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  1. High cholesterol level

    If anyone's worried about developing heart disease, then cholesterol levels are only one of the factors to consider - as I'm sure has been mentioned on TT before. Check out one the the many calculators that are available online and plug on all the relevant details. You might be surprised at the result!
  2. Where to purchase motor oil for car ?

    Found this on the interwebby.   Expiry Date Most conventional oil brands will have a shelf life of about 5 years. Synthetic oil and synthetic blend oil will last about 7-8 years, and maybe even longer.   I'm bored... obviously.
  3.   This is really echt krass...geil...mega fact. This guy is mega cool. Could really be part of a solution for us. Muchos Gracias!
  4. Thanks @maxie and kiplette, that's the kind of system that I'd heard about. Will look into it.   @kipletteAre you happy with how it works? Cost v benefit etc?
  5. I'm also looking to pick the brains of all the experts out there. I've read most of the thread, but haven't found anything that might be especially helpful to my particular situation.   We have an old, but still functioning gas boiler (heating and hot water) and we use our Kacheloffen to heat our downstairs living areas a lot in winter. Important to know is that we live in an old, free-standing, pretty badly insulated, timber-framed house with a shindle facade! I don't believe that we can do much to radically improve the insulation of the house without spending an absolute fortune and changing the essential character of the place.   My understanding is that heat pumps are pretty pointless if you can't improve insulation and/or put in or combine with, a floor heating system.  I'm right, aren't I?   I am however wondering if installing a new wood heater would help (or a second more modern version upstairs) and if there's a way of combining the existing wood heater with ...???...the existing gas heating system???   Any bright ideas much appreciated!
  6. Yes, or just an architect who knows what they're doing - that's what we did. We thought it was worth it.   Is is a little different here though. In Australia, you buy what you see, so the buyer bears all the responsibility. Here, I believe, the seller is required to be upfront about all issues or potential problems that will cost you down the track.