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  1. stolz sein = proud??

      Thank you! It's been a very, very long time since I read something on TT that made me laugh out loud - you can be proud of yourself (in my non-German opinion ;-))
  2. Refund on flights?

    1. Early June 2020 2. Did it through their website. 3. Clearly not! (You can't have your cake...) Gambled on getting a refund.   Good luck!
  3. Refund on flights?

    Got an email last week from Ryanair saying that we would receive our refund ...soon. I believe they say on their website that refunds will be paid within 5 business days of getting notification of such.   UPDATE!: Just checked our bank account - they paid! Miracles do happen. Maybe they'll come up with a vaccine for Corona next.
  4. BBQ / Grill wood & coal or gas?

    Excellent idea! Can you come around tomorrow to help me carry my BBQ into the kitchen?
  5. BBQ / Grill wood & coal or gas?

    Gas for me hands down. Easier, cleaner, quicker and as all good cooks understand, more important than all of that , you can control the heat. No contest.