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  1. Tips on buying a washing machine?

    We (2 adults, 2 kids) bought this one   about 3 months ago. A solid mid-price range machine. All good so far.   A mate who sells white goods reckons it's better to spend twice as much and get one that lasts twice as long (Miele) - my wife ignored his advice.  
  2. German B1 level not enough for blood donation?

  3. German B1 level not enough for blood donation?

      Yeah, and what's with the staring, anybody noticed that?
  4. Mental diseases

    @alderhill Probably the most intelligent, best-reasoned, sensible and humane responses I've ever read on TT. As my dad used to say, "You're a better man/woman than I am, Gilbey's Gin."
  5. Getting rid of furniture

    Put it here. If the price is right, it'll go quickly.  
  6. Template for freelance English teacher contract

    Thanks Alex Tr!   And considering we're somewhere where there's an insurance policy to cover almost every imaginable turn of events - did you have anything like that to cover your arse? Seems superfluous but you never know I guess.
  7. Template for freelance English teacher contract

    Anyone out there have any experience of this, anything of relevance to contribute here?   When I have taught English in the past I've worked mostly for schools and would now like to try to cut out the middle man. I see there are sample contracts online that you can download, so that's a good start, but if anyone has gone down this road and has  any tips to give then it would be appreciated.
  8. Illogical stuff of the German language

      Jeez, clearly I'm missing out. I must be doing something wrong in the bedroom department - must be something to do with my Catholic upbringing.
  9.   So, I normally give people the benefit of the doubt and so just answer the question that's asked - if I can. I've already done that here.   What about telling us what it is you're planning or hoping to do? Get divorced and then marry your boyfriend? Stay married but get pregnant to your boyfriend? I must say that I am curious, and a little bit suspicious of your motives - especially when I read your other recent post here. How about just telling us what's going on?
  10. Hello @lalajun   I'm no expert on this kind of thing but I do know about a similar situation to yours.   The 20something daughter of German friends of ours went to Cuba for some reason or another. There, she met a guy, got pregant to him and later had the baby here in Germany. They wanted to give it a go and see if they could build a life together here. I believe it was very difficult for him to get a visa to come here. Her parents had to act as guarantors for him, putting up a lot of money to do so as part of the process. Eventually, after a lot of appointments here and there and all kinds of paperwork etc. he was allowed to first come and then, I believe, stay here. He came, it didn't work out, and he went back to Cuba.   My message: I don't think it's at all easy for Cubans to get a visa to come here and really difficult for them to get residency. I believe that for some reason they are regarded as 'special cases' in some way.   My advice: ask an immigration lawyer.   Good luck - go see that lawyer.
  11. Bundesliga - Does anybody really care?

    Clearly I'm a bit late to the party, and it is early days, but this here   gives me wood! Bayern who?   Shardenfroyder...there are some words in German that are ...perfekt.   BTW, another really exciting season of Aussie rules has just come to an end. At one point it looked like any one of about 6 teams could win the premiership. With a bit of luck something like that will happen this year here.    
  12. I love living in Germany, but...

    I hated the fact that the shops are closed on Sundays when I first came here - I now find it to be very civilized. A bit of organization is all that's required and Sundays can offer some (enforced) respite from the incessant exhortation to "shop, shop, shop till you drop".
  13. I love living in Germany, but...

      Yes, this drives me mad too. The Frogs do this very well. They have another light or lights, can't remember exactly, at about head height or lower on the pole and the white line my even be further back too. ..anyway no straining of the head necessary.
  14. A scatalogical enquiry.

    I've been thinking - unusual I know. It seems to me that some peoples seem to favour particular, culturally specific, swear words. Many Italians, for example, use the word "cazzo" all the time. Cazzo could be translated as dick, prick or cock - take your pick. "Che cazzo dice?" is "What the fuck are you saying/talking about?".   A dickhead is a "testa di cazzo". etc. If you have lived in Italy for some time, as I have, you will have come to appreciate the average Italian male's veneration of his own penis. In fact, the penis, and what it represents - power, potency, macho behaviour, among other things, are all held in very high regard by the population in general, I would say. And there is probably much more to it than that. My question is: How would/could/should one regard the obsessive use of the words "Scheiße" and "Arschloch" here in Germany? Any thoughts? It could be Friday, but it isn't.
  15. Good points made here already re. getting tradespeople to do the work and on time, and also risk of being kicked out after having spent the money and done the work (Eigenbedarf). You talking about doing the work yourself? What exactly needs to be done other than paint and possibly new Laminat flooring in places? All this can be negotiated and put in the rental agreement I believe. We did it a few years back. No rent for first 4-6 weeks in exchange for a paint job and new flooring in three rooms. Painting done by me, floor by a mate of a mate.  You just have to decide if it's all worth it I guess. Sounds like they're open to a bit of negotiation on terms and conditions etc..