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  1. @PandaMunich You must be overwhelmed by the fulsome expressions of gratitude that you have received here. How do you cope with it?   Some people give the meaning of word 'freeloader' a whole new dimension.
  2. Handy am Steuer

      In my state, will cost you about 345 EUR and points for the basic infringement, here, between 100 (basic) and 200. Why not raise the fines here? There's no excuse for using your mobile while driving if you ask me.   This guy will tell you the same thing.     What do you think? Excessive? Vigilante whose power has gone to his head? Fair enough?
  3. Handy am Steuer

      In Australia they send you back to England on a convict ship if you get caught doing this, and they will take an arm and a leg before you are transported too. Bit over the top there, but not taken seriously enough here in my humble antipodean opinion. Drives (;-)) me crazy sometimes when I see (predominantly) young people fanging around with phone in one hand and...
  4. Handy am Steuer

      vff! (Very fukc§$& funny)
  5. need advice on where to stay in Berlin for the weekend

    Just back from a long weekend in Berlin visiting daughter in Mitte and BIL in Friedrichshain. The weather was pretty good so found renting a bicycle and riding around the best option. Great for getting from A to B, sightseeing at leisure, and getting a bit of exercise while you're at it!  Used nextbike, bikes everywhere and cheap as chips if used smartly. Riding to Potsdam etc is possibly pushing it, so train the go there. Stay anywhere within 2-3 kms of the Museuminsel and you should be right.  
  6. ringing doorbells

      Could be the beginning of a new thread for all us ageing and nostalgic TTers!   When I think of the shit I did as a kid...