, you get my vote for Best Post of far.   Coherency is overrated in my book - sometimes necessary, at other times it just gets in the way. Your honesty is much-appreciated. More musing here please. Less braggadocio, dogmatism, self-righteousness and one-upmanship.   I think that many of us want to 'go home', that we feel lost and cut off from our trues selves (for want of a better term). We get lost along the way and in adulthood yearn for what we had as children, or what we wish we had had growing up, what we actually didn't get enough, familiarity, comfort, purpose, and, of And in your case it seems that this yearning is somehow embodied in the searching for and collecting of certain objects from your past - all perfectly understandable if you ask me. In my case - I too am approaching 60 - it's more about memories, images, jokes, conversations, anecdotes, songs etc, but the 'function' is similar, I believe.   And the there's the question of why we are here in the first place, and what it all means...let me know the answers when you have figured them out!       Best wishes!
  6. Liveaboard Life

      Well apparently it's possible - this guy has done it (and perhaps still does) and written a book about it:
  7. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    AFAIK, and as others here have pointed out, there are many factors which need to be considered when trying to work out your risk of having a heart attack or of developing heart disease, cholesterol levels being only one of them. I had my bloods done recently, everthing from vitamin D to white cell levels and, of course, HDL, TRIG and LDL levels. I sent all the results to one of my brothers in Australia who is a retired GP, he plugged them into some kind of formula they apparently use there, and came up with the result that I have a '5% chance of an event within the next 15 years'. An 'event' would be a heart attack or stroke I believe. No mention of severity of such event. To improve my chances (!) I would have to do something about reducing my slightly high levels of 'bad' cholesterol.   My brother wasn't too concerned; he'd be much more worried, and I would be too, if I were a smoker.  
  8. Liveaboard Life

      And here is a picture of one of my favourite Galician dishes - Pulpo a la Portuguese equivalent to my knowledge!    
  9. Liveaboard Life

      Tudo isso soa a diversão! (That all sounds like a lot of fun!) ??   I grew up in Australia sailing dingys and catamarans off the beach and never officially graduated, unfortuantely, to keel boats (or whatever the official yachtie term is). I actually know that area and much of the Portuguese coast because I've been there on surfing holidays over the years. That coastline has everything if you ask me: beautiful landscape/scenery, terrific (and sometimes wild and uncrowded) beaches and surf, many charming villages as well as lively towns with heaps great places to eat and drink. I won't however comment on your claim that they don't know how to cook in that part of the world - I wouldn't want to start 'an international incident'! ;-)   We were supposed to go to Galicia for our summer holidays this year, but, something...cropped up...and...      
  10. Liveaboard Life

      Maybe not warm enough for you, but a beautiful part of Spain (that you may already be familiar with) and, if you worked in Vigo I'm sure you'd be able to find somewhere to tie up/moor your boat for the day!,-8.7477789,18477m/data=!3m1!1e3
  11. stolz sein = proud??

      Thank you! It's been a very, very long time since I read something on TT that made me laugh out loud - you can be proud of yourself (in my non-German opinion ;-))
  12. Refund on flights?

    1. Early June 2020 2. Did it through their website. 3. Clearly not! (You can't have your cake...) Gambled on getting a refund.   Good luck!
  13. Refund on flights?

    Got an email last week from Ryanair saying that we would receive our refund ...soon. I believe they say on their website that refunds will be paid within 5 business days of getting notification of such.   UPDATE!: Just checked our bank account - they paid! Miracles do happen. Maybe they'll come up with a vaccine for Corona next.