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  1. The return of the sleeper train in Europe

      Mate, you need to get out more. Most German beer is downright boring. An American fella in our area realised this pretty quickly and started his own craft micro- brewery. Hallelujah, As far as your slight on Italian beer goes, well, like I say, you need to get out more. I was in Sicily not long ago and drank beer from local craft brewery that almost made me weep with joy.  Here's a pic. Molto, molto Buona! From Donnadicoppie - at least you've inspired me to seek them out!   And perfect for sipping before nodding off on the night train to...  
  2. The return of the sleeper train in Europe

    I believe the Italians are leading the way in trains with sleepers at the moment. Things there have apparently changed a lot in the last 40 years. There was a time when there was a real danger that you would be gassed and robbed on the overnight train between Naples and...?? Happened to a friend of mine.
  3. Exactly! And engines can fall off planes too if not attached properly - this is why I don't go out much anymore.   Jeez pal - get a life.
  4. The " where are you really from " thread!!

    "Irony" could actually be a rather generous interpretation. There does seem to something of the wanting to have it both ways about this.
  5. The " where are you really from " thread!!

    I reckon it's more of a failure because it was a black woman asking the questions. It would have been more 'interesting: if it was a 'privileged white male' (like me ;-)) asking FOREIGNERS where they are really from!   Most reasonably sensitive people know the difference between a question asked, at the right time, out of genuine curiosity and one that will possibly cause offence. But I know from recent personal experience that it isn't always easy to get it right...and did my ever-diplomatic wife let me know how wrong I got it!
  6. Brands of fully automatic coffee machines

    Unrelated, but related - the thing makes coffee - I now regularly use an Aeropress. Favoured by some of the world's preeminent coffee wankers too! Much more friggin' about, but you get used to that, and they're as cheap as chips. Check this out coffee lovers.
  7.   Whether the police will take action  presumably depends a lot on who you insult. If it's one of their own, or perhaps even a bus driver then ...   I was chatting to lawyer mate recently and he was telling me that the police in Karlsruhe don't bother anymore with 'ordinary' , 'everyday',  this guy called me a "Wichser" type cases - they've simply got their hands full dealing with shit that matters. If true, it would be an enormous step forward.. a great leap for Germankind.
  8. getting into gymnasium from year in us

    Talk to the school.
  9. getting into gymnasium from year in us

    My school-principal wife says : Bavaria is not in Germany - they are on another planet there. You could probably buy your kid a Grundschulempfehlung. You will need one, that's indisputable.   Go to the States, come back and have junior repeat grade 4, that's actually her true advice.    
  10. No social life after 9 years in Germany

      The subject has been done to death (try the search function), so I don't have really anything new to add that might be helpful, other than to say...   ...that I've found it very difficult too. I've kind of just gotten used to it and accepted that this is just the way it is, here, for me.   I travel and go on holiday as much as I can to escape. I have the occasional rewarding interaction at work. You? I do belong to a Verein! I play tennis there but to my own disappointment haven't made what I would call friends there. Naturally, a lot depends on one's expectations. Simply playing tennis with others might be enough for some people. (You might just have to bite the bullet and join any old club!)   I know only one or two people here who show any interest in me. The majority are happy to talk about themselves - I'm a good listener - but often fail to ask me how I'm going. Perhaps this is the same the world over, perhaps not.   And there is no solution to the problem of not being able to be with people who you grew up with or have known for many, many years, that's simply the sad, difficult truth.    Good luck anyhows.
  11.   And in Catch-22 there is a character named Major Major Major who is promoted to... Major!   Wonder who 'stole' whose idea.   I have donated to charitable organisations when overcome with guilt and shame at my own relative good fortune in life...and because I just wanted to help. Once signed up - not sure if I had to - and rather mischievously, and probably committed all kinds of crimes under German law in doing so as, Prof. Dott. Dott. Aussie Dog... amazing the number of letters I now getting asking for more money.